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A/N: Almost everyone’s heard of those infamous gamer stories. I myself haven’t read many, if any at all, but I still know about them all the same.

I’m actually not sure what possessed me to write this… who knows? Who cares? It’s already written, and I’m sure that you all will enjoy it.

What else is there to say? Sit back, enjoy the story, and be sure to tell me what you think after you’re done. This is just a prologue, so there’s much more to come.

Without further ado, I present…


The Journal



There was a book on his kitchen counter.

Perhaps, from an outsider’s perspective, that was not a strange occurrence. A book was a book, a bundle of pages with words inked upon them. There was nothing of note about it, millions of books existed in this world and the next, and millions more would be created.

But he was Uchiha Sasuke. He didn’t do books—truthfully, he hadn’t really read one since the textbooks of the academy.

There were only scrolls in his place, most of them for the sole purpose of teaching him how to do jutsu. It wasn’t a joke, he just didn’t have any books within the confines of his apartment… there was nothing more to it then that.

Why was there was a book on his kitchen counter? He hadn’t had any visitors over in weeks. There was nothing special about today, except, well…

It was his twentieth birthday. Not that he was celebrating it.

They’d had a sort of get-together for him the previous day—which was necessary as it was the only day that everyone, from his family to the Konoha Twelve, was around and not on missions or anything of the sort.

Officially, it was his birthday, but in reality, he wasn’t really going to do anything for it.


Sasuke stepped up to the counter. He was dressed casually—a black t-shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants was all he wore. His dark eyes were framed by his unkempt spiky hair.

He picked up the book, stepping to the side so that he was directly in front of the light that drifted in through the windows. He peered at the cover.

It was a soft leathery brown color. And it was thick too, not quite textbook thick, but certainly the size of a long novel. But there was no author on the front, no image of said author on the back accompanied by a box detailing what was contained within the book’s pages… and the title was about as vague as a title could get.

‘The Journal’

And that was it. As far as he could tell, on the cover and on the back, that was the only two words anywhere on the outside of the book.

Truly, he was curious. Sasuke had never had a journal of his own—it had to be someone else’s. Whom did it belong to?

He opened up to the first page, expecting to see… something. A name scribbled in the margins. ‘This diary is property of ____’ or something of that nature.

But he found nothing of the sort. All he found was a simple sentence.

‘The next woman you make eye contract will be your first conquest.’

Sasuke blinked.

The words were in a crisp, black ink. But as soon as he’d read and digested them, they were gone… he flipped through the pages, momentarily confused, but yes, they had simply disappeared.

“I must be going crazy,” he decided, thinking aloud to himself. Maybe he had caught something at the get-together the previous night. Talking to himself wasn’t helping, either.

He couldn’t idle around and ponder about The Journal for long. After all, he had a meeting of sorts to go to, and there was no time to waste.

Sasuke set down The Journal, shook his head slightly, and went to go and get ready…



Said meeting was not a business meeting—it was a meeting between friends. Though Sasuke was often reluctant to call the two of them that.

“Sasuke!” she cheered, running up to him and slinging an arm around his shoulder, yanking him into a hug.

He froze momentarily; being jumped by a busty blonde was distracting at the best of times, even for him. But a moment later and the hug was broken, and Uzumaki Naruko was beaming up at him with those shining white teeth and big blue eyes.

A small part of him remembered what he had read earlier. And, perhaps subconsciously, he refrained from making eye contact with her.

“Hey,” he murmured, putting a hand in his pocket and shifting slightly on his feet. “Where are we going?”

“Ichiraku’s, of course,” she chirped.

They had met right outside of her apartment, as per the usual. It was noon by now, the sun hanging high above them, its rays pounding against them… it was obscenely hot as a result. Regardless, Naruko was still in that stuffy orange and black jumpsuit of hers, while Sasuke had donned his jounin uniform complete with the black shirt and pants with the green flak jacket atop it.

Not everyone was so oblivious to the heat, however.

They went to Ichiraku’s, which was more or less empty aside from the odd customer that drifted in and out for a to-go meal. They sat in their typical stools, side by side, a solid foot in between them.

Teuchi, the owner, was in the back brewing a fresh batch of ramen. In the front was his daughter—Ayame.

She had dropped the typical white attire, instead sporting a tank-top and some shorts. It wasn’t the most conservative of uniforms, considering the cleavage it brandished… while her breasts weren’t big, they were round and plump, and the tanktop enhanced them in a way that her baggy uniform simply could not.

Sasuke—without thinking—looked at her, and nodded in acknowledgement if not greeting.

They made eye contact. For a fleeting moment, sure, but eye contact nonetheless.

Ayame paused. She shuddered, she purred, and if Sasuke had held eye contact with her instead of looking away, he would have noticed how something inhuman seemed to have possessed her.

She moved toward Naruko and Sasuke not with her typical languid movements, but with a stride of confidence.

“Sasuke-kun,” she greeted warmly, smiling at him, leaning across the counter… her eyes twinkled. Her cleavage was such a tempting sight to look at, yet he held himself in check.

“Hello,” Sasuke said neutrally.

“Lemme get the usual!” Naruko spouted. She looked a little… well, caught off-guard. Ayame hadn’t even glanced at her yet. Maybe she was just trying to be friendly to Sasuke; it was his birthday after all.

“Sure,” Ayame murmured, not even glancing at the blonde. “Dad! Naruko’s here, so make her a batch of the usual!” she called.

“Alright!” Teuchi called from the back of the shop.

Ayame kept her gaze directly solely at Sasuke.

“How’ve you been?” she asked. “You hardly come around anymore.”

Which was a lie. He came around almost as often as Naruko did—which was because of Naruko, but that was beside the point.

Sasuke frowned. “I’ve been… fine,” he muttered, rather awkwardly. Small talk had never been his strong suit. “How about you?”

“Positively terrific,” Ayame purred. “And even better now that you’re here.” The last part came out as a whisper, even Naruko didn’t catch it; Sasuke hardly did. “Say—do you have a girlfriend?”

He went pale. “What?” he said.

“Don’t answer that.” Ayame giggled under her breath. “What am I saying? Of course you don’t.”

Ignoring the implications of that, Sasuke decided to go through the few potential reasons for Ayame’s behavior.

She probably wasn’t some kind of enemy spy. She probably wasn’t under a genjutsu. She probably wasn’t sick with the flu. That left one plausible option.

She wanted to fuck him.

‘I thought she wasn’t like the others,’ Sasuke growled inside his head. Ayame had always been seemingly immune, like Naruko, to the ‘effect’ he had on most women. She didn’t bat her eyes or flash her tits or do anything and everything to be bedded by him. It was a relief, considering how often he saw her.

It seemed that situation had changed.

“I’m—” Sasuke looked for a way out. “Naruko, when will you—”

Naruko made a muffled sound. Teuchi had already slid a bowl of ramen in front of her, and she had gone to town without a second thought. There was already a second bowl waiting. He was trapped.

Ayame smiled knowingly, a twinkle in her eyes.

“Say, Sasuke…” she whispered, leaning forward. Her elbows were on the counter, she was less than a foot away now. “Don’t you like women with long hair? I swear that I’ve heard a few rumors about that before…”

She reached up, pulling her hair out of its customary ponytail. Long, brown strands flowed down her back. She shook her head from side to side, batting her eyelids flirtatiously.

Sasuke swallowed.

“I’m feeling a little hot,” Ayame purred. “I’m already in this tank-top. You wouldn’t mind if I…” She reached a hand toward a strap of her tank-top, slowly sliding it down her shoulder.

He suddenly stood up; rigid, straight-backed.

“I’ll see you later,” Sasuke said to Naruko. “There’s something I need to… do.”

The Uchiha caught the disappointment on Ayame’s face. But he also saw the promise, the want. Oh God—he had to get the hell out of there.

Without waiting for a response, he sped out of Ichiraku’s. Ayame stared at his back, frowning as she gently tugged the strap of her tank-top back up.

“What’s with him?” Naruko said, through a mouthful of ramen, oblivious as ever.

Ayame smiled a sly smile, that twinkle never having left her eye. “I have no idea,” she said, lying through her teeth.


Approximately five minutes later, he was back in his apartment. He panted slightly; the sweat on his forehead definitely wasn’t from the sprint back.

Sasuke zeroed in on it. The Journal. It was still on his counter, looking innocent as an unremarkable novel would.

What had it read before? The next woman he’d make eye contact with would become his first conquest… and who had he made eye contact with? Ayame. Who had suddenly become more than willing to be bedded by him? Ayame.

Suddenly, The Journal seemed to be a lot more than just a book, despite its unsuspecting appearance.

He was beside the counter it sat on in the blink of an eye. Picking up the volume, Sasuke repressed a shiver. He flipped the first page open.

It read, thusly:


I believe it’s about time we stop playing around, Sasuke, and get to the real game.

Surely, you can see that this is not a figment of your imagination. What I told you—that the first woman you make eye contact with after reading me will become your first conquest—will come true, if it hasn’t already.

I am not a person, an organization, a personality. I am but a Journal; your guide to what is to come. Now that you’re twenty years old, it’s time for you to become what you’ve always been destined to be.

Firstly, I’d like to show you a few simple statistics. Flip to the next page, please.

Sasuke frowned. He proceeded to do exactly as the thing—book—said.

Name: Uchiha Sasuke.

Affiliation: Konohagakure, the Uchiha clan.

Level: One.

Skills: None.

Size: Six inches.

Conquests: None.

Progress to next level: 0.9/1 EXP

Everything on the list was an eyebrow raiser, especially the ‘size’ category. Was it talking about his… well, his dick size? He’d never measured himself before, but that seemed a fairly accurate guess—six inches, that is. Strange.

Flip to the next page once more, please.

Sasuke’s frown deepened, but as before, he did exactly what the book told him to do.

0.1 experience earned. You have progressed to the next level—congratulations!

Here’s a small list of what you did to earn level two:

Found The Journal—0.5 EXP.

Completed first objective, which was to make eye contact with a woman—0.4 EXP.

Unlocked your destiny—0.1 EXP.

Now you’re level two! Flip to the next page to find out what this means.

He flipped the page.

Firstly, you’re a little faster, a little stronger, a little healthier. More importantly, you can pick a perk that will help you on your journey. Please, examine the boxes below; tap your finger on one for more information on the perk. Tap your twice on one to select it, then a third time to confirm your selection.

The six boxes appeared before his eyes. Evenly spaced, they all seemed… odd.

Number 1: A bigger cock.

Number 2: Bigger loads.

Number 3: Become more alluring to women.

Number 4: Become more experienced.

Number 5: Free girl.

Number 6: Unlock a special piece of equipment.

Sasuke stared blankly at the options. What the hell was this? He wasn’t sure where to start—a few of the options were self explanatory, but some were more vague. With a finger, he tapped on number four. It enlarged to fill the whole page.

Number 4: Become more experienced.

No matter how big you are, no matter how big your loads are, no matter how alluring you are… the main thing that will determine your skill in bed is experience. This perk does exactly that—makes you more experienced. You’ll know what to do and when to do it, at least, more than you do right now.

This is a perk that comes with some downsides, however. You can get the effects of this perk simply by having sex on your own, though this perk may save you some embarrassment. At the same time, this perk may help you achieve more level-ups as the more skilled you are at sex, the more acts you can do which in turn means more experience.

Sasuke frowned. For a moment he pondered, and then he tapped the ‘back’ button at the bottom of the page. Next, he pressed the number five box.

Number 5: Free girl.

This is a simple perk, if a one-off trick. Take this perk and you’ll have your choice of whatever woman you want—they’ll become instantly attracted to you, and immediately become available for conquest. But this is a one-off trick, and afterward, the perk will be useless.

He pressed ‘back’ once more and hit the number six box.

Number 6: Unlock a special piece of equipment.

This is a strong perk, as it grants you a piece of equipment called The Index. There’s numerous uses to it, including the ability to look through a list of conquests and potential conquests, which also enables you to see detailed information on what you know about them.

If you select this perk, it will also grant you the ability to take future perks that will give The Index greater power and more abilities.

He was intrigued—knowing about these ‘conquests’ might prove useful—but the others seemed tempting as well. He pressed the back button… and stared at the six boxes. Each of them seemed to have their own allure, and he wasn’t sure what to pick.

It seemed as if The Journal read his mind.

Not sure? appeared at the bottom of the page. Tap here.

He did exactly that. The boxes were pushed up a bit, giving room for The Journal to squeeze in a few sentences.

Knowing which perk to pick your first time around can be rough. The recommendation that I would give you is to go with the bigger cock perk—when all else fails, there’s nothing that can go wrong with being a little more hung.

Sasuke couldn’t really think of a response to that. And if the book was telling him to do it, well, he supposed it couldn’t be the worse option he could go with. After a moment of hesitation, Sasuke tapped twice on the first box, and then a third time to confirm.

You have selected Number 1: A bigger cock.

Please unbuckle your pants.

Sasuke blinked. Again, he hesitated—but at the same time, he was curious. Would it actually…?

He set The Journal down, undoing his pants and allowing them to fall to the floor. Pulling his boxers down as well, his flaccid member flopped out and down his thigh.

Sasuke looked at the book once more. Now there were only two words on the page:

Get ready.

It was like lightning was coursing through him—a soft blue glow was around his entire body. He felt and watched in awe as his cock suddenly hardened in an instant, going from flaccid to full mast in the blink of an eye. It throbbed and twitched so much it nearly hurt.

And then it began to grow. Becoming longer, a bit thicker. When the blue glow disappeared and his body settled down, it was still there… his new and improved cock, a good deal bigger than before and much more impressive.

“What in the hell…” Sasuke mumbled. He picked up The Journal once more.

Name: Uchiha Sasuke.

Affiliation: Konohagakure, the Uchiha clan.

Level: Two.

Skills: None

Size: Eight inches.

Conquests: None

Progress to next level: 0/3

Thank you for choosing to play this game with me, Uchiha Sasuke. You can set me down for now—as a side note, after what happens next, you’ll want to remember to pick me up and read me again.

‘What happens next?’ Sasuke thought.

He set The Journal down.


There was a knock at the door..  


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