Pale Eyes on Purple Shades

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Pale Eyes on Purple Shades


Shining down upon the world from its place in the skies, a large, radiant sphere of sunlight illuminated the bustling streets of Konohagakure, bringing with it a warmth befitting of early summer. Scattered throughout the heavens, small white, puffy clouds dotted the skies, leaving an otherwise clear day with a hint of coverage for the cloud gazers of the world.


Making their way down the central square of Konoha, two sets of feet strolled along, their pace unhurried and relaxed. Walking side by side with her old friend, and current boyfriend, Hanabi Hyuga was the epitome of youthful beauty. Clad in a yellow and red yukata, the Hyuga heiress’ white eyes shone, her long hair freely falling down her back.


Beside the heiress, Konohamaru Sarutobi was anything but calm, gaze flickering back and forth in search of something -- anything -- other than the pearly white orbs of Hanabi’s eyes. With a faint giggle, Hanabi walked up in front of her boyfriend, halting their pace, before pushing herself up onto the very tips of her toes, draping her arms around Konohamaru’s neck to pull him down.


Planting a soft, chaste kiss against her boyfriend’s lips, Hanabi released her grip on his neck, relaxing her feet to sink back down to the ground, leaving a positively flushed Konohamaru in place.


“O-oi… don’t just do that in public.” He lightly whined, his usual confidence replaced with an ounce of modesty.


Tilting her head to the side, Hanabi gave her boyfriend a light wink, twining her fingers with his to pull him along. “Come on, grandpa. Even Father walks faster than you.”


Receiving one more, not too subtle wink, Konohamaru’s shoulders grew slack, a weary sigh slipping past his lips. If the shinigami didn’t claim his life, then Hanabi’s lack of modesty would.


With a faint shake of his head, it was all the Jonin could do to shake his head sheepishly, smiling in the direction of a passerby that had paused to stare at the show of affection.




Calling the building a restaurant was a bit far fetched, even in the eyes of one Hanabi Hyuga. It was, simply put, a dango shop. Even still, as she settled down atop a plush bench in one of the last few traditional establishments of Konoha, the red beams stretching out across the roof, as well as the tables that were supposedly restored from the Fourth Hokage’s era, a sense of serenity and calm settled down within the pit of her stomach.


For the new generation of shinobi, the dango shop would come off as old and uncool, although for the ones that had lived through and experienced that era themselves, it was a blast from the past. A fond memory from when the times were simpler, from before the Fourth Great Ninja War.


And, for her, as Konohamaru settled down on the side opposite of her, it was a place of secrecy and enjoyment.


Picking up a small menu placed atop the table between them, Konohamaru’s gaze fell there, a stern look of utmost concentration adorning his features; quite out of place in the relaxed environment they currently occupied.


Kicking her wooden clogs off of her feet, Hanabi let out a faint sigh, a contented smirk adoring her lips as her pale eyes landed upon the focused form of her boyfriend. Without so much as a sound, Hanabi repositioned herself, one leg raising up off of the ground, passing through the empty air between Konohamaru’s legs, before eventually brushing up against something soft.


The reaction was instantaneous.


With a loud thump resounding through the area, Konohamaru’s face lit up like a beacon, a deep crimson dusting adorning his cheeks whilst his head snapped down; staring wide eyed at the white socked toes that wiggled against his groin.


Taking a moment to calm his nerves, while suppressing the reaction that all but begged to rise up, Konohamaru’s blue eyes swiveled around, glaring at the woman sitting opposite from him.


With one elbow placed atop the table, a hand resting below her chin, a sly smirk draped itself across Hanabi’s lips, the Hyuga heiress’ pale eyes locking onto Konohamaru’s blue ones. “Is something wrong, Ko-no-ha-ma-ru?” The heiress all but purred, wiggling her toes atop the Jonin’s clothed cock.


Gritting his teeth under the onslaught of his girlfriend’s foot, Konohamaru shot a glare back, annoyance and arousal tanging within his eyes as his hands fell down between his legs, cupping Hanabi’s foot for the briefest moment before pushing it down.


“Can we please not add this fine establishment--” coughing against his fist whilst a waitress strolled past, Konohamaru continued in a hushed voice, “--to the list of places we’re not allowed to enter? Was the sushi bar on the lake, or the BBQ restaurant downtown, not enough?”


Pouting at her boyfriend’s words, Hanabi simply rolled her eyes, crossing her arms beneath her bust in an attempt to push her breasts out. “Please, you just loved going behind the bar to fillet my fish. As for the BBQ... “ Biting her bottom lip, Hanabi’s face twisted, a giggling fit cracking her up. “I’m sorry, maru. Hurry up and decide on your food, before I get bored again.”


Giving her boyfriend a wink, complemented by the threat of getting bored on their date, Hanabi turned her gaze away, a mirthful smile playing across her lips whilst her boyfriend merely let out an indigidant huff. Firing him up truly was too easy…


No more than a minute after their debate, a young waitress came walking over towards their table, a small note in her hands to write down their order on. As Konohamaru stumbled his way through a sentence, all the while excusing the flush across his cheeks, Hanabi turned her gaze sideways.


The downpour of early summer had long since dissipated, leaving only the occasional cloud to block the bright sunlight above, a cool breeze flowing through the streets of Konoha to wash away the lingering humidity. Along the central square, the Hyuga heiress could see people, both young and old, strolling along the sidewalks, enjoying yet another peaceful day within the Elemental Nations.


Rolling her head around to stare up onto the slowly growing height of nearby buildings, a small crease appeared between her brows. Darting across the rooftops, a mane of platinum blonde whipped around, held in place by a small band to form a flowing ponytail. However, as Hanabi Hyuga looked on, and as the person above made a leap across the central square, the person’s posture broke; only briefly enough for a trained Shinobi to see.


Glancing over her shoulder to where Konohamaru sat, Hanabi let her eyes close, one hand moving upward, index and middle fingers pressed together, and with one mental word, veins spread around her eyes.




For the moment she had, Hanabi gazed skyward, her line of sight extended well beyond a normal human’s. With her clan’s Dojutsu activated, the person above came into view, a clear visual of the woman’s body revealed, and with it, the faintest dusting of pink spread across Hanabi’s cheeks.


Ino Yamanaka, the current Yamanaka clan head, buck naked with what could only be called a delirious grin adorning her lips. Yet, as Hanabi’s eyes lingered, a certain something came into view. Bunched up into a cylindrical shape, the platinum blonde haired woman’s clothing, or at the very least her top, was wedged inside of her backdoor; clogging it up for whatever reason.


As if the Otsutsuki themselves had heard her internal musings, Ino’s posture once more cracked, though this time, the cloth that had been bunched up in the woman’s asshole slid out, a small river of rich white liquid oozing forth from a thoroughly stretched anal opening.


In the blink of an eye, Hanabi’s Byakugan was disabled, and a wet thump resounded through the area as Ino’s bunched up clothing fell down onto the ground, a few droplets of whiteness splashing down onto the pavement beside Hanabi and Konohamaru; much to her boyfriend’s ignorance.


“What can I get for you today, miss?” The waitress’ soft voice broke the Hyuga’s concentration, drawing Hanabi’s gaze back to the situation at hand.


Unlike her boyfriend’s indecisiveness, and current dilemma, the Hyuga heiress simply mouthed out her order. Dango and Green tea.


Satisfied with her customers orders, the waitress swiftly made her way to the back of the shop, walking around an ornate redwood counter before disappearing into the back of the establishment. Returning her gaze to Konohamaru however, Hanabi was near instantly met by a stern, admonishing look.


“You could’ve taken a little more time, ya’know,” he spoke up, causing Hanabi’s features to soften ever so slightly. He hadn’t seen what she had… “Either way, it’s good to be back again.”


Just like that, the two of them settled down, speaking amongst each other until their food came, barely acknowledging the existence of their waitress while going through the various tasks their Genin teams had gone through.




Somewhere between their second and third servings of dango, Hanabi had excused herself, using a nearby shinobi as the excuse as to why she had to walk around the building. However, as her geta clad feet circled around into one of the more inconspicuous alleyways of Konoha, the Hyuga heiress’ pale eyes dropped down onto the ground, all but ogling her prize.


When the Yamanaka clan head had so open mindedly dashed across the rooftops, Hanabi’s eyes had latched onto a falling object, noting its trajectory before returning her gaze to Konohamaru’s deep blue eyes.


Now, however, as her feet carried her along the stone pavements covering all of Konoha’s ground, Hanabi’s eyes locked onto the treasure ahead. A deep purple halter top, barely big enough to reach Hanabi’s midriff, lay discarded upon the ground. Although, its most distinctive trait, save for its color, was undoubtedly the thick coating of white that had fully seeped into the material.


Chancing a look behind her back, Hanabi slowly crouched down, pulling the discarded top up whilst wrinkling her nose. It truly was hers, though why she had decided to stuff it up there was beyond the heiress’ comprehension.


With a nod of her head and a small, satisfied smirk adorning her lips, Hanabi straightened out her back, rising up onto her feet once more whilst folding up the cum drenched top. Much to her disdain however, the heiress was forced to hide the top within her kimono.




Sauntering past the corner of the restaurant, Hanabi had adorned a serene, complacent look, silently fuming about the way the hidden top reeked of dried cum and no small amount of anal fun. Even before she had reached their table, a waitress returned to Konohamaru’s side, a small ornate box in hand and a few coins of change for their meal.


Right as her feet brought her to their table, Konohamaru slowly rose, his blue eyes latched onto his girlfriend’s face immediately. “They’ve brought you a box of to-go dango. Why though?”


Shrugging her shoulders, Hanabi’s pale eyes flickered around the area, looking for anything that might sneak up on them. When her result came up empty handed, the Hyuga heiress made her way towards her boyfriend, a wicked grin adorning her features as she reached into her kimono to withdraw the dirty garment she had retrieved.


“A little while ago, I saw a certain blonde haired woman dash across the rooftops, dropping this-” pulling the deep purple top out of her kimono, Konohamaru’s face near instantly twisted up, a frown adorning his spotless visual. “So, I’m going to pay the Yamanaka residence a visit and return it to her.”


Opening the lid of the takeaway box with one nimble hand, Hanabi hurriedly stuffed the fallen top inside of the box, ignoring the mouthwatering scent of spicy dango, as well as the near addictive scent of dried cum.


Straightening up her back a moment later, Hanabi raised her eyes upward, a gleeful look adorning her lips as her eyes locked with Konohamaru’s. “We’d better get going before Sai-san and Inojin-kun gets back.”


At his puzzled expression, the Hyuga heiress merely gave a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders, before allowing her gaze to drop down towards her boyfriend’s groin, a pink tongue darting out to wet her lips. “We wouldn’t want to be late for some fun, would we?”


With a flirtatious wink, Hanabi Hyuga, with all the grace of a future clan matriarch, sauntered along the cobblestone pavement of Konohagakure’s central plaza, a subtle sway to her hips that only prying eyes could see; namely, Konohamaru’s two blue eyes.


Even as the two of them walked, hand in hand through the busy streets of Konoha, Hanabi’s swaying hips did not relent, a subtle trance falling over any that dared take a look, resembling the faintest Genjutsu cast by a true specialist. However, for one that had seen beneath the Jonin’s hakama, Konohamaru could vouch for the quality of the treasure beneath.




Evening had fallen upon the village hidden in the Leaf, the radiant warmth of a long day had faded, yet the humidity of the area itself had all but doused the village in a cozy, near wet atmosphere, bringing with it quite a few people that would happily spend their evening downtown.


Yet, as the faint warmth lingered within the center of town, the residential districts further out were anything but warm. A cold breeze had blown through, depriving most residents of any exterior heat; having to rely solely on electrical heating to stay warm. Almost every apartment or house suffered so, all but one, hidden off to the side in an apartment complex closer to the great stone faces.


Audible moans and muffled groans resounded through the apartment, two sets of clothes being strewn haphazardly throughout the kitchen and living room, before a roll of bandages were all but torn to shreds by the open doorway to the singular bedroom there.


Inside, pale eyes were locked onto blue ones, two soft feminine hands were placed atop her boyfriend’s broad, tanned chest, and long strands of hair cascaded down the otherwise naked form of Hanabi Hyuga. With a wicked grin and a soft moan, Hanabi’s pale eyes feasted upon the sight beneath her.


Konohamaru Sarutobi was a powerful shinobi, with toned muscles adorning the entirety of his body, though with one buck of her hips, a muffled groan resonating through his throat. With her legs spread wide and her knees placed on the soft mattress around his waist, Hanabi’s hairless slit hovered an inch above his dick, an equally tanned pillar of masculinity; albeit, with a pout, Hanabi’s hips rose, drifting right over his cockhead.


Grinning as her drenched lips rubbed along the head of his dick, Hanabi’s pale eyes once more drifted up towards his face, to where a lacy sapphire thong was wedged between Konohamaru’s lips, muffling his groans whilst Hanabi’s hips teased his head.


Currently, the two were locked in a bout of endurance and stubbornness. Konohamaru, after winning their little Taijutsu spar on the way to the bedroom, had been thrown onto the bed itself, Chakra points blocked by well placed jabs. Now, as his hands were restrained by the headboard, and his legs were safely secured to bedposts by the end, his body was revealed for the second round of their battle.


For every thrust of her hips, Konohamaru’s muscled arms surged up, the headboard itself creaking beneath his strength; though somehow, the bonds remained intact. For every numbing second of rubbing against her core, Konohamaru’s groin ached. Yet, for every action she made, the sensations increased.


Placing her hands atop Konohamaru’s broad chest once more, Hanabi’s eyebrows tightened, her eyes narrowing with a look of concentration, all the while focusing her efforts on not making her pleasure known. Beneath her skilled, agile hips, Konohamaru’s teeth grit together, yet, for herself, the sensation of his throbbing erection grinding against her exposed core and aching clit was enough to break her focus altogether.


With no more than a sliver of focus left, Hanabi Hyuga bit her bottom lip, shaking her hips back and forth, causing her core to rub against her boyfriend’s dick all the more. The thought of speaking up had long since entered her mind, though one look into her boyfriend’s sharp blue eyes, along with the sight of her panties in his mouth, more than deterred her from such things.


Finally, after what felt like an eternity of carnal delight, Hanabi let out a weary sigh, one that quickly morphed into a quivering mewl.


Ignoring her boyfriend’s groan, Hanabi once more raised her hips, balancing all of her weight on the palms atop Konohamaru’s chest, before her dripping snatch brushed past the head of his dick. Their teasing had already gone on long enough, so much so that she herself hovered by the precipice of release; how her boyfriend had held on with his Chakra network blocked, she did not know.


Taking but a moment to grind her weeping slit against his broad cockhead, Hanabi let herself fall, the force of gravity itself pulling her down atop Konohamaru’s cock. With a loud cry and a muffled groan, her boyfriend’s dick slipped past her folds, spreading her insides far apart before bottoming out, the sixth inch of his dick bumping up against the entrance to her womb.


“Finally~” Hanabi’s voice cut through the silence of the room, her head lolling back with her long mane of hair landing in the space between Konohamaru’s spread legs.


Seated atop his groin, with her eager pussy rippling around the member housed within, Hanabi’s breasts rose and fell in time with her breathing, two large, spotless globes that were practically tailor made to fit in a man’s palms.


With her boyfriend’s arms restrained, Hanabi’s left palm shot up to her own chest, hungrily tweaking her left nipple before yanking it upward, a faint whimpering moan slipping past her lips. As her left hand began its ministrations, her right one was anything but idle, darting down to where her womanhood was so sufficiently filled, nimble fingers rubbing circles around her budding clit.


Holding on for who knew how long, Hanabi’s body eventually relented, the iron clawed grip her vaginal walls had around Konohamaru’s shaft easing up ever so slightly. The moment she could, Hanabi’s hips rose, slamming herself down atop Konohamaru’s cock, before repeating the process time and time again. Her motions slow, precise and near perfectly aimed.


Within a minute of moving, the coil within her stomach had tightened fully, the mere thought of cumming around her boyfriend’s dick setting her loins ablaze. A thought that was more than welcome, based on the steady stream of warm, sticky precum that oozed forth from Konohamaru’s cockhead.


Grinning like a woman possessed, Hanabi’s right hand left the surface of her swollen clit, moving up to where her lacy panties were currently wedged, before yanking them out; a long heave resounding a moment later.


Without giving her boyfriend a moment’s rest, Hanabi arched her back, all but mashing her perky breasts against Konohamaru’s sweat drenched chest until their nipples brushed against one another. Ignoring the tingling jolt that ran up her spine, Hanabi’s lips dipped down, crashing against Konohamaru’s heaving ones, her folds tightening up as a strong, numbing orgasm washed across her system.


With their lips locked tight, her moans were devoured, pale eyes closed tightly together as…


… with a powerful thrust that defied the logic of the Hyuga Clan’s Chakra suppressive prowess, Konohamaru’s hips rose with enough force to bounce the Hyuga heiress atop his groin, lifting her gripping slit up an inch, before tumbling down once more; the tip of his dick brushing against the entrance to her womb.


Breaking their kiss from the force of his thrust, Hanabi’s eyes snapped open, her mouth agape in a silent scream as her pussy clamped down around her boyfriend’s dick like a vice, all but demanding his seed in return for cumming first.


With a ferocious growl, Konohamaru’s arms tightened once more, the muscles beneath his skin clenching to the point where veins could be seen. However, as his growl tore through the room, his focus snapped, a fierce growl swiftly melting away, becoming nothing more than a moan of utter satisfaction.


As if on cue, the floodgates were released, a heavy gush of cum spurting out of his cockhead to directly pain the insides of Hanabi’s snatch white. Once, twice… three eruptions of cum showered against the entrance to Hanabi’s womb, a look of utter bliss adorning his girlfriend’s face.


Slumping down atop his chest, Hanabi’s frantic breathing matched the uneven thumping of her heart, the occasional feminine whimper forcing its way past her lips in time with the steady stream of white liquid that ran down the underside of Konohamaru’s cock, pooling atop his sheets.


How long the two remained there, neither one knew. Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Any option was possible, in a sense. However, when their senses returned, they did so in the form of three heavy thuds. A sound that neither one could forget.


“Hey! Quiet down up there! Some of us have missions tomorrow!” The faint, muffled voice of the person living on the floor beneath them yelled, a Chunin that had unknowingly moved in a few months prior.


“Crazy bastards… fix your bed! It makes more noise than that bitch does! Put a sock in her mouth the next time!” With that final yell, the voice died down, though not before another few thuds resounded.


Exchanging a quick glance, Hanabi stared down into Konohamaru’s eyes, meeting his gaze head on. Before he had the chance to look away, a light flush spread across his cheeks, just in time to match the devious, teasing smirk across Hanabi’s lips.


“So… thinks you’re a girl, does he?” Snickering atop his chest, Hanabi drooped her head down to rest her chin against Konohamaru’s neck, planting a chaste kiss against his angular jawline.


Grumbling something too faint for her to head, Konohamaru’s blue eyes hardened, both his arms flexing upward a moment later, easily snapping the wires she had used to secure her boyfriend in place. It was low grade, though had he been serious…


With a faint shake of her head, Hanabi’s devious smirk near instantly evaporated, a powerful hand grasping onto the firm bubbly butt she had left exposed. Allowing a pout to grace her features, the Hyuga heiress pushed herself up off of her boyfriend’s chest, flinching back with a twinge of pleasure as Konohamaru’s still hard cock rubbed against her insides.


Sighing as she pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, slipping her boyfriend’s dick from her snatch, Hanabi rose up onto wobbly legs, taking slow, careful steps towards the singular window in Konohamaru’s room.


“Whoever came first lost, and the winner would choose the next position…” casting a longing gaze over her shoulder, Hanabi bit her bottom lip as her pale eyes caught sight of Konohamaru’s legs, the Sarutobi easily breaking through the wires there as well.


“Any complaints about that, maru?” With a pout still firmly placed across her face, Hanabi’s feet came to a halt, placing her hands on either side of the windowsill before bending forward ever so slightly.


The creaking of a bed resounded behind her back, well used springs crying out in defiance of even more abuse, though no more than a second later, the sound vanished. In its place, two hands found their place atop her waist, grasping onto Hanabi’s slender figure with enough force to bruise.


Feeling her boyfriend’s hands on her waist was more than enough to make the Hyuga heiress shudder, and a moment later, the sensation of something hard brushing up against her sensitive folds made the young woman groan audibly.


Staring out the window before her eyes, Hanabi’s cheeks burned a bright crimson, already able to see above and beyond the neighborhood; off into the distance where she knew her sister’s old sensei lived. For a fraction of a second, a silhouette appeared before the Hyuga’s eyes, though just as her eyes narrowed in the hopes of scouting out the area ahead, Konohamaru made his presence known once more, thrusting his cock upward before piercing through her weeping slit.


Letting out an unladylike yelp of surprise, Hanabi’s back straightened out, though not before shooting a glare across her shoulder. While she had scouted out the area ahead, Konohamaru, in all his childlike enjoyment, had slid his dick against her entrance.


“Say something before slipping inside next time~” Hanabi muttered, playfully giggling whilst Konohamaru ground his hips forward. Wiggling her hips, Hanabi’s laughter slowly turned into mewls of delight, silently praying for more of her boyfriend’s dick to slide inside.


“H-hey!” Shifting his hands away from Hanabi’s waistline, Konohamaru’s strong fingers found their way up along her slender stomach, a furrow appearing on his brow the more she wiggled her hips.


With his jaw clenched and his lips set in a straight line, Konohamaru roughly grasped his girlfriend’s breasts with both hands, squeezing Hanabi’s pristine globes with enough force to bruise even a ninja. Even now, after all her resisting, his cock remained where it was, only a mere inch of his dick inside of his girlfriend’s eager pussy.


From where he stood, with a moaning, mewling woman grinding her bubble butt against his groin, a bead of sweat rolled down the side of his face.


Steeling his nerves with a heavy breath of air, Konohamaru’s fingers wrapped around the nubs of Hanabi’s nipples, giving both a rough pinch before driving his hips home; depositing every inch of his dick inside of her snatch with one quick thrust. The resounding squeal that slipped past her lips a moment later was once again loud enough to wake their neighbors.


Even as another loud thumping from the floor below appeared, Konohamaru’s mind was set, his eyes locked onto Hanabi’s pale, spotless back, even as his hips withdrew from where they had once been.


With a wicked gleam shining through the wall of determination in his eyes, Konohamaru released one of Hanabi’s breasts, eliciting a whimper from the girl before him. Moving his hand with slow, gentle strokes along Hanabi’s side, Konohamaru eventually reached his target.


Pulling his arm back for a moment, the wicked gleam in his eye materialized in the strangest form of killing intent, causing Hanabi’s head to turn around, eyes locking onto his, mouth falling agape as yet another rough twist of her nipple shook her legs.


Rearing his hand back fully, Konohamaru whipped his arm back down, the palm of his hand crashing against Hanabi’s bubble butt; the sound of which reverberated through his apartment in sync with a faint, pained moan.


Even after his hand landed against his girlfriend’s ass, Konohamaru flinched back, the sheer tightness of Hanabi’s rump springing out once more, leaving a stinging sensation all throughout his palm as if he had been hit. In truth, as his fingers brushed over the firm flesh of Hanabi’s rear, there was no doubt in his mind that a coin could bounce off of her ass, given enough force to begin with.


Shaking his head to clear such thoughts away, Konohamaru’s right hand dropped down to his groin, grasping around the slick shaft of his dick, guiding his cockhead towards its intended target. Directly above Hanabi’s weeping, cum leaking snatch was the true target of his round; a tight, pulsating asshole that no man in recorded history had explored.


Easing the tip of his dick against her tightest hole, the reaction was instantaneous. When Konohamaru’s head brushed up against her asshole, Hanabi’s head flinched back, wide, panicked eyes staring back at her boyfriend, only to have her nipple once more yanked on. Even before she herself could get a word in, the slick head of his dick eased forward, a long, throaty groan emanating from Hanabi’s throat as her arms, still held on either side of the windowsill, buckled.


A minute of naught more than forcing his head forward passed, a minute of moaning, grunting and no small amount of silent cursing from the heiress against the window. Yet, as Hanabi’s teeth unclenched, and weary eyes looked over her shoulder, her puckered asshole unclenched as well.


With one, final moan, Konohamaru’s dick slid past the tight ring of muscle blocking his entry, and with its entry, Hanabi’s complaints died on her tongue.


Easing his length in past her formerly virgin asshole, Konohamaru’s posture broke, both hands flying up to grope his girlfriend’s breasts once more, all the while pressing them both closer to the window itself, moaning into Hanabi’s ear while using her as leverage. When Hanabi’s cum leaking cunt was squished up against the windowsill, the final two inches of Konohamaru’s dick slipped in, a synchronized moan spilling forth from both their lips.


With two hands attentively tugging on her nipples, and an unexpected intrusion entering the depths of her ass, Hanabi’s eyes slowly rolled towards the back of her head, thighs quivering as a positively silly smile adorned her lips.


For every inch of her boyfriend’s dick that slid inside of her ass, her pussy would quiver, a faint moan being suppressed by willpower alone. For every pinch and twist of her nipples, Hanabi’s eyes would roll towards the back of her head. Yet, as Konohamaru’s dick spread her backdoor open, her will was no longer enough.


Grinding his hips against her bubbly butt, Konohamaru’s head rolled back, eyes staring skyward whilst his hands once more began their grueling task of teasing Hanabi’s breasts. For every time his fingers brushed over her nipples, the warm walls around his cock would tighten, a pulsating heat encasing his dick like a shroud of velvet being chained down around him.


Reveling in the warmth of Hanabi Hyuga’s ass was more than enough to leave him wanting for more, a soothing sense of peace blanketing his senses for every minute spent lodged inside of her asshole. Before long, after what felt like an eternity of receiving a pulsating massage, Konohamaru’s hips began to slide back, easing his lubricated cock out of his girlfriend’s ass until only the head remained inside, near instantly slamming himself back inside a moment later.


Where she stood, arms frantically gripping the windowsill before her, Hanabi’s eyes were screwed shut, her teeth biting into her bottom lip to refrain from moaning like one of Konoha’s whores. The simple sensation of having him inside of her was enough to send her right to the brink of orgasm, a pulsing joy spreading up her spine, before coming crashing down against her loins once more.


Lightly cursing the hands placed atop her breasts, Hanabi felt her back arch when Konohamaru’s hips once again slapped up against her rear, cock fully sheathed inside her backdoor.


Whenever her focus allowed her to open her eyes, Konohamaru’s fingers would pinch or twist her nipples, forcing Hanabi to bite down harder to refrain herself from cumming on the spot. Clenching her fingers onto the windowsill, it was all the heiress could do to keep her mind from wandering; yet, even with her effort, a single thought entered her mind.


‘What if he were bigger?’


As another thrust against her bubbly butt arrived, that thought was banished from her mind, a euphoric bliss coursing through her body as the pressure in her rear became far too much to handle.


Letting out a long, outdrawn moan that could easily pass as a scream, Hanabi came, juices gushing out of her pussy in time with Konohamaru’s thrusts. Slumping forward until her forehead thumped against the window itself, ragged gasps resounded through the apartment as pale eyes gazed down on the puddle between their legs; a combination of her and his previous orgasm.


The moment Hanabi slumped forward, Konohamaru let out a grunt, the velvety grip around his dick intensifying to the point where he himself could hardly move. Every thrust he forced through felt like the very first one, the ring of muscle leading into Hanabi’s asshole holding his dick hostage, though he himself could manage to force his way through.


Releasing her breasts without further ado, the entirety of Hanabi’s upper body slumped forward as her ragged breaths resounded through the room. However, the moment his hands let go, they moved elsewhere, down and down until his fingers caressed the smooth, pale skin of Hanabi’s hips.


Letting out a low grunt, Konohamaru slowly bent forward, trailing his hands down along Hanabi’s smooth, firm thighs, before reaching the underside of her knees. With a barely audible sigh, and with his own dick still nestled inside of Hanabi’s rear, Konohamaru steadied his stance on the floor.


Using what strength had returned from Hanabi’s accurate jabs, Konohamaru all but hoised her upward, staggering backward a single step before Hanabi’s back came crashing against his chest.


Releasing what could only be called a weary sigh, Konohamaru’s features lit up, a sly smirk adorning his lips as Hanabi’s long smooth hair cascaded down his chest, teasingly brushing past his abdomen. With his mouth mere inches from Hanabi’s ear, Konohamaru pulled her knees closer, forcing a moan from Hanabi’s lips as her breasts, stomach and pussy were left on display for whomever dared look up into the window of a shinobi’s apartment.


With her back flush against his chest, Konohamaru’s hips began to move, the sheer angle of Hanabi’s rump leaving half of his dick outside of her anal opening. Staggering forward an ounce, his grip on Hanabi’s legs tightened, and with what could only be called a roar of exertion, her body rose upward ever so slightly…


… all before being dropped down on top of Konohamaru’s erection.


Holding her in place for a mere moment, Konohamaru once more raised his hands, lifting Hanabi upward until half of his dick remained inside, before once again dropping her down atop his cock.


For every time Hanabi’s asshole was speared by Konohamaru’s dick, her head would lull backward, a fleeting moan escaping through her lips before the act was renewed, another gravity enforced thrust setting her nerves on fire.


All throughout her body, knots were tightened, springs were wound tightly, and the endless signs of orgasmic bliss were dawning upon her. From where her body was held in place, with her underused asshole being put through the wringer, Hanabi’s pale eyes once more scoured the view beyond the window.


The faint silhouettes of moving figures caught her attention, though before her eyes could focus fully, another thrust against her sphincter drove that chance away. Moaning where she sat, helplessly enthralled with the joy of being speared upon her boyfriend’s dick… however, as Hanabi’s ass was once again stretched wide, the faintest thought entered her mind.


‘What if he were…’


Even before the thought fully materialized, Konohamaru’s legs gave out, sending her face, breasts and knees reeling towards the windowsill, though right before her head crashed through, his footing returned. However, with her body so tightly wound up, what little control she had over herself vanished.


With an audible screech, Hanabi came, her juices eagerly squirting out onto the glass panes of the window. From somewhere behind her back, Konohamaru’s body flinched, his muscles tightening up as his cock was forced as deep as it could go; the sheer tightness of Hanabi’s grip leaving him reeling.


Pressed up against the window, Hanabi’s lips drooped down, a silent scream falling free from an open mouth. Between her legs, a copious stream of juices gushed forth, spraying out across the windowsill and the glass pane itself. Although, as Konohamaru’s grip on her knees loosened, the Hyuga heiress herself slumped forward, forehead resting against the glass pane whilst a stream of drool ran down her chin.


Arching his back where he stood, Konohamaru let out a feral roar, cock all but crushed by the tightening grip within Hanabi’s ass. With unsteady legs, his focus snapped, a torrent of cum spurting forth from the tip of his dick; near instantly coating Hanabi’s vice-like asshole with his seed. Every single burst of cum that exploded forth from his dick left him reeling, a ragged breath coming out in time with his erupting dick.


A third, a fourth, a fifth and even a sixth blast of cum sloshed around within Hanabi’s asshole, the tight ring of muscle around her entrance acting as a container, whilst Konohamaru’s cock was the cork to hold it all back. It wasn’t until a seventh, much weaker burst had escaped his head that their orgasmic highs came to an end.


Releasing Hanabi’s legs where they stood, Konohamaru dropped his chin down onto his girlfriend’s shoulder, shuddering as his wilting penis swam in an ocean of cum. Wearily, his gaze fell forward, watching through the reflection itself as both him and Hanabi alike were all but knocked out.


The only sound to permeate through the room was a heavy thud; the sound of a grown man falling onto his back, with a curvaceous woman seated atop his groin.


A scene overlooked by an ornate wooden box with a yellow note attached on top: To Ino Yamanaka.




With a low hum resonating from their lips, a blanket of steam covered the entirety of a tiled bathroom, the near limitless warm water of the Yamanaka residence raining down upon Ino’s curvaceous frame as her fingers brushed through her long platinum blonde locks. For who knew how long, the matriarch had been within a shower, rinsing off the grime and dirt from her previous mission, whilst taking even more care to thoroughly rinse her nether regions.


Acting as a courier was by no means a challenging task, though with the upcoming all-Jonin meeting, several low-key missions had to be carried out with greater vigor than what the Genin could boast. All throughout Konoha, the group once called the Konoha-Twelve plowed through mission after mission; some more so than others.


Letting out a faint sigh of relief as the warm water of her shower cascaded down her naked breasts, Ino’s cyan eyes fluttered open, a bright smile adorning her lips as one hand had found its way down to the apex of her legs.


Her mission had been simple enough. Deliver a valuable document to the Kazekage, ensure that a diplomatic relationship would continue, and report back to the Hokage when the mission was successful.


Allowing a sly grin to adorn her features, Ino’s mind drifted back to her report, absentmindedly running a hand along the gaping hole that had once been her backdoor.


Sinking her teeth into her bottom lip, Ino’s mind wandered, her sleek fingers elegantly rubbing circles around both her front and back entrances. Naruto had been pent up, stressed out, and perhaps a tiny bit annoyed. Coercing him was simple enough, but the mere thought of running back home naked left her perpetually aroused. Enough so to burn through three pairs of panties in the day it had been since she made her report.


Letting out a faint sigh of relief, Ino tipped her head backward, allowing the warm drizzle of water to splash down against her soft breasts, opening her mouth just in time for a silent moan to slip free. By now, the hand by her rear had long since left its place, returning to her front to gingerly run her fingers along her stomach.


With a quick brush of one hand, Ino’s back arched, a full fledged moan spilling forth from her lips as she bucked her hips against her hand. Every little stroke against her womanhood left her vision blurred, a gentle pinch of her clit leaving her breathing ragged. The wondrous coil of orgasmic bliss within her stomach had begun to tighten up, an internal sign of the bliss she herself craved far too much…


Yet, before her ministrations managed to take her there, the subdued sound of a door opening and light feet stepping inside reached her ears, quickly followed by Inojin’s voice calling out.


With a shake of her head, Ino’s fingers moved away from her groin, trailing up her sides before giving the undersides of her breasts a gentle slap, leaving a scorching trail wherever her fingertips had gone. Her son had come back from training.


Twisting the shower knob to the side, the delightfully warm rush of water faded away, leaving only streak upon streak of droplets across her spotless skin.


Foregoing the pile of clothes she had prepared beforehand, Ino pushed her way through the glass pane acting as cover, reaching a long elegant hand out to grasp two towels - one for her hair, the other for her body.


Throwing a forlorn glance into the wall mirror of their bathroom, Ino swung around on her heels, fastening the towel around her breasts before leaning over ever so slightly, causing the bottom of the towel to hike up until a teasing peek of her naked, hairless pussy came into view.


Biting her bottom lip, Ino brought a hand back, rearing it up for the briefest moment before sending it flying downward; an audible slap and an echoing moan resounding through the bathroom as Ino’s right hand crashed down against her squishy butt. Returning her right hand to the wall, Ino Yamanaka brought her left hand down, repeating the process, before yet another encompassing slap and moan resounded through the room, her back arching whilst her pussy wept its orgasmic juices.


Pressing both hands against the wall, Ino’s breath came out in shallow gasps, her thighs quivering while her juices trickled down her thighs in steady streams. The temptation to simple loosen her towel, to lay down on the tiled floor, to spread her legs like a woman possessed, entered her mind, yet even still, the sound of light footsteps through the living room outside broke her out of her orgasmic stupor.


With a nod of her head, and a forceful heave, Ino Yamanaka pushed herself off of the wall, blatantly ignoring the pile of clothes she had prepared; stepping out of the bathroom clad only in a tight towel.


In opposition to the person she had believed to have arrived, the moment Ino stepped out of the bathroom door, a cloud of steam oozing out along with her, platinum blonde hair swung around, the cyan eyes of Inojin staring back at her own orbs.


However, as she stepped out, towel barely reaching down to her mid-thighs, Ino’s eyes locked onto something else; an ornate wooden box with its lid opened, as well as the expression adorning her son’s usually stoic face.


Adorning his usually pale cheeks, a light dusting of pink had spread, his cyan eyes wide with bewilderment.


Furrowing her brows from where she stood, Ino’s serene voice broke through the silence of the room a moment later. “What’s wrong, dear? What do you have-” The moment her legs circled around Inojin, to where she could plainly see the contents of the box, Ino’s voice broke off.


The box itself was used by one of the few dango restaurants in town that had yet to change, despite the change of an era. Its lid was decorated by four carved circles, along with a fifth in the center, linking the other four together. However, what had forced the Yamanaka matriarch to swallow her words was not the box, but rather its contents.


Two rows of dango, attached to a wooden stick, along with a far too familiar top, barely large enough for her, yet its deep purple color could never be mistaken. Before she herself could stop herself, Ino’s mind wandered, back to her run over the rooftops, to where a pressure had all but vanished from her overstuffed asshole…


With the most innocent and motherly smile she could muster, Ino Yamanaka draped an arm around her son’s neck, leading him towards the wall of steam within the bathroom she had so recently occupied…

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