Primal Lust

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Kurama also known as kyuubi no kitsune sat in the murky mindscape as he listened to the moans of naruto and hinata fucking eachother.It infuriated him soo much because he cant do anything about it.

He can block himself from naruto's sensations but no he just have to try it and now he was addicted to feeling sex.

He at first was a genderless being like all tailed beasts but depending on container their genders confirm.

Examples are matatabi being a female due to locked in a female always and hachibi being a male.

Kurama thought his gender will be female because of mito and kushina but alas no.

Mito's sex life was practically zero.She only spent a few nights with hashirama and even few doing sex.Hashirama is a sex freak but due to wars,they never got the chance.Being in kushina may made him female if not for the fact that she died young.

But naruto,hell he lived with him from birth.He also dont have to wait for old age because he merged with the tailed beasts making kurama DNA almost similar to himself.

Being a male,he was hit with a massive amount of sexual sensations from all his life.Seeing as his only vision is filled with hinata,he wanted to have his way with her without naruto knowing.

He already talked with naruto about letting him out once in a while to take small strolls with a promise that he dont antagonise anyone.

Kurama thought of his plan over and over again as he looked through naruto's eyes for the perfect day.

Combined with their lack of sex and the lust emotion coming from hinata during sex.

Kurama was 100% sure that his plan will succeed without any fail or drawbacks.


Poor hinata has no idea how her sex life is about to change.





Hi guys.How is the new story.

Iam really sorry because i was supposed to update other stories.The thing stopping me is myself.I got really less time duw to work and my girlfriend.In that less free time i jerk off to new hentai and for research for the stories.

I will put my dick away for a while and will upload soon enough.

Good news is that i have some new stories coming up.

Also sorry for the lack of sex in this chapter.The coming chapters will have more if not completly in sex scenes.

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