Unexpected Consequences

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto fandom or any of the characters. I got this idea after reading Male Pregnancy Serum by AshakiranTheTenthBeast, but went a slightly different way with it. This is written purely for fun, no money/profit made.

Shikamaru walked up to the Hokage’s office and knocked. When he got the ok to come in, he opened the door and saw the former Team 10, Asuma, Ino, and Choji, standing in front of a very annoyed looking Hokage.


“Nara,” Tsunade began, “where the heck have you been? I summoned you ten minutes ago!”


Shikamaru rubbed the back of his head and avoided looking at Tsunade by looking over at Asuma who had his arms crossed and a not so happy look on his face. “Uh,” Shikamaru began and finally turned to the angry Hokage, “I… uh…”


Tsunade sighed, closed her eyes, and shook her head. “Forget it.” She looked over to Asuma. “The mission you four have is extremely important.” She picked up a scroll from her desk. “This letter contains very important information for the Feudal Lord of the Land of Earth. There will be enemy shinobi trying to get this info, which is why I am assigning a four man squad for this mission.” She began to hand the scroll to Asuma, but before he could grab it, Asuma disappeared from the spot.


Ino gasped at Asuma’s disappearance, and Tsunade looked shocked. “What the…” Tsunade began, but was cut off by Choji.


“Hey, Shikamaru’s gone too!”


Tsunade lowered her arm, just now realizing that it was still outstretched, and looked over to where the lazy ninja had been standing, but saw that he was gone too. “What the heck is going on here?” she demanded.




Sakura sat on the ground, her head leaned back against one of the large posts in the training ground with her eyes closed, listening to Naruto pace and complain. “Why does he always do this? Can he ever be on time for once in his life.”


Sakura sighed. “Naruto, calm down. You know that’s just how Kakashi Sensei is.”


“Yeah, I know, but he doesn’t have to always be late!” Naruto yelled turning to face her. “You’d think Kakashi Sensei would’ve grown up by now!”


Sakura smirked. “Yeah, like you should talk.”


“What did you say?” Naruto yelled.


“Hey guys, sorry I’m late, but there was…”


“Kakashi Sensei, why are you always late!” Naruto asked turning his anger on the man. “Can’t you be on time for once in your life?” Sakura finally looked over to Naruto, got up, and punched him on the head when she finally reached him. “Oww, Sakura. What was that for?” he asked as he rubbed the lump on his head, turning to face her.


Sakura just ignored him and looked over to Kakashi. “So, what are we doing today?”


Kakashi looked between the two then finally settled on Sakura, giving her a once over before he answered. “Well, I thought we could start off with a bit of sparing, and then work on a new team combination.”


“A new team combination?” Naruto asked excitedly, the pain in his head now forgotten.


“Yes, I thought it was about time that we worked to improve our teamwork a bit, especially after our last mission,” Kakashi said as he looked at Naruto.


Naruto rubbed the back of his neck. “Heh, yeah, sorry ‘bout that.”


“Alright then, shall we get started?” Kakashi asked with his signature smile.


“Yeah!” Naruto shouted and fist pumped the air as he jumped.


“Naruto, that is exactly why I said what I did earlier,” Sakura said.


“What do you mean, Sakura?” Naruto asked completely confused, but before she had a chance to answer, both Sakura and Kakashi disappeared. “What?!”


Naruto looked around, but the area was completely empty. He then dashed off to the Hokage’s office to tell Tsunade what happened.




“Alright, keep it up!” Guy said.


Tenten, Neji, and Rock Lee were running around their training ground, Lee further ahead than the others, as Guy encouraged them on.


“Guy Sensei, we’ve been running for twenty minutes now,” Tenten said as she tried to keep her feet moving. “Can’t we stop already?”


“I have to agree,” Neji said also tired, but he wouldn’t show it.


“Come on, guys,” Lee said as he passed them, running backwards. “Use the Power of Youth to keep you going. We still have a hundred more laps to go.”


“Yeah, but we’ve already done a hundred and fifty already,” Tenten complained. “We’re tired, and I… I can’t go on anymore,” she said and fell to her knees panting.


Neji stopped as well and made sure Tenten was all right.


“But Tenten…” Lee started but stopped when Guy raised his hand.


“No, Lee, Tenten’s right.”


“Thank you,” Tenten said in relief.


“We need to move on to the sparing now,” Guy finished.


“Yes, Guy Sensei!” Lee said and saluted.


“Wha-?!” Tenten gasped.


Neji just closed his eyes.


“Alright, Neji, Tenten, you two will be sparing together. Lee, you’ll be sparing with me,” Guy said ignoring his students’ complaints.


“But Guy Sensei, can’t we take a short break?” Tenten begged as Neji helped her off the ground.


“No my youthful students, we must endure through the pain and keep going,” Guy said and gave a thumbs up and his signature glaring smile.


Neji crossed his arms. “You really should take it easy Guy Sensei, especially at your age.”


Guy lost his pose at that comment and Lee took a step closer to the Hyuga Genius. “Just what do you mean by that?!” Lee accused. “Guy Sensei is the most youthful sensei in this village.”


“Hmpf,” Neji replied with his eyes closed, but opened them when he heard Tenten’s gasp.


Neji lowered his arms when he saw that Guy and Lee were nowhere in the clearing.


“They… They just disappeared!” Tenten said horrified.


“Byakugan!” Neji yelled out, veins popping out beside his eyes. He scanned the area, but saw no sign of either of their chakras. He then released the byakugan and looked to Tenten. “We had better go inform the Hokage of what has happened.”


Tenten just nodded and followed Neji out of the clearing.




Kiba was thrown back and forced into the trunk of a large tree, leaving a slight indent as he sunk down to the ground.


Hinata gasped, covering her mouth, and ran over to him. “I-I’m so sorry, Kiba,” she said as she helped the boy to stand.


“Heh, no problem, Hinata,” Kiba replied with a grin on his face as he rubbed his now sore shoulder. “It only means you’re getting better.”


“I agree, Hinata,” Shino said as he slowly made his way to the two. “Why? Because you never use to be able to throw Kiba like that after a hit.”


Hinata smiled at the two with a blush on her face. “Th-thanks,” she said shyly.


“Kiba and Shino are right, Hinata,” Kurenai said as she approached the three. “You’ve definitely made progress on that jutsu.”


“I-it’s only because you guys have helped me over the years,” Hinata said looking at each of them. “I’m really grateful.”


Kiba just gave her a wide grin and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “No problem. Now the next thing we have to work on is your relationship with Naruto.”


At the sound of Naruto’s name, Hinata went red. “I-I-b-but…”


Kiba just laughed. “Oh come on, Hinata, what’s the big deal. Everyone knows you like that blonde idiot.”


“E-e-everyone?” she asked wide eyed.


“Yeah, it’s no secret.”


“No, you’re wrong, Kiba. Why? Because Naruto is the only one that doesn’t know,” Shino countered.


Kiba withdrew his arm and focused on Shino. “That doesn’t mean it’s a secret to everyone, just that idiot, but that’s just because he’s blind as a bat,” he bit back.


“Alright you two,” Kurenai stepped in. “Enough. Why don’t we get back to…”


Hinata gasped, Akamaru barked repeatedly, and Shino just stared in front of him where Kiba had been standing.


“Wha- what happened?” Hinata asked worried.


“I don’t know, but we should go to Lady Hokage and inform her that Kiba and Kurenai Sensei have gone missing.”


Hinata nodded and Akamaru gave a bark in reply. Then the three headed back to the village.




Shikaku knocked on the door before he opened it and stepped in. “You wanted to see me, Lady Tsunade?”


“Yes. Come in,” Tsunade replied waving him in.


Shikaku stepped fully into the room and saw a stunned Choji and Ino standing there. “Is something wrong, Ma’am?” he asked as he walked up next to the two.


“I’m afraid so. Asuma and Shikamaru have…”


“Granny Tsunade!!” Naruto yelled as he burst through the door. “Kakashi Sensei and Sakura vanished into thin air!”


“What?” Tsunade replied as she stood, but before she could say anything else, Neji, Tenten, Hinata, Shino, and Akamaru came through the door.


Shikaku looked at the now large group that stood in Tsunade’s office then back at Tsunade. “May I ask what’s going on?”


Tsunade ignored his question and looked over to the others. “Are you going to tell me that your teammates have disappeared as well?”


“Yes, Guy Sensei and Lee just disappeared before our eyes,” Neji replied calmly.


“Yeah, same with Kiba and Kurenai Sensei,” Hinata agreed.

Tsunade closed her eyes and let out a deep breath. After another minute she looked up at all of them. “It seems we have a situation on our hands.”


Lee looked over to Ino and Choji. “Has Asuma and Shikamaru also vanished?”


“Yeah. They disappeared right in front of our eyes when Asuma was about to receive a scroll for our mission,” Ino replied.


“Do we have any idea who might’ve done this?” Shikaku asked.


“No, it happened so suddenly, and apparently at the same time,” Tsunade replied. “I asked you to come here to ask you if Shikamaru said anything about an enemy that he ran into while on another mission that he didn’t tell me about.”


“He never said anything to me,” Shikaku said then looked over at Ino and Choji.


“They said they didn’t hear anything either,” Tsunade answered his unspoken question. “But now that it’s more than just Asuma and Shikamaru that’s vanished, it’s a bigger problem.”


“Guy Sensei never said anything,” Tenten said.


“Neither did Kiba,” Shino said in a quiet voice, but loud enough to be heard.


“Sakura seemed a little worried about something, but she wouldn’t tell me what it was, just yelled at me saying it was none of my business,” Naruto also offered.


Shikaku put his hand on his chin to think. “So we have eight shinobi that have disappeared and none of them seemed to say anything about a possible enemy.” He then looked over to Tsunade. “It doesn’t make much sense.”


“No, it doesn’t,” Tsunade replied sitting back down in her chair.

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