Criminal Rendezvous

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A/N: This story is a bit on the short side, and it began as a prompt through a certain Discord channel, though due to my own satisfaction with it, I decided to post it here as well. Now, before you read on, there is some slight Naruto/Sasuke action, quickly followed by a straighter pairing. No spoilers. 
Now that that's said, and you have been warned, have fun and read on! 

Criminal Rendezvous


Staring out into the endless night sky stretching out across Nami no Kuni, the shinobi hailed as the hero of Konoha let out a low sigh, shoulders slumping down for what felt like the thousandth time that year. The Fourth Great Ninja War had drawn to a close one year prior. In the one year that had passed, it was as if all the strife, all the hatred and all the grief in the world evaporated. Peace had returned to the Elemental Nations, and for the first time in a truly long while, the raven haired member of Team 7 had walked through the great gates of Konoha, only to be imprisoned immediately thereafter.


One year had passed since then. One long year filled with hardships beyond compare. Sasuke Uchiha, the last living member of the Uchiha Clan, had mysteriously escaped from the dungeons of Konohagakure, never to be seen again. His name, face and specifics had been listed in the Bingo Book a mere week later, resulting in the rise of the highest bounty in all of Shinobi history.


Slumping his shoulders as his back fell down onto the patio, Naruto Uzumaki stared up into the night sky, crystal blue eyes fluttering closed for the briefest moment. The truth behind the disappearance of Sasuke Uchiha, the truth behind how a man sealed away in the depths of the Hokage monument escaped, lay dormant within the mind of the very same Hero that had ended the infernal war.


For better or for worse, Naruto Uzumaki had broken Sasuke Uchiha out of prison, casting aside all else to grant his best friend and old teammate a chance to roam the world once again.


Allowing his thoughts to float away, the events of the week prior resurfaced, an unidentifiable look of perplexion adoring the blonde’s face. Kakashi Hatake, the Sixth Hokage of Konohagakure, and Naruto’s old sensei, had granted the blonde shinobi a week of leave; all under the pretext that something beyond health and sickness kept him from performing at his best.


A blatant lie. A deceitful scam. A means to an end.


His one week of leave would be spent elsewhere, a ways away from Konohagakure, but close enough to rush back in case of an emergency. The first stop along the way had been a little village near the coastline, a place he had not seen in many, many years. Nami no Kuni, the site of Team 7’s first real mission, and the origin of his Ninja Way.


Faintly, in the back of his head, a low click resounded. Barely loud enough for the blonde shinobi to hear, and definitely low enough for any civilian to ignore.


His arrival in Nami no Kuni had been quite subdued; the sight of the Great Naruto Bridge stretching out across the riverbank, connecting the mainland and Nami no Kuni together. The ever present mist had coated the surrounding forests, and as he made his way across the bridge, clad in his black jacket and orange slacks, none of the people he encountered along the way had paid him any mind. Another wanderer there to enjoy the splendors of the old fishing village, albeit a brightly clad one.


Everything remained as it had once been, a small village shrouded in mist, though upon further inspection, the town itself had prospered over the years. The funds left behind after the gangster Gatō had passed away had gone a long way in restoring the township to what it could have been, and under the governing of a selected council and traders, the town had survived and prospered. Yet, the location sought after by the blonde haired shinobi was further along the beaten path.


Overlooking the ocean itself, resting atop a cliffside, was the grave that Naruto himself had requested. The grave of his two first enemies, the grave of a foreign friend, and the final resting place of a great demon.


The walk back to town had been somber, a myriad of emotions crossing through Naruto’s mind, yet nothing could compare to what he knew would await him further down the path. Hidden away from prying eyes, a small household remained the same as it had done all those years ago, a household whose interior was bright and lit up.


Even now, as his eyes gazed up into the radiant moon above, the thought of meeting Inari and Tazuna brought a smile to his face. According to Tsunami, the two carpenters would be returning in two days, just in time to spend one final night with the blonde shinobi before he would make his return to Konohagakure. Tsunami herself had been taken aback at the sight of him, all grown up, with his short blonde hair and whiskered face drawing in anyone’s attention.


Smiling as their reunion flickered through his mind, Naruto’s eyes grew heavy at the mere thought, a weight that caused his eyelids to fall, slowly ending up with his eyes closed and mouth shut. At least, until the vehemently loud voice of his internal tennant woke him back up, breaking the hold of a powerful Genjutsu meant to make any civilian slumber.


Listening half heartedly to Kurama’s words of warning, Naruto Uzumaki straightened out his back, pushing himself up into a seated position, before turning his head around to longingly gaze into the darkness behind his back.


Through the veil of shadows within Tsunami’s living room, a pair of long legs strode forth, a cloak billowing behind their back for every step they took. Absentmindedly, as Naruto’s crystalline blue eyes slid further up the figure’s torso, the moonlit night illuminated all that remained hidden, all except for the figure’s head. However, as Naruto gazed up into the head of the man behind his back, one red and one violet eye cautiously stared back.


A blatant lie. A deceitful scam. A means to an end. Yet, as Naruto Uzumaki stared up into the stoic face of Sasuke Uchiha, muscled torso hidden beneath a billowing cloak, his reasoning to be there was of little consequence.


“Naruto,” Sasuke’s voice rang out, a few quick, silent steps allowing him to drop down into a meditative position beside the blonde.


“Sasuke,” Naruto replied, a faint smirk crossing his lips as the two men regarded each other. No more than a moment later, twin smiles adorned both men’s lips as a mirthful chuckle rumbled through Naruto’s chest.


“I’m surprised, Naruto. To break free of a Sharingan based Genjutsu…” shaking his head at the blonde’s indigidant huff, the Uchiha let it rest there, fully aware that battling his blonde friend would be the same as battling a tag team. “How did you break free from Kakashi’s grasp?”

Giving a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders, Kurama’s voice inside of his mind reminded the blonde to keep it brief, much to the blonde’s annoyance. “I took a week’s leave right after receiving your message. I’ve been here four days already, so I don’t have much time.”


Looking over his shoulder, Naruto’s mouth fell agape at the sight of their host, Tsunami, propped up against the kitchen counter clad only in a flimsy, see through nightgown. Turning his head towards his raven haired friend, one blonde eyebrow raised in a silent question, his only answer was a shrug. Glancing back one more time, the briefest glimpse of Tsunami’s chest caught his gaze, two perfectly round, soft globes of…


Shaking his head to clear that thought away, a low groan threatened to break through his clenched throat. At least the renegade Uchiha had caught her before she hit her head.


Before long, his blue eyes once more returned to the moonlit heaven above. The silence that stretched out between the two of them was calming, soothing and comforting, not at all like it had once been, wherein a blazing battle of rivalry would spring out at a moment’s notice.


Gulping heavily where he sat, Naruto Uzumaki blinked once, twice, before spinning his head to the side, a forlorn look overtaking his features, only to silently stare into violet and red eyes.


“Sasuke-” he barked out.

“Naruto-” Sasuke mouthed out.


Blinking dumbly for a moment, both shinobi cracked down, mirthful laughter resounding between the two of them as their interruption dragged on. After a moment, the Uchiha survivor motioned for him to begin.


“I… could we… you know? I’ve always liked you, maybe a bit more than I should…” trailing off, Naruto turned his gaze away, a look of agony crossing his features as his mind raced in search of words.


It was, in fact, his Uchiha companion that spoke up after.


“We’re rivals. We’re friends. We’re like siblings. And I... “ choking up on his words, a rare look of elation and perplexion crossed Sasuke’s face, though only for the briefest moment. “We could try something more. If you want.”


Exchanging a brief glance, both Naruto and Sasuke gave a nod of their heads, looking back over to where Tsunami lay, unconscious with her nightgown loosening around her endowed figure.


From his right, the sound of a belt being pulled through its buckles resounded, and, as his head turned towards the sound, Naruto’s eyes zeroed in on the sight unfolding before him; mesmerized by the fluidity of Sasuke’s motions. With fast and concise movements, the zipper of Sasuke’s slacks was undone, quickly followed by the release of his sword.


Grasping around the semi-hard base of his cock, Sasuke Uchiha turned his attention back to the unconscious woman behind their backs, hand slowly jerking his flaccid length as blood began to pump through his dick. From Naruto’s angle, it was nothing short of marvelous. Long, clean and undeniably perfect. Even if he were to use both of his hands, there was no doubt in his mind that Sasuke’s head would still peek out.


Watching his friend’s impatient gaze, and the rapid hardening of his shaft, Naruto’s hands flew down to his own orange slacks, all but yanking his pants and boxers down along his legs before kicking them off altogether, opting for the choice of leaving his legs fully bare, with his own cock saluting the evening air.


In opposition to Sasuke, whose prowess was found in its length, Naruto’s dick was slightly shorter, perhaps an inch or two, yet his girth would easily surpass any man’s. Even using two hands, the blonde shinobi struggled to grasp around the base of his cock. Many a woman had tried in his youth under Jiraiya’s tutelage, yet none had managed to take him to the base.


However, the fierce, competitive gleam in Sasuke’s mismatched eyes said all that was needed to say. He had won their bout of length.


With the evening air washing out across his exposed groin, Naruto let out a faint moan as his cock throbbed, a clear bead of precum oozing forth from his tip as his right hand slid up and down the length of his cock.


To his left, the sight of Sasuke stroking himself, his head turned forward and eyes closed shut, was more than enough for Naruto himself to continue, grunting every so often as the thought of relaxing in such a way with his old teammate was more than enough to make him eagerly pump his shaft.


Even still, as the minutes ticked by and more and more precum oozed forth from his bulbous tip, his mind was under siege by unbidden visions; visions depicting Sasuke, the proud Uchiha survivor, bouncing atop his cock with his own member aimed towards Naruto’s face.


Lifting his head while opening his mind, Naruto raised a hand towards Sasuke’s shoulder, intent on shaking his friend out of his daze, if only just to pose a question. However, even before his fingers rose from the patio deck, Sasuke’s eyes fluttered open, a distinctive look flashing across his features as the first bead of liquid arousal erupted from his head.


“Sasuke, how about we-” Naruto began.


“No,” was Sasuke’s instantaneous reply, having no need to hear the blonde out to know his best friend’s hidden desires.


Knitting his eyebrows together, Naruto’s crystal blue eyes stared straight ahead as another thought crossed his mind. “How about I-”


Again, before his idea was given the chance to arise, his friend replied, “No,” and shut him down once more.


Releasing his grip on his cock, Naruto Uzumaki let out a weary sigh. Conversing with his raven haired teammate had never been easy, but for him to be so undeniably stubborn…


Returning to his task at hand, the blonde shinobi turned his head, intently watching the fluid motion of Sasuke’s hand as it traced the veiny length of his dick, a faint throbbing running up the length of his shaft for every pump he made. Dropping his gaze down to his own, much thicker dick, the Uzumaki was, quite frankly, nowhere near the land of orgasmic oblivion.


Allowing a small, fox-like grin to spread across his lips, Naruto Uzumaki slowly moved his hands away from his dick, putting them up into the hand sign for his first original jutsu, while muttering the name within his mind’s eye.


From seemingly out of nowhere, a puff of smoke exploded outward, catching the raven haired Uchiha by surprise as his hands, both hands, flew up to shield his eyes. When at last the cloud of smoke vanished, and his mismatched eyes focused on the obvious source of the smoke, Sasuke’s jaw grew slack for the briefest moment; his composure returning only a second later. Yet, the twitching of his eyebrow remained painfully obvious.


Standing up where his blonde teammate had once been seated, a young woman, barely nineteen years old, with a long sun kissed ponytail, stood. As his eyes trailed across the woman’s features, from her long legs to her exposed, creamy thighs, the briefest realization clicked within his mind.


Dropping his eyes down onto the patio behind their backs, the black jacket Naruto had previously worn was discarded, a move that was later explained in much greater detail as his eyes trailed up the young woman’s figure. Wide hips slowly rose up into a slender, toned stomach, the briefest glimpse of muscles hidden beneath perfectly toned, somewhat tanned skin. Even higher up, a pair of large, easily large enough to fill one’s hand, perky breasts stood out, defying gravity in their own way as a pair of rosy pink nipples captivated the Uchiha’s visual prowess.


Yet, as Sasuke Uchiha stared up into the crystal blue eyes of the woman before him, an audible gulp resounded through the air as his cock throbbed, a steady stream of precum oozing down his length to seep into the cloth of his slack.


“Why don’t I help you with that?” the woman spoke up, a feminine, melodic voice that sent shivers down the Uchiha’s spine. A shiver that was only strengthened by the knowledge that this -- the woman standing before him -- was Naruto Uzumaki. Or Naruko, as the blonde had designated herself.


Giving the blonde a slow nod of his head, Sasuke eased himself back until his head came to rest against the wall next to the entrance to the house, his cock standing erect whilst Naruko made her way towards him; hips swaying from side to side rhythmically.


Dropping down onto her knees, groin hovering a mere inch above the tip of his dick, Sasuke’s mismatched eyes widened as Naruko silently brought his hands down to rest atop her ass; a rear so firm that one could undoubtedly bounce a ryo off of it.


Once more that night, crystal blue eyes stared into mismatched orbs, one red and one violet, yet this time, their positions were reversed. He was the one waiting, while she was the one in control. Gyrating her hips atop his groin, the last Uchiha let loose a low moan, tightening his grip on her bubbly butt until his fingers dug into her flesh.


With a practiced motion, Sasuke dragged the blonde down until, through perseverance and determination, Naruko’s womanhood opened up for his slick cockhead, a joint moan resounding through the air as the both of them lost control.


From his end, Sasuke pulled Naruko down along his cock, forcibly feeding his dick to the transformed woman’s needy pussy, all the while gripping her ass like his life depended on it.


From her end, Naruko’s lip wobbled as the pain -- and unbearable pleasure -- of having her nether lips stretched apart filled her being. Wrapping her arms around Sasuke’s lean neck, Naruko pushed her head forward, lips surging up to clash with the lips of Sasuke Uchiha. A move that left the dark haired man wide eyed and bewildered.


Grinding her hips down against his groin, all the while keeping their lips locked together, Naruko’s crystal blue eyes fluttered closed as what could only amount to a spiraling Rasengan of pleasure crashed up against the entrance to her womb, slipping past before entering her depths. From whence it came, the pleasant assault exploded, showering her insides with a warmth not unlike the desires of a lover.


Breaking their kiss for the first time in minutes, heaving and panting for breath, Naruko threw her head back as a scream of pleasure erupted from her lips; her first orgasm as a woman, as Sasuke Uchiha’s lover, causing the entirety of her body to lock in place.


Staring into the eyes of her best friend, her teammate and her lover, Naruko leaned her head down to recapture Sasuke’s lips with hers, this time meeting the fierceness of her rival, and the tenderness of her first lover.


Only the ministrations of a thoroughly amused Kurama kept the transformation in place as Sasuke Uchiha filled Naruko’s womb to the brim, depositing a load so large that any lesser man would be washed away.

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