It started with an argument

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It started with an argument

To call the relationship between Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha fiery would be putting it extremely simply and quite honestly an understatement

And whilst it was obvious they cared for each other deep down and at the very least were attracted to each other they couldn’t help but get on each other’s nerves, most of their conversations ending up with the exchange of snide remarks and even fiery arguments eventually leaving Mitsuki to either simply wait for them to finish or in most cases now simply walk away knowing that he would not be able to get a word in edgewise

As they aged however it wasn’t surprising that their arguments soon turned physical in the way of angry sex, neither of them able to contain either their rage or their lust for each other and one day during an insult throwing contest deep in the forest Sarada jumped Boruto and before they both knew it their clothes were scattered everywhere and they were lying naked on the forest floor covered in bruises and scrapes with a mixture of post sex aches and nirvana running through their bodies

From that day the majority of Boruto’s and Sarada’s arguments ended the same way, spitting acidic insults followed shortly by near violent grappling and groping before rutting each other into the nearest surface and this day was no different

Thankfully Sakura was out when Sarada and Boruto came crashing through the Uchiha households front door, Boruto borderline using Sarada to open the door as she slammed her back against it, the sudden shot of pain up her back only acting to both piss her off and turn her on even more as she dragged him in with her, her hands clawing at his jacket borderline ripping it open as he did the same with hers, the blond pinning her up against the hallway wall as he pressed his forehead to hers glaring deep into her eyes

“You’re are such a bitch” he growled, his breath hot against her lips making her shudder as she licked them

“Fuck you” she hissed back as she ripped his jacket open and slid her hands under his t-shirt tracing the muscles of his abdomen with her fingertips

“I intend to” Boruto sneered as he roughly cupped her core through her spats making her shudder and bite her lip

With his free hand Boruto wrapped it around her lower back allowing him to pick Sarada up as she tightly wound her legs around his hips, applying near bruising force to him as he proceeded to carry her to her bedroom, kicking the door open as she continued to yank and pull at his jacket to work it off of him

Upon entering the bedroom Boruto threw Sarada down onto her bed making her bounce on the mattress before pouncing on her, pinning her down to it as he took hold of her shorts and pulled them down along with her underwear revealing her tight soaking slit, her eyes burning as she glared at him whilst at the same time offering no resistance to him stripping her, letting him cast her shorts and underwear aside leaving her naked from the waist down save for her shoes

“Pants off…now” she hissed as her hands went to her top, pulling it up to reveal that she had forgone a bra for the day, her perky little B cups bouncing as they were freed from the tight clothing

Grinning as Sarada stripped Boruto followed suit, shedding off his jacket and top before his pants and boxers joined the pile of his clothing on the floor, his thick heavy seven incher springing free as he pulled his boxers down making Sarada’s eyes dilate at the sight of it, the Uchiha chewing her bottom lip as Boruto grabbed hold of her thighs using them to drag her to him until his cock pressed against her dripping slit “you ready or do you want to chicken out?” he smirked as he teased her pussy with his cock head

“Just shut up and fuck me” Sarada hissed back resisting the urge to slap him for daring to tease her, her strong legs clamping against his hips to prevent him from pulling away as she dug her nails into his shoulders

Grunting at the slight sting her nails brought him Boruto surged forward burying himself deep inside of her, making the Uchiha gasp breathlessly at the sudden harsh penetration, her groin bulging slightly as her cunt eagerly accepted him “you…asshole…”she hissed as she arched hard back, her head pressing back against the mattress as she got used to him inside of her

“You’re the one that wanted this, don’t bitch at me” the Uzumaki grunted as he took hold of one of her thighs whilst grabbing one of her breasts with the other, groping it firmly as he started to thrust deep inside of her, each thrust sending his cock slamming against her cervix making her gasp and moan shamelessly

Gritting her teeth as Boruto thrust hard and deep inside of her Sarada pressed her heels to his lower back digging them in hard “if you’re going to fuck me put some effort into it!” she demanded as she fought not to give into the overwhelming pleasure his cock brought her, it was the real reason she aimed to get him so riled up every time they spoke, she was completely addicted to his touch and rough manner of the way he fucked her but she was far too proud to simply admit it

As her heels dug hard into his lower back Boruto forced himself in deeper, his hands moving to her shoulders to press her down deeper into the mattress as the bed shook and creaked under them, her toes curling in her shoes as she panted and grunted with every harsh thrust he took into her

Arching her back as another surge of pleasure coursed through her Sarada looked to Boruto and their eyes met again, their gazes fierce and fiery as if ready to spew more insults at each other, Sarada ready to bite back when Boruto’s lips parted but instead of more heated dirty talk the Uzumaki took her by complete surprise

He kissed her

They had never kissed before, the realisation shocking her almost as much as the kiss itself, they had had sex several times, hell she had even sucked his cock before she had even gotten her first kiss so the feeling of his lips on hers was borderline overwhelming, the Uchiha practically melting under him as her orgasm struck her out of nowhere

Boruto wasn’t far behind as the clenching of her core dragged him over the edge with her, the Uzumaki burying himself as deep as he could so that Sarada could feel his cum filling her completely before finally breaking the kiss to rest his forehead against hers

“You’re such an ass…” she panted with a weary smile making Boruto chuckle

“You love it” he chuckled before kissing her again drawing a breathy mewl from her “who knew just kissing you would make you fall apart so easily?” he then teased before grunting as she jabbed her heels into his back


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