Special Lessons

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“And with that, it looks like you passed. Good job Ryo-kun!”




“Ah!”, Hinata gasped as the short fourteen year old hugged her out of excitement for finally passing her mock exam. Her students arms encircling her waist while her large chest rested atop his head. If she hadn’t been tutoring the brunette for the past couple of  months Hinata could’ve sworn he was just trying to cop a feel off her. 


Giggling to herself for the silly thought the bluenette squeezed her student back briefly before they both let go of each other with Ryo smiling happily at her.


“It’s all thanks to your lessons Hinata-Senpai!”, Ryo exclaimed his gratefulness and enthusiasm causing the eighteen year old to blush out of humility. 


“Oh, no. You put in the hard work Ryo-kun and I’m happy say it’s paying off! You’ll have no problems with your exams at this rate.”, She countered with a smile before looking at her phone and realizing their time together was almost up. 


After being told this Ryo frowned a little bit  having come to enjoy being around his pretty upperclassmen but understood nonetheless and offered to walk her home before Hinata politely declined and told him to study some more instead. After all despite having passed he still missed a few questions and needed more work. With a slight pout and an “Okay” Ryo sat back down at his desk and began to study some more while she made her way downstairs.


As she walked Hinata began to think about her job as a tutor and how she enjoyed it and the perks it came with. The pay was good which was important cause until she found another part time job she needed the money for her apartment. No way was she moving back home anytime soon and she refused to borrow money from her father if she had anything to say about it! 


Shaking her head clear of those thoughts, ‘No need to bring up old wounds!’, Hinata focused on the more positive aspects of her current job. One of which was she found herself enjoying it, she found that her patient nature actually helped her quite a bit and she soon found herself thinking of becoming a teacher in the future. ‘Or perhaps a nurse....maybe a school nurse? Maybe I could double as a teacher too! I’ll have to look into that later’, She thought to herself with a small smile as she walked passed the living room where she saw Ryo’s father ,Tanimoto Seiji, reading a book.


Like his son he had brown hair though his was lighter in color either due to his age or it was natural Hinata never asked out loud but she did wonder. He was obviously much older than she but still younger than her own father so she surmised around mid to late thirties.


Clearing her throat to get his attention she saw his blues eyes look up before he smiled and closed his book, walking over to her with a kind smile. “I see today’s lessons are over?”, the older man asked to which Hinata gave a happy nod before informing him of his sons progress. She could see his smile grow even more upon hearing about Ryo’s improvement and he thanked her for all her help.


“Oh no, the pleasure was mine!,”Hinata replied as she slipped her shoes on by the door.,”I really appreciate the business and it’s been a delight!” 


Staring at her back Seiji rubbed his chin before nodding to himself and as she stood up he stood beside her placing his hand on her shoulder causing her to look up at him with curiosity. “Ah, before you head out I feel I should let you know of the terrible storm that’s actually about to hit us.”




“Indeed, it might be best for you to....spend the night in our guest room.”, As he spoke his hand found its way down her shoulder to cup one of her large breasts groping it. 


Hinata’s eyes widened and her cheeks became flushed upon feeling him grab her but then they became half-lidded as a small yet seductive smile spread across her lips. “Very well. I gladly accept your offer, Tanimoto-San.”, Hinata’s voice was low as she accepted his offer. Eager to enjoy the other ‘perk’ of her tutoring job.


“Now Hinata, you know you don’t have to call me that.”








Hearing his phone buzz on silent mode Ryo picked it up to see a text from his father telling him that he was taking Hinata home himself because of the weather and to make sure to get to bed early for his test tomorrow.


“Man, I wish she would have stayed longer.”, Ryo sighed,”My big exam is coming up and I bet I could’ve gotten her to give me a ‘special’ reward if I passed it. Heheh!” He chuckled perversely his mind becoming filled with thoughts of his pretty tutor either letting him feel her up or even sucking him off. Unaware of Hinata’s true whereabouts just a few doors down the hall.


“AH! AH! AH!,”Hinata panted and moaned while on all fours as Seiji continued to ram his thick cock into her soaked pussy sending her deeper into her lust. After sending the text to his son Hinata and him quickly and quietly moved into the guest room where they proceeded to indulge their carnal desires. Seiji had stripped fully upon entering the room while Hinata was left with her school tie, skirt, and black thigh high stockings on. Hinata was unsure of exactly when she began fucking the older man or who it was that started this whole thing but she honestly could care less as he pulled on her school tie while grinding his dick into her stretched hole choking her slightly and making her even hornier. 


“There we go! How’s that feel slut?”,The older brunette grunted out before he raised his hand and slapped her round ass making her moan again while he fucked her.


“IT FEELS SO GOOD DADDY! FUCK ME MORE! HARDER! PLEASE DADDY! I WANT YOUR SEED!,” Hinata screamed like a whore making Seiji glad he secretly soundproofed the room a long time ago. Feeling him let go of the tie Hinata was elated to feel him grab her hips before he began to really fuck her hard. To the point where she could hear the sounds of their wet flesh smacking against one another echo in the room. Soon she felt the strength leave her arms and she fell forward face first into the pillows her upper half resting on the bed while the older man held her lower half up for his powerful thrusts to spread her open further.


The young Hyuga could only moan and tighten her vaginal muscles under his relentless thrusting trying to get more of his cum to warm her slutty pussy. Gritting her teeth Hinata felt her orgasm slam into her as her pussy clamped down around Seijis cock making him cum as well. His hot jizz quickly filling her womb painting her walls white and overflowing out of her snatch onto the bed. 


Groaning as he pulled out Hinata could feel even more of it leak from her thoroughly fucked cunt and fell to the side panting. As she caught her breathe she felt him lay behind her and turned her head to see his cock still standing tall and glistening with their combined juices. Seeing such a delicious treat re-ignited her flames and she was quick to crawl over and begin licking up the thick meat. Their mixed fluids assaulting her tongue and making her wetter as she dragged it from base to tip circling the head before flicking the slit and taking his cock down her throat in one go.


Quickly she began to bob her head up and down his tower her tongue licking the length from side to side as she swallowed whatever cum leaked out. The fresh semen warmed her belly and made her hungry for more like the cumslut she was. Hearing him groan she began alternating between slow pumps where she took his whole length sucking on his cock as it entered her throat and short pumps where she used her tongue to tease the slit on the head of his dick to get more cum to leak out. 


She could tell he was close when she felt him stiffen further in her mouth but she was unexpectedly interrupted when Seiji grabbed the Hyuga’s head and pulled her off. “Ha, Daddy why? You were so close! Ha, and I wanted ha, more of your delicious cum!”, Hinata whined as she caught her breath. 


“Not yet. I wanna cum using those huge tits of yours!”, The brunette replied while his cock twitched eager to rub itself between her large jugs. Hinata smiled at the idea and moved to place the thick member between her boobs the combination of cum and spit working as lube while she pressed her tits together trapping his fuckstick in her soft flesh and making the older man groan. 


Hearing this Hinata began to drag her tits up and down his cock massaging it while licking the tip whenever it poked out from between her cleavage. Feeling the heat coming from the cock between her bosom made her body burn further as she pressed her globes tighter around it. She could feel it stiffening up ready to explode and with a lick of her lips she wrapped them around the head just before he came. 


As the torrent of cum filled her mouth she gulped down as much as she could but some still dripped from between her lips down her breasts. The hot jizz making her skin tingle with lust and a desire to have her pussy stuffed full once again. To be used by the older man like his personal whore. After gulping down the last shot of cum she sat up and basked in the afterglow wrapping her arms around herself as she shivered in ecstasy. ‘Aaah, I feel like such a slut! It feel so good!’, The perverse thoughts echoed through her mind while she stared down at the still stiff cock eager to fuck her more and smiled.


“You look like you want more.” 


“I do Daddy. I want your cock and I want you to fuck me until I can’t move anymore!”


Smirking at her words Seiji quickly sat up and grabbing her by the shoulders pushed her back down onto the bed before hooking his arms under her legs pushing them until they rested beside her head and slammed into her fully hitting her womb. Without stopping or giving her a chance to adjust he drew his hips back and began to fuck her in the mating press position.


“FUCK! JUST LIKE THAT DADDY! HARDER! FUCK YOUR LITTLE SLUT! YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD!”, Hinata howled as she came from the first thrust and each one after only prolonged her pleasure. Her slick walls being pushed open and massaged by his thick dick dragging more moans from her lips.


“Damn! Such a tight whore! Even after all the times I’ve fucked you!”, He grunted out before reaching down and taking one of her large tits in his hand pinching the nipple between his fingers while groping it.   His thrusts never losing speed despite her cunt griping his length.


“YESH! I AM! I’M A WHORE WHO LOVESH TO GET FUCKED BY YOUR COCK! MORE DADDY! PLEASH!”,Slurring her words as her tongue hung  from her mouth due to the sheer pleasure she felt under his assault on her pussy. Hinata was helpless as his body pinned her to the bed but she was able to get her arms freed to wrap them around him and bring the older man down for a kiss. 


Their tongues wrapping around each other swapping spit as his thrusts picked up speed, hitting her core with each plunge becoming more erratic. She soon felt his dick expanding as well another sign that he was close which suited her fine since she was about to cum as well. So with one final thrust Hinata yelled out in ecstasy as her womb was filled to brim once more with his hot cum while her walls milked him for every drop of jizz she could get. 


After a few short thrusts to get the last of his spunk into her Seiji pulled out, his cock finally going limp before collapsing next to her. Hinata herself was left panting as she felt his seed spill from her fucked cunt her body still shaking a little from her sexual high before they let sleep finally take them both. 


Unaware of the door that was slightly left open in the room.


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