Good morning Hokage

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Good morning Hokage

Naruto’s eyes slowly blinked open as the early morning light filtered through his bedroom window, the soft early spring breeze wafting in onto the exposed skin of his upper body as the bed sheets only covered him from the waist down

Normally when the morning came it was either the early light, the breeze coming through the window or sometimes even Kurama barking at him to get up but that morning was different, that morning he awake to a hot wet blissful heat surrounding his morning room and a shape under the covers between his legs

Pushing himself up onto his elbows Naruto lifted the bedsheets to confirm his suspicions as he found Hinata lying naked on her front between his legs, his thick morning wood buried deep in her mouth and throat as she leisurely bobbed her head along it, her tongue working the underside of his shaft as her hands softly trailed along his thighs

Giving her husband another hard lustful suck Hinata then pulled away when she realised the covers had been moved “good morning” she greeted him cheerily with heavy breath before eagerly going back to sucking his cock, massaging the top half with her lips and tongue whilst her hands worked the bottom few inches

Having opened his mouth to jokingly question her of the occasion since she had woken him with what most men would deem a gift Naruto’s words died in his throat as Hinata then moved her hands to take his cock into hers, her hands clutching at his hips pulling on them to try and force more of his cock down her throat

“Oh fuck Hinata…” he was finally able to rasp out as his groin tightened, his cock throbbing and oozing precum down his wife’s gullet as she continued to hum and moan around his girth, his balls starting to tighten as his release steadily built up

Lying back down Naruto let his hands slide into his wife’s hair, his fingers winding into the soft raven locks making her hum louder around his cock, her lips tightening around his throbbing shaft as her cheeks hollowed desperate to taste her husband’s cum

Gripping her hair tighter Naruto began to buck his hips, steadily starting to fuck his wife’s mouth in tandem to her bobbing head making her moan and hum in both approval and arousal “ah fuck that’s it Hinata…keep going…keep sucking…ah fuck!” the Hokage then gasped as he came hard in Hinata’s hungry mouth, his wife sucking even harder as she stroked the inches of his cock that weren’t buried in her mouth

“Oh my god that’s good” Naruto groaned as Hinata sucked on him throughout his entire climax, happily gulping down his cum as he stroked her hair, her oral worship keeping his cock rock hard and sensitive as she made sure to swallow every drop of his load before she released him

“So good…” Hinata simpered licking her lips clean of him before proceeding to lick his cock and balls clean of any remaining cum, her tongue laving his length with love and attention before the raven haired Shinobi moved to straddle her husband’s waist “just lie back and let me take care of you” she purred running her dripping slit along the underside of his cock, the Hyuuga turned Uzumaki all too eager and happy to please and worship her husband wanting him to start his day in the best mood possible

Teasing herself with his cock head Hinata then slowly sank down on him, her long low moan of ecstasy filling the headroom as she rolled her head back, letting sheer pleasure course through her body as her insides were filled to the brim “ah yesss Narutoooo” she moaned rolling her wide hips as she pressed her tight snug cunt down to the base of her husband’s cock, Hinata having used a few simple medical Jutsu’s to return her core to its old tightness after the birth of each of her children to make sure that sex felt as amazing as possible for both of them

Taking hold of Naruto’s hands Hinata placed one on one of her huge breasts whilst placing the other on her full thick ass, encouraging him to grope her as he saw fit whilst she rode him to his next climax “you are so damn beautiful” Naruto husked as he squeezed his wife’s breast firmly and spanked her hard eliciting a sharp pleasing moan from her, her pussy clenching tighter showing that she was already close to her own climax

“Naruto…love you…” Hinata purred back as she started pumping her cunt along his cock as fast and hard as she could, her core quickly erupting in ecstasy within moments of picking up her pace making her even tighter for her husband to enjoy as she orgasmed hard on his cock

Rolling his head back with pleasure Naruto let his arms fall to his sides to let himself just enjoy the sensations Hinata’s pussy brought him, his groin tightening as he felt his second climax rapidly building up as his wife danced on his cock, her hips gyrating and shaking as her breasts bounced wildly in tandem with her riding pace

As she felt her husband throb and ooze precum inside of her Hinata clamped both hands around her mouth to muffle herself in case she screamed not wanting to wake Boruto and Himawari, her pale eyes staring wide down at Naruto silently begging for his cum as she rode him faster and harder, her thick ass clapping loudly against his thighs

Reaching up Naruto grabbed hold of his wife’s tits squeezing them hard as he started to buck his hips making Hinata scream into her palms, her eyes shutting tight with pleasure as Naruto then grunted loudly, his hips bucking up hard with every shot of cum he forced into her welcoming cunt and womb, the sheer feeling of it making Hinata orgasm again as the raven haired Shinobi fell forward onto her husband shaking hard as he finished emptying himself inside of her

As Hinata steadily came down from her orgasm high Naruto stroked her hair and rubbed her back until she was ready to move, the raven haired Shinobi burying her face into the nape of his neck as she squeezed tighter around him “I wish you didn’t have to go to work” she mumbled against his skin making him chuckle

“Yeah but unfortunately the Village isn’t going to run itself, you need to get Himawari up and fed, Boruto too” Naruto pointed out as Hinata reluctantly pulled away from him “I’ll try to be home earlier tonight, honest”

“I know, you just work too hard sometimes” Hinata replied as she donned her morning robes and fastened them “how about this? Be home before eleven after I put the kids to bed and I’ll give you a repeat of this morning” she breathed giving her hips a little shake as she turned around to leave the room giving Naruto plenty of incentive to keep his promise

He was home at 11:15

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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