Taboo Night Club

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Today was supposed to be like any other day. Michael was sitting in his spot, a small bench just under the escalator where he could see people walking by the giant fountain in the center of the mall. From his vantage point, he could see all the important stores: Gamestop, Top Man, People's, Saks Fifth, Forever 21, and of course, the ATM. Everyday it was the same. Patiently wait in his spot, look for someone who looked like they had a bit too much money, and pick their pockets.


He made sure to look inconspicuous. No baggy clothes or obvious big, black hoodies. Usually he just wore a simple, v-neck shirt of any colour and some skinny jeans. Today, the shirt was a navy blue that clung to his body. Michael wasn't very muscular. He was still developing physically, only just hitting his first growth spurt just shortly after his sixteenth birthday a couple months ago. While he clearly had muscles developing, they weren't defined enough to pop through his shirt. He kept his dark, black bangs over one side of his face, making sure no one got a good view of it.


Michael pulled out his phone and looked at the time. He had been here for a few hours. He hated when it took this long to find a good target. The sun had already set and if he didn't get home soon, his foster parents wouldn't be too happy with him.


Fortunately, three teen boys exited Gamestop at that exact moment. All three looked very distinct from each other. Nothing from how they looked would have suggested that they would ever hang out with each other.. One was a darker, olive-skinned boy who had a build similar to Michael. Lean, muscles starting to set in, just taller than average. He had shaved sides and his hair currently tied up in a top knot. He wore an armless blue shirt and some shorts. The second male was the shortest of the three. He was Asian and seemed to have green highlights in his short, black hair. He wore a red jacket that was zipped up, a pair of jean shorts and carried a skateboard with him. The last teen was the most striking to him. He had pale white skin and long, black hair. From afar, it almost seemed like he had no pupils. Each of them had a bag in their hand, with the dark-skinned boy and the Asian holding much more than one. Michael could see that they had purchased some of the more expensive figurines in the store, which meant they had money to spend.


Michael trailed them through the mall for a few minutes, listening in on their conversation and waiting for a good moment to strike. He had nicknamed them “Blue”, “Red”, and “Beige” based on the colour of their shirts. Beige seemed to be the most reserved and responsible of the group. He hardly talked, and when he did, it was usually to scold or reprimand his friends. He seemed to be perpetually annoyed by the other two, which made Michael wonder why he was even hanging out with them. Blue seemed to be the clown of the group. He was constantly making jokes and even made Michael laugh a couple of times, which he had to stifle with his hand. Red was by far the cockiest of the group. He loved to make outlandish claims and seemed to have the confidence to back it up. The boldest claim he made was that he made a grand in cash in one night. Michael knew how ridiculous it was.


Then he pulled out the cash.


Right there. In the middle of the mall. Red pulled out his wallet and waved around ten one-hundred dollar bills like it was nothing to him. Michael felt a pain in his heart. Here he was, struggling to get money and this kid had a thousand dollars just laying around. Immediately, Michael pegged him as a trust fund kid, which explained his cocky behaviour. But as he listened closer, he heard something very intriguing.


“You only made that much because you were with Kiba.” Blue said. “When I was with him last time, we made way more than a thousand.” He added, trying to burst Red's bubble.


“Ain't my fault I got paired with him. Dude knows how to do his fucking job. I ain't mad that I got to reap the benefits as well.” Red said as he flashed his money in Blue's face.


“Put your money away. You know they'll kill you if you flash it around like that.” Beige spoke up.


“Oh come on. We work hard for this money. We've earned a bit of peacocking.” Red argued.


“We also made it illegally. If we attract any attention, then we could throw everything into jeopardy. Then, you could kiss your money goodbye.” Beige replied. That seemed to resonate with Red as he put his money away.


Realizing that the boys had made their money illegally, Michael just assumed that they were dealing drugs. Red definitely seemed like the type to deal, but the other two certainly didn't. Something didn't add up though. A thousand in one night? That was way too much for any dealer he knew of. As he continued to listen in, things became clearer.


“I don't even want to think about that.” Blue said. “Could you imagine if the club got shut down?” He asked.


“I'd miss the money.” Red said. “I wouldn't miss pretending to like those old perverts.” He added. Blue and Beige nodded in agreement.


Michael's curiousity was piqued. He continued to follow them, trying to figure out how they got all that money. If it was something he could do as well, then he could leave the pickpocketing behind. The trio exited the mall and headed to the bus stop. Michael followed suit, standing a few feet away at the same stop.


“You working tonight?” Red asked Blue.


“Yeah. Just dancing though. You?” Blue replied.


“They want me to come in for more security training. Guess I'll drop by for a bit after I go home to change.” Red said as the bus pulled up to the stop. All three boys got on the bus, along with Michael. He took a seat near the back of the bus as the trio stood in the middle of the bus. From their conversation, Michael was beginning to deduce that the boys were possibly part of some sort of underage club. Perhaps a club designed for pedophiles to get off.


The bus came to its next stop. Beige and Red said their goodbyes and stepped off the bus, leaving just Blue. Michael knew his stop was coming up. It was do or die. He could step off the bus and continue living his life as normal, or he could follow Blue to this club and see if he could get a piece of this action. All he had to ask himself was if he was comfortable subjecting himself to what he assumed to be the underbelly of this town. From the way the trio talked, the customers of this club were old, creepy and perverts. Was that worth the money?


The bus stopped, but Michael didn't get off. Ultimately, he decided he'd do whatever he could to get out of this miserable life he lived. The sooner he could move out of his foster parents' home, the better off he would be.


He stayed on the bus, keeping his eyes on Blue, who seemed to be oblivious to his glances. They took the bus to an area just on the outskirts of the downtown core. When he saw Blue get up to leave, Michael would exit the bus using the back doors. He waited for Blue to start walking before following him, keeping a good twenty feet between them at all times.


They walked for about ten minutes before he saw Blue walk behind a small convenience store. Michael made sure to stealthily round the corner, watching as Blue opened up an unmarked door in the back of the building. Michael waited for a few minutes before approaching the door. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and stepped inside.


It was dark. The only light came in from underneath the door, illuminating what seemed to be a very small room. Turning on his phone light, Michael scoped out the room. It seemed to be a supply closet. There were shelves filled with all sorts of tools and paint cans. Brooms, rakes and large, tied up garbage bags filled out the floors. The most important detail of the room was what wasn't there, or rather, who. Blue was nowhere in sight.


Michael looked around, knowing that there had to be some sort of secret doorway. He definitely saw Blue enter this door and knew he had to have gone somewhere inside of here. He found his answer at the back of the room. Stepping closer, he noticed a small, vertical gap in what seemed like a brick wall. He managed to get his fingers into the gap, allowing him to grip part of the brick wall, which was very evidently a door. He pulled it open and stepped inside, leaving the door open just a crack.


It was pitch black again, and as much as he wanted to use his phone light to find his way, he knew it'd be too dangerous at this point. Whatever this place was, they took great measure to hide it. He wanted to be able to leave if he needed to, and if he got caught, he wasn't sure if he'd get that chance. He could feel a step underneath him, so he walked downwards, following the staircase down. At the bottom, he could see some small lights along what seemed to be a hallway.


Michael cautiously made his way down the dimly lit hallway. At the very end of the hallway, there were two doors: one directly in front of him and one to the right. Michael tried the door to the right first, but it was locked. He then tried the door in the center and it opened. Stepping through, he left the door opened and was greeted by another hallway. At the end of the hallway, there was a door to the left and another hallway on the right. From where he was, he could see that there were some curtains at the end of the next hallway. He was about to head down the hallway when he heard some voices behind the door.


He pressed his ear up against the door to try and listen. He couldn't make out much, but he could tell that there were two distinct voices inside. He cracked the door open and peered inside. It seemed like the room behind the door was some sort of locker room. He could see benches, lockers and tiles. Suddenly, he saw Blue walk into view. He opened up a locker. The other male would walk into view, taking the locker next to Blue. This other male, that Michael quickly dubbed “Blonde” because of his blonde hair, seemed to be a bit more muscular but shorter than Blue. He had short, blonde hair and deep, blue eyes.


And he was naked.


Michael looked away, making sure to keep the door pried open so he could still listen.


“Hey Naruto.” Blue said.


“Hey Sokka. You doing security or dancing today?” Blonde, or rather Naruto, asked.


“Dancing.” Sokka replied. “How about you?”


“Dancing too. I can't wait.” Naruto said. “I worked security for three days. I just wanna get up there and let loose.”


“Let loose, huh? Is that what you call what you do up there?” Sokka ribbed.


“You're just mad because you have yet to bring in as much as I have.” Naruto replied.


“Hey! I do well with what I have. It ain't my fault that the customers prefer big butts to big dicks.”


“That's your excuse?”


“Y-Yeah.” Sokka replied, clearly not believing in his own words.


“Face it Sokka. You're just not as sexy as I am.” Naruto teased.


“Oh really?” Sokka asked, a hint of mischief in his voice.


Michael continued to listen in on the conversation, but there were no words being exchanged. Had they noticed that the door was open? He turned his head and peered into the room again, his eyes widening at what he saw. Blue, or rather Sokka, had gotten naked, and now, both boys were facing each other. Naruto was rubbing Sokka's flaccid cock, which was indeed big from what Michael could see, while Sokka was rubbing Naruto's ass, which was indeed very round and plump.


Naruto would lean in and kiss Sokka, the simple kiss turning into a very heavy make out session in a matter of moments. Michael wanted to look away, but he couldn't. Seeing these two attractive strangers go at it was hot. He had known for a while that he was into men, as well as women, but this was the first time he had ever seen two guys do anything sexual with his own eyes.


He needed to stop peeking. He needed to look away before he got caught, but he just couldn't. He watched as the kiss ended and Naruto sank to his knees, giving Michael a much better look at Sokka's manhood. It was uncut, thick, and much larger than his own. It truly was impressive and made Michael wonder if Sokka was close to his age as he imagined him to be or if Sokka was a lot older.


Naruto leaned in and pulled the tip of Sokka's cock into his mouth, groaning once it was inside. He bobbed up and down the first couple of inches, moaning uncontrollably as Sokka gripped Naruto's head. Sokka tilted his head back and let out a small groan as he pushed Naruto further down his cock. He began bucking into the blonde's mouth, forcing more of his manhood into his throat, making it bulge. Naruto gagged for a bit, but Sokka didn't relent.


Michael hadn't realized how heavily he was panting just from watching. One hand had involuntarily began rubbing his crotch, his jeans now sporting a very obvious tent. As he looked on at the erotic display, he wasn't sure which position he wanted to be in more. Part of him wondered what Sokka's large cock would feel like and another part of him wanted to feel Naruto's mouth and ass around his dick.


“Damn, Naruto. I'm getting close.” Sokka declared. The blonde immediately pulled off of his cock.


“Cum in my ass.” Naruto told his friend as he repositioned himself. He shifted away from Sokka and bent over the nearest bench. As he bent over, Naruto's eyeline would line up exactly with the door to the locker room. Michael finally broke his gaze and turned his eyes away from the gap in the door, only to jump back in fear as he saw a man with white hair standing behind him. In his startled state, he accidentally pushed the door open to the locker room, revealing Sokka fucking Naruto from behind to the white-haired man.


“Ah. So that's what had your attention.” The white-haired man said. Michael gulped as he got a good look at the man who scared him. He looked much older than the other people he had seen in this place thus far. He pegged him as being in his late twenties or early thirties. His hair was white and spiky. His eyes seemed to lack emotion, locked in a permanent bored or tired expression, he wasn't quite sure, but there was a scar on his left eye that made it clear he wasn't to be underestimated. He was very slender, but Michael could see a lot of muscle under his green vest and black shirt.


The most peculiar part of the white-haired man's outfit was the mask he wore over his mouth. It only added to the obvious air of mystery that surrounded this man. What was he hiding underneath that mask? Was he sick? Or was he malformed?


“Follow me.” The white-haired man told Michael. He stared at the teen until Michael finally moved, getting off of the floor very apprehensively, one hand covering his crotch to hide his obvious erection from the older male. “There's no need to do that.” He advised before walking over to the locker room entrance. “Don't get too worked up. You two have work tonight. You need to save your energy.” He told the two teens. Neither teen acknowledged him, both caught up in the euphoria of their fucking.


The older male walked off in the opposite direction and feeling like he had no other option, Michael followed. They made their way to the curtains at the end of the hallway, which were a deep, bold purple. The older man stepped through the curtains and Michael did as well, eyes widening at what he saw, the mystery of this place quickly being solved.


It was a nightclub. A large, swanky nightclub. Michael had never been in one before, but from what he had seen in movies, it seemed to be on the more lavish side of things. The room was massive. About the size of a soccer field. The room was lit with a dim, purplish-pink light that matched the fuchsia walls. Circular tables littered the floor while large booths lined the eastern wall, assuming Michael was facing north as he stepped inside. Large chandeliers hung above every table, but none of them seemed to emit any light. All of the lighting came from lamps along the walls or from the pot lights in the ceiling.


In the center of the western side of the room was a large, T-shaped stage that jutted out into the center of the room. Five stripper poles lined the back part of the stage while two were placed along the elongated part of the stage, one near the very end and one in the middle. Next to the stage, near the southwestern corner, was an entrance that was concealed by some black curtains. There was another set of black curtains in the center of the eastern wall with a blue neon sign above it that read “Private Rooms”. It made Michael feel really uneasy.


Near the northwestern corner of the room seemed to be a large DJ booth, complete with a huge audio console and speakers. There was a smaller booth next to it which Michael assumed was for whoever was controlling the lights. In the northeastern corner of the room, there was a massive bar. He assumed it wasn't for the dancers, since they were underage, but he realized how stupid that was since these boys were seemingly underage strippers. Michael scanned the room again, noting the sporadic placement of stripper poles around the dance floor in front of tables. Definitely underage strippers.


The white-haired male walked towards the black curtains to the left and Michael followed. On the other side of the curtains was a large hallway that seemed to extend to the length of the room they just left. The east side of the wall wasn't a wall, but seemed to be a floor-to-ground divider that separated the stage from this hallway. The west side of the hallway was lined with a multitude of doors. The older man headed north, which meant Michael did as well, until they reached the end of the hallway. Two large, white doors stood in front of them. The older male opened the doors and stepped inside, beckoning Michael to join him.


Michael stepped inside what was clearly this man's office. It was sparsely decorated. There were two desks inside, one to the left and one to the right. There were no windows in sight. Bookshelves lined the wall behind the desks. To the left seemed to be a personal bar while the right wall consisted of two doors. He stepped towards the desk to the right, turning behind him to see the majority of the back wall was lined with large monitors, each screen showing something different. As he scanned the screens, he quickly realized that they were security monitors, as he managed to catch Sokka cumming inside of Naruto on one of the screens.


That's when he realized that he hadn't been undetected this entire time. They knew he was here. At least, this man knew he had been here this entire time. Even though he couldn't shake his nerves because of the unsettling air of the man in front of him, he felt a bit at ease knowing the older man could have had someone take care of him before he even entered the place.


“Take a seat.” The older man said, gesturing to the seat in front of his desk. Michael slowly approached the seat and sat down in the cushy lounge chair. The older man chose to remain standing, leaning against the front of his desk, just a couple of feet away from Michael.


“Where am I?” Michael asked, finally finding his voice.


“That's a good first question to ask. You're in Taboo.” The white-haired male said. Michael opened his mouth to ask what exactly Taboo was, but was cut off before he could speak. “Taboo is a strip club where men and the occasional woman come to enjoy the pleasures of boys who have yet to become men in the eyes of the law.” He answered.


“So it's an underground sex trafficking ring.” Michael said.


“That's one way to look at it.” The older male said.


“There's another way to look at it?” Michael asked, not enthused by the man's answers.


“There is.” He stated. “The boys here do dance for money. Some of them also perform sexual favours for men that would be classified as pedophiles. I don't believe it would sway your judgement, but we do not make the boys do anything they feel uncomfortable with.” He told him. He was correct. That didn't make Michael feel any less uneasy about this place.

“I can see that you are not very pleased with my description of our establishment. It is a lot for many to stomach.” The white-haired man said. “But I do believe we are providing a service. The men who visit us are not the most pleasant. They are the kind of men who would do unspeakable things to get their hands on young men that could put them in harm's way. At Taboo, we can closely monitor their encounters with our boys and make sure nothing bad happens. We satisfy their needs and it return, they no longer feel the need to do anything drastic to sate their illegal interests.” He explained.


“So you think you're doing some sort of civil service?” Michael asked.


“It does sound like that, doesn't it?” He said. “I'm not foolish enough to think we are good samaritans for doing what we do, but I do believe we are helping others.” The older male explained. Michael was disgusted. This man was exploiting the boys here to make some money. Despite him saying that they never forced the boys to do anything, he couldn't help but think they were often heavily persuaded into doing things they didn't want to do.


“You're gross.” Michael told him. The older male didn't react. He simply asked a question.


“Why are you here?” He asked. The question took Michael by surprise. He couldn't tell the man that he came here looking for a job. That he was fine possibly dancing for perverts after passing judgement on him. “You didn't stumble across this place. I saw you on the screen. You were actively looking for the entrance.” The older man stated.


“I was trying to pickpocket Blue—I mean Sokka.” Michael said. It seemed worse to admit this to the man, but at least he wasn't asking for a job.


“Why are you trying to steal money?” The man asked.


“Don't lecture me on what's right or wrong. I don't think you're in the position to--”


“If you're in need of money, I can offer you a job.” Michael shut his mouth. “You seem very uncomfortable with the prospect of dancing, but you could always work security. You'd make a small percentage of the night's earnings. Last night, each person who worked security got...” He looked back at some papers on his desk, “ hundred dollars. And that was one of our slower nights.” He said.


Seven hundred a night?! In two days he'd be able to rent a nice place by himself and move out of his foster home. But was that worth subjecting himself to this place of sin? Michael wasn't sure if he could agree to that. However, his hesitation seemed to be speaking volumes, as the older male spoke up again. “Do you have anywhere you need to go tonight? What time are your parents expecting you home?” The older male asked.


“I don't have parents.” Michael replied.


“I'm sorry to hear that. My condolences.”


“It's fine. I never knew them.” Michael said, looking away from the older male. When he looked back at him, he noticed emotion for the first time in his eyes. There was a gentle calmness to them. It wasn't the usual look of pity he usually got from people when he told him about his parents. It was a look of empathy, as if the older man understood the pain he had been through.


“What's your name?” The older male asked. The teen didn't want to reply. He didn't want to give this man any information about him, but there was something about the way he was gazing at him that seemed to pry the words from his lips.


“My name is Michael.” He revealed.


“My name's Kakashi.” The white-haired male said as he extended a hand towards the teen, who shook it firmly. “How about I hire you just for tonight? You can see how this place runs in action, and if it's too much for you, you can continue with the rest of your life.” He offered.


“I guess I can give it a shot.” Michael replied.


“Good to hear. Welcome to Taboo.”





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