Perverted Old Man

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His vision slowly came back to him,  a pinhole of light constantly expanding until he found himself staring at the ceiling of a hospital room. Hiruzen Sarutobi, third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf groaned as he sat up, finding himself wrapped in various bandages. He felt a dull ache in his torso, his hand moving up to feel the bump of scarred tissue from where Orochimaru's sword had penetrated him. "W-what i thought i was-"

"Dead?" A voice said, one he had not heard in many years. He turned to his left, seeing his former student and legendary sanin Tsunade Senju looking at him in relief. He found himself suddenly squeezed into a hug, the feeling of his students legendary tits squishing against him waking up  another one of his body parts. The old man groaned, the buzom blonde backing off thinking she had caused him pain. "Sorry Sensei... i was just worried." She said looking down, in truth she was more than worried, having worked for three days straight in order to keep him alive. 

"Now, now Tsunade, you of all people should know how hard it is to kill me." He said with a chuckle, looking at his student with a soft expression. 

"B-but Sensei you don't understand!" She said, quickly standing, her chair crashing to the floor. She grabbed him, ripping off the bandages on his chest and exposing the wound. "You know what Orochimaru is capable of, it's a wonder the poison didn't kill you! What were you thinking old man!" The yelling she was doing reminded him so much of Naruto he couldn't help but laugh, causing the mature woman to blush. "S-sensei! Cut it out!" She pouted, feeling more like her childself than the strongest woman in the world. "But really Sensei, we almost lost you... so if there is ever anything you need, just ask." She told him.

Sarutobi seemed to think, having been in many situations like this before he seemed unfazed, but the most recent near death experience had made the old pervert realize one thing, and Tsunade's  chest was speaking to him. It was like it screamed at him to be touched and groped, and he would not continue living until he had touch every one of his Kunoichi's tits from here on out!. *Ahem* "Well Tsunade, there actually is one thing." Well he was already injured enough what harm could asking the blonde to let him see her titties do. The blonde turned to him, a curious expression on her face. "As you know i am a man of many things,  but one of the biggest things i've come to love in life is a nice soft pair of round boobs, do you mind if i touch yours." Honestly he was expecting a shout and to be put back to sleep by force by an irate blonde, so when that didn't occur he spared a glance at the woman, only to nearly choke. Standing next to his hospital bed Tsunade had pulled her robe apart, her massive mounds flopping out, practically in the mans face. His mouth watered as he looked at them, toatally surprised. "Haha! Atta girl! Come to Sensei!" He cried before his hands came up to knead Tsunades chest. 

Tsunade bit her lips as the man who had basically raised her pulled at her breasts, twisting her nipples and even being so bold as to begin sucking on them. At first she was furious at the man, how could he ask such a thing after what had happened, but then remembering how he had looked on his death bed, Tsunade found she couldn't deny him. Still she was surprised at his eagerness, especially when he suddenly grabbed her ass with both hands, hoisting her onto his bed, straddling his lap, her lips pressed against his as his tongue slid into her mouth. She felt the old man begin to violate her tongue, poking and prodding it to life as his saliva was deposited into her mouth. Her mind became hazy as she began to lean into the kiss, sucking on his tongue lewdly as he slowly pulled back, leabing thick strands of saliva connecting her lips. His hands slid into her pants and under her thong, grabbing her phat ass cheeks as he began to play with them. He tugged and pulled, spreading and jiggling them as the woman began to moan on top of him, feeling something hard pressing directly against her pussy.

"S-sensei is that your..." The man nodded, smirking at her as she slowly realized just what her teacher had wanted. Reaching into down to her pants she slid them down, kicking them off the bed and exposing a tiny white thong, the fabric damp with her juices, to the man. Hiruzen smiled, his hand coming up to rub her lips through the underwear, causing her to mewl in pleasure. He pulled the blanket down, his 10 Inch cock springing out and slapping against her puffy pussy lips. The blonde looked down in awe, feeling the head of his cock rubbing against her pussy, throbbing wildly as it prepared to pound her. She couldn't believe the size, his cock far bigger than any she had scene, and his balls far larger than any she had read about in medical books. She could only imagine the amount of sperm in each one, the image of her womb being packed with an unimaginable amount of cum causing her to swoon. 

Hiruzen slapped his students ass, causing it to quake as a red handprint formed. "Go on Tsunade, fuck yourself on my cock." He said, feeling her pussy juice run down his cock. He couldn't believe this was happening, he had been dreaming of this day since she was a flat chested 13 year old, and now here he was, getting ready to fill the womb of a Senju. Both groaned as she gripped his base, slowly descending down the cock, feeling it scrape every inch of her pussy.

Tsunades eyes rolled up as she lowered her ass down on her sensei, feeling fuller than ever before. It had been 20 years since she had been fucked, and even then the cock never came close to this one. She slowly began to bounce, the old mans hands lifting her ass to help. "Ahn~ Old man you're so fucking big!" She squealed, feeling his womb bounce against her cervix, the cock pounding on it like a door, telling her body to get her womb ready for a cream filling. "If i'd have known- FUCK! if i'd have know about this sensei... We would have been fuck buddies years ago!"  She cried out as she began to pick up speed, the sound of her pale ass slapping into his thighs filling the room. 

"That's alright Tsunade, because you can just be my little slut from now on!" Hiruzen groaned, smacking her ass roughly, feeling her squirt a little around him as he did. "Haha! look at little Tsunade, she loves a good spanking does she?"  His hands beat on her ass like a set of drums, by the end of it the woman had to use her hands to brace her self on his chest, moaning as she shook. Her pussy clenched, A thick white liquid sliding down the mans cock, her cum coating him. "Fuck!" He cried, his balls tightening, his tip pressed against her cervix as it released a torrent of cum into her depths. Hiruzens own lack of sex sent a barrage of chunky old cum spurts into the woman, 12 year old ball batter smearing her insides vilolently. "Damn your pussy is good Tsunade." He said, pulling her off of him and looking down at his slick cock. Suddenly he got an idea, moving her head down to his dick, pushing her nose close to it.  "Look at your mess my lovely student, don't you think the 'Legendary Sucker' ought to be able to suck it dry?" He asked.

Tsunade seemed to get what he was saying, smiling at her teacher. "Of course Lord Hokage, let me show you i can live up to the name." He would have responded if he could, however he was unable to think as in a flash the woman had taken his length all the way down, her throat closed around his cock, swallowing his meat and massaging his balls. 

"Guh!" Was all he could say as he fell back in bed, the slurping sounds of Tsunade going down on him bouncing off the walls. She gagged harshly on him repeatedly, her throat slime covering his croch and her face as she took him all the way to the root, then all the way back up, over and over. As she would pull up her cheeks would hollow, using her chakra control to enhance her lungs to make the suction stronger than anything else.  Her tongue would swirl around the tip as she came to the head, flicking his glands and making him moan. His hands rested in her hair, gripping the golden locks in pure bliss as she blew him. Finally deciding he couldn't take it he tore her from his cock, flipping her over and pinning her to the bed. 

Tsunade found herself staring up at her sensei as he slid his cock insde of her, her legs sticking up in the air as he put her into a mating press. "You see this Tsunade! This is how true lovers fuck! Im going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to refuse becoming one of my wives and bearing my child!" He said as he began to fuck her, pressing his lips to hers as he pounded her relentlessly, their moans coming out in chorus. The woman below him locked her legs around him, offering him no escape from her depths, ensuring he would be loading her up with yet another sludge like helping of cum. The two lost track of time as the lie there, rutting like animals, only stopping as Hiruzen finally came to his end.

"Ngh Sensei! Fill me! Fill your wifes pussy!" Tsunade yelled as his cock twitched, pumping spurt after spurt of semen into her. 

"WHAT THE HELL!" The two jumped, turning to see Kushina Uzumaki and Shizune standing in the door way, both watching as the old man knocked up Tsunade. 

"Fuck...." Was all Hiruzen could say, this is not what he wanted to happen.

I've always wanted to end a chapter with a cliff hanger, but anyways i hope you enjoyed, feel free to give me some suggestions in the reviews! I'd love to see what you all think.

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