Give Me, Take You

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Title: Clear It All Away

Fandom: Naruto

World: Give Me, Take You  

Chapter: 1

Characters: Inoichi/Genma

Word Count:

Warnings: 1752

AN: What’s this? A new series?


Yes, and one where the second and third are pretty much planned out! Enjoy. :D




Slipping into the small house on the edge of Konoha, Genma let out a slow breath and smiled at the feeling of the barrier seals activating, allowing him to relax. There had a been time when those nin’s who had been on the edge had no healthy way of getting rid of all the stress in their life. That had led to many nin’s who had gone over the edge and either died or turned on their friends and family.


Some had even turned to drinking it all away or taking drugs. Anything that would help them forget about the stress.


Five years into the new village’s life and the First Hokage had taken his personally picked Jounin Commander and the newly instated ANBU commander and worked out what to do for his shinobi. Thus, there had been two programs started. One was more public. It allowed the nin to choose between therapy, which was confidential, or the chance to just fight out their stress. Since it all happened in the same building, most decided to combine the two.


They would fight, shower, get fixed up, and then talk about their issues.


The other was a bit more silent. Not many knew about it and those that did know about it were the ones who used it. They were the ones where talking or fighting could help them to release the stress. Sex was more often used then, but some used BDSM to help them relax.


Certain nin’s who could do the sex side would meet with the one who needed it, and using seals to help keep up the darkness, they would either fuck until they couldn’t fuck any more or be forced to just destress. They were known as Givers and Takers. The Givers were those nin who gave their time and bodies to the Takers, those nins who needed to release their stress. It didn’t matter who topped or who bottomed, male or female, it was all relative.


It was about the release.


Genma himself was a Taker. His main job as a nin was that of assassination after all and it was hard to find a partner who could give him what he needed after some of his missions. Ibiki had come to him with a packet of information and told him to read over it.


If he didn’t want to do it, just burn the pages.


If he did, fill them out, sign them, and stick them back into the envelope.


He had done so after a week of thinking and damn near giving in and going out to a club that was borderline. The ANBU had appeared at his window ten minutes later and taken the packet. The day after his next mission, he had found a piece of paper with the information that sent him to the house that he stood in now.


Genma smiled and pushed away from the door, sighing as he padded through the sunlit house to the kitchen. It was set up with no living room but there was a kitchen. Sometimes the Takers were nice enough to make their Giver’s something to eat after as a way to thank them. Genma tended to just bring a homemade bento and some new baked good as a way of thanking him.


He knew he was a pain, his ingrained response that of not giving up his careful control, but the fact that the man who helped him didn’t complain, but instead just worked him to a point where he did give in. So, he made sure that the other would have food for after and something sweet to show his appreciation.


Making sure the instructions to reheat a few of the bits of the bento up was still attached, he stuck the full bento into the fridge. He knew he would find the empty bento in it after he woke up or the next time they came together. Either way, he knew that the man loved them because the second time that they had come together, he had asked for another if it wasn’t to much of a bother.


As part of it all, he made a bento the day of and added some kind of baked good to help replace the calories used. And they used a lot of calories.


Shaking his head, Genma hummed softly and tugged off his sandals before heading to the bedroom that had been designated as his bedroom. He had signed up as a semi-permanent Taker with the possibility of turning into a Giver if it came down to it, and after the four times that he had gone to his Giver, he had been given a room to call his own.


There was no lights and the walls were covered in seals that controlled the shadows that kept his Giver’s identity a secret, along with the way his voice sounded. It apparently wasn’t much different than his normal voice, but Genma didn’t think much about it, not wanting to do something that would ruin what he had. The man could see him, but the seals made it so that all Genma saw was the man’s form.


And he was built. His giver was powerful in shoulders and lean in hips, his body built from years of specialized training and missions, different than those merchants who had a strong body. His hands knew just how to drive him insane or calm him down from an edge of hurting himself. And the man’s length was long and thick, perfect to fill him and stroke all the rights place.


Shaking those thoughts off for the moment, Genma sighed and walked over to the small drawer set and removed his bath supplies, two towels, and a yukata to change into after his shower. His Giver had very few rules for their times together and he happily followed those rules.


He was to be there early, meaning he had time to wash his body, top to bottom, with the chosen body wash and shampoos. After that, he would dry and dress in a yukata while waiting for his Giver to arrive. If he needed something, he was to tell him in some form or fashion. And he was only allowed to call the man by Yoshio.


Smiling to himself in the mirror in the small bathroom attached to his room, he placed the bath supplies bag onto its shelf and started to pull off his clothes. He felt the prickle against the back of his neck that told him that he was being watched and flushed every so slightly as he continued to undress. He carefully folded and laid his clothes onto another shelf out of the way. He had been watched by Yoshio before, the man knowing when he was open to be watched and when he wasn’t, so it wasn’t like it was new.


But still it always brought a blush to his cheeks.


Pulling his hiate-ate off, he placed it on top of the piles of clothes, standing naked in the bathroom as he pulled out the comb from the bag, brushing out his hair. He always brushed it out, making sure that it was tangle free before he washed his body and hair. With that done, he placed the brush onto the sink counter before turning to the shower section. It wasn’t much, enough for two if they didn’t mind being amazingly close, as they often did when they showered together.


Granted it was usually Genma pressed up against the wall and being fucked into a screaming, shaking mess, but that was neither here nor there.


Smiling slightly, he turned on the shower and waited for it to heat before stepping in, closing the clear door behind him. Stepping under the water, he sighed and let it drench his body, running his hands through his hair and making sure that it was completely wet. The eyes watching him traced over his body and started his body heating with anticipation.


He ignored the feelings though and started to wash his hair first, taking his time to lather up the long locks and wash out all of the grime. Rinsing the shampoo out of his hair, he slicked it with a softly scented conditioner. Letting the conditioner sit, he picked up a soft washcloth that scrubbed his skin clean and poured some of the specialized slick body wash onto it. He worked the washcloth over his skin, taking his time in getting every inch of his body, blushing slightly when he worked it over his ass and over his hole, feeling the muscles twitch.


Once that was done, he rinsed off and made sure that the conditioner was out of his hair. Turning off the water, he opened the door and grabbed the head towel, wrapping his hair up, before using the other towel on his body, drying off fully and then hanging it up onto the towel rod. Pulling the towel off of his head, he ruffled it with the towel before draping it over the rod next to the other towel. He once more pulled a comb through his hair and pulled on his yukata.


Flipping off the light, he blinked a few times as the seals were activated once he had done so, a single candle already burning in it’s holder, throwing light over the bed that had been changed from the basic white that it had been.


A strong body pressed against his back, drawing a soft gasp from Genma as his eyes fluttered shut, head tilting to the side, baring his neck. “Genma,” came the rich rumble as he was drawn fully into Yoshio’s front, the man’s strongs hands coming around to rest on his stomach, teasing over the obi with a smirk.


“Yoshio-san,” Genma breathed out, Yoshio smirking against his neck, already knowing just what he needed.


“Remove your yukata for me. Put it somewhere safe. I see that you brought a bit extra. Did you remember some food for yourself?” Yoshio asked as he let Genma go.


Genma smiled and nodded. “I packed the extra large box. Half of it is easy to eat, light foods that will replenish energy while the bottom half will make a good breakfast for you. I have some things at home for my own breakfast,” he said, walking over to the dresser and pulling off his yukata. Laying it down, he walked over to the bed and waited for his next instruction.

He couldn’t wait.


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