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Naruto Uzumaki, the jinchuriki of Konoha walking by the streets of Konoha thinking of his parents though he didn't knew them. He was determined that he will surpass all the shinobi,s. Just after the genin exam he met a strange guy riding on a toad named Jiraiya. He is going to meet him now to know about his parents and to learn new jutsu, he just came to knew that he was one of the legendary sannins and  a  pervert(which  he will come to know later). 

When meet Jiraiya, he was hoping some personality but he saw jiraiya peeking through holes of hot spring. Naruto called Jiraiya and they headed out of the village. Jiraiya informed Naruto, mighty forth hokage was his father and Kushina of uzumaki clan is her mother and they sacrificed themselves to save naruto and konoha from kyuubi. Jiraiya came this time to konoha to give a naruto one gift which was deposited to him and he entrusted it to gamaki-san a toad but it will appear if someone with chakra of both kyuubi and minato calls it. So naruto learned summoning jutsu and called gamaki-san. He recieved a diary from minato which was wriiten only for naruto by minato and he told jiraiya to give it to naruto when he becomes a genin. Naruto was already fired up to know his legendary parents and now a gift which changed the life of naruto.


Dear Naruto, if you are reading this then u became a genin and you also know about me and kushina. You will be hearing many words about both of us but today i will tell you something which no one knows about me as i will not there to tell you this. I was not always the perfect shinobi and being student of jiraiya sensei i had my perverted side too. Jiraiya was creating a jutsu to extract the power like kekkai genkai or bloodline limit by physical interaction as he discovered shinobi womans develop like almost new part to deposit their powers. However he never could complete it and i found this secret of him and i also started to work on the jutsu however i could not completed some other technique which is to implant a seal on a women which automatically extract powers from the woman's sex partner and  i wantedt try it out . They were some specialities of the jutsu as it needed a ritual and i picked kushina for that though she didn't any of it. I created a hidden place in konoha where all my secret studies and my forbidden jutsu are reserved and you are the only person to know about the location of the place.

One night i took kushina their blindfolded and after taking her to the center of ritual seal and she was strained with chakra threads speading both hands and legs and instantly released her chkra chains and i used jutsu to bind her completely with it. You may ask why to bind my own wife, the reason being you had to feel all the hole of the lady to complete the jutsu but kushina never allowed me to put my dick in her ass.

Kushina said: what are doing minato? Minato: Today i am going to fulfill my all wishes. i said bluntly as i did not want her to find about the jutsu. Kushina yelled you ass freak. I approached towards her putting my tongue in her mouth. she did not respond at first but by the domination my tongue she was forced to respond and kiss me back. i slowly put my hands on her konoha famous boobs. They were perfectly shaped and so soft. she was free from her clothes by then and i slowly started to tease the tip of her nipples. Her breath was more heavy by this time and my tongue also continuing his duty to dominate the mouth of the dominant bitch. My inner demon blasted out that night.I slowly kissed my way down her neck, then her collarbone, until my head was level with her breasts. i removed my hands to fully admire them. They really were a gift from the gods. Pale and perfect, they lacked any stretch marks or prominent veins. Their shape was also good, with very little sag. It seemed being a kunoichi allowed her to avoid most of the usual pitfalls of large breasts. Her nipples were also incredibly erotic. They were a light shade of pink. A cherry in a sea of untouched white. They were also surprisingly small for the size of her breasts, with the areola maybe being the size of a quarter. The nub was hard by this point, begging to be sucked on. Before i decided to go on rough as maximum pleasure will ensure completion of jutsu. I smacked those boobs her and then  started with a bite on the left nipple as i was ravishing her other jug. Kushina said, what gotten into you today minato, you are doing in a whole new way and her moaning and dazing look  from my assault was telling  pleasure she was receiving. i hand found its way down to her clits which fully wet by that time. i put off my clothes and put my mouth in her wet vagina at the same time put my cock in her mouth. She started suck it from the tip without any delay . Her lips were working like crazy that night and that pushed me to try deep throat on her . I slowly started to push my dick inside my mouth.After only a few times, she found the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat, causing her to gag slightly . So with just her mouth she could take in his head and maybe two or three more inches of me. That seemed to be the limit. I started pushing it all the way as well as my tongue was creating storm in her vagina, After some time she was at her limits and   had her first orgasm though i did not stop until her mouth was full of my hot cum and i made her swallow it all and kushina moaned with happiness and said, as tasty as ever although she had no idea why i was taking her so roughly but she was enjoyong it which was clear from the dazes look on kushina’s face from my assault and the pleasure she was receiving.

After playing some times with her boobs i was rockhard again and i lifter her as her hand were bound and i posiioned dick on entrance of her vagina only to tease her with the tip and using my tongue to playing and sucking her boobs, she was going crazy and her vagina was crying for my cock and she shouted fuck me already you moron, put it where it belongs. I avoided her shout and kept teasing and in the mean time i Put finger in her asshole for the first time in my life nad started back & forth stroking , Kushina shouted again, not there you bustard. I kept doing my thing and at one point she broke, she said, Fuck me wherever , however  u want you pervert but dont tease me any more . i smiled i was waiting for it i put whole dick in her vagina with one stroke and she was shoting out loud in the mean time i put another finger in her asshole and i started tofuck her grabing by asshole. It was nothing me or she has experienced before. In the mean time when i was kissing her neck i noticed  a seal was starting to take place under her dazzling red hairs. I was almost hitting her womb with every stroke and fingering in the asshole was also going on.She was breathing heavily and her breasts jiggling each time.whenever he thrust in. It was a face overcome with pleasure. Then there were her breasts. Each throat caused them to bounce up and down, almost hitting my in the face they were so large. Very sexy. I decided to pick it up more. Her swinging breasts attracted my mouths like magnets. i sucked them roughly as i speed up my thrusting speed. Now i was going full speed, jack hammering in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Each thrust causing lewd sounds from her juices. kushina screamed in pleasure at the new speed. It was too much. Her body was burning up. If she didn’t climax she’d catch fire from being so hot. After twenty seconds, she finally reach the breaking point. Almost feeling like a lock broke or something, kushina felt her climax seize her. She couldn’t hold in the loud high pitched squeal she let out. I was also at my limits so after fucking her for more two miutes i loaded her pussy with again and the seal was more accomplished by this time . It was ensurring that kushina was having time her life. 

I put out my finger from her asshole and put her in doggie position and started spanking in her ass cheeks also her boobs .She couldn.t match the pleasure from oragsm an spanks.She started fuck me like the whore i am, take anywhole which you want, take your bitch minato,destroy me with the cock of yours, I was rock hard again however i was having a different feeing as in all my powers are being cloned and transfered slowly. I couldn't detect it at first but sensation was rising . I was no clear what it was,However i put saliva in her asshole and started with gentle strokes.I soon started pushing in, using force in order to compensate for just how tight her ass was. Kushina couldn’t help the grimace of pain she felt as I pushed into her. Since her entire body was starting to feel numb, She judged that twinge of pain would likely have been far worse if i had done it first. As it was though, the grimace was all the sign of pain she gave. She simply took it as I muscled My massive prick into her small intestine. The sensation was so weird. She felt as I practically rearranged her insides to accommodate my dick’s presence. Actually, not practically. I was literally rearranging her insides in order to accommodate my dick.  I paused when I finally fit my entire dick inside of her ass. i paused to enjoy the feel of my dick sitting kushina’s colon as I let her adjust. Anal was so different from normal sex in my opinion. It felt so different. Deciding she had enough time to adjust, I started to slowly withdraw my dick. Samui gave a strangled cry as I withdrew all of it from her ass, no doubt feeling like I was turning her inside out. I then slammed back in forcefully, causing her to scream in pain and pleasure. I then started pumping in and out, slowly picking up speed. i reached forward with both hands to grasp her dangling breasts, squeezing them in my hands.After sometime we both had our orgasm together and i filled all of her holes with my cum and i also felt my clone was also complete and i Saw the seal being complete.At that moment I understood all my powers are cloned and stored within kushina. My jutsu was complete though i did not know how to extract them from her and i saw she fainted.

I gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead and carried her our home. That was the night I created most secret forbidden jutsu no body know about. I never used it again as i could not create a jutsu to extract that power( Power of the seals of uzumuki clan and power of fourth hokage).

But The night i sealed Kyubi into you i felt the mix of kyubi, mine and kushina,s chakra made a exceptional chara flow in you which will be able to complete this extraction technique. I have one advice to you make friends with kyubi soon as he knows a lot of secrets and make the best use my secret hideout and jutsus. Be the most powerful shinobi of the history of Five elemental nations.

Your dad.


Naruto was overwhelmed  with the powers delivered to him by his father . Instantly Naruto planned his way to the top . But he need a little time for his prepartions. A slight smile on the face of naruto said it all , he knew what he was going to do.


#naruto had not much role in this chapter but his starts from here so stay tuned he will be owning almost all the sexy girls from the story. and story will be having a huge plot, So give your reviews and stay tuned.


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