Naruto's Willpower

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Old Hag


This has not been beta'd so it may contain some shitty grammar or disconnects between events that I didn't resolve. If you tell me where you find 'em, I'll do my best to fix them.


Naruto laid awake in his bed. He desperately wanted to sleep but his mind kept churning. Only a few hours earlier he had been in a massive fight between three of the strongest ninja in the world. Even though all of them were handicapped one way or another it was a fight on a scale he had never seen before. Not even his own fight against Gaara could hold a candle to it. His thoughts turned back to the Chunin Exams. That crazy instructor in the second round, Mitarashi Anko or whatever, had done ... something to him, he was absolutely sure. Ever since she'd sat on his back and licked his blood, his dick had been much more ... active. The Kyuubi had been the first to get to know that particular bit of information but it still hadn’t changed his situation.


Finally giving up on getting to sleep, he got up and walked towards the door of his room, when he heard the sound of something breaking from one door over. That’s where Tsunade is staying, no? Better check if something happened to her. Sliding open the door, he immediately turned right. After checking if there was light on inside – there was – he went to enter the room Tsunade was staying in. However, reminding himself of Jiraiya’s stories about getting beat up for bothering her, he thought better of fully opening the door immediately. Peeking inside he saw Tsunade collapsed on her table, still fully clothed apart from her green haori, which laid discarded in a corner of the room. The breaking sound had apparently been caused by an empty bottle of Sake rolling down from the table and shattering on the floor.


Feeling safer at seeing her asleep, Naruto entered the room. “Can’t have the future Hokage be caught sleeping drunk on her table a week before she’s inaugurated,” he muttered under his breath while stepping close to her. He put a hand onto her shoulder and shook her gently. She groaned a little before blearily opening her eyes.


“N-Nawaki?,” she asked drunkenly. “Wha’re y-you doin’ ‘ere?”.

“I’m Naruto, remember? Not Nawaki. You gotta get up and go sleep in your bed instead of on your table Tsunade,” Naruto tried lifting her up but only managed to move her top, improving his view down her cleavage. My god that woman has great tits. I can understand why Jiraiya put up with so many beatings for her. Tsunade didn’t seem to bothered by it, he right arm slung around Naruto’s shoulder and leaning heavily on him to try and stay upright.

“O, yesh. Naruto, yesh. Thanksh … for com’ng to help. Gonna rew-reward ya. Shey call me Leshend’ry Shucker not jusht c-cuz I loshe ev’ry bet, ya know?,” while talking her left arm started snaking towards his crotch.


Just looking down her cleavage had managed to harden his dick, which was quickly found by Tsunade’s probing hand. The moment she touched it, all rational thought left Naruto and he got hard within seconds. “That’sh … ish that your dick?! You shnuck someshing in there, no?,” she asked, obviously shocked at his size. Naruto had never bothered to learn about dicks. He had one himself after all, what was there to learn? It got hard and when you rubbed it, it would soon release sperm that could make women pregnant. Nothing else to know, right? One thing he never bothered to learn was the average dick size, which was certainly quite far from his not even fully erect 24cm monster.


Tsunade was in awe. She pulled down his pants while at the same time kneeling down. Almost falling over due to her drunkenness, she finally managed to get down his pants and was instantly met with a face-full of cock, slapping against her forehead and covering her entire head.


“I wanna shuck it,” she said, before licking the underside of the massive dick lying on her face. Something primal, uncontrollable rose in Naruto. Gripping his with one hand and holding Tsunade’s hair with his other he slapped her face with his full length, making her groan.

“You want it, huh?,” he asked, delivering another cockslap.

“Sho bad. I ven’t had a deshent fuck in yearsh. Pleashee~,” she tried taking it in her mouth, greedy to suck the massive meat. “Pleashe. Let me sh-shuck it.”

“What are you going to do to get it?,” holding her just out of reach, he continued to deny Tsunade. “I want you to completely submit, otherwise you’re not going to get anything and you can go to bed horny. You don’t want that, do you, Tsunade?”

“I’ll do anyshing. Pleashe just let me shuck it!,” she was nearly begging for it now, crawling towards the object of her desire while Naruto was slowly walking backwards.

Leaning down toward her, Naruto whispered in her ear. “Alright, if you want it so bad, tell me what that makes you. What kind of woman crawls on her knees, begging for dick?”

Tsunade thought about it. “A shlut,” she finally answered.

“And that’s exactly what I want you to be. My slut, got it? You’ll do whatever I tell you to and in exchange you can suck my dick. I’ll even fuck you,” Naruto told her. “Now sit, like the bitch you are.”


Tsunade was a proud woman but she’d always had a submissive side. Even tried to live it out in her relationship with Dan, but he loved her too much, was too gentle, to ever attempt to truly dominate her. Now there was this 13 year old, basically still a kid and he demanded subservience of her as if she was a prostitute and he had paid her triple her rate. In her alcohol-addled mind, there couldn’t be anything hotter. Her pussy, already wet at the thought of finally having some decent sex, began gushing like crazy at the thought of submitting to someone who was basically still a kid, who would be among her lowest subordinates within a week at best and was much weaker than her physically. Her legs folded back without any conscious involvement and immediately she was kneeling, her back as straight as possible and her torso drunkenly swaying. Looking into the boy’s eyes she saw nothing but cold lust. He’s going to use me so well, her mind subconsciously supplied. She saw his mouth move, but in her preoccupied state she couldn’t make any sense of the words coming out. Suddenly she felt her head snap to the side and, almost as suddenly, his left hand grabbed her chin.

“I told you to open up, whore,” he snarled. Broken out of her thoughts, Tsunade instantly complied, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out as far as it would go.


Slapping his dick on her face once more for good measure, Naruto placed his tip on her tongue.

“Hope the title Legendary Sucker is worth something, slut. Take a deep breath now,” Naruto said, with a slight glint in his eyes. Seeing her massive chest rise, he immediately thrust forwards, reaching the back of Tsunade’s throat and making her choke. His dick, by now reaching its fully erect 31cm, wasn’t even halfway inside. After pulling out half of what he had managed to get into her mouth on his first attempt, he thrust forwards again, more brutal than the first time. Since Tsunade was more prepared this time, she managed to take in the first 16cm.

“C’mon slut, you can go deeper,” Naruto told a wide-eyed Tsunade and began thrusting. Even in her long life – and the title Legendary Sucker was definitely deserved – Tsunade had never met a man with a dick longer than even 22cm, and she’d had some issues taking all of that dick down her throat. Now faced with a dick a good third longer than the biggest she’d had, not to mention considerably girthier, she began having serious doubts about her ability to get all of it down.


Naruto didn’t seem to share those doubts. Pulling his cock out of her throat once he saw Tsunade’s face going red, he once again slapped it a few times, smearing throatslime all over her mouth, cheeks and forehead. Somewhat dazed, Tsunade allowed it to happen while her mouth stay open dumbly.

“This time you’re taking all of it down or you’re passing out. Now look at me,” Naruto told her. Glancing up into his eyes, Tsunade felt her free will crumble. He looked like a god, descended from the heavens to make women submit. Such a massive presence. This isn’t killing intent, it’s something entirely different. He’s so incredibly commanding … so powerful, so ... Her thoughts were a mess, but she noticed she was barely even drunk anymore. Still, she wanted his dick so bad, her pussy felt like it was on fire.

“Wh-where did you learn this?,” she managed to get out.

“Talk later, suck now, bitch,” Naruto replied, and held his dick up to her mouth.


Opening up obediently, Tsunade braced herself for the inevitable face-fuck. Naruto’s dick rushed into her mouth, filling it, filling her throat. She couldn’t breathe anymore but that didn’t matter. Right now, all that mattered was taking all of this glorious dick. Naruto thrust forwards repeatedly, brutally, spearing down her gullet as if it was little more than a rubber toy to get himself off with. Her face went red. Then it went purple. Her eyelids started to flutter, eyes rolling back and yet she still hadn’t managed to get it all down. She was seeing stars but she was so close. Her nose was touching his pubic hair but the last centimeter kept eluding her. Dimly she felt Naruto grab her pigtails, pulling her towards his crotch. Finally her nose smashed against his pubic bone and Tsunade felt her eyes roll back as she started cumming her brains out. Once her orgasm had subsided somewhat, she allowed herself to relax, expecting to be freed from the massive meat lodged firmly inside her. When it didn’t happen, she looked up at what she could see of him through the encroaching darkness.

“Are you prepared to submit?,” he asked her. “You’re not coming up until you nod with some conviction,” he added, somewhat unnecessarily as she was already nodding her head yes. He smirked. “Alright, you’re allowed some air.”


Once he pulled the tip out of her mouth, Tsunade collapsed forwards into his legs, gasping for oxygen.

“Now, again, tell me what you are,” he sneered down at her. Still dazed, Tsunade took a while to answer.

“I’m … I’m your slut?,” she asked, more than said.

“Exactly, all that matters from now on in your life is pleasuring me whenever I want you to. You can still do your duty as a village-loving Hokage, but my wishes will always be the most important to you, right?,” Naruto’s presence seemed to evolve in Tsunade’s eyes. Before he was dominant, fit to make her submissive to him in bed but barely more. Now he seemed almost godlike to her, a massive being that allowed no disobedience. She could feel her mind slipping, remodeling itself to better fit this god in a human body. Since she was taking even longer to answer than previously, Naruto knelt down and stroked her cheek.

“You know, you asked me, where I learned this. I did the same thing to the Kyuubi I’m doing to you now. You see, the Kyuubi – or rather, Kurama – is really just a submissive little whore, fit to do little more than take my dick and supply me with raw power. See for yourself,” he whispered, suddenly glowing a bright orange.


Even though the glow vanished as fast as it came, in Tsunade’s mind, his presence was still growing, no longer merely godlike but all-powerful and all-encompassing. All was laid bare before him and she could feel her mind give up any shred of self, could feel herself become his. And she did nothing to stop it.

“God yes, I’ll be whatever you want me to be. Your slut. Your slave. Your whore. I’ll let you pimp me out to get Jiraiya to teach you, I don’t care. Just please, FUCK me. Fuck me hard and break my mind completely. I’ll even let you be Hokage whenever you want, I’ll let you run the village, I don’t care. Please!,” Tsunade desperately groaned out while simultaneously turning around and presenting herself to Na- to her Master. A massive slap to her ass was her reward, making Tsunade lurch forward and causing her nose to crash into the ground.

“Who told you to turn around you dumb slut,” Naruto sneered. Stomping onto her head, he heard the satisfying crack of Tsunade’s nose breaking. He knelt down and lifted her to eye level by her hair. “When you’re in my presence, you do what I tell you to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Is that clear, idiot?,” he hissed. Seeing Tsunade nod, he let go of her hair before standing up, unceremoniously dropping her back onto the floor. “Kneel,” he said. Hearing his command, Tsunade scrambled to her knees, blood already spread around her face and dripping onto her heaving udders. “Get rid of your blouse, I wanna see those big fucking tits,” Naruto commanded. Within seconds the blouse and obi joined her haori in the corner. Seeing her obey him, he continued “Alright, now re-set your nose and heal it. If bitches don’t look good, they’re useless anyway. Once you’re done with that, I want you to fuck yourself on my foot, like the animal you are.”


As if she couldn’t wait to finally be allowed to degrade herself, Tsunade corrected and healed her broken nose in record time. Crawling forwards, she lowered her dripping pussy onto Naruto’s bare foot and began thrusting against it. Her moans soon filled the silence and, under Naruto’s litany of humiliating comments, she rapidly approached her second orgasm. Coming closer and closer she suddenly felt Naruto pull his foot away and her poor cunt hump nothing. Giving off a pathetic whine, she looked up into her master’s face. His eyes were cold and ruthless, with a smirk tugged at his mouth that somehow only managed to enhance the cruel aura he was giving off.


Tsunade saw none of this however. To her, her master would always look perfect. Any imperfection was obviously her fault.

“Old hags don’t get to cum just for doing nothing. Orgasms are your reward when you do well, for example the first time you took my whole dick. Cumming on my foot is nothing special for a bitch in heat like you. However, I can already see a few ways that might lead to another orgasm for you. The first order you give as Hokage in my stead. Taking my teammate as an apprentice. Healing my other teammate. Making sure that your little assistant girl is another one of my personal sluts. Those are all things that are rewarded by orgasms. Understood?,” he finished. Tsunade nodded frantically.

“Yes, master. Master, I will do anything. Everything. Please, I need to cum so badly, master,” Tsunade was nearly crying once she finished speaking.”

“Beg me. Tell me what you are, what you will be, and beg for your orgasm”

“Oh god master, please. If I can’t cum I’ll burn up. I’ll die. Your slut will die master. I’m your personal cum dumpster. Your fuckbuddy. Your slave, booty call, whore, slut, bitch, big-titted bimbo, Hoekage, anything. I’ll deliver Shizune. I’ll do anything you tell me to do, I don’t care. Nothing means anything to me, except you and your massive, glorious dick. Your bitch-breaker. Master, I’d kill myself in ten minutes if it means I’m allowed to orgasm in five. Master, please!,” Tsunade was basically yelling in the end.


Naruto tugged at something obscured by his shirt and pulled up his hand, holding the necklace Tsunade had given him.

“The necklace of the Shodai Hokage. This was important to you, right? If you’re going to cut away everything and become my fuckslave, bring yourself to orgasm with this,” he told her before throwing it. Tsunade caught it out of the air, already rubbing her pussy. Bringing the crystal to her clit, she began flicking it over the sensitive nub while pumping three fingers into her folds. Not even a minute later a massive orgasm shook her body, so strong that she couldn’t even scream.


Shaking, she dropped back onto the floor, heaving for breath. The necklace fell from her limp hand and was collected by Naruto. Making a fist around it, he punched Tsunade into her gut, causing her to choke and curl up on her side. Once she felt certain that she wasn’t going to puke, she turned towards her master, who was already standing at the door to her room.

“You didn’t thank me and I didn’t feel like delaying the punishment for disappointing me again. Sleep now. I’ll know if you cum so don’t even think about getting yourself off.”


The door closed and Naruto was standing on the floor, alone. He snuck back into his room, climbing directly into the bed and falling asleep.


Once he woke up, he cautiously flared Kurama’s power to check on everyone else. Feeling everyone still asleep, he slid open the door and stealthily moved into Tsunade’s room. Confirming that she was sleeping the way he had left her – naked, with her clothes piled in a corner of the room – he went up to her and knelt down next to her. Wanting to wake her up absolutely silently, he shook her slightly. Seeing no reaction, he began shaking her more intensly. Still seeing no change in her sleeping pattern, he clamped his hands over her mouth and nose, depriving her of air. Instantly Tsunade choked and tried lurching upwards but Naruto’s grip on her face was too strong to get up. Her legs started flailing uselessly until she opened her eyes and saw him. Recognition dawned in her eyes and she stopped struggling, causing Naruto to lift his hands.

“I don’t want to hear a single noise from you. Now sit up and open up,” he commanded while unzipping his pants. “I need to piss and you’re going to drink it without spilling a drop,” dutifully following her masters commands, Tsunade took as much of his dick in her mouth as she managed to fit in one go and waited. A torrential stream hit the back of her throat and filled her mouth within a second. She started swallowing frantically, not wanting to waste anything of her master’s piss but to no avail. Her mouth overflowed, yellow liquid running down her chin, onto her naked breasts and down her body. Seeing as she hadn’t managed to obey his commands, Naruto pulled his dick free of her mouth and began pissing on her body instead, soaking her hair and continuing on downwards.


Tsunade was nearly in tears at disappointing her master yet again but still tried to catch as much of his stream as possible. Her whole body dripping pee onto her bed, she tried to apologise “Master, I’m so-”

“I don’t want to hear it, slut. Apparently you’re too useless to even be a proper toilet. I’ll still allow you to be my slave and follow my orders as best you can, which, just to remind you, is obviously not very good. But there will be no orgasms or sexual attention of any kind for now. And remember, I’ll know if you tried.”

“Yes, master,” Tsunade answered with a looking downcast.

“Don’t shower today. As punishment for being a useless retard you’ll spend all day reeking of my piss. Maybe it’ll teach you to be better next time,” Naruto said while leaving the room.

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