Sweet Confusion

BY : Smolusagi
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Pale sunlight filtered in through Sakura's window as she laid there in bed, lifeless mint green eyes staring up at the ceiling. It had been two days since team Kakashi had returned, two days since her and Naruto were reunited with Sasuke. Shifting slightly, the female slowly turned her head to the framed picture that stood perched on her desk, a film of tears blurring her vision before she looked away, slowly looking back to the ceiling.

A knock sounded on her bedroom door yet she remained silent as the soft, concerned voice of her mother sounded, muffled by the door. “Sakura dear..come eat something, you must be hungry.” Silence. She didn’t dare speak, she didn’t dare open her mouth for she knew a whole new wave of sobs would bubble out. Eventually a small sigh was heard and the soft thud of footsteps fading into nothing.

Sitting up slowly, Sakura let out a small sigh, she needed to talk to someone about this and at this moment her only hope was Kakashi-Sensei. Blinking away a last few stray tears, Sakura quickly got to her feet, letting her clothing pool at her feet before slipping on some casual clothing and leaving her room. Swiftly, the female shuffled down the hall and out of the house before her parents could fully comprehend what had just happened.

Before she really understood where she was going, Sakura found herself standing at the front door of Kakashi’s house, arm half way lifted. Letting out a soft sigh, the female swiftly knocked on the door, both praying that he was there so they could talk, and that he wasn’t so she didn’t look like a complete fool for just randomly showing up. A few moments passed before a small click sounded, indicating the door was being unlocked and a familiar masked face was exposed to her. Slight shock shone in the males eyes as Kakashi stared back at the female in front of his home.

“Uh, Sakura? What’s u-” His voice cut off as his body shifted, feeling the sudden impact as the pink haired teen threw her arms around his neck, sobbing out into his chest. Blinking, Kakashi cleared his throat nervously before wrapping an arm around her waist and sighed pulling her both closer to him and into his house. After managing to close the door behind them, Kakashi slid his hand from her waist, lifting it up until it rested on her shoulder and lightly pushed against it until her arms had managed to drop from around his neck. “Sakura what’s wrong?” Usually Kakashi didn’t show much emotion nor care for how others were feeling but he found the sudden visit to be concerning.

Slowly the female lifted her gaze up to the masked ninja, her eyes rimmed red and puffy from crying. Her sensei, the male who had been there since the three had become his students, the male who was there when she first was realizing her true feelings for Sasuke, the male who was there when Sasuke disappeared, the male who kept her company when Naruto left for training. Blinking away her tears, Sakura couldn’t entirely comprehend what he was saying, no, in this moment all she could think about was how much Kakashi-Sensei had always been there for her.

The silver-haired male looked back down at those soft mint green eyes, the look of despair and confusion clouded their normal pretty glow. Frowning, Kakashi shifted a bit, gently rubbing his thumb against her shoulder. “Sakura..I, well I heard what happened.” He explained softly but it had seemed the female didn’t want to hear it. She shook her head viciously before wrapping her arms around his neck once more, sobbing as she crushed her lips against his, feeling the fabric of his mask acting as a type of barrier between them.

Kakashi’s eyes widened at what had just happened, annoyingly enough, it caused a reaction down south that Kakashi wanted to avoid all together. Of all times to be thinking such a way, he couldn’t allow it to happen..right? Gently, the older male peeled her arms off of him and slowly pushed her away, holding her at arms length. “S-Sakura what are you doing?” The male huffed out in confusion, his voice cracking with nervousness.

“P-Please...Please Kakashi-Sensei..” The female sobbed, her hands lifting to cover her face, as she trembled uncontrollably. “Please..” She wailed hoarsely.


To Be Continued…

(Alright first chapter down? I’ll work on the next and see about getting it posted hopefully tomorrow! I Know it may seem cringy at first, I take full blame for I wasn’t entirely sure how to start this off but please bare with me, I promise this gets much better as we go on! I Hope my stories become interesting enough for people so please enjoy! ^^;)

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