A trip to the home

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Hiruzen was a wise individual, having lived over a half a century, he had picked up many tools to help him live throughout his years. Being Hokage was a strenous job, a never ending stream of paperwork, adding to the already massive amounts of work that he already had.

But he didn't mind the paperwork, it could wait. It took a certain individual to put aside his personal needs for the needs of an entire village and that's what made a Hokage.

But that didn't always mean he had to sacrifice everything.

Especially when it came to Hiruzen's replacement, Minato. Hiruzen had made sure Minato would be his replacement, grooming him perfectly on the ins and outs of work as a Hokage. Reclining back in his chair, he thought back to a time when things were much simpler for him. after a few moments of silence, a knock was heard at the door. Hiruzen sat back in his chair

"Come in."

Opening the door two figures entered. The first was a blonde man, easily identifiable as Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash, Hiruzen's protoge and current successor.

But Hiruzen already knew the second figure and that was Minato's wife, Kushina.

Kushina was outrageously gorgeous, with cherry red hair, long legs and a bubble butt that threatened to break out of any outfit she wore. Travelling up her body led to her athletic body and toned waist, moving further up one could notice her bombastic tits trapped inside her Jonin vest. These breasts were easily F-cups in size and seemed to be firm with no sag at all. Finishing at her face, Kushina had lips that looked like they could suck a golf ball through a straw.

Hiruzen exhaled "What can I do for you Minato?"

Minato stepped forward "Hokage-sama, I am going to Kiri to check on the civil war that has broken out. I will be gone for a week or so"

Hiruzen clasped his fingers together "Ooh this is good, maybe now I can make a move on Kushina while Minato is gone."

Raising his voice, Hiruzen replied "Very well Minato, I want you to take the utmost caution when it comes to Kiri, we haven't been able to make contact with the Mizukage for quite some time, so encourage you to be careful." Minato nodded. "Well then I'll take my leave. Kushi-chan please hold down the house while I'm gone." Kushina nodded "Absolutely darling, do be careful!" Turning towards the window, Minato jumped through it and sped off.

Turning to leave, Kushina walked towards the door. "Kushina." Hiruzen stated. Stopping by the door, Kushina turned to face Hiruzen, "Yes Hokage-sama?" Staring at her and her breasts, Hiruzen paused. "Kushina, I am going to need to talk to you about Minato later on this week. Will you be home at all tomorrow?".

"Yep, I'll be home tommorow" Kushina replied. "Perfect, I'll see you then." Hiruzen finished.


Hiruzen knew where the Namikaze's lived. In fact, he had been aware of their location since they had moved from the smaller apartment in the Shinobi District they had previously lived in. It was a ten minute walk from the Hokage Tower and a rather enjoyable one at that.

One had to take a few back roads through Konoha center, but once one had left the populated areas, a dirt path emerged which led directly to the Namikaze residence.

Sarutobi didn't lie, he fantasized about Kushina. The way her lips might suck his dick right off his body, the way her ass cheeks might absorb and reflect the pounding he would give her. To be honest, his wife was reaching the stage of life where sexual activity was longer as common as Hiruzen would have preferred.

But today was the day he would get his mojo back, the key word here would be "mojo".

Arriving at the residence, Sarutobi noticed a few things off. The first being that the seals to the door were off, meaning that they were either gone or were turned off. Which was strange, Minato had made certain that only a few people would be able to remove them, Hiruzen included. Not giving it much thought, he headed into the house to investigate further.

The house was plain, yet filled with comforts. To Hiruzen's left was the kitchen, to his right were the bedrooms and in front of him was the living room. Walking towards the living room, he noticed the rug had been stained by what he thought to be water. He snorted "Oh boy, seems like Minato is still as clumsy as ever".

Sitting down on the closet couch, he looked around and just took in the absolute silence of the house. Well, not really silence. Hiruzen heard a small noise, almost a moan, coming from the bedroom area.

Getting up as quietly as he could, Hiruzen crept towards the source of the noise. As he keep creeping towards the noise, he noticed it was definitely coming from the bedroom. Hiruzen paused "If this is what I think it is I may have my work cut out for me".

Stopping by the bedroom door, he took a breath. Carefully opening he saw what he had concluded earlier: Kushina masturbating, naked in all her glory. A sight that was, her red hair cascading down her back, her big tits loose, ready for sucking.

Her pussy was open for the taken, only being blocked by her fingers massaging her clit. Hiruzen smiled "She's got her eyes closed, I can get close to her". Sneaking up on her, Hiruzen quietly undid his pants and let his mammoth cock out.

Reaching the head of the bed he gripped his already iron rod, getting it close to her mouth. Grinning, Hiruzen bent over and started sucking on one of her open tits. This immediately caused Kushina to jump out of her lust filled haze, cover herself and open her mouth to scream.

But before she could utter a word, Hiruzen closed her mouth with his hand "I think we both know where this is going Kushi-chan, so enjoy it". Removing his hand from her mouth, he grabbed her hand and guided it to his dick, coaxing her to stroke it. Kushina still in shock, just did what she was told and started to stroke his dick. Looking at him, Kushina asked "Hiruzen, we can't be doing this, I'm in a relationship and your married. So we should just stop and forget this happened".

Hiruzen just grinned, "We both know what you were just doing, and if I'm honest we both need this badly". Kushina, still stroking his dick, went silent "I mean it's been awhile and Minato is always out. Besides it's just once, it's not like we would be doing this often and I really do need this".

Coming back to reality, Kushina sighed "Just once, Hokage-sama, just once. But you have to promise me you won't tell a soul OK?". Hiruzen just smiled "Absolutely dear, now I think we can proceed".

Finished stroking his dick, Kushina got a good look at how absurdly big Hiruzen's dick was. It was at least a foot long and was as thick as her wrist. The only she could think about was streching, her mouth getting stretched, her pussy getting stretched, and maybe, just maybe, her ass getting stretched.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she began to gobble Hiruzen's cock slowly. Slobbering on the lead pipe in her mouth, Kushina began to go up and down his dick, stuffing as much cock as she could down her hatch.

Bobbing her head up and down on his dangerous dong, Kushina sampled this savory stick with potent pleasure. Sucking dick wasn't her specialty, but Hiruzen could still feel the vaccum action coming from this bitch.

Her mouth was sucking so well Hiruzen felt his dick being torn apart.

Finally after a good 10 minutes of sucking, Hiruzen could feel his nuts start to load up a round. Kushina could tell he was reaching his limit and began to suck even faster. This caused Hiruzen to shove his cock right down her throat and unload a wave of white into her stomach, "Oh my god, Kushi take it all, it's all yours".

Finished pumping her throat with semen, he pulled out of her mouth and noticed the amount of goo she still hadn't gobbled dripping down her body and onto her tits.

Kushina swallowed what she could and then let the rest pour down her body. Grapping Hiruzen's dick, she let it back in her mouth for a quick clean up. Hiruzen sighed, "Oh my Kushi-chan, your skill with your mouth is amazing, I felt like you were going to suck my dick right off". She just smiled, "I'm glad you liked it, Hiruzen-kun".

Laying her on her back, Hiruzen grapped her tits and stuck his soft member between her funbags. Taking a deep breath, he began to fuck her tits at a slow pace, his colossal cock looking at home between two big tittes.

Bending her head down, Kushina let the dick head in and out of her mouth. After two minutes of thrusting, Hiruzen's dick was hard again.

Turning her over and putting her on all fours, Hiruzen started groping her bountiful butt, letting his fingers knead her ass like dough. Bring her ass close to his face, he took a glance at her pussy and began to give it a preview lick. Kushina squirmed and he could tell he was doing something right.

Continuing to eat her pussy, Hiruzen stroked his dick to maintain his wood. After about 5 minutes of fine dining, he could tell Kushina was at her limit. "OH MY GOD YOU FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER DON'T STOP, I'M SO CLOSE!", she screamed.

Then all of the sudden, Hiruzen stuck a finger in her ass and she lost it. "I'M CUMMMMMMMING!", she gasped and liquid erupted from her pussy. Exhausted, she dropped down, ass in the air.

Hiruzen took this as an invitation to her snatch and lined up his magnum meat into her pussy. Pushing slowly, he could feel the vice of her pussy clamp down on his dick. "Jesus she hasn't been fucked in some time it seems" Hiruzen noted. Kushina kept moaning as what felt like a baseball bat enter her pussy.

After a bit of slow thrusting, all 12 inches of meat had been firmly deposited inside Kushina. Feeling his head touch her womb, Hiruzen knew he could start moving. Starting off slow but picking up speed, Hiruzen pumped in and out of Kushina.

Eventually deciding on a pace that was comfortable to him, Hiruzen continued to pound the shit out Kushina, only slowing down to catch his breath.

Horniness transcends age, but stamina sadly, doesn't.

Looking over at Kushina, he could tell she was enjoying it. Tongue out and eyes rolled up, Kushina could only manage whimpers as Hiruzen pounded her. This continued for another ten minutes before he decided to pick up the pace.

Rapidly thrusting into her, Hiruzen couldn't feel any better, here he was, absolutely long dicking his student's wife.

Kushina noticed him picking up the pace and matched him, thrusting her bubble butt in sync with his pelvis.

Watching her huge ass clapping against him drove Hiruzen wild, making him thrust harder. Finally, feeling the rare feeling of reaching ejaculation, Hiruzen thrust like a man possessed.

"Where do you want it Kushina?" he asked. "Inshide meh" she mumbled incoherently. Taking this as a sign that he got the ultimate approval to ejaculate inside her. Hiruzen kept thrusting as fast as his aging body would allow, but reached his limit a bit sooner than he liked.

Grabbing Kushina's ass, Hiruzen thrust one last time and buried his dick inside her womb, making sure he reached as deep as possible as he deposited his sperm into her twat.

When he was done he could feel his legs tighten and his balls curl up. Pulling out slowly he could feel her walls gradually widen as the loving rod was removed.

Kushina had other plans and grabbed Hiruzen's nuts. Squeezing on them as hard as possible, Hiruzen went back inside her and shot off another large load, letting it settle inside her.

"Oh God" was all the came out of his mouth as he finally pulled out, letting his dick breath for the first time in an hour. Noticing that Kushina had fallen asleep, Hiruzen took a finger and carefully plugged it into her asshole.

Moving it around in there, he could tell that this asshole was prime real estate and that he would be the majority share holder. But, he would wait as he really was not in the best of shape right now.

Putting on his Hokage robes, he slapped her ass once more and then left the way he came.

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