Piece by Piece, Back Together

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Warnings: Naruto's pov; A/B/O dynamics: Omega!Naruto; leading up to sexual assault, but it doesn't actually occur; some violence; AU; Minato and Kushina are alive; time skips

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Dedicated to: Meehalla

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1 Meeting

He noticed him immediately.

As sensei was introducing him to the class, his eyes wandered around, flitting from one bored face to another blank one. The class appeared to have more boys than girls in it, but the smell of their perfume – with their natural scent mingled through it – was strong enough to make him wrinkle his nose. He hoped he wouldn't be seated next to one of those perfume doused girls; he didn't fancy getting a headache and a fucked up sense of smell.

Right when he offered the customary bow, he caught dark hair flashing in the corner of his eye and he whipped his head in that direction, curiosity spiking up.

The dark hair belonged to a guy who looked to have stepped right out of a modelling magazine. Holy gods, was that guy even real? His cheekbones looked sharp enough to cut something; his lips were a pale pink with his lower one being a tad fuller. His nose was straight; his skin the perfect pale colour everyone would envy him for. His hair was black and spiky at the back with long bangs caressing his cheeks. His eyes were black and –

Disturbingly flat when the guy flickered his gaze towards him.

As if he wasn't really seeing him, but looking right through him. That realisation was highly unsettling and Naruto rose up again, swallowing.

"Why don't you go sit next to Inuzuka-san, Uzumaki-san?" Iruka-sensei suggested smiling, nodding at a brown haired guy in the second row, next to the window. The dude's teeth were weirdly sharp when he grinned at the blond.

And right behind Inuzuka was Mister Blank Gaze.

"Sure," Naruto said lightly and made his way over, passing some girls who immediately started whispering.

"I'm Kiba," the brown haired boy introduced himself when Naruto sat down in the seat next to him. He was a Beta judging by his scent.

"Naruto, but you already know that," Naruto chuckled, retrieving his pencase and a notebook from his bag.

"If you want, I can show you around the school during the break? So that you won't get lost," Kiba offered smiling.

"That'd be great, thanks," Naruto smiled gratefully. The school appeared like a maze, to be honest, and he could use all the guiding he could get if he didn't want to get lost.

He could do without making a fool out of himself by arriving late to class.

He had been attending this school for a week now when he breached a topic he had been curious about since his first day.

"So, eh, who's that guy who's sitting behind you?" he asked curiously, pushing the last remaining cherry tomato in his bento box back and forth with his chopsticks.

He knew the names of the majority of his classmates now, as they had gone up to him one by one to introduce themselves, but the dark haired boy – the model with the flat eyes – hadn't introduced himself at all. Hell, Naruto hadn't heard him speak once throughout the entire week. So far he hadn't raised his hand to answer a question nor had he been called upon, so he had remained utterly silent.

Kiba blinked, slurping from his juice brick. "Uchiha?" he questioned confused.

"Eh, I suppose, yeah. That guy who sits behind you with the dark eyes and the dark hair," Naruto clarified, stopping himself on time before he could continue with "You know, the handsome one who looks like he could be modelling as a part time gig."

Kiba snorted; his nose wrinkling in disdain. "His name is Uchiha Sasuke, but don't even bother trying to interact with that guy."

"Why not? He like a bully or something?" Naruto frowned, closing his bento box and dropping it in his bag. Uchiha didn't look like the type, but then again looks could be deceiving.

At his question the Beta boy actually barked out a laugh; Naruto had discovered earlier in the week that Kiba and his dog Akamaru shared quite the few traits.

"God no," he grinned, shaking his head as if the idea on its own was ridiculous. "Not at all, because bullying would mean actually displaying some interaction with other people and the guy's allergic to that. He keeps to himself, doesn't want to talk to anyone. Honestly, I don't know much about the guy." He shrugged. "He joined our class during our first year in secondary school, but he came from another town I think. He's super smart, because he's constantly ranking first in every exam and test, but his social skills are like below zero. Don't waste your time on him; he's not worth the effort."

"Hm." Well, Uchiha didn't really look like he had an outgoing personality, but Naruto hadn't expected him to be that bad that he avoided all interaction with everyone else.

It made him wonder whether something had happened to the guy for him to turn out like that. Or maybe he's been like that since the beginning, he reminded himself. Not everyone loved being social like he and his mum. There was nothing wrong with being introverted.

But did he really talk to nobody? That sounded so lonely to be honest.

Everyone needed at least someone, right?

Fidgeting, he remained outside his parents' bedroom in the hallway, waiting for his mum to get changed. He had been wanting to ask her something all evening, but he hadn't figured out just how exactly he would word his question without it sounding weird.

"Naruto?" Mum looked at him curiously when she opened the door and found him lingering in front of it. She cocked her head to the right; her long, red hair, tied back in a ponytail, slipping over her shoulder. "You need something?"

"Eh, I was just wondering about something …" Naruto trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck as he wondered, a tad embarrassed, how he should ask this. Was there even a point to it? Kiba had been quite clear that he should expect nothing, and some of the other guys he had spoken to, like Shikamaru and Shino, had stated the same thing.

Perhaps it would be for the best if he left him alone, but … For some reason he couldn't.

"Yeah? About what?" Mum prompted him, pushing her hair back over her shoulder. Downstairs dad was watching the evening news report; the voices of the reporters muffled through the closed door.

"How do you start talking to someone who doesn't … really look that social?" he asked awkwardly, clasping his hands together behind his back.

She blinked, taken aback by the unexpected question. "Well, do they look approachable?" she asked, tapping her right index finger against her chin.

He thought of the disturbingly flat stare, how Uchiha kept to himself even during breaks; how there seemed to be this invisible circle around him which kept everyone away from him. His utterly blank his face remained, no matter what happened.

Sure, Alpha – and there was no mistaking the fact that Uchiha was an Alpha; his scent was quite overwhelming even with the distance he kept between him and other people – tended to have such a strong aura that most people thought twice about approaching him, but …

With Uchiha it was different. Other Alpha still engaged with the rest of the population, interacting with them without any problems, but Uchiha's aura practically screamed "Stay the fuck away from me."

Not exactly conductive to inviting small talk.

"Eh, no, not really," he admitted after a short pause, grimacing slightly.

She quirked an eyebrow, looking torn between being amused and concerned. "Well, you could try talking to them about your classes first – we're talking about one of your classmates, right?" At her son's affirmative nod, she continued, "Try to start a conversation about something simple at first and then if they seem receptive enough, you can start talking about something else. Just build it up, you know?"

"Yeah, I got it, thanks ma," Naruto grinned, scratching the bridge of his nose. He could try that; it seemed simple enough. Talking about their classes would be quite boring, but at least it was something in common and the subject seemed safe enough to try out.

No harm in trying, right?

"But, Naruto," she said, suddenly sounding stern as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot on the floor, "if they really don't want to talk to you, you have to leave them alone, okay? Some people are just loners in nature and it wouldn't be right for you to keep pushing them."

"I know that, ma," he complained, scowling at her. "I'm not trying to annoy him; I just want to get to know him!"

"All right then," she smiled and ruffled his hair. "Let me know whether it works out between the two of you, okay?"

"Will do," he grinned, even though inwardly he wasn't so sure whether he would succeed. But well, he could always try.

The thing was: he didn't know what, exactly, he could say to Uchiha. Talking about classes was great and all that, but he couldn't come up with anything that didn't sound lame.

"So what do you think has Gai-sensei worked up every damn gym class? Nobody can be that cheerful and damn energetic all the time, right? You think he's trying to kill us with all those laps?"

"Is it just me or does Mitarashi-sensei scare the crap out of you as well?"

"I feel like Morino-sensei would be better suited to run the army than history class."

Nothing he could come up with seemed like the ideal ice breaker. They all seemed too much like small talk and Uchiha didn't look like he was fond of small talk at all.

Or you know, just talking in general.

Still, Naruto was determined to come up with something that would allow him the perfect excuse to try and start talking with Uchiha. He just had some trouble coming up with the right subject.

It was funny in a frustrating sort of way, actually. Naruto had never had much trouble approaching people and start talking to them. More than once when he had been younger, mum had to drag him away from the playground after he had found yet another child to play with. In supermarkets he would start rambling to complete strangers until his parents steered him away. Put him in a group, any group, and he would have no trouble fitting in. He liked meeting new people, getting to know them, making friends with them and until now he had never had any issues with that.

Yet one boy, one silent boy in his new class, managed to leave him utterly tongue tied and without a clue as to how to approach him.

It would make him laugh if it wasn't so frustrating.

Through a stroke of luck, however, the perfect opportunity to approach Uchiha presented itself during Morino's history class a couple of weeks after Naruto had started attending this school.

As the stack of papers detailing the instructions for the project passed from one student to the other, Morino placed his hands on his desk and leant forwards.

"This project is to be done in groups of two and you'll be pulling your own weight. If I hear from your partner that you haven't been doing your fair share of the work, I can promise you we will have a talk about that," he stated; the prominent scars on his face making his comment sound even more ominous. "Bar being ill, I will accept no excuses for tardiness. On the date of your project you will be ready, otherwise marks will be deducted. You'll get a sufficient amount of time to prepare your subject, so I won't tolerate any whining that you were short on time, understood?"

Everyone nodded quickly. Naruto had discovered early on that Morino was one of those teachers who could quell even the loudest loudmouth of the class simply by staring at them. The guy had an intimidating aura, especially for a Beta, and he didn't take shit from anybody.

Morino nodded. "I'll give you the rest of the hour to find a partner and brainstorm which subject you want to tackle for your project."

The easiest way to find a partner for Naruto would be to ask Kiba. He had been hanging out with the other boy a lot during their breaks and had even visited his family's kennel last weekend. They got along and the guy wasn't that bad in history either. Preparing the project would him would be easy.

But Naruto never liked doing things the easy way. Unwittingly Morino had handed him the perfect excuse on a platter. If the guy didn't scare the shit out of him so much, he'd thank him. As it was, he snatched up his instruction sheet and jumped up, making a beeline for the dark haired boy seated in the furthest corner of the class before Kiba could even turn around.

His heartbeat quickened as he made his way through the room and his belly was squirming with nerves, but he was determined not to let this chance slip through his fingers. He wouldn't get a more perfect excuse than this one, he was sure, so he needed to make use of it before someone else was quicker than him.

Not that he needed to be worried about someone else snatching up Uchiha as their partner before him. Everyone was walking around, calling out to their friends to partner up, but they all – by unspoken agreement it seemed – gave Uchiha a wide berth.

"You want to be my partner for this project?" he asked, louder than he had intended, coming to a stop in front of Uchiha's desk. His fingers were clenched around his sheet of paper and he tried to suppress his fidgeting with it to a minimum. Why was he even nervous? The worst thing Uchiha could say was that he didn't want to partner up. While that would be disappointing, it wouldn't exactly be the end of the world.

Still, quelling the nerves was easier said than done.

At first it seemed Uchiha hadn't heard him. He kept reading the paper in front of him, not giving any sign that he was aware of the blond Omega waiting in front of his desk. Right when Naruto started wondering whether he should ask again, Uchiha raised his head slowly and dark eyes locked onto big, blue ones.

For some reason Naruto's heart stuttered a bit when faced with those scrutinizing eyes and he was pretty sure the tips of his ears were glowing red. Even seated Uchiha came across as quite intimidating.

"What," Uchiha said flatly; his face utterly blank as he stared at the blond in front of him.

His voice was surprisingly deep and Naruto swallowed, offering a weak smile. "Eh, I was wondering whether you wanted to work on this project with me?"

The noise around them tempered slowly, toning down in hushed conversations and hisses as their classmates realised just who Naruto was talking to. Their eyes seemed to pierce in the back of his head and he hunched his shoulders somewhat, suddenly feeling like he was committing some faux pas.

Uchiha narrowed his eyes a tad. After a beat of silence – one which went on for too long in Naruto's opinion – he inclined his head. "Sure."

And that was – actually unexpected. Blue eyes widened as their owner stood frozen in shock. Sure he had figured this was the best excuse to start talking with Uchiha, but to be honest, a part of him hadn't expected the Alpha to actually agree to becoming his partner. He had been prepared to get snubbed off, based on the portrayal his classmates gave of the dark haired boy. He hadn't prepared himself for how to react when the other boy actually said yes.


"You're going to sit down or not?" Uchiha asked and the blank mask broke slightly, irritation bleeding through as scrutinizing turned into scowling.

Naruto had never sat down so quickly before.

Partnering with Uchiha for the project was … an interesting experience.

The guy barely talked whereas Naruto couldn't stop blabbering about anything that popped up in his mind. The words streamed out of his mouth like a waterfall and he had to remind himself more than once to just shut up before he would annoy Uchiha too much. He didn't want to get on Uchiha's nerves, but it was difficult to stop talking when he finally had the chance to interact with the quiet Alpha.

Uchiha for his part appeared disinterested most of the time. He let Naruto chatter on and on until a certain point at which he would scowl at the blond and tell him to shut up before he stuffed their history textbook in his throat. He didn't talk about himself; he only spoke when either uttering a threat to make Naruto shut up or when he wanted to discuss something regarding their assignment. He barely showed any emotions; when people stopped to gape at them in the library, he didn't even look up, as if he was completely unaware of how shocked they were.

Despite his disposition towards silence and his closed off demeanour, Naruto managed to discover small things about the Alpha by paying attention to him during their meetings and during the classes they shared. When Kiba had told him Uchiha was very smart, he hadn't been joking. The guy was seriously incredibly smart. Naruto was by no means stupid, but he still struggled with some classes while Uchiha seemed to fly through the questions and tests. More than once he had to correct Naruto when the blond made a stupid mistake on his part of the project.

He didn't brag about his marks, though. And despite his occasional colourful threat, he didn't make Naruto feel stupid either, even when he corrected his mistakes.

He wasn't prone to bragging at all, actually. It was a common stereotype that Alpha liked to brag about their talents and it was true that most Alpha fell right into that stereotype. Not Uchiha, though. Teachers' praise about his marks didn't faze him and being congratulated on his judo skills didn't even make him blink. He wasn't rude about it, per se, but it was more like he couldn't be bothered by the praise.

Another thing Naruto had discovered was that Uchiha was very punctual and that he didn't appreciate tardiness. At all. He had been quite clear about that the first time Naruto had accidentally arrived three minutes late to their second meeting. In his defence, it wasn't his fault Yamato-sensei had kept him after class to discuss his mathematics grade! Still, after that he hadn't dared to be late again.

Uchiha was right handed, but Naruto had also caught him writing with his left hand without his handwriting suffering underneath the change, so he appeared to be cross dominant, which honestly was quite impressive. If Naruto tried writing with his non dominant hand, chances were he most likely wouldn't even be able to read what he had written.

Uchiha wasn't a morning person. He needed coffee to wake up properly and anyone bothering him before he had sufficiently woken up – not that that many people tried to talk to him – would be treated to an honest to god vicious snarl. Being subjected to that particular sound when he hadn't realised yet it was dangerous to talk to Uchiha when he was still waking up, had left Naruto quaking in his proverbial boots. After that particular experience, he had vowed not to engage Uchiha in a conversation until the latter had had his coffee.

He liked being alive, after all.

Through observation he now knew something about Uchiha, but he still didn't really know him and Naruto was at a loss of what he would do after the project was finished. Now he still had the excuse of the history assignment to talk with Uchiha, but once they had presented that one, there was no reason for Uchiha to keep interacting with him.

"Just ask him whether he'd like to hang out with you after school," was dad's nonchalant solution when Naruto had breached the topic one evening.

As if it was really that simple. Uchiha looked so … there was no real word to describe how he looked, except that he definitely didn't come across as a guy who liked to casually hang out with somebody.

That just wasn't Uchiha. The Alpha seemed to reside on a whole other plane of existence, embarrassing as it was for Naruto to think that. He was untouchable. Unreachable.

Kiba and the other guys weren't much help. They declared him insane for wanting to befriend Uchiha, questioned why he wanted so badly to get to know Uchiha. Honestly, Naruto couldn't really say. There was just something about the dark eyed boy which drew his attention and made him want to be around him.

Asking the girls for advice was completely out of the question. Most of them nursed a crush on the Alpha despite never having really interacted with him and they were annoyed that Naruto was the one who got to work with Uchiha. It confused Naruto, because if they wanted to work with Uchiha on a project, why had they never bothered approaching him? Especially given that they had known Uchiha for far longer than Naruto had.

Girls could be so confusing at times.

So with no real help forthcoming from anyone, Naruto was at a complete loss. He didn't want to relinquish his time with Uchiha, even if he still didn't know much about the Alpha, but without the buffer of a school assignment, he didn't have much hope of keeping his interaction with Uchiha going.

Since when had it become so goddamn difficult just to hang out with someone?

"You got time to go to the mall with us?" Kiba questioned, pulling on his shirt again; heedless of the waterdrops still clinging to the spiky ends of his hair.

They had just finished their volleyball training and were leaving the showers one by one. Always having been rather energetic, Naruto had been torn between the various sports the school offered until he had decided to join the volleyball team. Knowing at least one person at the team had made making the decision easier.

He had a lot of fun during the trainings; it was a great way for him to get rid of his energy and the coach had told him that if he kept it up like this, he might be able to play in their next match.

"Nah, sorry, I can't," he apologised, slipping into his shoes. "I'm meeting Uchiha in the library; we're almost done with our project."

"Suit yourself," Kiba shrugged, stuffing his sweaty sport outfit in his bag. "Hey, Shino, you're nearly done or what?"

Naruto didn't catch Shino's answer as he walked out of the locker room, making his way slowly towards the library. Out of sight he wiped a hand across his forehead and grimaced. Even if he hadn't agreed to meet Uchiha to finish their project, he wasn't so certain whether he would have accepted Kiba's invitation. He had been feeling off the whole day already and to be honest he couldn't wait until he was home, so that he could drop down on his bed and just lay there.

There had been a couple of times during the training when the cramps in his stomach had become so bad, he had been tempted to ask the coach whether he could leave earlier. He hadn't in the end, because he was stubborn and didn't want to miss a training, but he definitely was paying for that stubbornness with even more cramps. He was feeling more flushed than usual as well; something he had attributed to the rigorous training at first, but even a shower hadn't cooled him down.

God, he really hoped he wouldn't get sick now. Plucking his shirt collar away from his throat, he rubbed his arm over his forehead again. Hopefully the library would be somewhat cool, because he was starting to burn up.

There was a men's bathroom sharing the same hallway as the library and he entered that one first. Cranking the tap, he cupped his hands underneath it, watching them get filled with cold water before splashing that in his face to cool off at least a little bit. The cold water felt refreshing against his heated skin and so good that he splashed his face a couple of more times for extra measure.

Spluttering a bit when water dripped over his lips, he gripped the sink and stared at himself in the mirror, taking stock of how he looked like. Despite the cold water, his cheeks were still flushed a bright red; the colour seeping down to his neck and underneath his shirt. He was warm, too warm, and his clothes itched unbearably against his skin. He clenched his eyes shut and hunched when another wave of cramps assaulted him and he gasped for air, curling into himself in the hopes that that would reduce the pain. Fuck, was there some kind of bug going around?

Once the pain had subsided to a dull throb once more, he slowly straightened out, hyper aware of the fact that he couldn't stay here for too long anymore. Not unless he wanted to piss off Uchiha again.

He took a deep breath once he stood upright again and –

Oh fuck no.

Something thin and wet trickled down his legs and he froze, staring horrified at his mirror image. It wasn't a bug, he wasn't becoming sick – far from it. Instead he was in heat.

A heat which shouldn't have arrived for another three days. He knew, because he had checked his calendar yesterday and he was always on time. Except now he wasn't.

Now his heat had come earlier than expected in one of the most unluckiest places he could think of.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

Omega experienced a heat every month which lasted for three to four days. It basically made them horny as hell, because the heats were designed to encourage procreation. Sure, they could get pregnant any time if they weren't careful, but during their heats they were more fertile and the chances of getting knocked up were significantly heightened during that time.

Since he had got his first heat when he was thirteen years old, Naruto had locked himself into his room for those three days, taking medicine that took off the edge of his heat and didn't leave him an incoherent mess. With that medicine the heat didn't hurt so badly and it left him with enough coherence that he could do other things than curl up in his bed and beg for someone to relieve the fire coursing through his body.

Being always punctual with his heat had taught him when the best time was to take his medicine so that his heat would be controlled from the start.

His heat has never arrived earlier than the scheduled date. Except of course now his body decided to screw him over.

Hands trembling, he hastily opened all the pockets in his bag, searching for his medicine in the futile hope that he still carried some with him from the previous month. Of course he didn't. Because his heat had been scheduled for this weekend, he hadn't thought of taking his medicine with him until Friday at the latest.

It was Wednesday now. So he had no medicine and he was in heat while at school. Splendid.

"Fuck," he whispered, closing his eyes for a moment as he dropped his bag on the floor. Rubbing his head, he opened his eyes and stared at the dull white tiles.

All right, so it sucked majorly that his heat had arrived sooner. Like fuck you, body, we had a good thing going here. But it wasn't the end of the world. He just needed to call his mum so that she could come pick him up and he'd send a text to Uchiha explaining why he wouldn't show up. He'd take his medicine once he was home and then he would just wait it out like he always did.

Piece of cake. No need to panic.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he retrieved his phone from his bag and selected his mum's number. As the phone started ringing, he threw his bag over his shoulder and shuffled his way out of the bathroom; ignoring how his trousers were starting to stick to his skin.

"Naruto? Did Uchiha-san cancel?" Mum asked surprised when she picked up.

Licking his lips, he shook his head even though she couldn't see him. "Ah no, eh, I – can you come pick me up now? My – my heat started," he muttered; his voice growing softer near the end as a spike of embarrassment flared up.

"I'm on my way. Be careful!" she said immediately. "If someone bothers you, kick them in their balls. I'll be there soon!"

"Okay, thanks." He breathed out slowly as he lowered his phone and dropped it into his bag. He didn't think he would be bothered, considering most people had already left the school and the hallway was pretty deserted. He didn't think it would be smart to wait in the street. It was probably for the best if he stayed here and he could leave once mum was close to showing up.

He'd just have to wait a bit longer and then he'd be home.

"Stupid heat; stupid biology," he grumbled, glaring down at his bag as he sank down against the wall. Eugh, he could feel the slick dampening his underwear and trousers; that was so disgusting. The first thing he'd do once he got home – after taking his medicine – was strip off his clothes and jump into the shower again.

His mum would need to call the school tomorrow to let them know he wouldn't be attending classes for the rest of the week and he and Uchiha would need to reschedule their meeting as well. It was a good thing they still had two weeks left before they would need to present their project; a delay of a couple of days wouldn't be that horrible.

So absorbed he was in his thoughts, he didn't take notice of the approaching footsteps until it was too late.

"Well, look what we have here," a deep voice drawled and his head whipped around; blue eyes widening when they took in the group of three guys standing a couple of feet away.

The guy who had spoken was grey haired and his dark eyes were glinting as they ranked across Naruto's body. On his left there was a big, pudgy guy with orange hair and eyes who grinned and licked his lips. The guy on his right had his dark hair pulled up in a spiky ponytail, resembling the way Shikamaru tied his hair. He was smirking, his head cocked to the right.

"Hey, Jiroubou, Kidoumaru, looks like someone is in a bit of a pinch," the grey haired guy grinned, taking a step closer. He sniffed audibly; his eyes flashing when he caught the scent of pheromones. "Yeah, a bit of a big pinch I'd say," he murmured; his eyes gleaming eerily.

"Maybe we should help him out, hm, Sakon?" Spiky haired guy suggested with a sneer. "It's like our duty, don't you think so?"

"As chivalrous as always, Kidoumaru," Sakon smirked. "Why don't you come with us, Blondie? We'll be happy to give you a hand." He leered.

Naruto scrambled up. "Touch me and I'll kick your arse," he snapped, bracing himself against the wall. He prayed his cramps wouldn't act up again before he could get away. He should have stayed in the bathroom, fuck!

"Oh, someone's feisty," Jiroubou crowed. "Did nobody ever teach you, you should show your senpai some respect?"

"Apparently nobody ever taught you when to shut your mouth, considering your size!" Naruto threw back.

That wiped the smug look off Jiroubou's face instantly and he snarled, "Why don't you use that big mouth of yours for something else, you bitch?"

They grabbed for him all at once. He punched Kidoumaru's face and slammed his elbow right into that fat gut of Jiroubou. When Sakon sneered and went to push him down, Naruto kicked him straight into his stomach, forcing the man to skid back. He used his bag to slam it against the fat guy's head, but saw stars when a sharp elbow caught his temple.

Pain exploded in his head when his body was slammed into the wall and everything started spinning around. A punch in his stomach had him crying out and he curled up when another wave of cramps started, making him even dizzier than before.

God, not now.

Through the haze of heat, pain, heat, he felt hands grappling with his belt and he lashed out with his leg. "Get the fuck away from me!"

Another hand reached out, grabbing his leg tightly, as one of the three settled on top of him, but then a furious roar suddenly rebounded through the hallway and the next moment the weight on top of him was gone. Gasping, he shoved himself backwards against the wall and watched frozen how a dark haired blur was kicking the shit out of his three assailants.

When the last one of the little group, Sakon, slumped down, his saviour turned around. Uchiha was standing in the middle between him and the three others; his chest heaving up and down visibly, his fists clenched on either side of his waist. Some blood dotted his lips and the Alpha reached up almost absentmindedly, brushing away the dark red liquid.

"You okay?" he asked; his soft tone a sharp contrast to the snarls which had escaped him during his fight with the other three.

"Yeah," Naruto released a shuddering breath, drawing a hand across his face. He started shivering softly as realisation finally sank in that he had got close to being raped. It made bile rise up in his throat and he swallowed, feeling like he would throw up any second now.

He started when a shadow was cast over and he watched quietly how Uchiha knelt down in front of him, still keeping some distance between them. "Do you need me to call someone?"

Any other moment and Naruto would be flabbergasted at hearing the concern in Uchiha's voice, but now he could only numbly shake his head. "No, my – my mum, she's coming to pick me up. I called her because of …" he trailed off, feeling himself reddening as he awkwardly waved his hand over his body. He didn't think Uchiha needed more explanation, considering he must positively reek of pheromones by now.

If he was affected by the increased scent, Uchiha didn't show it. Instead he nodded. "I can wait with you outside if you want to. I don't think these three will wake up any time soon, but you shouldn't be alone right now."

"Yeah, that'd – that'd be great, thanks," Naruto said hollow.

"You need some help getting up?"

"No, I've got it."

He didn't. As soon as he stood up, his knees buckled, his stomach aching with the blow he had sustained and he sank back down with a gasp. Before he could fall on his arse, a strong arm wound around his waist and a hand threw his arm around a neck.

"This all right?" Uchiha murmured, looking questioningly at the blond.

He had never been this close to the Alpha and the blond couldn't help but lean into him, inhaling the rich, woodsy scent. It curled up in his nostrils, made him lightheaded and the fire in the pit of his belly grew brighter, his underwear damper, as his body registered the near presence of a strong Alpha.

A strong Alpha who had defeated three guys at once, who had proven he could protect, who smelt nice and safe, who would be able to sire strong …

Naruto shook his head sharply, mortified at the thoughts whirling around in his mind. God, what the hell was wrong with him? "Yeah, this is all right," he said roughly and resolved to only breathe through his mouth, because clearly Uchiha's strong scent was messing with his mind.

True to his word, Uchiha stayed with him until mum arrived. He was also gracious enough not to remark on how closely Naruto was pressed up against him nor did he comment on that one mortifying moment in which the Omega had nuzzled his neck.

He fucking hated being an Omega sometimes.

Mum arrived with screeching tires and she spared a brief moment to thank Uchiha for staying with him before bundling her son into her car and driving away.

When Naruto glanced out of the window, Uchiha was staring right back at him.

When Monday arrived, he slumped into his chair as the rest of his classmates entered the classroom. They had homeroom now and he hoped to use this hour to work out the last mathematics problem of which the solution had eluded him so far.

Not only had his heat come unexpectedly earlier, but it had also lasted a day longer, so he still wasn't fully rested. He was also praying that Uchiha wouldn't kill him for having been so touchy feely last week. His cheeks still burned when he thought about what had happened last Wednesday.

"Hey, did you hear?" Kiba plopped down in the chair next to Naruto. "Last week, some guys …"

A shadow fell across their desk and Kiba abruptly shut up when they looked up and saw Uchiha standing in front of them.

"You feeling all right?" he asked; his dark eyes flitting quickly across Naruto's face.

"Eh yeah, just some bruises, but that's all," Naruto replied, thrown off guard, and cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his mind. "Eh, look, about last Wednesday …"

"Those three cowards are suspended," Uchiha said abruptly. "They'll probably be expelled, considering the headmaster wasn't too happy with what they tried to do."

"Oh, eh, that's great to hear," Naruto said surprised. "Those bastards had it coming. You didn't get into trouble, did you?"

"Why would I get into trouble?" Uchiha raised an eyebrow and nodded. "I'm glad you're feeling better. If you're feeling up to it, we can finish our assignment after school today."

"Yeah, sure, that works for me," Naruto said, a tad dazed, as Kiba was making odd choking noises next to him.

"All right," Uchiha nodded and started making his way to his own desk, completely oblivious as always to the shocked stares of their classmates.

Naruto blamed his shock at being approached by Uchiha first, for what he blurted out next, "Thank you! I'm glad you were there to help me!"

Uchiha paused and looked back. Other people were too busy gossiping about what had made Uchiha talk to someone out of his own volition to notice it, but Naruto did.

He saw the corners of Uchiha's mouth tilt up in a very rare, barely there smile before he turned around again and went to sit at his own desk.

Ignoring Kiba's hissed "What the actual fuck did just happen, man?", Naruto sank down in his chair with a grin, feeling warmth spreading out through his chest.

Maybe becoming Uchiha's friend wouldn't be that impossible after all.

AN2: I did not mean for the first chapter to become this long, but the story wants what it wants, I guess. *throws hands up* I don't know, I'm just a victim to my muse.

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