Naruto's Masters

BY : TheDogSage
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14 year old Boruto pressed himself against a wall, peeking around the corner to watch his target while trying not to be caught. He was playing a dangerous game, one he played quite often, but that just made his success all the sweeter. After several moments, he left his spot against the wall and kept following them, trying to be inconspicuous as he followed them.

The blonde teen ducked into an alley as his 'prey' looked around for anyone before continuing on, Boruto continuing his tailing. After several minutes and a few more times hiding for Boruto, they reached their destination: a small, unassuming house. Boruto hid again as his target looked around again before going up to the door, touched a spot on the doorframe, and opened it. Entering the house, they closed the door behind them.

Boruto grinned as he moved up to the house, peaking through the window of the bedroom, where he caught sight of his sensei and honorary uncle, Uchiha Sasuke, sitting on a king-sized bed completely naked, a book in his hands. He closed his book and set it aside as the bedroom door opened and the blue-eyed teen watched as his target walked into the room.

Sasuke smirked as he said "Hello Naruto."

Naruto gave a sheepish smile as he said "Hi Sasuke-sama." As he spoke, Naruto got undressed, tossing his shirt aside and pushing his pants and boxers to his ankles so he could step out of them, leaving him as naked as Sasuke, his 10 inch cock hardening as he looked at the last Uchiha.

Leaning back on the headboard of the bed, Sasuke slipped his hands behind his head and looked at Naruto expectantly, his own 13 inch cock rising to stand proudly from his groin. Naruto walked over, climbed onto the bed, and crawled up it and between Sasuke's legs until he was staring down at the red head of Sasuke's throbbing erection. Opening his mouth, Naruto took the head into his mouth and began bobbing his head up and down it, his cheeks going concave as he sucked hard each time he lifted his head.

Sasuke groaned in pleasure, eyes closing as he enjoyed the feeling of the blonde's mouth on his shaft, moving one of his hands from behind his head to rest on the back of Naruto's head. Each time his head moved down it, Naruto took more of Sasuke's prick into his mouth until he was burying his nose in the last Uchiha's pubes each time his head went down.

"You're such a pathetic cock-hungry little slut." Sasuke muttered, his words causing Naruto to suck harder and faster on the rock-hard dick in his mouth, eyes squeezed shut.

"Heh, you like it when I say things like that, don't you? You really are pathetic, but at least you know your place." Sasuke said, Naruto moaning in agreement as he kept orally pleasuring Sasuke.

While Naruto was blowing Sasuke, Boruto watched the scene playing out before him, panting as his own 13 inch cock twitched hungrily at the scene. As he watched, Boruto slipped his pants down to release his rock-hard erection from its confines, wrapping his fingers around it and stroking it slowly.

Allowing Naruto to suck him for a few minutes more, Sasuke grabbed a handful of Naruto's hair and pulled him off his cock as he growled "Alright, get on your hands and knees you bitch."

Naruto immediately did so, looking at Sasuke pleadingly. Sasuke smirked as he got onto his knees, moved behind Naruto, and grabbed hold of Naruto's waist with one hand, taking his cock with other. Aiming himself at the blonde's asshole, Sasuke placed the head of his dick against the puckered entrance and pushed forward until it pierced it.

Naruto mewled at the feeling of Sasuke entering him, the dark-haired man pushing himself in further, more and more of his shaft entering the blonde's anus as Sasuke gripped the blonde's waist. Once he was fully sheathed in Naruto, Sasuke pulled out until only the tip remained inside, then thrust in hard, getting a moan from the blonde man.

"Fuck, your asshole is always so tight. You were made to be my personal cock sleeve, weren't you?" Sasuke asked, and Naruto moaned out "Yeees, Sasuke-sama! I was made to be your personal cock sleeve!"

"Goddamn right you were, and don't you forget it." Sasuke growled, grabbing the back of Naruto's head and pushing it down onto the bed, his shoulders and chest following it, leaving the blonde's ass sticking in the air as he began hammering himself into it, the smacking of flesh on flesh filling the air.

Outside, Boruto's hand quickened its stroking as he spied on the two, a surge of voyeuristic pleasure coursing through his veins as he enjoyed the show playing out before him. He'd been shocked when he first discovered what his father and 'uncle' got up to, but that quickly gave way to perverse lust as he started following his father to this building to watch them during their frequent get-togethers.

Back in the room, Sasuke panted and growled as he gripped Naruto's waist with the hand not pushing Naruto's head into the matress as he snarled "Who the fuck do you belong to, you whore?"

"Sasuke-sama! I belong to Sasuke-sama!" Naruto whined, trying to push back against Sasuke's rapidly pistoning hips, tongue lolling slightly out of his mouth as pleasure coursed through him like liquid fire.

"Look at the hero of the 4th shinobi world war, on his hands and knees while I pound his ass like the cheap slut he is." Sasuke panted, a sheen of sweat on his skin as he slammed himself into his partner with wild abandon. Naruto for his part only mewled, moaned, and cried out, fingers gripping the bedsheets beneath him like a lifeline.

Sasuke grunted as he finally released Naruto's head, knowing the blonde wouldn't lift it back up, bringing his hand back to Naruto's ass. But instead of grabbing hold of the blonde's waist, he raised it into the air and brought it down with a meaty smack on one of the blonde's buttcheeks, causing Naruto to cry out in pleasure as a mixture of pain and ecstasy coursed through him from where the dark-haired man's hand had struck.

From outside, Boruto felt a shiver of pleasure race up his own back as he watched, hand moving ever faster over his own cock.

Inside, Sasuke grinned, his hips never stopping as he brought his hand up again before bringing it down in another firm slap, getting another cry from the blonde. The last Uchiha repeated it a couple more time, each time getting rewarded with another cry of pleasure.

"You're pathetic, you know that? I bet if you could, you'd proudly carry my children, wouldn't you?" Sasuke asked, his hand grabbing hold of the blonde's waist as he kept pumping into the leader of Konoha, his cock striking the blonde's prostate with each thrust.

"Yes Sasuke-sama! I would! I would!" Naruto mewled, toes curling as he felt himself getting closer to release. However, as he reached the edge, Sasuke pulled himself out of the blonde completely.

Naruto let out a pathetic whine at the sudden feeling of emptiness, opening his eyes as he tried his best to look back at Sasuke without lifting his head off the mattress as he mewled "Why'd you stop, Sasuke-sama?"

"Get on your back. I want to fuck you like the sad little bitch you are, and I want you to see my face when I cum in you." Sasuke growled, and Naruto immediately rolled over onto his back, grabbing the backs of his knees as he did so. Sasuke grinned at the speed of the blonde's reaction, and placing the Nanadaime Hokage's legs over his shoulders, positioned himself at his asshole and thrust in, getting an almost rapturous cry from Naruto as he fully sheathed himself in the blonde.

Sasuke resumed his rough, fast fucking, staring down at his 'partner' as whisker-marked face twisted with pleasure, moaning and muttering his name reverently as the last Uchiha repeatedly speared into him.

"I wonder what your wife would say if she saw you like this, getting fucked by your better like the cum bucket you are? Maybe we should tell her." Sasuke grunted, Naruto's eyes widening in horror as he gasped "N-no! W-we can't!"

At hearing that, Sasuke grinned as he said "You're right. Besides, I bet she already knows and has a real man fucking her right now while I pound you like the bitch in heat you are. I bet you're thinking about it right now, your wife being with another man while I'm here using you like a sex toy."

Naruto's eyes closed and he let out a strangled cry, back arching as his cock twitched and blasted a load of cum onto his chest and stomach.

Sasuke didn't stop moving, but did sneer as he said "And that thought made you cum, you disgusting fuck. You truly are worthless as anything but something for me to put my dick in."

Sasuke grunted as he felt his own climax rapidly approaching, and looking down at Naruto, he grabbed the blonde's chin with one hand and panted "Open your eyes and look at me while I cum inside you like the slut you are."

Naruto obediently opened his eyes, staring into dark-haired man's eyes as he gritted his teeth, pumped his hips a few more times, and fully sheathed himself inside the blond, groaning as his dick twitched and shot his thick, potent cum into the whisker-cheeked man. Naruto moaned as he felt the hot, musky seed flood his asshole, arching his back as he did so.

From beyond the window, Boruto bit down on his free hand to stifle his own cry of pleasure as he dropped to his knees, his cock releasing great bursts of cum onto the ground as he rode his own climax to completion.

Back inside, Sasuke pulled out as he finished releasing himself inside his 'whore', great dollops of his semen following his cock out of the abused asshole as he flopped onto his back next to Naruto, panting as he did so.

"Thank you, Sasuke-sama." Naruto muttered, gasping for air as he spoke, eyes half-lidded as the remnants of his orgasm coursed through him. Sasuke caught his breath and looked to the window, where he saw a small shock of blonde hair visible sticking up from below the bottom of the sill.

Smirking, Sasuke turned his attention to Naruto and said "Alright, I'm ready to go again, so get on my cock and fuck yourself on it."

Naruto pushed himself up onto his knees, and swinging his leg over Sasuke's waist so he was straddling it with the last Uchiha's cock under his backside. Reaching under him and grabbing it, Naruto lowered himself until the head of the prick was against his recently-abused asshole. With a pleased hiss the blonde let himself down further until the head reentered him.

He slid down further and further, taking each inch into himself as he looked down at Sasuke, who was looking back with a smirk. With a shudder of pleasure, Naruto finally bottomed the dark-haired man's cock inside himself, sitting on his 'rival's' lap. Once the dick was fully sheathed in him, Naruto raised his hips before dropping back down, taking Sasuke's cock back into him with a moan.

"Mmmm, I know I insult you like the whore you are, but you are a tight fuck." Sasuke groaned with a grin, enjoying the feeling of the blonde riding his cock like a cheap slut.

Outside, unaware Sasuke knew he was there, Boruto caught his own breath and raised his head to continue watching them, his own cock already beginning to harden again.

It'd been a few days since watching Sasuke and his father, and Boruto was training with Sasuke, who was watching him as if he knew something the blonde teen didn't. It was rather disconcerting to the boy, to be perfectly honest.

After it went on for a while, Boruto finally asked "Why do you keep looking at me like that Sasuke-sensei?"

Sasuke crossed his arms as he looked at his blonde student for several long moments before he said "I know what you were doing a few nights ago."

A sense of dread filled Boruto as he questioned "Wh-what do you mean?"

"Don't play dumb with me, Boruto. You know exactly what I mean." Sasuke said, and Boruto felt the color begin to drain from his face as he began "Yo-you mean you know I was..."

"Watching me dominate your father and fuck him like a whore in that little house we own exactly for that? Yes. I also know it's not the first time you've watched us either." Sasuke completed for the young blonde, who began sweating as he explained rapidly "I-I-I haven't told anyone I swear!"

"I know. Because I doubt I could miss it if people knew I was doing that." Sasuke said, then smirked as he stated "And let me guess, you like jacking off not only while watching, but also while thinking about it. Don't try to deny it either."

"Y-yeah." Boruto acknowledged, Sasuke studying the teen as he asked "So you want me to dominate you and fuck you like a dirty little whore too?" The man had to admit, the thought of having both father and son as his personal cum dumps was an intriguing and arousing thought.

"NO!" Boruto exclaimed, to which Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he questioned "Then you want to dominate and fuck your own father like a cheap slut?"

Boruto's previously paling face darkened as he looked away and nodded in silent agreement. Watching his student carefully, Sasuke realized the thought of watching him treat his own father like Sasuke did was a more exciting and arousing thought than a set of father/son cum dumps.

"Hmmm, alright." Sasuke said, causing the teen to turn to Sasuke in shock.

"Wh-what?" Boruto asked, and Sasuke smiled as he answered "If you want to dominate and fuck Naruto like a bitch, then let's do it. You'll be my partner and equal in this, and we'll both get to enjoy him like the cock sleeve he is."

"Bu-but, isn't it wrong?" Boruto questioned, and Sasuke nodded as he replied "Yes it is. But... does that really matter to you?"

Boruto opened his mouth to answer, but stopped, closing it as he thought about it. After nearly a minute of silence, Boruto finally looked at Sasuke with a determined and lustful look in his eyes.

"No, it doesn't." Boruto said, and with a smile Sasuke said "Good. I'm meeting him tonight at the same place at about 7, but I'll be there about 6:30. Show up then and you'll get to enjoy those fantasies of yours then and for a long time."

At seeing the gleeful look on Boruto's face, Sasuke smirked, eager to see the show tonight.

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