Ino's Lovely Life

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Whore. Whore. You stupid filthy whore. You fucking slutty whore.


The thoughts running through Haruno Sakura's head were perhaps slightly incongruent with her reputation as a straight-laced, rather prudish girl. In fact, most would be surprised at the entire scene. Sakura was kneeling in the hallway of her apartment building, bare knees digging into a bristly pink and purple welcome mat that read, "S&I," with her ear mashed desperately against the door to her apartment. Her expression was one of rapt concentration, clearly eavesdropping on what was happening in her own home.


You fucking whore.


The whore in question was on the other side of the door. She was also on her knees, but Yamanaka Ino carried herself much more calmly, gazing up slyly at the two men she had brought home. She licked her lips.


"So... who's first?"


What!? You whore! Sakura nearly fell over with indignation. As it was, she slipped a little, scuffing her bubblegum pink hair along the dark green wood of the door. There were two guys with her? Or at least more than one... The thoughts were making her head spin. Her roommate was such a slut!


"Mmm, there's no need to be shy... I won't bite," giggled Ino coyly. "Actually, that's just about the only thing I won't do," she added with a wink.


Her two companions seemed hypnotized by 17-year-old in front of them. Delicately resting on her knees, Ino was a vision of debauchery. She was clad in her trademark purple, but to say that she was wearing anything at all would be unfair to people actually wearing clothes. Her deep plum halter top hung loosely from her neck, held by a loopy bow knot. It was a small silk triangle that covered her breasts and not much else, with a bottom end that meandered in waves before finally encircling the girl in the small of her back. The rest of her outfit was somehow even less modest. She paid her ancestors no homage with her skirt, which was so short most cultures would call it a belt. The thin piece of purple fabric undulated with flimsy purpose around her thin waist, caked in glitter to draw the curious eyes of observers, though the garment itself was too tiny to really have any mystery. The rest of her lower body was "covered" in sheer tar black pantyhose, the shadowy textile much too thin to obscure any of the girl's porcelain skin. All told, her ponytail was covering about as much of body as her clothes were. The ponytail itself was a thing to be admired in a whole other way. Luxurious, glossy, and platinum blonde, it ran down her back without a single strand out of place, tapering neatly at the small of her back, tickling the bottom of her top. It shone with an otherworldly luster that put pearls to shame, the object of many a woman's jealousy and many a man's fantasy. Even after a full night out, Ino's hair was still tight and perfect, from the playful peek-a-bang to the neat ponytail that ended as a broad triangle right above her flawless, shapely ass. Her attire, her posture, everything except her lips were screaming, "Fuck me."


The two men before her swallowed nervously. The girl before them was underage, yet still far too much femininity for them to handle. When they walked in the door, they could hardly believe their luck. The Yamanaka heiress was famously flighty, often chatting up one man the entire night before suddenly leaving with another. To come home with Yamanaka Ino was an incredible privilege and an incredible thrill, a promise for a wild night. For while Ino was famously flighty, she was even more famously slutty. Ino's sexual escapades were legendary. She fucked every man, and some women, who caught her eye, or better yet, bought her drinks, clothes, and jewelry. It was no secret either. Though she was underage, Konoha's bars constantly rumbled with lewd tales of how she had been fucked last night, to the point where even passerby knew intimate details about Ino. How she was a moaner, how she liked it from behind, how she liked being abused, how she liked to roleplay... These were facts more commonly known than the day of the week.


"You're not going to just tease me, are you?" pondered Ino innocently, biting her lower lip. The erotic picture in front of them drew an audible gasp from the men before her as they sucked air through their teeth, leering almost maliciously at the girl in front of them. The teenager was the most perfect being the two men had ever laid eyes on, or indeed, ever would. Every inch of her seemed cut from pure, radiant alabaster. Even in the purposely dim light of the girl's apartment, her skin shone with an enticing brilliance that simply begged appreciation. They knew that she was a kunoichi, but there was no evidence of it on her body. Though she was not only a survivor, but a key fighter in the Great Shinobi War, Ino's body carried no scars or wounds, not even a blemish. Her body was not hard or battle-worn, but instead looked softer than a cloud. A betting man would say that she would melt in your mouth. But perhaps most surprising of the young war veteran was her attitude. One would have expected the girl to have developed some pessimism after what she had experienced, but Yamanaka Ino was still an unrelentingly bubbly, horny schoolgirl.


There was no pretense in the situation. Though Ino had invited her new friends up to her place "for drinks," it was obvious that the night was going to start and end with her being viciously double teamed. It was certainly what both men had signed up for, but as they looked down at the nubile kunoichi who was all but begging for it, they were seized but a strange anxiety. The girl was almost too perfect.


Ino was starting to get impatient, staring at the two men with a single sky-blue eye. "Do you guys like, know what to do?" She questioned rather aggressively.


"Yeah," snapped the man to her right, suddenly possessed with new motivation. "Yeah," he said, stepping forward, as if emerging from a haze, his hands clumsily fumbling at his belt, "Yeah, I'll go first."


"Good!" giggled Ino, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. "I was beginning to think I brought back two gay guys," she laughed, running her right hand carelessly through her hair and revealing sparkling teeth. "Come here~," she sang playfully, crooking her finger at the bolder of her two soon-to-be fucktoys.


The young man shuffled awkwardly into position in front of her, his pants having fallen down to his ankles. He stood awkwardly in front of her, towering over the 17-year-old. He was down to his briefs and his arousal was obvious. Up close, Ino was stupidly, intoxicatingly, maddeningly hot. He was trying to avoid, yet simultaneously hypnotized by, her gaze. Gracefully kneeling at his crotch, Ino looked up at him teasingly with a single sapphire eye, seemingly nonplussed by the nine-inch monster positioned mere inches from her face.


"Do you want to fuck my face?"


"W-what?" stammered the man, now staring focused at the wall behind her.


"Do you want to fuck my face?" Ino repeated sweetly, her fingers now sneaking into the waistband of his underpants. "Do you want to make me gag? Do you want to choke me with your big fat cock?"


The man looked down at her for the first time, making eye contact with the girl who was so innocently propositioning getting facefucked. The sight of her face pushed him over the edge. Ino had always been a classically gorgeous girl, but seeing the teenager at that angle annihilated any sense of trepidation the man had left in him.


The lips that were so salaciously speaking of fellatio were dressed in a powerful crimson lipstick, drawing attention to their natural pouty fullness. The man couldn't help but dream about what those lips could do to him. The right side of her face was completely obscured by a generous helping of platinum blonde hair, but impeccably smooth cheeks covering high, elegant, and sharp cheekbones were clearly visible on her left side. But most alluring was her single unhidden eye. Dazzling in the dim light with a mysterious knowing depth, her blue eye broadcasted a vivacious playfulness. And just beyond the surface, there seemed a raging, uncontrollable, almost dangerous hunger. The man's dick grew another inch.


"... and make me fucking beg for air?"


The man snapped back to reality with a harsh nudge from his fellow, who was waiting with boiling patience behind him.


"Guh? Wuh? Oh. Yes," he drooled stupidly, shocked by the sudden presence of a veritable lake of saliva in his mouth, realizing he had spaced out for the past minute.


"Yes what?" teased Ino, slowly sliding his briefs down, trapping his cock in the waistband, pointing it down towards the floor. Just another inch and it would spring free.


"Yes... Yes, I want to... fuck your face," finished the man rather lamely, unable to look her in the eye anymore.


"Well that wasn't so hard was it?" laughed the teen, scooting herself closer to his dick. In one smooth movement, she tugged his briefs past the crown of his cock, and it sprung upwards with remarkable speed, slapping harshly against her chin.


"Ooh," she cooed in mock surprise, as if the entire maneuver was not carefully planned. "Enthusiastic, are we?" she giggled playfully. Ino let out a more genuine "Ooh" as she inspected her plaything more carefully. Even at the age of 17, Ino had seen, and taken, perhaps more dick than anyone in history, and the meat before her was quite a specimen. She was sure she was going to remember it much longer than she would its owner's name, not that she knew it to begin with. 10 inches long, over two inches thick, it stood more proudly than the man it was attached to, pointing with purpose at Ino's face. Bulging, engorged veins traversed its length, like wild jungle vines on a majestic tree trunk. Even the foreskin looked enticing, a solid sheath of meat tucked nicely along the shaft. And at the end of it all was the crown, topped with a perfect cherry-shaped head that was leaking just a drop of precum.


Ino couldn't help herself. Grasping the middle of the mammoth man-meat with her left hand, she angled the cock towards herself and, with an almost out of place elegance, licked its slit clean.


"Hoohhh," moaned its owner stupidly, his knees quaking violently as he struggled to maintain his stance.


"Mmm," moaned Ino thoughtfully, "Yummy." It wasn't a lie. Though Ino had long since learned to always compliment men on the taste of their dick, she really did enjoy the flavor. Though this man in particular had a rather bland dick, tasting more of soap, sweat, and skin than the musk of a man. Not that Ino really cared, she wouldn't really be tasting it for long. After all, she didn't have taste buds in the back of her throat.


On the other side of the door, Haruno Sakura was in shambles. She had just come home from a grueling 11-day mission in the Land of the Mist, an ordeal that vacillated between horrendously boring and terrifyingly dangerous. And when she had come home, she had found her doorknob marked with red lipstick. This was Ino's signal that she was, in her words, "Getting fucking reamed."


For any other pair of 17-year-old girls, getting sexiled by your roommate would not have been that big of a deal, but for Haruno Sakura, it may as well have been a dagger to the heart. For Haruno Sakura, the Hokage's student, the famously straight-laced, rather prudish girl, had a terrible secret.


She was in love with Yamanaka Ino.


Sakura wished it weren't the case. Ino was not easy to love. She was ignorant, airheaded, and selfish to an almost unbelievable degree. But the hardest part about loving Ino was, well, that she was a slut. Ino had an irrepressible and insatiable sex drive that she had no qualms pursuing and that no one had ever had qualms about fulfilling. Ino had sex like most brushed their teeth. And for Sakura, the idea of her Ino, her Ino, having sex with anyone who wasn't her was torture. It didn't help that Ino herself constantly gabbed about it. Her best friend, Ino excitedly shared every juicy detail about her latest conquests. Sakura could barely go an hour in her own home without hearing how her crush was fucked unconscious by some stupid lumberjack or spanked to climax by a faceless schoolteacher.


Whap. Whap. Whap. "Hmm hmm hmm," hummed Ino, whimsically slapping herself with cock, enjoying the powerful weight of the dick in her hands. "I'm going to drain your balls~" she sang. Whap. Whap. She alternated left and right, giving a small kiss to the tip of the cock each time she switched sides.


The man she was playing with was not faring very well. The soft smoothness of Ino's cheek was only second to that of her hair, and his cock was experiencing both as she brutishly slapped it against both sides of her face.


Whap. "Mmm," moaned Ino appreciatively, nuzzling against the dick like a cat. She eyed the man before her, a cruel idea forming in her head. She suddenly shot her right hand out, grasping the man's left. Her delicate fingers instantly probed the ring that was around his 4th finger.


"So... are you married?" she asked coolly. She rubbed the cockhead against her cheek, batting the frenulum against the hollow of her mouth. There was no right answer to this question.


"Hnngh," was the pathetic reply, the man was shivering as if dying from cold.


Ino was not satisfied with that. Bubbling with sadistic pleasure, she gripped the base of his cock, squeezing with new, oppressive pressure. "Are. You. Married?"


"Guh," groaned the man, helplessly lost in the new sensation. "Yes," he gasped.


"Tell me about your wife," Ino commanded, now tracing her ruby lips with his dick, using the meat like lipstick, adding a glimmering sheen of precum to her features.


"I, I," stammered the man helplessly, totally overcome by the girl less than half his size.


The second man watched the scene with sick fascination. He was jealous that the other man went first, but now that he saw what Ino was doing to him, his envy was somewhat tempered.


"I, I," mocked Ino derisively. "Tell me about her." She let go of his hand, focusing on his balls instead, juggling them lightly as she started licking the full length of his shaft. The process was excruciatingly slow, partially because Ino was purposefully teasing him, but also because there was simply so much cock to cover. She flicked his foreskin delicately with her tongue, pumping gently with her left hand.


"Her name... Her name is Miria. We met in--Hnngh!" The man's eyes rolled into the back of his head as Ino licked his slit again.


"I don't care about any of that," snapped Ino. "Tell me, is she hot?" She spit scornfully on his cock as she continued her tender massage of the shaft.


The other man gave a sharp laugh at the blonde's inquiry. She sent him a glare. He melted under the gaze and ducked behind the man whose balls she was currently busting.


"I... She...," the man Ino was servicing seemed to have lost control of his eyes. They flailed wildly in their sockets, looking for escape, or perhaps release.


"Is she as hot as me?" asked Ino icily, focusing both hands on his shaft, working him over with more vigor.


"Hah, hah, gah," grunted the man, getting closer to his limit.


Ino stopped her ministrations, and looked him straight in his eyes, glazed and glassy though they were.


"Is she as hot as me?" she repeated, her voice barely a whisper.


"No!" groaned her victim, breaking. "No, not even close."


Ino grinned widely, then she clamped her ruby lips around his glans, gave him a small wink, and sucked.


He came instantly.


"Hnngffgh," groaned the man, his world completely whiting out. His knees gave way and he fell with a loud thump, joining Ino on his knees.


Ino adjusted her posture expertly as he fell down, not letting up on the pressure for a single second as rope after rope of cum blasted down her throat with the force of a firehose.


"Gah," he cried, all dignity forgotten. He grabbed her head with both hands and started thrusting into her with all his might.


"Mmmmgglrk," choked Ino, as 10 inches of thick cock unexpectedly penetrated her throat, tickling her windpipe. "Hmmmph, mmmph!" The man had a deathgrip on her, thrusting wildly into her mouth, grunting animalistically with each brutal stroke. "Mmmph, mmmph!" No more cruel mind-games exited Ino's mouth, replaced with helpless moans as she was stuffed with cock.


Ino tried her best to breathe through her nose as he facefucked her, his crazed thrusts powerful enough to slap his balls against her chin. Despite her best efforts, her body simply was not designed to operate with a 10-inch meat log in her throat. The lovely dick compressed her airway, wringing oxygen from her lungs, and filled her with a pleasant, floaty lightheadedness as she was similarly filled with cum.


Ino's loud, muffled moans echoed throughout the room, some of the sound sneaking through the main door, entering the tuned ear of her roommate. Sakura groaned despite no stimulation, her mind running wild with what could be happening to make her beloved Ino produce such heavenly sounds. Her core ached as Ino's moans built in pitch, squeaking higher and higher, matching Sakura's arousal.


Sakura knew it was deeply fucked up to get turned on by listening to the girl you love get fucked, but she couldn't help it. Her body would just not listen, moisture building in her groin as her pussy fussed for attention. Ino sounded so, so happy, like she was in heaven, like she was at the peak of her existence. And even though a solid wood door separated the two, Sakura felt as if Ino was all around her. She could see her, feel her, smell her, taste her...


Fuck it.


Sakura gave up and planted herself on the floor of the hallway, in full view of any potential passerby. She tore her gloves off with her teeth, not caring where they fell, both hands traveling to her oh-so-needy pussy.


On the other side of the door, Ino was still occupied riding out her partner's orgasm, releasing sultry moans as she took rope after rope of hot, gooey cum down her throat. The man was losing himself. Ino's hair had swung in front of her mouth, and he was now skullfucking her through the luxurious silky curtain of her bang. But all too soon, it was over. The grip on her head slackened and her partner fell back with a final gasp, gulping for air as if he had run a marathon. There was a satisfyingly sticky pop as his cockhead sprung free of the girl's mouth.


"Wow," panted the man pathetically, slowly regaining his grip on reality.


"Yeah," giggled Ino, licking her lips and running her hand through her hair, far too put together for someone who had just been brutally facefucked. "I said I'd drain your balls but, wow. That was a fuckload. I feel like I cheated my diet." She wondered idly if DNA counted as a carb. She resolved to look that up later.


"Huh, yeah," grunted the man back intelligently.


Ino rolled her eyes and turned to the second man. "You," she said with an imperious jab of the finger. "Fuck me." She pointed to her rear and gave a seductive wiggle.


He didn't need telling twice. He had been nursing a raging erection for the past five minutes, and he leapt instantly into action. He had heard the blonde liked taking it from behind, and he quickly hustled into position, kneeling behind her, hungrily eyeing her perfectly heart-shaped ass.


"Oh wait," remarked Ino suddenly. "Hold on, I need to do something." She took a deep breath, then formed a complex seal with both hands.


Both men balked at the ninjutsu.


"Oh relax," Ino rolled her eyes again patronizingly, "This is for me, not you." Ino took another deep breath, concentrating her chakra before finally expelling it outwards. This was a modification of her clan's Mind Body jutsu. This technique tampered with the connections of her mind, body, and soul. Instead of completely relinquishing control over herself to take control of another, using it only partially severed her connection to her body. Projecting her chakra at nothing in particular, Ino weakened her body's signaling pathways to her mind and spirit. When she had first discovered this technique, Ino had originally used it to dull pain. However, she quickly realized it was useful for other means, namely blunting sexual pleasure.


While dulling senses was not something a sensible person, much less a kunoichi, would ever do, it was something Ino did regularly. Because Ino, despite her immense sexual experience, did not have much in terms of sexual stamina. In fact, she had close to none whatsoever. She was amazingly hypersensitive, and her threshold for climax was laughably low. Any action at all at her pussy or clit, or, as she had discovered one drunken night, even the thought of penetration, was enough to send her spiraling into mind-blowing orgasms. She had, on multiple occasions, even forgotten mission objectives after some light fingering. Fortunately, this technique solved that problem, letting her have great sex without completely losing her mind.


"Okay," she sang with a cheerful wink, "All done. Time for a spitroast~" She leaned forward with a practiced casual elegance, now properly on all fours.


The man she had just sucked off was rapidly stiffening back up to size as he eyed the minx before him. At the new angle, he could see more clearly down her shirt. Ino's famed C-cup breasts hung freely down away from her, swaying with a subtle hypnotizing rhythm that wreaked havoc on the man's brain cells. 17 years-old, the two generous handfuls of flesh peeked out playfully behind the purple silk of her halter top, accentuated wonderfully by the girl's otherwise pencil-thin physique. The man nearly broke his neck trying to catch a glimpse of nipple.


The man behind her let out a groan of appreciation as Ino had leaned forward, raising her ass up for full appreciation. Her pathetic excuse for a skirt did nothing to hide her assets, and her thin pantyhose hid no secrets either. The kunoichi's luscious ass cheeks were on full display. The plump porcelain mounds bubbled cutely, barely restrained by taut black fabric, kissing above her rosebud in a glorious display of cleavage. Below her firm butt, Ino's pantyhose noticeably darkened with a sizeable wet patch, behind which her pink slit was just barely visible. Her curves tapered smoothly into her soft, creamy thighs, two pillars of marble that, even when she was on all fours, seemed to go on forever.


Ino reached out with her left hand, firmly grasping the cock that was, just a minute ago, embedded firmly in her chest, and fed it greedily back into her mouth.


"Unngh," the man cried out the instant he crowned into Ino's small, wet, warm, and unbelievably soft mouth. His eyes, just a second ago desperately leering hungrily at the teen's breasts, nevertheless rolled back into his head again, drool flowing freely from the corner of his mouth. Had Ino not been a medical expert, she would have thought he was having a seizure. He groaned senselessly, muscles tensing and flopping without purpose as he received the best head he had ever gotten, or indeed, ever would.


Ino pumped the shaft vigorously with her left hand as she worked the tip within her mouth. She was done teasing, bobbing her head energetically back and forth. Within her tight mouth, Ino's tongue danced sensually around the cockhead, delicately licking the slit, caressing the crown, and flicking the frenulum, all the while sucking with an immense force that hollowed out her elvish cheeks.


It tasted much better this time, the heavy scent of semen flavoring the fuckstick precisely to Ino's tastes. She couldn't believe she ever found this dick bland, desperately impaling her throat on the cock even as she sucked for all she was worth, finding new pleasure in the taste of the anonymous man's tree trunk of a dick. She hated how her body couldn't take the cock. She hated how her jaw ached with her lips wrapped it. She hated how her need for air forced her to retreat, the split-second of emptiness feeling like a desolate eternity. She hated how her drool diluted the taste. She just wanted, needed, more cock.


Smack! "Mmmggh!" moaned Ino. Did the guy behind her just-- Smack! "Mmmm!" The second spank answered Ino's question. Smack! "Hnnngh!" A third spank tore through Ino's body, rattling her bones. The force of the blow set her breasts asway in tight circles. Smack! "Glrgnn!" Each spank was forcing the teen to impale herself just a tiny bit more on the cock in front of her.


It seemed Ino's second suitor had more experience, or confidence, or had otherwise simply paid more attention to gossip about Ino's preferred sexual activities. Regardless, he was pressing all the right buttons.


Smack! "Ugh!"


"Yeah, you like that?" muttered the man darkly, tenderizing the kunoichi's backside with brutal strikes from dinner plate-sized hands. He spanked her with no specific aim, his huge hands slapping not only both cheeks at once, but also flinging fingers into the valley between her legs, his thick fingers brushing callously against her sensitive pussy.


"Nnnngh," was Ino's only reply, her vocal cords trapped by the cock making a wondrously harsh journey down into the girl. If she could talk, her word of choice would have been "harder."


The blows suddenly stopped, eliciting a whine from the desperately horny teenager. Ino wriggled her ass cutely, trying to draw attention to her behind. Her desires were soothed as she felt the man return to her body, this time his hands roved savagely across her behind, thick fingers roaming up to her waist, finding the delicate edge of her pantyhose.


With a sharp tug, he displaced the fabric down to her mid-thigh, allowing her ample behind to spring free. Her thick ass checks jostled as they were released from their pantyhose prison. Small pink marks had blossomed on her butt, remnants from the man's savage spanking.


Ino moaned as she felt two huge spidery hands manhandle her behind. The man worked her creamy ass checks with artful attention, like a chef kneading the last batch of dough. He had long made the observation, but couldn't help but comment, "No underwear huh? You fucking slut." Smack!


Ino let out a reproachful "Mmmmph!" around the cock in her mouth. Had she not been stuffed with dick, she would have gone on a long tirade about how bulky and uncomfortable wearing undergarments with pantyhose was. As it was however, she placated herself with taking yet another inch of meat into her throat.


A drop of Ino's arousal escaped her bottom lips, leaving a glistening trail along her left thigh before dissolving into her bunched-up pantyhose. The man behind her appreciated the view as he removed his belt, pants, and underwear, enjoying the contrast between the girl's smooth pearly white skin and midnight black pantyhose. He eyed her pussy with interest as he undid the buttons, clasps, and zippers that bound his cock. Almost on cue, Ino shimmied her legs more directly under her ass, raising her rear end, giving her second partner a more direct path to her weeping, sopping wet cunt.


He licked his lips as she angled her precious sheath to face him. Her pussy looked amazing. The hairless, sleek slit was flanked by almost no labia at all. The pomegranate pink crevice looked almost innocent between her legs, though its use was anything but. Her tiny pussy mound glistened with her arousal, shining above her already luminescent skin.


"Nnnngggh," mewled Ino pathetically, another two droplets of nectar leaking from her core. What was taking so long?


After what felt like a decade, the man freed his dick. Smack! He resumed punishing Ino's ass.


"Ggff!" grunted Ino, on her last legs. She gave up pumping the man she was blowing, instead planting her left hand back on the floor, bracing herself on all fours for a primal pounding.


Smack! The man behind her wrung out another moan as he finally guided his cock to Ino's sizzling core. He rubbed his mushroom head against her entrance, tracing her slit with it.


Ino spasmed wildly as he teased her, trying to wrap her pussy around the fiery hot cock. It was so close, so close, so close...!!


"Glrk!" Ino gagged. The man before her had planted his hands on either side of her face, jerking her towards his hips, forcing her to deep throat his immense dick. Ino's eyes widened as the 10-inch log retook its position in her esophagus.


"Glrk! Glrk!" The man before her seemed rather hurt that her attention had been split, and now seemed determined to make Ino choke on him. She did, spasming frantically as she struggled for air with his hips crashing forcefully against her doll-like face.


Less than half a second after he started skullfucking Ino, the second man behind her punched his cock into her pussy.


Ino screamed her lungs out. Not that she could generate much sound around the dick in her throat. Ino had taken a lot of dick in her life, but she would never get used to the sensation of penetration. The wild feeling of fullness... The heat of a cock... Being taken, ravaged, infiltrated... Being used, pounded, reamed, degraded...


Ino moaned wantonly, tickling the dick in her throat. She had not had a chance to eye the package that was currently pounding her pussy. And though she had braced for a good plowing, this was far beyond what she was ready for. The cock pleasuring her was huge, almost laughably out of proportion to her tiny, underage cunt. Had she not been so filthy wet, she probably would have bled as he stretched her far beyond her limits. His massive cock forced her outsides in with each stroke, and every time he pulled back, he churned her inside out.


Ino had once heard penetration described as a key going smoothly into a lock, unlocking pleasure. For Ino, it was more like a flag being pounded into virgin earth. For his dick was not sliding tenderly into her canal, but instead was tearing her up, shoving her walls aside, displacing her defenses. And he was not "unlocking" sensations within her, but was instead owning her, marking her, staking a claim over her body.


Ino trembled with each thrust, with only one thought in her mind: don't collapse. It was easier said than done though. The two men, despite having never met before that night, worked her with remarkable coordination. They pushed simultaneously, squeezing her between their massive bodies, wringing her out, impaling her on both ends, before retreating barely an inch to repeat the process all over again.


A particularly powerful dual thrust sent Ino's voice up 10 octaves, her moans converting into timid squeaks as she got reamed on both ends. She squealed as she felt two strong hands grasp her waist for leverage, crushing her around the waist. The saucer-sized hands enveloped the sharp bony crests of her hips, bashing the bones of her pelvis together. His hands were so big that, with his ferocious grip, his fingers nearly met in her center. Ino groaned, the man's hands adding a whole new dimension of savagery to his brutal fucking.


She couldn't help it. She folded. Her elbows gave out and her arms collapsed. Ino fell forward, spearing herself to the utmost on the cock in her throat, her entire upper body supported by cock and cock alone.


"Ahhnnngh," Ino cried as the man behind her squeezed her waist, compressing her around his cock as if she was nothing more than a masturbation aid. The man in front of her also redoubled his thrusts, operating at an insane tempo as he pummeled her at a new angle.


Ino was getting there. She felt the familiar, ever-so-lovely tug of climax stir in her pussy, radiating waves of heat to every part of her body. She made no attempts to fight it, feeding the beast within. Maybe it was the lack of air, but a heavenly lightness seized Ino as she approached orgasm. She could no longer feel her knees grinding on the hardwood floor. She could no longer hear the lewd wet smacks of skin against skin. All she could feel, see, taste, or sense at all was cock. And cock took her to the edge, the magnificent threshold of her climax. What was on the other side? What would happen when she got there?


Ino found out.


With an agonized "Haahhhnnnghhh," Ino came. The blonde teen vibrated uncontrollably between the two, as if her body could not decide which dick it wanted more. Both men stopped thrusting as Ino clamped down insanely, painfully hard. Her pussy squeezed wildly, milking the cock within it for all it was worth. The walls of the velvety vice pulsated at an astounding frequency, producing waves of utterly disabling pleasure as it tried to beat more dick into itself. At the same time, she engaged her throat, rhythmically peristalsing the dick inside it downwards, massaging the cock with powerful constricting muscles that most men would never feel. Ino's world faded as fire consumed her body. The ecstasy she was feeling was too much for her delicate frame. The climax tore through her, rattling, breaking, shattering--"Aghhhh!"


The insanely pleasurable sensations of Ino cumming around their cocks instantly drove both men to orgasm as well, all three climaxing together. Ino would never remember the next two minutes of her life.


Ino would not remember that orgasm, but Sakura would never forget it. Listening in not even 10 meters away, Sakura was also cumming, and cumming hard, the angelic orgasmic moans of her best friend making her lose all sense. One hand in her snatch, the other desperately groping her left tit, Sakura looked just as whorish as the girl getting spitroasted in her apartment. Her body on full display for anyone who could walk into the hall, Sakura pumped herself with an enviable rhythm, her two fingers thrusting with a force only the Hokage's pupil could muster. Her face flushed a pink that matched her hair as she rode out her orgasm, desperately dreaming that it was Ino who was fingerbanging her, Ino that was groping her...


Ino awoke to a strange, sticky smacking noise. She came to slowly, taking in her environment. She felt sluggish, perhaps a side effect of taking over a gallon of semen in her holes. She was face down on the ground somewhere. No, the floor. Her floor. Yeah, she was at home, on her floor. She raised her face up, grimacing as drying semen and saliva had made some of her hair stick to the floor. Oh right, cum. She was having sex. So that meant...


"Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck," Ino moaned, her body finally regaining its sensations. The man behind her was still ruthlessly plowing the teen, sending pure orgasmic electricity into the hypersensitive girl. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuck," moaned Ino, her mouth freely spitting profanities, her whole body rocking back and forth as she was impaled. The man who, just minutes before, had been throatfucking her was slumped over in front of her, barely breathing, his cock finally out of her windpipe.


Ino snuck her arms back under her, pushing up shakily to steady herself against the thrusts that were rattling her bones. Once on all fours, she reached out towards the man in front of her, teetering on three limbs, only staying upright throughout the fucking due to years of kunoichi training. She batted the wilting dick in front of her, trying to rouse the man who, after two orgasms, seemed comatose.


"Wake! Up! You! Fucking! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!," barked Ino, her words timed to the strokes she was taking. After a few good whacks, the man's eyelids flickered, and he awoke with a groan. To his credit, he was remarkably quick on the uptake. The second his eyes opened, he wordlessly shuffled back into place, and guided his glorious meat rod into Ino's mouth yet again.


"Mmmmmmmmm~!" It was as though his dick was the most delicious thing Ino had ever tasted. Ino resumed her nasal, whiny moans as she was, for the third time that night, getting her throat invaded. After two earthshattering orgasms, the guy she was blowing was finally able to withstand Ino's oral technique to some degree. With a fog-filled, but nevertheless functional mind, the man plundering her mouth shot a hand under Ino's ponytail and tugged fiercely at the bow knot holding her halter top up. The flimsy garment tumbled from Ino's body, freeing her breasts, which were swinging like a metronome, gently clapping as they bounced. The man couldn't even see her chest, his dick being too far down her throat to have any angle, but stripping the girl had given him a rush of intoxicating power nonetheless.


Ino didn't even notice her shirt had fallen away, too lost in her own world to care about anything but the second orgasm blossoming within her.


"Guh!" With a sharp tug, the man before her gripped her ponytail. Wrenching her head up, he popped his cock out of her oral hole. Though exiting her was a terribly miserable experience, he had a plan. Gripping her platinum locks cruelly, he jerked his waist back, positioning his cock a few inches from Ino's panting face. His other hand seized his gargantuan dick, beating it off with determined strokes.


"Nnngh," Ino had barely registered that there was only one dick within her. Staring hazily at the sizzling bitch-breaker in front of her, it took her nearly two minutes to recognize that he planned on giving her a facial. Invoking what little sense she had left, Ino shut her eyes and stuck out her tongue.


Smack! "Oh!" The guy behind her had started spanking her again, alternating between earthshattering forehands and backhands as he skewered her. Smack! Smack! Smack! This was too much... she was going to--


"Open wide," hissed the man in front of her, finally reaching his climax. Slrpt! Slrpt! He shot rope after rope of steaming semen onto the girl, blasting her with a load so massive its ejaculation was actually audible. Ino flinched as she found herself in a literal hurricane of cum. Given how much she was bouncing around, his aim was passable. The first rope splatted squarely in her hair. The next shot was better, drenching her brow and nose before dribbling all over. The third shot straight into her mouth, part of it lodging in her trachea, causing a coughing fit to take over the girl. The vibrations of her coughing were tremendously appreciated by the man still fucking her pussy. The man kept on cumming on her famously elegant face, with a fourth rope, and then a fifth, then a sixth, then a seventh... Ino lost it at seven.


In contrast to her first, explosive orgasm, Ino's second orgasm was rather quiet. Had she had the energy, Ino's screams would have alarmed the entire village. Instead, she gurgled weakly, writhing pathetically as if she were dying, her entire field of vision snowed out by pure white ecstasy.


Two hands grabbed the wilting girl by the shoulders. The man behind her pulled so hard her arms nearly came out of their sockets, slamming her entire body into him.


"Urf! Gah! Ungh!" With no one to share Ino with, the second man unleashed a new side of him. Somehow, he was thrusting even harder, even faster, and even deeper, as if punishing Ino for a lifetime of misdeeds.


A delicious mixture of spit and semen was dribbling out of Ino's mouth when the facial finally stopped. Ino's face was completely painted at this point, not an inch of her gorgeous features not coated in manly essence. The spent man fell back with a satisfied sigh, happy he was able to paint the spoiled slut in front of him. Cock rapidly deflating, he contented himself with watching the blonde get plowed from the other side. And get plowed Ino did. She had long relinquished any control she had, eyes rolling back into her head, her breath came in sharp gasps, hiccupped by the sharp thrusts. The dick was just so good, so good, so good!


Smack! Ino was jerked back into reality with yet another harsh spank.


"Wake up slut."


Ino had no idea when she had passed out, but she didn't remember how she got in her new position. She was face down, ass up, showing off her immense flexibility, still being churned relentlessly by the man behind her. On any other day, Ino may have made a clever, flirtatious quip in response to being called a slut, but the 17-year-old had no vocabulary at this point, and could only moan weakly as her pussy quaked from the endless pounding. She had no idea when her top had come off, but her tits were now being roughly ground into the hardwood floor, her hardened nipples stabbing back into her flesh.


Ino was completely spent, losing the strength to even lift her cum-weighted eyelids. However, despite her fatigue, she had a deep desire to milk one last load from her partner, her pride as a girl demanding her to squeeze the man dry. So she held onto consciousness for dear life, channeling her tough training as a kunoichi to focus every fiber of her being to fuck the gorilla of a man behind her with everything she had.


It was a tough fight. The man impaling her was implacable, insatiable, unstoppable, so big, so strong. Every thrust was disastrous, ruining to Ino, but seemed to barely impact him, his insane rhythm uninterrupted throughout.


But, just as Ino was about to tumble unconscious yet again...


"Oooooohhhh, yeeahhh." The man came with a groan, pounding Ino with a truly animalistic fury that actually knocked Ino on her side. He grabbed her around the torso, dragging her ruthlessly back into his cock. Over and over and over. Ino passed out yet again, nothing more than a cocksleeve now.


Whap. "Nmmmh?" Ino awoke to a cock an inch from her face, though she didn't know it. With a painful effort, Ino opened her cum-encrusted eyes, bewildered. The girl went cross-eyed for a second as her vision focused on the veritable meat mountain in front of her.


"Clean it." The man's sturdy voice echoed around the room with an unchallengeable power.


Ino, on her back, tried to rise to obey, but had no strength left in her body.


With an exasperated sigh, the man grabbed a handful of Ino's silky hair, and pulled her cruelly to her knees. Ino squeaked at the rough treatment, squirming helplessly as she was brought level to his red hot rod. The haughty heiress glanced up pitifully at the man who had just reamed her senseless. She could do nothing but open her mouth submissively to receive dick.


Two strong hands grasped Ino's small skull, holding it in place as he fucked her without any care or respect to his cock's recipient. Ino's lovely mouth cleaned away the foamy gruel of bodily fluids that was caked around it, a filthy mixture of both people's essence. When a satisfactory amount of it was gone down Ino's gullet, the man shoved Ino roughly off his dick, and she tumbled to the floor like a sack of bricks, completely unconscious, a dumb, happy smile shining through the drying mask of cum on her face.


With a satisfied sigh, he bent down to retrieve his clothes, his companion already dressed.


The clinking of his belt sent a lance of panic through Sakura, who was still planted pathetically outside, working on her 4th orgasm. Oh fuck! Sakura growled frustratedly, pulling her black shorts up, cursing as she had to give up masturbating. She snatched her gloves off the ground and scampered off, her qipao still unclasped, her A-cup breasts open to the world.


She made it around the corner before the door opened, and the two men walked off quickly, awkward despite the amazing threesome.


Sakura sighed. She really had to stop doing this.




And that's it for chapter 1. Writing a story into this little box is hard. >.<

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