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This is an idea that I’ve been kicking around for quite a while now. I’ve been revising it, scrapping parts of it, revisiting some old ideas I had for it and implementing new ones… all sorts of stuff. It’s all been in the works for a few months, but now I think it’s time I put pen to paper and get this party started.

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This story will include, but is not limited to: mind break, something that might resemble (voluntary) slavery, pregnancy, harems, some genderbending, a total lack of monogamy, some humor, and more importantly a lot of juicy smut.

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The sweltering heat of the desert was something Naruto was sure he would never get used to.

He pressed a palm against his forehead, groaning as the sun’s heat continued to beat mercilessly down on him. If he wasn’t tanned already, Uzumaki Naruto was sure that he’d be looking positively bronze by now had he been as pale as someone like… Hinata, or Sakura-chan.

Naruto was a rather good looking boy with his lightly tanned skin, though — bright blonde hair, the color of sunflowers; watery blue eyes that could be mistaken for sapphires in the darkness of a cave; and, on top of that, a rather tall and broad frame. He was certainly a man by now, a far cry from the boy that had become a shinobi at the fresh age of twelve.

Naruto groaned. For a brief moment he fumbled helplessly, hand searching for the drink of cool soda that was on top of the table in front of him; his slippery, sweaty fingers hardly able to grip the cup. Once he did manage to secure a grip however, he pressed the glass against his lips and drank greedily, relishing in the sweet taste that clung to his mouth even once he’d put the drink down.

A slight laugh was elicited from the person sitting opposite him.

“Feeling a little hot under the collar?” Temari said teasing, a smirk curling her lips as she sipped at her mug of tea.

“That’s an understatement,” Naruto grumbled. “For God’s sake, how the hell does your village deal with this all year long?” His tone was exasperated, blonde spikes of hair falling in his eyes.

Temari laughed a little more. “It’s not like you, you know, chose to visit Sunagakure in July,” she said, that teasing tone growing a tad stronger. She shifted how she sat a little, crossing her legs.

He opened his mouth to say something — then closed it. Then opened it again. “Ugh,” Naruto groaned, picking up his glass of soda and taking another long sip of it. “Next time I come to visit Gaara, it’s gonna be in December; or January. Stupid summer months…”

A sly smile curled her lips.

They were seated just outside a cafe, at a comfortable circular table — the kind with an umbrella to shroud the people underneath it. The heat was so extreme that the umbrella only provided a tiny bit of shade, but Temari felt quite comfortable under it; actually, nearly everyone around seemed relatively content despite the temperature. Only Naruto — unused to the climate — was sweating so profusely. 

“It’s probably about time we return to the tour,” Temari said, taking one last sip from her glass of tea before setting the empty mug back down. “We don’t have any time to waste.”

“Yeah, sure,” Naruto mumbled. “Just let me finish my drink.”

“Fine with me,” she told him.

He grabbed his cup and downed the rest of it in one go — setting it back down on the table with a refreshing gasp. “We already paid, right?” Naruto asked.


“So we can just go?”


“Alright,” Naruto said, standing up. He grimaced as he stepped from underneath the umbrella’s shade. “Let’s go, then.”

Temari stood up as well, brushing off the front of her kimono. Naruto stared at her for a moment… swept away by her looks. The desert beauty was the kind of woman that could take someone’s breath away...curves in all the right places, sandy blonde hair, a tight black kimono draped across her body that accentuated her breasts and her wide hips… and her delightful rump. And the best part of that last one is that Naruto was spending quite a lot of time staying directly behind her as he followed her around the village, Temari taking him to sightsee the various landmarks.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Temari said. Naruto shook his head, ears turning pink --- but then again, as he looked Temari dead in the eyes… were… were her cheeks a little red? The corner of her lip quirked upward, as if she knew exactly what he had been looking at.

“Sorry,” he muttered, averting his gaze.

Temari laughed.

As she turned and began to walk, Naruto couldn’t help but notice that extra sway to her hips — one that hadn’t been there before.

He followed after her.


“You know, I can’t help but find it funny,” Temari said.

“Find what funny?”

It was evening now — not quite dark, since it was summer and the sun stayed in the sky far longer than it would otherwise. The streets were emptying of married couples and single mothers, the former crowd being replaced with the youth and young adults that populated the village at night.

Temari turned toward him, that same smirk on her lip.

“The fact that you’ve been staring at my ass all day and haven’t even tried to hide it. Most guys… well, they would have at least made an attempt at being subtle.”

Naruto’s ears turned pink once more — but… he’d been caught redhanded; and he had never been the type to try and lie his way out of a situation.

“It is a nice ass,” Naruto mumbled, a feeble attempt to lighten the mood.

“Thanks. I made it myself,” Temari jested. Naruto laughed — both of them leaned back in their chairs, sighing. Over the course of the day they’d worked themselves around in a big circle… they had ended up at the same cafe that they’d visited earlier; the only difference was that they were at a different table.

“I’m surprised,” Naruto admitted, after a moment of comfortable silence. “Most women… well… they would have gotten pretty pissed at me if they knew I was looking at them all day.” His mind drifted to a certain pink haired kunoichi — who meant well, but whose distaste for perverts didn’t mesh well with Naruto at all. To be fair, she had cooled a little bit in recent times… all the stress from the threat the Akatsuki posed hadn’t helped anyone.

“Well, I can’t speak for other women. But me? I’m flattered. The only guys I talk to on a regular basis are my brothers, and that idiot Shikamaru when I visit Konoha.”  Naruto couldn’t help but notice the fond smile she wore when she’d said Shikamaru’s name. “Most of the other men here… well, you know how intimidating Gaara can be.”

Temari laughed, and Naruto chuckled nervously — he loved Gaara and knew that the Kazekage was a different man now… but the memory of Rock Lee having his leg and arm near pulverized was a less than fond memory for the blonde.

“Anyway, having a bunch of mother hens swirling around the nest doesn’t help my social life in the least. Getting a compliment from a man — even if it’s a non verbal one — feels pretty damn good.”

“Makes sense, I guess,” Naruto said. “And don’t worry. Your ass is nice enough that even if I had Gaara breathing down my neck I’d probably still sneak a look.”

She smirked. “I’ll have to keep that in mind,” Temari said.

A pause.

Temari swirled her finger in the cup of tea she’d ordered, waiting for the sugar she had added to properly dissolve.

“You know…” Temari murmured. “It has been a while.”

“Since what?”

“Since I had a nice lay.”

Naruto’s mouth went dry… was she…? “What are you saying?” he asked.

“Last time was when I was in Konoha, with that idiot Shikamaru,” Temari murmured. “He’s got some technique but the laziness isn’t endearing when you’re trying to cum before he falls asleep.” She laughed slightly, a smile spreading her cheeks.

“You slept with Shikamaru?” Naruto said, eyes widened. “What- are, are you guys like an item or something?”

“An item?” Temari said, smirking. “Just because you have sex with someone doesn’t mean you’re in a committed relationship, Naruto. Shikamaru’s a nice guy, but… he’s a bit of a handful.” She sighed. “And besides, I doubt he’d ever want to be in an actual relationship regardless.”

“Oh.” That lessened the feeling of guilt on Naruto’s chest — for a moment there, he thought he’d been leering at his friend’s girlfriend. “What are you suggesting then?”

She sighed. “Well,” Temari murmured, leaning forward slightly. “How about we extend the tour a little?”

“What more can you show me here? I thought we pretty much covered everything,” Naruto said, eyebrows scrunching with blatant confusion.

“I’m saying we should extend the tour to my apartment,” Temari murmured, leaning even closer to Naruto, a sultry smile on her lips. “More specifically to my bed; I think I could give you a properwelcome to Sunagakure. God knows I need a good tumble and I’ve heard of your stamina…”

She looked at him expectantly, cheeks a tad red, but her eyes sparkling and crackling with anticipation. Naruto had known his answer yesterday — it was damn obvious to the blonde what he would say.

“Well, sure!” Naruto said. “I’d love to. You’re beautiful, Temari — how could I say no?”

She grinned. “Keep saying that and your night is going to be very enjoyable,” Temari said. The blonde took a swig of her tea — making quite the show of leaning back in her chair; Naruto wasn’t daft enough to think she was jutting out her chest like that on accident, either. 

He could only lick his lips as he stared at those delicious breasts pressed up against her black kimono. 

“Finish your drink,” she murmured. “Gaara should be done by now; you can talk to him for as long as you like… but afterward, I’ll show you where you’ll be staying tonight. Understand what I mean?”

“I think so,” Naruto whispered. “And I’m looking forward to it.”

Temari flashed him a wink, before taking another sip of her tea.

Naruto couldn’t help but notice the thumping of his heart in his ears as they allowed an otherwise comfortable silence to build between them.


Gaara was an interesting guy. He didn’t talk much; he was quiet, withdrawn, serious… but he and Naruto could really get along. They sat in the Kazekage’s office for what felt like hours, just talking. About their villages, about how Naruto’s stay in Sunagakure so far had been, about how the world had adjusted since the close of the Fourth Shinobi War.

It was nice.

“I’m afraid I have more work to attend to,” Gaara murmured, leaning back slightly. “Temari will show you where you’ll be staying here in Sunagakure — I’ve ensured that you’ve received the best accomodations possible.”

“You wouldn’t have to go that far, Gaara,” Naruto said, grinning as he stood up from his chair. “You could shove me under a cardboard box and I’d love it here.”

Gaara’s lip didn’t even twitch. “I refuse to allow nothing but the best for you, Naruto,” he said, tone solemn.

Naruto’s grin morphed into a bright smile. “Thank you,” he murmured. “Hope you have fun with your work.”

“Of course. I will see you tomorrow.”

Gaara returned to his papers, picking up a pen and returning straight to work. Naruto gave him a fond smile. Turning around, the blonde wordlessly made his way out of the office, opening up the door and stepping into the hall outside.

On a nearby bench Temari sat; her legs were crossed and Naruto just couldn’t stop himself from gazing at those amazing legs — they seemed endless, and he could just catch a glimpse of her mouthwateringly beautiful thighs.

“It’s about time you two finished,” she said, smirking.

“You were out here the whole time?” Naruto asked.

“I went to go get some things done for a bit,” Temari murmured. “I got back about ten minutes ago, actually. Still — I’ve been waiting for quite a while. Are you ready?”

“For you? Damn right I am.” 

Naruto grinned from ear to ear; his mind was already racing with the sinful things he wanted to do to her. The fact that she was Gaara’s sister… well, there was a tiny bit of guilt in his gut, but the Suna blonde’s sheer sexiness canceled that out quite significantly.

Another woman might have lead him by the hand, but Temari didn’t even reach for him. She simply turned and began to walk — knowing that he would follow. And knowing that he would stare at her backside the entire way, her hips swaying from side to side, her rump looking so juicy pressed up against the back of her kimono. Naruto could only bathe in anticipation for what was to come.

Temari’s apartment wasn’t too far, just a few blocks at most. They were there in the blink of an eye, taking a back entrance into the apartment complex and slipping silently up the stair wells so the receptionist wouldn’t notice the hero of the Elemental Nations checking into a woman’s room.

She seemed to take an eternity to unlock the door — the soft click of the lock being opened was like heaven to his ears. She threw open the door…

… and now, she lead him by the hand — or more accurately, yanked him into her apartment. The door was shut behind her and then she was upon him, pressing her lips against his and running her hands all along his body. Naruto couldn’t bring himself to resist; he could have attempted to turn the tide but instead he allowed himself to be swept up by this luscious blonde.

But that relative submissiveness only lasted for a moment.

“Damn,” Temari breathed, cupping his cheek in one hand and just staring at him — her teal eyes looked… enamored. “You know, up close, you’re like ten times more attractive,” she whispered.

“Looks like we’ll have to get closer then,” Naruto murmured. Taking his first forward action, he tipped his head forward and kissed her — now that her initial burst of dominance had passed, he began to gently twist the knob. He placed his hands on the firm rump he’d been staring at all day long, grasping her firm cheeks and squeezing, Naruto letting out a groan at how damned plump and juicy her ass was.

With ease he hefted her up, pulling her taut against his chest as he deepened the heated kiss they shared. Her legs hung limp on either side of him, his fingers still tightly gripping her ass — Temari groaned, able to feel his hardness, his heat, his mighty erection that strained and twitched… easily felt even through several layers of thick cloth.

She endeavored to not be idle, and as he continued to devour her mouth she elected to do something. That something ended up being the removal of his shirt — the Suna blonde gingerly unzipping the front, before easing it off of his shoulders and flinging it to the side without a care in the world. She reached her hands down, undoing the sash of her kimono but not quite slipping out of it yet.

Temari chuckled. “Eager, aren’t you?” He transitioned his lips to the tanned skin of her neck, the blonde skillfully suckling and licking and nibbling at her in that perfect way; she angled her head backward, so he had more skin to work his magic on.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Naruto breathed — he was so damned hard that there was only one thing on his mind.

“Second door on the left.”

He carried her in there without question, tossing her onto the bed. Before she could move he was upon her, helping her to shed her kimono with his fingers — opening it up to reveal the bounty of her curvaceous body. He moaned as her wonderful bust came into sight… Naruto proceeded to straddle her, inhaling her delicious scent; he grasped her breasts in his hands, still nibbling and licking her neck. She was already moaning beneath him.

Naruto pulled the kimono out from under her, before tossing it to the side. His mesh undershirt came off; then his pants; then his boxers. Temari was in bliss… she didn’t even notice he was nude until he had repositioned himself in between her legs, and by then it was too late to get a good look at what he was working with, as he’d already gone back to working over her body.

Her breasts were well taken care of: nipples tweaked and licked, her tits squeezed and groped — they were especially sensitive and it was as if he subconsciously knew that.

The Uzumaki eagerly spread her legs, and she grimaced as cool air brushed against her sopping wet folds; she was aroused… so aroused. Just the kissing and light foreplay had brought her to the point where she was yearning for cock — his tongue and hands were just so delightfully good. She couldn’t help it.

He pressed something up against her entrance… and she gasped.

Temari looked down.

What she saw was-

“Oh fuck,” she whispered.

He kept pushing and pushing, but his cock was just so big. Huge to the point where it seemed impossible to take, yet he was more than adamant about trying. He kept pushing and pushing, spreading her pussy lips open with two fingers and continuing to ground his hips forward.

It took a little bit… but eventually, he managed to pop the head of his enormous cock into her.

She let out a moanThe kind of moan which seemed exaggerated beyond belief… yet was very much warranted considering the pleasure coursing through her body. It felt as if electricity had shot through her veins — she was alive, she was free, she was so full. He was so enormous; almost on the edge of being too big for her. But he had managed to get the tip inside of her, and nothing would stop him from helpfully encouraging the rest of his shaft to penetrate into her hot depths.

“Fuck!” Temari groaned, throwing her head back.

“Am I big?” Naruto asked.

“Ye- yeah you kind of fucking are,” she growled.

He grinned. “You have no idea how much I love hearing that,” Naruto admitted, pumping his hips forward at a relentless pace — he was only easing a tiny bit of cock into her over a relatively long period, but it was enough. She was grimacing and biting her lip, the sensation of stretching so quaint; she already felt packed full to the brim with man meat, yet there was still so much more to go. All those inches… how could a woman take every last one? It seemed ludicrous to even suggest the possibility.

But he continued to push that glorious erection into her regardless; no matter how hard he had to thrust, no matter how much she had to stretch to take it… he made her take it. With Uzumaki force and a bit of elbow grease, Naruto managed to get one quarter of his cock into her before long — which, if you asked her, was enough cock to last for a lifetime.

“Jeez,” Naruto muttered. “You are really tight, Temari.”

“T-thanks.” And there was no sly joke this time, as she had made when he complimented her ass. She was too far in bliss to make jokes — that and the quaint feeling of stretching was leaving her mind completely preoccupied.

He gave her a reprieve; the slightest of breaks that she could use to recuperate. But after only a moment of rest, Naruto continued his assault — he drew out of her unfathomably wet pussy, groaning as the smell of her arousal only made him harder. Then, he thrust back into her. The blonde stud granted leniency in a way: he only thrust back and forth into already conquered, already stretched out territory… she took no more than a fourth of his cock, the maximum she’d already taken, for the duration of that phase. But it was…


She was out of her league, Temari realized. That much was obvious — with a guy like Naruto, so sweet and chubby cheeked… she had expected someone with more bark than bite. Plenty of stamina, but not enough technique or finesse to make up for her.

Well, she had been proven wrong. What had to be the biggest cock in the world was now moving its way in and out of her… and accompanied by that was the kind of skill that any of her previous sexual partners would have dreamed to have a quarter of. For all intent and purposes, Temari had been at Naruto’s mercy — it was likely only his desire to not forever destroy her pussy that kept her afloat. That, and the rust that had to be knocked off his considerable sexual skills… because it had been a damn while and he still didn’t remember all of his techniques.

“God,” Temari whispered. “Just stop. Just- just for a moment. Give me a second.”

To his credit, Naruto stopped. Not that he wasn’t grinding his hips against her in that delicious way, enormous cock twitching slightly inside of her in a way that made her entire body jolt like a thousand volts had coursed through her all at once.

She panted, red faced and barely hanging on. Her walls were clenched so tight around his member; her juices continually leaked out from around his shaft, filling the entire room with her scent.

“Are you on birth control?” Naruto hesitated to ask.

“Yeah…” she muttered, an arm pressed against her forehead as her breathing slowly returned to normal. “I- I’ve got to ask you something,” Temari said. “How the hell did you get so good?”

“At what?”

“What do you think? Sex, Naruto, sex. What we’re doing right now.”

Naruto chuckled. “You think I’m good?” he asked.

She glowered at him; “What do you think?” she mumbled darkly.

The Uzumaki grinned cheekily at her. “Well, you know, my old teacher was a bit of a pervert; he’d always had an open view of sex and that kind of stuff. When I was on my training trip with him, he’d dump me in a brothel when he went to a bar. Gave me a handful of money and told me to pick a girl and spend the night with her.”

“Really?” she said.

Naruto nodded. “And this was over the course of years. I- I had to have slept with at least a hundred girls before I came back to Konoha. Picked up a few tricks along the way, quite a few of which I’m sure you’re enjoying now.”

Temari groaned. “If you ever see any of those girls again,” the Suna blonde murmured, wiggling her hips from side to side slightly and moaning at the feeling of his cock scraping against her walls. “Be sure to tell them I said thanks.”

“Will do,” Naruto said. “You ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

He began to thrust once more, and it quickly became evident that she was not ready. Not at all; mostly because he went past his previous limit of ‘one-fourth’ of his cock and began to slide even more into her. She’d thought she had been full before… it was nothing compared to then and there. It was like the feeling one would get after half a dozen plates at the buffett — of being so full that any more would leave someone whimpering. But unlike that scenario, Naruto just continued to push more cock into her depths and she continued to take it, whether her body (and mind) were equipped to deal with it or not.

“I’m not too far now,” Naruto mumbled. “How do you want it?”

“Want- want what?” She’d been so focused on the strain of taking his cock that she’d seemed to lose track of almost everything else.

“Me to cum. Where do you want me to cum?” he asked, hot breath cascading against her ear — he was still thrusting into her. Maybe he didn’t realize it, but when he continued to pump that delicious cock in and out of her greedy pussy, she seemed to lose all track of herself.

In fact, she lost track to the point where she forgot that nobody had came inside of her yet — not Shikamaru, not any sexual partner she’d had. Temari had saved that one right for the man she felt was worthy.

… and she couldn’t even get her lips to form any words. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to cum inside of her or not — her body screamed yes, her mind screamed fuck yes, but there was the tiniest part of her that realized she’d barely talked to Naruto before that day. Regardless, her eyes rolled back in her head; she moaned and groaned, fingernails clawing at his back as he continued to thrust, and he was left without an answer.

“I guess you’re leaving it up to me,” Naruto said. “Inside it is, then.”


A overly hard thrust stole the breath from her lungs — she gasped and wheezed as if she had taken a hit to the solar plexus, but in reality, all that had happened was a fucking thick cock had hit her G-spot and made her see white.

Naruto grabbed one of her breasts in a hand, groping and squeezing it, twisting her rosy nipple between two fingers. With her other breast, he leaned down… taking it into his mouth, Temari moaning when he did so; his tongue licked and batted at her nipple. Her sensitive bust being so well attended to made her almost quiver with ecstasy.

“Woah. Look at that,” he murmured, directing his gaze downward. Something that Temari had was a very prominent clit — it was red and engorged, and as he ran his thumb over it she began to shiver. “You like that?” Naruto asked, pressing a finger against it; she gasped, eyes closed and her hands only clutching tighter to his torso. “Good.”

He sped up his thrusts slightly, still working over her breasts, still nudging and teasing her clit. It was a cornucopia of pleasure — and quite honestly, Temari simply didn’t stand a chance. She was putty in his hands… and it wasn’t long before the dyke broke and the water overflowed, so to speak.

Or, in other words, she came.

Her inner walls clenched ever tighter; Naruto let out a grunt.

Now, there was something important to realize. Uzumaki stamina didn’t mean he lasted longer, though he still lasted a good deal longer than any ordinary man would, surprising considering he was faced with a woman as sexy as Temari. What Uzumaki stamina meant is that he could recover very fast, and keep going past the point where anybody else would be flaccid.

He wanted to last longer; he really did. But she was so tight, and wet, and hot — he couldn’t help himself. He’d only managed to get about a third of his cock into her, but he drove every inch that he could inside of her and… came.

Temari would never recall the next five minutes.

It was no joke, no exaggeration — her vision turned stark white for five minutes; all she felt was rippling pleasure that flowed through every pore of her body; she heard loud moans, almost screams in volume, and it only took her a moment to realize that those were sounds that she was making. Thank God the walls in her apartment were especially thick.

When she finally came to, the white fading from her vision and Naruto’s grinning face appearing in its place, all Temari felt was warmth.

In her womb; throughout her entire body. She just felt… warm. And full. Why was it that every time she thought she was as full as one could be, he would surpass that feeling with something even more delightful? Only, ‘full’ seemed to understate what she felt. Something like ‘bursting at the seams’ seemed more accurate… it felt as if fully one-fourth of the liquid in her body was now his hot, gooey, thick, hot cum.

“Oh, you’re awake. I thought for a second I might have-” Naruto paused for a moment, shaking his head. “Oh well.”

She felt him twitch inside of her.

“You’re- you’re getting hard again…?” Temari whispered, voice hoarse, teal eyes half-lidded and hardly able to remain open.

“I can’t help myself,” Naruto whispered, tipping his head down and running his tongue against one of her delightfully plump breasts. “I just can’t help myself.”

Temari whimpered as he began to move in and out of her once again.

What followed had to be some kind of pleasurable torture… Temari’s sore, battered pussy was forced to take his cock again, it was forced to stretch, and she was forced to feel the ecstasy that he could so easily provide. It was the same position; he shoved no more of his cock into her unexplored depths, only thrusting into territory he’d conquered before he had came the first time around. But even then, Temari couldn’t withstand it. For a while, everything was little more than a blur of pleasure and slight pain as her sore folds stretched to accommodate his rapid thrusts.

He lasted a few minutes shorter than he had the first time, because just like then, Naruto wasn’t infallible. Temari was too tight, too wet, too hot — even with her more or less lying there, moaning and taking his cock without any sort of response aside from her hips gently bucking back against him, Naruto was more than ready to cum for a second time.

For Temari, there was a God — after all, it was either Him or a simple impulse that caused Naruto to pull out of her just before he came for a second time.

Regardless of why he pulled out, he did. And he ended up firing an equally massive load across her belly — her belly button was filled with gooey cum, her midriff was coated entirely, and the strands of jizz shot far enough up that some of his jizz even stained the underside of her breasts. She just laid there, idle, unable to do anything but groan.

“Whew!” Naruto rubbed his forehead, finally, blissfully, easing that massive cock out of her. He was sweaty and flushed, but he wasn’t panting — he pushed himself off the bed with a grin, and Temari couldn’t help but look down and notice that he was half-hard already just from eyeballing her nude body. “I think I’ll go take a shower. Which way is the bathroom?” he asked.

“First- first door on your right,” Temari murmured.

“Awesome.” He went and bound out of the room without another word.

Temari tried to move — but she couldn’t. Her legs ached; her pussy felt as if had a train had been run on it… sort of. It didn’t hurt… it just felt strange. She looked down and visibly watched as her folds had to return to their original tightness after the invasion of Naruto’s beyond enormous length. Cum drooled freely out of her now, leaking down her thighs; the jizz on her belly didn’t help her terrible state either. She could smell it, and it was such an overwhelmingly manly scent that she couldn’t make heads or tails of whether she wanted to lap it all up or allow it to remain, so the blonde could continue to inhale the smell of his essence.

“Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck…” She wasn’t one to swear like a sailor in most circumstances, but the situation certainly called for it.

This was supposed to be a fling; a one night stand. She was supposed to have sent Naruto on his way the very next morning.

But, right then and there, Temari knew that she would drag Naruto back into her bed the next morning if she had to.

She wasn’t broken yet; she was still perfectly rational. She could say no to him if she wanted to, but the thing was, she didn’t. There was still a ways to go before Naruto became an addiction… but at this rate, that day was coming fast.

Naruto showered. By the time he was done, Temari had regained control of her legs… mostly. She went and took a shower of her own — by the time she came back, he had fallen asleep in her living room, snoozing soundly on her couch.

A small part of her was pissed that he hadn’t gone to sleep in her bed, but she wasn’t about to wake him up over it.

Temari limped into her room, and closed the door behind her.

The next day would be an interesting one, that was for sure.


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