The Tale of Naruto the Perverted

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Author's Note Greetings my little lovelies it is I once again bringing you a new series. Since the Hentai Chronicles rebirth is long overdue I figured I would bring it back in a different way, and with that introuduction out of the way let's get the series underway!

Additional Warnings This series contians lots of lemony content including Oral, Anal and some bits of titfucking along with plenty fo other things. As for this chapter itself it will contain Ageplay and Inc,  not to mention this chapter tells the death of one of the major characters in the Naruto series,now with that out of the way let the first chapter commence!

Chapter One: The Pervert's Birth

Naruto was sucking on the soft supple sun tanned skin belonging to Ino Yamaka who was squirming in pleasure feeling the blonde male ripping her clothes off giving him a full view of her naked sun tanned body causing the blonde male to bite his lower lip before returning his attention towards making the blonde female's pussy slippery wet while his sun tanned calloused hands were massaging, caressing and lightly squeezing the blonde female's ample breasts loving the loud and sensual moans and melwing sounds Ino was making as the blonde male suckled her neck from behind with gusto.

Ever since his brith the blonde male had a depraved mind, not even the Shinobi Realm's best medics in menttal healing could grasp the brevity fo the blonde male's perverted mind. As Naruto was teasing Ino his mind was wandering to the day that he had been born remembering the vision of a ravishing redheaded Milf, and what depraved acts she had done with the blonde male at the time that he was just a little child. Naruto knew that it was wrong, but he didn't care in his mind he was recieving training in order to accomplish his dream.

Flashback no Jutsu

Shortly before the blonde male was born there had already been plans in work to see that he would aquire his dream. The cureent bearer of the Nine Tailed Beast at that time was the ravishing redheaded wife to the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, also known as the Yellow Flash. Preparations had to be made in order to keep the Nine Tails from escaping during the child's birth, but it still wasn't enough to keep dark forces away form even the most happiest day in the young couple's life wishing to gain control of the Tailed Beast to utilize its power to destroy the Leaf Village..

It happened so quickly, all of the medics who had been taking care of Kushina had been incapacitated leaving only the elder blonde and his vunerable wife unscathed. A man in a mask greeted them clutching the young Naruto in his hand causing the Nimikaze patriarch to grit his teeth. Threating the life of the Hokage's child was a terrible offense, the penalty was death and Minato planned to give the Masked Man what he rightfully deserved. Funneling some chakra into his fingertips the elder blonde male threw his tri pronged kunai which was his family's heirloom directly into the hand that was clutching the little Uzumaki Naruto tightly.

Reeling back form this attack for a brief second caused Naruto to be freed from the Masked Man's clutches, but this action had left Kushina unattended giving the Masked Man tthe chance to bring about the Nine Tails utilizing his Sharingan Eye from the eye hole within the mask. The crimson haired beauty feel to the floor, but she quickly sprang back up surprising the Masked Man in the process. Normally when the Tailed Beast had been extracted from its host that host would die, but not for Uzumaki Kushina due to the fact that her life force was so strong she could withstand this one rule dealing with the Tailed Beast.

Minato had quickly returned to find that the Nine Tails was running free causing him to gasp in shock. Being the master of Sealing Jutsu the elder blonde was tasked in sealing the Nine Tails back again, but before he could do so he was interrupted once again by the Masked Man. Striking up the elder blonde's anger Minato threw his tri-pronged kunai at the Masked Man's direction. Amazingly the kunai struck the Masked Main directly between the eyes killing him instantly, yet the elder blonde wanted to know the identy of this individual behind the mask.

The elder blonde was in shock to find out that the Masked Man was none other than his student Obito Uchiha causing the elder blonde to mourn for his student, but this was short lived because he had to reseal the Nine Tails.Luckily for the blonde his redheaded wife knew a secret ninjutsu for restraining Tailed Beasts, known as the Art of Restraint. Steel chains wrapped around the Nine Tails as the elder blonde male siphoned out half of the beast's chakra sealing it away in hsi young son, and the other half was sealed away in the elder blonde.

With the Nine Tails sealed away lfie went on as usal for the Namikaze/Uzumaki family. Minato continued his reign as the Fourth Hokage rueling with a stern yet gentle hand. As for his redheaded wife Kushina she was charged with training her young son to become an effiencent shinobi for the village which the family resided in. Kushina was quite impressed that Naruto was a quick learner mastering the ways of the shinobi at such an early age, yet there was only one more thing that the young Uzumaki had yet to learn which was the Mental Arts.

It happened during Naruto sixth birthday Kushina had prepared for the event toiling labourously throughout the day to make the event memorable and perfect. All of Naruto friends were there as well, and everyone was having a grand time. Kushina had invited all of her freinds that she had grown up with filling the entire household with celebratory nature making sure that Naruto wouldn't forget this memory in time. Minato himself had taken the day off from his duties as the Fourth Hokage, but the elder blonde recieved an earful from his predecor the Third Hokage, Hizuren Sarutobi beforehand.

Even young Naruto's pediatrican Tsunade of the Senju, who ahd taken care fo the blonde child ever since he had been about two years old had been invited by Minato as well. All was going well until about the festivities end. Knowing full well that Tsunade was a heavy drinker the elder blonde male was trying eo keep the elder blonde female from the hidden spirits cabinet that the duo kept for special occasion, but it still wasn't enough to keep Tsunade from feeding her inner demon. Minato sighed at first, but Kishina quickly dismissed her husband watching ithe elder blonde female quickly going through the bottles until she was in a drunken stupor causing Minato to help Tsunade back to ehr house this gave Kushina ample time to carry out her lsutful desires, not to mention teach her young son how to pleasure a woman.

After all the guests had been dispersed, the crimson haired beauty made sure to lock the door leaving only just her and the blonde child. Naruto couldn't help but stare at the crimsno haired angel that had been gifted to him by Kami. One of the various gifts that the Nine Tails bestowed upon the blonde was a well endowed cock. The crimson haired beauty could already see a rather prominmant bulge sticking out of the outline fo her son's clothing which was an orange and dark trimmed jump suit all the while Kushina licked her full plump lips. 

The blonde male couldn't look away from the crimson haired beauty's soft supple and smooth globes of breast flesh that jiggled and wobbled slightly with each and every movement the Uzumaki matriarch made. Naruto's soul pircing azure eyes went futher down seeing a flattened toned stomach and a slim waist causing him to salivate, but before the blonde male could gaze any futher the crimson ahired beauty catches his attention with her sultry and seductive voice causing the blonde male to let an audible gulping sound listening intently to what the crimson haired angel had to say.

"Do you like what you see Sochi?" The young Naruto nodded his head in agreement causing Kushina to giggle rather cutely as she made way over to the comfortable couch where Naruto had been seating. Kushina went to work removing him of all of his garments starting with the upper torso portion fo the orange and dark trimmed jump suit. The crumson ahired beauty revealed a slender chest and flattened toned stomach hidden by a mesh under garment. Naruto couldn't help but chuckle loving the feeling of his mother's soft and supply smooth hands tickling against his bare flesh.

Curios to the larger than normal sized bulge in her little son's orange and dark trimmed pants, the crimson haired matriach went fishing for the blonde child's little kiddy meat. It didn't take the crimson haired beauty long to find the girthy meat stick causing ehr to gasp in surprise, yet she took it out of her mind for a brief moment. "Alright kiddo let's see what you're packing under here." Kushina tore away the blonde's pants making an audible rippnig sound that echoed throughout the entire room causing the young blonde male grit his teeth for a brief second.

Leaving the blonde with only a black pair of boxer shrots protecting the blonde's cock, but even this was ripped away allowing his well endwoed kiddy cock to spring free with a "sproing-oing-oing" sound causing the crimson haired beauty to gasp in surprise. Kushina was in her own little world right now, her bright smoldering violet eyes were transfixed upon that girthy shaft of kiddy meat that was sprung free in front of her. 'Damn I knew the Uzumaki DNA grew big cocks, but Sochi's cock is so VIG its so fucking amazing!' Kushina licked her full plump lios lost in a haze of pure lust as she dove towards her son's girthy shaft fo kiddy meat gripping it with her soft and supple palm storking it lovingly.

Kushina wanted to drive her little son crzy with lust, so he wouldn't get enough as the little blonde male felt the crimson haired female's well manicrued fingernails were tracing against the purplish viens causing the blonde child to to moan in pleasure. Kushina knew full well doing this was wrong, but she didn't care she just considered ti part of Naruto's training process. Kushina could see that little Naruto was squirming in pleasure feeling some bits fo pre cum were bubbling up from the kiddy cock tip causing the crimson haired beauty to smirk in pleasure seeing that her efforts were paying off in huge dividens.

"Ohhh kaa-chan your hand feles so good around my cock, but it would feel even more amazing with your dirty little mouth around my cock!" Naruto growled out the last few words catching the crimson ahired beauty completely off guard as her bright violet eyes matched with pircing azure. 'Holy shit my little Sochi is enjoying getting his little kiddy cock jerked off by his own mother!' Naruto seemed to have a telepathic link with his mother thanks to the Nine Tails power. "Kaa-chan I want you to suck on my kiddy cock till I cum down your throat we both know you want it."

Nodding agreeingly Kushina didn't deny Naruto's last comment, so the crimson ahired matriarch went about her work. Naruto simply sat there watching as the crimson haired beauty teased him futher by utilizing her long pink tounge gliding against the blonde child's kiddy cock tasting the pre cum. Kushina's taste buds exploded tasting ehr little son's thick oily pre cum Naruto chuckled a little seeing the hearts in the crimsno haired beauty's smoldering violet eyes, but just as Naruto was about to comment on that the crimson haired matriarch engulfed her son's girthy rod nito her pillowy soft lips causing the blonde male to shudder jsut a little bit as Kushina went about her work.

The crimson haired female bobbed ehr head along her son's girhty kiddie meat making loud and lewd slurping and suching sounds. Naruto smirked as he heard his mother trying to speak with the cock stuffed in her mouth taking it in deeper and deeper into her warm wet mouth with every rhymthic head movement. Naruto hissed in pleasure feeling his much larger than normal balls for a six year old that were filled with rich and verile Uzumaki semen begin to churn just a little bit. Giving into his lsut, the blonde haired male began to lightly pump his strong yet slender hips causing his balls to smack the crimson ahired beauty's face causing her to gasp in surprise and shock that went away after a few seconds.

Naruto could feel saliva coating around the girht of his kiddie meat while keeping up arhymthic pacing with his hips which had started off as a slow motion fucking pace. Having an eager attitude, almost an overeager one for his age the blonde male began to lightly grip the back of his mother's head slamming his cock down into her throat feeling those muscles squeezing around his girthy kiddie cock like a warm tight vice grip. "Ohhhh fuck Kaa-chan I've been blessed by Kami because he gave me such a slutty mother." Naruto knew full well what the crimson haired beauty had been doing behind the blonde's back while he was still in the womb because the crimson haired beauty would tell Naruto about her perverted misdeeds while rubbing her pregnantstomach with a perverted grin on her visage.

Naruto could feel the tip of his girhty kiddie cock entering the crimson haired beauty's throat causing her to gasp in surprise as the silouette of his cock length entered into her throat causing the blonde male to shudder in pleasure. Kushina could feel the glovs of pre cum ooze dwwp down into ehr toroat causing ehr to gulp as it burned her thorat a little bit causing the blonde male to maon and groan in pleasur. "Ahhhh fuck I'm in heaven right now Kaa-chan your dirty little mouth feels so good, and your throat feels amazing around my kiddie meat squezzing it like a vice milking it for the cum my balls contain!"

Having a telepathic link with her son Kushina began to speak with her son through her mind. 'Yes yes oh fuck yes my little Sochi give your dirty little Kaa-chan a good skull fucking!' Hearing this in his mind, the blonde male wasted little time in increasing the tempo and momentum fo his thrusting hips which were like piston powered steam engines causing his balls to smack against the crimson haired beauty's chin. Kushina showed off some expert skill by letting out moans of pleasure around the blonde male's kiddy cock sending pleasurable vibrtions around the blonde male's hard throbbing cock.

Nestled deep within her mouth and throat, the crimson haired beuty could feel the girhty shaft turning a deep dark shade of purple that matched those bright smoldering violet eyes that were staring up into darkened azure pools while Kushina was listening to the grunts and groans fo pleasure that were coming from the blonde child that was giving his own mother a well deserved skull fucking because she had been teasing the blonde male ever since hsi birth by wearing provactive clothing around him, but Kushina would insist to Naruto that she was only doing to please Minato, but Naruto didn't believe her.

The blonde child's well manicured fingernails were tangled with the crimson haired beauty's long crimson locks as he was holding the crimson haired beauty's head in place. Naruto watched as those globes of breast flesh were moving up and down while hearing the crimson haired matriarch's heave breathing watching as those wonderous gloves seemed to defy gravity at a few points. Naruto was loving every minute of this, and he knew Kushina was feeling the same way causing the young blonde male to swell up in pride the same way his cock was swelling up inside the crimson ahired beauty's mouth as he was just about to blow a huge load deep down his mother's mouth and thorat.

Naruto leaned into the crimson haired beauty, so his lips were right against her ear lobe tickling it with his tougne causing the crimson haired matriarch to giggle like a horny school girl. "Ahhhh fuck Kaa-chan I'm getting so fucking clsoe, so are you going to be a naughty little slut and milk out this huge laod for me?" Kushina's bright smoldering violet eyes widened like sausers listening to her own son speaking to her like a common slut causing ehr anger to temper up for a brief moment, but her lsut filled haze was over clouding her judgement causing ehr to simply agree with Naruto's implications.

Kushina went to work at finishing Naruto's cock off by letting out loufer more muffled moans of pleasure arounnd the blonde male's hard throbbing cock to quickly drive him over the edge. Naruto could see stars trying his hardest not black out, yet he couldn't hold on much longer. Without warning the blonde child funneled some chakra into hsi fingertips, and to the crimson haired beauty's surprise the blnode male lets loose fucking both Kushina's mouth and throat with little abadon. Unaware to anyone else, not even her husband Minato knew that Kushina wanted a lover who could fuck her roughly because her body was practically built for it.

Kushina saw stars every time Naruto's girhty kiddie cock slammed into the crimson haired beauty's mouth and throat aiding him in reaching his release ever so quicker. Kushina was rather impressed that Naruto was quite the multitasker causing her sun tanned globes of breast flesh to swell up with pride. The crimson haired beauty could spy the blonde male's parted spiky blonde hairs noting the sweat rolling down the hills and vallies of his strong yet slender body all the hwile lsot in her thoughts. 'Yes of fuck yes Naru-chan fuck your naughty dirty little kaa-chan's throat till you cum down deep inside it I'm quite impressed that you're using your chakra while fucking it will teach you greater chakra control.' 

Kushina plays her trump card utilzing her last skill in her arsenal to make a man cum hard. The crimson ahired beauty began to hum a melodious tune sending the blonde's pleasure center into overdrive. Naruto's girhty kiddie meat nearly exploded right then and there if it hadn't been for another of Kushina's training sessions where the blonde child had learned how to control his stamina. Kushina was rather impressed by everything that Naruto had learned in life, so she figured that he would be ready for the Shinobi Academy on his tenth birthday.

It took only a few more seconds of these combined acts fo the blonde male thrusted his strong yet slender hips at a lightning fast pace, and the crimson haired beauty's latest act the blonde male had no other choice at the current moment. Gripping tightly to the crimson haired matriarch's head the blonde male's girhty kiddie cock twitched as the blonde male lets out a powerful roar of pleasure feeling his big cum tnaks tightening up. Kaa-chan I'm CUMMING!!!" Naruto releases a torrent of thick, rich and creamy white and yellow cum chunks depe down the crimson ahired beauty's throat causing Kushina's cheeks to puff up as the entire laod flowed into her mouth.

Utilzing some expert skill the crimson ahired beauty utilzied her thorat muscles which were milking the girhty kiddie meat for all the cum it contained making sure not to spill a signle drop lest it would fall on to the sofa. Naruto's orgasm lasted about the span of about five seconds, but to Kushina it lasted for eternity. One of the crimson haired beauty's bright violet eyes could spy the elder blonde returning in the corner of her eye. Naruto could see Minato returning as well, but he didn't even care if he were to get caught all he cared about was staying inside this crimson haired goddess' mouth, yet he knew that he would get punished if he didn't. Naruto quickly pulled his cock out which had grown soft at this point Kushina made sure to clean off the last remaining cum droplets from his cock length off as the blonde male went upstairs to his bedroom to gather his clothes giving his mother a perverted grin causing the crimson ahried beauty to blush brightly.

Author's Note This is only just the begining my little lovelies. Don't worry this series will get uploaded frequently, not like I did with the Hentai Chronicles. Three points shold be made known before I go though. One is that I'm kinda following the hilt of the Anime's canon, but there will be some changes here and there. The second being that in later chapters as apparent as the scond chapter this series will be all female there will be no other males besides Naruto. The last thing being that I might utilize some bits fo past, present and future points in time such as this chapter for example. Thats all that needs to be said, now with that I bid you all a fond fare well until next time buh bye!

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