Window Shopping

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Window Shopping


A pair of nimble, yet strong hands moved across the buttons of the keyboard, all the while gazing up at the small digital clock at the bottom of the screen. Seated behind his desk, within the oval space of the Hokage's office, Naruto Uzumaki straightened out his back to let out a low sigh. Even after so many years, the workflow of the Hokage remained the same.


As time moved on, and the destruction of the Fourth Great Ninja War was left in the past, more and more technological innovations made their way into the Hidden Leaf village. Which, of course, left a great stack of papers on either side of his desk; all of which required the Hokage's attention, as well as approval.


Heaving another sigh, Naruto's clear blue eyes fell back down towards his keyboard; one of the innovations that had arisen within the last decade, shortly after he became the Seventh Hokage.


Returning to his task at hand, Naruto once more allowed his hands to roam across the keyboard of his workspace laptop, already finalizing the details regarding the upcoming Chunin exams. Allowing the faintest of smiles to spread across his lips, Naruto's mind flickered, his attention falling to the new blonde troublemaker of the Leaf. Boruto Uzumaki, the Genin with far more skill than his age would suggest, as well as the son he wanted to live a peaceful life.


A soft knock on the mahogany door to his office snapped his attention back to reality, and with the sternest expression the blonde hero could muster, he called out to the person on the other side. "Come in!"


It was far from unusual for Shikamaru Nara, his main advisor, to drop by with another stack of papers in need of the Hokage's attention, yet the person that pushed the door open brought with it a lingering confusion.


Stepping through the divider between the outside and the Hokage's office was a relatively tall woman, easily standing at eye level with Naruto himself. Cascading down her back in a flowing wave, long platinum blonde hair swayed in the faintest breeze, reaching well beyond her shapely rear. Wide hips, thick thighs and a rump that many a man admired sashayed their way inside of his office, and with a soft hum, Ino Yamanaka pushed the door closed behind her back.


Her attire was... different, from what it had once been. In her youth, the woman was easily known as Konoha's Ice Queen; known for her exquisite beauty and ice cold demeanor. Today, things were different.


Clad in a long purple dress that reached her ankles, Ino's face lit up as their eyes met, her crystal blue eyes locking onto Naruto's own irises, already knowing where her fellow blonde's orbs were placed. Leaving almost all of her midriff exposed, all that remained to cover the blonde up was a sleeveless crop top with the same deep purple color as her bottom piece, though the longer the blonde Hokage looked, the more evident it became. The top was far too small for the Yamanaka clan head's well endowed chest.


"What can I help you with, Ino?" Naruto spoke up, forcing his eyes away from the creamy white skin that made up all of Ino's body.


"I have a report, Hokage-sama," Gazing around the corners of the room, Ino Yamanaka shook her head a moment more, already aware of the extra shadows hidden within the room. "For your ears only."


Nodding his head in acknowledgement, Naruto Uzumaki brought up his bandaged left hand, casually dismissing the ANBU guards stationed within the room. With the subtlety reserved only for Konoha's elite shinobi, four shadows flickered out of the room, leaving the two blondes alone for the remainder of Ino's report.


Pressing his elbows down onto the table, Naruto shot Ino a cautious glare, already aware of his friend's rather... frivolous nature. "What's on your mind, Ino? It's rare for you to pay me a visit in my office." His face was cautious, though his tone was clear, leaving no room for error from either party.


Shooting her Hokage a flirtatious grin, Ino Yamanaka stepped up to the other end of the great wooden desk in the Hokage's office, her high heels clicking down against the floor for every step she took. Even before she arrived at the forefront of the desk, Naruto's eyes had latched onto the way her dress bottom fluttered about, a split along her left hip leaving the whole of her leg exposed; thick thigh and soft rump fully exposed.


"I think you know why I'm here, Na-ru-to." Singing out every syllable of his name, Ino all but spun around, allowing the split in her dress to flutter open fully; nowhere near long enough for a civilian to see, but for a veteran shinobi, the evidence was clear. The Yamanaka heiress had left her underwear at home.


Holding the blonde's gaze for a minute longer, Naruto's back slumped, his posture cracking and a weary sigh slipping past his lips. He did indeed know why the woman was there, and his mind was already moving ahead, plotting out reasons and excuses he could use to escape the situation. Although, when his eyes once more landed on the swell of his former lover's rear, any such thought evaporated.


Instead, his voice came out as a weary one; a voice he often saved for berating Boruto. "Ino, I'm a married man. You're a married woman. We shouldn't-" cutting him off with a finger against his lips, the blonde woman had leaned over the whole of his desk, her thinly clad breasts hanging down over the lid of his laptop in the most tantalizing way.


From where she stood, ass pushed out into the air, breasts swaying rhythmically back and forth, Ino truly was a sight to behold. Even after giving birth, the woman had retained all of her feminine charms; if nothing else, her skill as a seductress had increased tenfold.


Rather than speaking, as he half expected her to, the platinum blonde woman rose up, leaving her thin index finger atop Naruto's lips for as long as possible, before eventually withdrawing even that part of her body. Standing in front of his desk with her hands behind her back, legs spread wide enough to stretch the cloth of her dress thin, with a far too small top to contain the swell of her chest, the blonde held Naruto's utmost attention.


Even before he realized it himself, Ino had begun her walk; a slow, deliberate strut around the edge of his desk. Her movements were intentional, not a single motion put to waste. Everything from the way her hips swayed back and forth, to the way her heels clicked down against the floor, filled Naruto's mind. And, as the blonde clan head slipped past the final corner of his desk, Naruto instinctively pushed his chair away from the hollowed out portion of the desk; granting his blonde companion enough space to stand.


"Ino, what are you-" Naruto's words were promptly cut off by a thin finger being placed atop his lips.


With slow, purposeful movements, Ino shook her hips back and forth, rhythmically swaying her long purple dress bottoms, all the while lowering herself down onto her knees. Removing her hand from atop Naruto's lips, the platinum blonde woman dragged her fingers down along the orange jacket worn by her blonde lover, teasingly sliding the zipper of his jacket down along with her roaming digits. Before long, with practically no resistance, Naruto's jacket was left unzipped, the coarse mesh undershirt he wore beneath bulging with firm, powerful muscles.


Hovering her head an inch above his groin, Ino's hands moved down towards the black slacks worn by her Hokage, hesitating for the briefest moment while gazing up, their blue eyes locking together while a silent question was passed between the two of them. Without looking away, Naruto gave a slight nod of his head, the former doubt about their adventure having long since disappeared, only to be replaced by the smoldering embers of arousal.


With her Hokage's -- with Naruto's approval -- Ino's face split up into a seductive, self-confident smile, her left hand moving up to gingerly tug on the zipper of his black slacks. Even before releasing the beast from its cage, the sheer heat that radiated off of Naruto's groin, coupled with the irresistible hardness that strained against his pants, was enough to make Ino's legs buck.


Unable to contain her glee any longer, Ino yanked the zipper down, a wanton moan slipping past her lips as the heavy musk of his cock wafted out across her face. A scent of pure dominance and masculinity, so familiar, yet oh so addictive!


With Naruto's help, Ino was finally able to pull his pants down along his legs, and with a deep sigh, the blonde's length was released from its tight confines, practically springing forth to slap its girth across Ino's cheek. Whereas her current husband was long, but somewhat thin, Naruto was anything but! Looking up with nothing short of admiration, Ino nuzzled her cheek against its length, gingerly lolling her tongue out to swipe it across his heavy balls.


In her modest opinion, as the former Ice Queen of Konoha, as well as a rather experienced woman, Ino would easily estimate Naruto's cock to be eight inches long; a good length for such a powerful shinobi. However, what had her legs quivering was the sheer girth he possessed. Pulling back from her fervent cock admiration, Ino wrapped her right hand around his dick, practically cooing as she failed to make her fingers touch.


"Ino," Naruto's voice broke through the silence that had stretched on, and with a single glance upward, past his throbbing erection, Ino's crystal blue eyes met a pair of hardened, domineering orbs. "I still have some paperwork to sort through, so unless you want to join me up here, then get going."


Rolling her eyes at his antics, Ino brushed a stray strand of hair out of her forehead, steeling her resolve before dropping her jaw agape. Without a shred of hesitation, Ino dipped her head downward, swallowing down the head of Naruto's cock in a single motion, before fluidly inhaling the top half of his dick. With no more time to spare, Ino set a brisk pace, bobbing her head on and off the top four inches of cock, using her right hand to jerk him off whilst her left hand was hidden beneath the bottoms she wore; her fingers frantically working away at her dripping snatch.


All around them, there were windows. Straight ahead of Naruto, the main door to the Hokage's office was unlocked. Anyone could walk in on them at any given time. Heck, it was downright normal for Shikamaru to walk in whenever another stack of papers had piled up.


That thought, combined with the sheer girth of Naruto's dick, was enough to make Ino's pussy weep. Lifting her head up until only her lips remained around Naruto's cockhead, Ino rolled her eyes around in her head, looking straight up into Naruto's eyes, watching the way her lover looked at her, before surging back down. Keeping their eyes locked together, Ino's throat rippled, her eyes growing watery, though nonetheless, she forced her head down and down, until finally, with a gurgling moan, Ino's nose brushed down against the groomed blonde hair atop Naruto's pubic bone.


Placing her hands on either side of Naruto's thighs, spreading her legs as far apart as she could, Ino looked up into her Hokage's eyes, rubbing her nose back and forth atop his groin whilst showing that her oral skills surpassed the mere ability to perform his infamous talk-no-jutsu. After almost half a minute like that, Ino's face slowly lost its color, her cheeks gaining something akin to a blue tint, whilst her eyes truly had begun to roll into the back of her head. Deep throating her husband was a rare treat, but even so, her ability remained the same.


After half a minute longer, Ino slowly began to pull her head back, receding up along Naruto's length until once again, her lips were all that remained atop Naruto's spongy cockhead. Pulling away completely with an audible gasp, Ino's chest heaved up and down as air returned to her lungs, drool freely running down her chin whilst Naruto's cock glistened with her spit. So much work, and her lover was hardly even winded!


Before she had the chance to go back down, Ino flinched back as Naruto's chair was flung backward, stopping just short of crashing through the wall behind his desk. With a show of force she had rarely seen, Naruto's bandaged left hand shot forth, grasping onto her blonde hair in an iron grip.


"Sorry, Ino, but I'll get a little rough." Was all he said, his hips already closing in on her face whilst his grip on her hair kept her from squirming away. Then again, with her needy little pussy acting like a waterfall of juices, who could blame her for standing her ground?


Shuddering beneath Naruto's domineering presence, the Yamanaka clan head resigned herself to her lover's will, a gesture that was rewarded with Naruto's broad cockhead slipping in between her luscious lips. With a low moan that evolved into a gurgling retch. Without so much as a vocal warning, Naruto set his pace, pulling Ino's hair forward while thrusting his hips, ruthlessly slamming his cock down the blonde woman's throat, drawing a choked gag from Ino's lips.


With her left hand working away at the soft folds of her womanhood, and Naruto's musky cock grinding against her lips, Ino's mind was assaulted by a pure, unhindered ecstasy. No more than a second after he began his ruthless assault, Ino's eyes closed, her voice coming out as a gurgling scream; though the sound itself was blocked by the deliciously thick cock in her mouth. Her first orgasm of the day hit her head like the magnet train, forcefully slamming past any perception of pleasure her husband could give.


From his place, standing upright behind the desk of his office, Naruto's eyebrows knit themselves together, the hand nestled in Ino's hair moving at the speed of a blur, despite Ino's orgasmic screech. Blue eyes stared down at a drool coated face, long messy platinum blonde hair that had been pulled out from its precise grooming, and a pair of blissfully strained crystalline eyes that approached the back of her head.


Between the vibrations running up along Ino's throat, and her rather talented tongue unconsciously working the underside of his shaft, Naruto's balls clenched, his dick throbbing rhythmically. With one final thrust of his hips, pushing Ino's head up against the back of the desk, Naruto came. A heavy torrent of cum worked its way through the length of his cock, blasting forth from an engorged slit in heavy bursts.


No more than a second after his orgasm began, Ino's cheeks bulged out, the entirety of her mouth overflowing with the copious seed spewing forth from the Seventh Hokage's cockhead. A moment later, the second gush erupted, followed quickly by a third, then a much smaller forth bullet of virile sperm. Before allowing his final burst to shoot out, Naruto released his grip on Ino's hair, pulling his dick out from the Yamanaka's bruised lips. The moment his cockhead slipped free, a small river of cum oozed forth from Ino's lips, thick globs falling down to land atop the swell of her clothed breasts.


Moving his right hand down to grasp around the length of his cock, Naruto gave himself a few quick jerks, lolling his head back with an audible moan as a final burst of cum shot forth, barely powerful enough to splash against Ino's purple top; forever staining the clothing with his seed.


Unceremoniously dropping back down onto his chair, Naruto's cock wetly slapped down against the side of his leg, a few rhythmical pulses running through it in the aftermath of his release.


Sitting on her knees before him, legs spread wide, a small puddle of juices forming on the floor, with her mouth filled to the brim and beyond, Ino truly was a sight to behold. From where he sat, the blonde was fervently trying to swallow down his load, her tongue visibly moving along her cheeks to push down as much of his cum as she could.


"Was that the full extent of your report, Yamanaka-san, or was there something else you wished to show me? Perhaps the backend of your dealings?" As he spoke, Naruto's right hand had returned to its place around his girth, slowly moving up and down along his shaft while curiously eyeing up his guest.




Walking along the corridors of the Hokage Tower, Shikamaru Nara, the main advisor of the Seventh Hokage, headed in the general direction of his blonde friend's office. For the past hour, the papers needing the Hokage's approval had been piling up, and with the coming Chunin Exams, everything had priority of some sort.


Moving through corridors, walking up stairs at a leisurely pace, Shikamaru's eyes lazily roamed across the windows of the final floor, staring up into the clear blue sky that hung above Konohagakure that day. By all rules and regulations, if the time would permit, his back would be laying down atop a faraway rooftop, staring up into the skies above while overseeing his son's training.


Stopping directly in front of the Hokage's office, Shikamaru's eyes narrowed ever so slightly as a multi-layered sealing array had been enabled; the only indication that the Hokage was busy. Glancing down the winding corridor of the Hokage Tower, his black eyes caught sight of a masked man patrolling the perimeter.


"I see... it's one of those meetings..." Shikamaru muttered out, a low sigh slipping past his lips. Rare were the times when the ANBU were required, though when the shadowy guards were dismissed, only the most important business deals were struck. Or the most private.




Pushing the chair of his office off to the far side of the room, Naruto's eyes roamed across the sight laid bare before him; creamy white skin and smooth womanly curves put on full display. Having fully disrobed after their previous debriefing, Ino stood beside the back wall of the Hokage's office, her deliciously soft rear swaying back and forth, whilst her long platinum blonde hair freely hung down her back.


"Are you sure about this, Hokage-sama?" She spoke up, the slightest bit of hesitation lingering on her velvety voice. "I've heard it can be quite dangerous to assess a situation from the back..."


Despite herself, as she stood before the large windows with her breasts laid bare, Ino had to stifle a moan from the sheer arousal that seeped down her thighs. To service her Hokage beneath his desk had been pleasant enough, but to present herself so thoroughly, for both her blonde lover and whoever may look up, was another thing entirely.


"Don't worry, Ino. I'm sure we'll find a way to work this out." Even as he spoke, she could feel his hands wrap themselves around her waist, pulling her plump rump back against his hardened member, feeling it slide between her crack until the head was nuzzling up against her backdoor.


Gulping audibly where she stood, Ino steeled her nerves as, with shaky hands, she moved to undo the clasp of the windows. Closing her eyes a moment later, the windowsill was pulled aside, and the whole of Konoha was presented before her naked breasts and heavily blushing face. From somewhere behind her back, Naruto's soothing voice arose, whispering words of encouragement to the blonde woman, and slowly, as her nervousness was replaced by lust, her eyes opened once again.


Pulling her right leg up, Ino solidly placed it atop the windowsill, leaving her pristine, weeping slit on full display, both for her lover and anyone down on the street. Even as she felt his hands moving up along her taut stomach, Naruto's cock slid down the crack of her butt, moving down to hover an inch away from her snatch, before finally, with an agonizing slowness, his head rubbed up against her drenched entrance.


"Do you see anyone you know from here, Ino?" Naruto huskily whispered, grinding his hips back and forth to further tease her slit.


Biting her bottom lip to stifle a moan, Ino's eyes darted along the streets of Konoha, scanning the surroundings of the bustling village. Luckily, as time had moved on, many other buildings rose up above the normal height of houses in Konoha, and the main road had changed just as drastically as the housing areas themselves. Now, as she gazed down upon the streets of Konoha, she could scarcely make out the plaza; an area she knew her son and his team often used as a rendezvous point.


"I... I see-" as she began to speak, Naruto's broad cockhead slipped inside of her folds, entering her dripping vagina with no resistance at all. "O-Oh... I see t-the plaza..." another inch sunk inside of her slit, another bit of his deliciously thick cock entering her depths. "T-There are p-people there! Oh! I think they're l-looking-"


Halting his advance into his lover's vagina, Naruto's hands clamped down atop Ino's large breasts, fingers dipping into her soft flesh. "Where are they looking?" He coolly demanded, both of his index fingers and thumbs moving up to rub her perky pink nipples.


Gulping once again as her lover's husky voice reached her ears, Ino forced her gaze to fall down upon the citizens of Konoha, or more precisely, down towards the town square. "Oh god, they're looking right at-" Without so much as a warning, Naruto thrust his hips upward, sinking half of his thick cock inside of Ino's drenched core in one smooth motion.


As the blonde clan head quivered in his grasp, Naruto's blue eyes gazed out across the busy streets of their village. Pulling Ino's body down, forcibly showing off her flexibility, Naruto let out a low groan as the rest of his cock was enveloped in the searing heat of Ino's snatch. Shifting his gaze up towards her face, a small smile spread across his lips as her expression changed from mortification to absolute bliss.


With Ino's body still reeling from the aftershock of his penetration, Naruto let out a grunt of exertion, forcibly pulling his cock out from the rippling depths of her vagina, his sensitive ears picking up on the subtle sobs that slipped past Ino's lips, as well as the sound of Ino's pussyjuice dripping down onto the floor between their legs. Continuing this for a minute more, Naruto's face scrunched up, a wave of pleasure coursing through the whole of his body.


Despite the open relationship she shared with her husband, Ino's pussy was tight; her walls practically forming a vacuum tight seal around his dick whenever he bottomed out inside of her. However, whenever he was certain she would loosen her grip, Ino's eyes once again fell down upon the faces of the citizens below; down upon the dozens of people that saw her.


Practically able to feel the virile cum that churned around in his balls, Naruto released his grip on Ino's breasts slowly pulling his cock out from her clenching depths, drawing a series of sensual moans from her luscious lips.


"Hold on baby, don't pull out yet..." Ino finally spoke up, her voice strained, lips dry and breath coming out in ragged pants.


Ignoring the blonde's request, Naruto stepped away, allowing his rock solid cock to slip out of Ino's depths with a wet pop, and a lewd moan. Already, he was close. Even now, as he wordlessly watched the way Ino's tongue hung out of her mouth, his cock throbbed; a bead of precum oozing forth from his tip. Had he waited a minute longer, then the rhythmical pulses of Ino's vagina would have surely milked a load out of his balls.


Although, even as his lover caught her breath once more, Naruto's blue eyes zeroed in on the perfectly round, almost heart shaped rear left untouched. Reaching out with both of his hands, Ino's head was all but thrown back as his fingers pulled her cheeks apart, baring her tightest hole for her lover to see. However, even as her face warmed up and her pussy quivered, the mere knowledge that her drooling cunt was left exposed for the populace of Konoha was enough to push all other doubts away.


Rather than objecting as he inched closer, Ino turned her head around, one hand moving up to grope and knead her own breast, whilst the other dropped down to spread her ass open for him. "Be gentle, alright? Sai-kun is rarely back there..."


Keeping her request in the back of his head, Naruto's eyes dipped down, his slickened cockhead slowly lining itself up with her puckered asshole. True enough, the mere sight of her tight anal ring was enough to confirm her words. Whether or not she was unused was another matter entirely. Brushing his cockhead up against her anal ring, using a mixture of his precum and her copious juices to lube her up, Naruto gave his hips a quick thrust; a wanton moan slipping past both lips as the head of his cock was pushed through.


With all the juices coating his dick, only the tip had managed to slip inside, and that alone was enough to make his balls clench. Shifting his grip away from his cock and up to Ino's waist, Naruto planted his feet firmly on the ground, tightening his grip around his lover's waist before pulling her back towards him. The screech that echoed throughout the room truly made the blonde Hokage thankful for his deceased sensei's privacy seals.


All throughout the room, glass threatened to shatter, the many pictures of the previous Hokage trembling atop their places on the wall. Gritting his teeth as Ino's backdoor clenched down around his dickhead, Naruto gave her one final pull, allowing gravity to do its work as her leg fell down from its place on the windowsill.


With one harsh thrust, and the aid of gravity itself, Ino Yamanaka's eyes fully rolled into the back of her head. In one fell swoop, her asshole had given way to the length of her Hokage's cock, the abundant juices coating his cock aiding the insertion ever so slightly. Quivering in his embrace, the blonde's body slumped against his hardened chest as one final, mind breaking orgasm rumbled throughout her body, causing her toes to curl and her nails to dig into the flesh of her palms.


From behind her back, the hoarse sound of Naruto's voice resounded, and just as unconsciousness threatened to overtake her, her lover came. A rush of thick, sticky and scorching hot cum erupted from the tip of Naruto's cock, an endless torrent of fertile Uzumaki sperm blasting away at the insides of Ino's asshole. For every blast of cum that was shot inside of her body, Ino's breathing hitched. Three, four, five, six... the number of cum blasts that entered her body continued, until finally, with a wave of orgasmic bliss, Ino's pussy erupted, her abundant juices all but squirting out across the nearby wall, some going so far as to splash against the window she herself had pushed aside.




Shuddering lowly to herself as she came down from her orgasmic high, Ino turned her head around fully, gazing into Naruto's deep blue eyes for the briefest moment. He was still fully sheathed inside of her ass, his thick cock spreading her underused hole apart, and with a subtle shake of her hips, she could indeed feel his copious load sloshing around inside of her bowels. The scorching warmth that had been pumped inside of her backdoor would likely remain for the duration of the day, if not a bit longer.


Holding her there for what felt like a small eternity, merely grinding his cock back and forth to stir his load around. However, no matter how much she desperately wished for it to continue, all good things must come to an end. And as such, with the subtlety of a low ranked Genin, Naruto began the agonizing journey of releasing his cock from the seal known as Ino's ass.


Dropping her hands down to clench against the wooden frame of the window, small whimpering groans and mewls slipped past Ino's lips as Naruto's thick cock made its way out of her depths. Right as the tip of his dick was all that remained inside of her ass, Naruto's grip returned to her bent-over hips, ruthlessly thrusting his hips forward, once again sheathing himself inside of his subordinate's asshole.


"In case you were unaware, the privacy seals in the Hokage's office block people from looking in, even though we can look out." Withdrawing his hips once more, Naruto once again slammed his cock back inside of Ino's anal depths, though this time, her back arched as a mini-orgasm rocked through her system. "That being said, I'd like to make one request before you finish up your report for today."


Pulling his hips back for a third time, Ino half expected the thrust, steeling her grip on the window's frame in anticipation. However, much to her eternal humiliation and excitement, Naruto fully slipped his cock out of her abused asshole, causing a startled gasp to slip past her lips as the tight ring of muscle around her asshole tried to contain the flood of cum that had been dumped inside of her.


With two of his orgasms stowed away inside of Ino's whorish body, Naruto gave a nod of his head, appreciating the sight of his handiwork. "I'd like for you to always wear panties whenever you drop by for a debriefing. That won't be too bad, will it, Ino-chan?"


Seeing the confused look on her face, Naruto gave her a bright grin, before dropping down onto his knees, reaching over to the side of his desk where he had unceremoniously thrown Ino's garments aside. Picking up the purple top she had come in with that day, Naruto balled it up, all the while twisting his back to once again stare up into the gaping maw that had once been an underused asshole.


With one smooth motion, Naruto pushed the balled up version of Ino's top inside of her gaping asshole, drawing a gurgling moan from the blonde whore, whilst once more causing his own dick to harden. "After all, it would be an inconvenience to make you walk around topless every time we're having sex."


Rising up to hover above the Yamanaka clan head, Naruto gave her the sternest look he could muster; a strange visual with his cock standing up from his lowered slacks. "Well then, if you had nothing else to report, then you are dismissed." Using his bandaged hand to tuck his rock hard cock away, Naruto gave Ino a final wink before returning to the paperwork atop his desk.


On her end, Ino blinked once, twice, before realizing her current predicament. The Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, had dismissed her and told her to leave, with her skirt thrown to the side, while her top was wedged inside of her asshole to keep it from tightening back up.


Her entire career as a kunoichi was being put to the test, all so her lover could watch her walk around naked as a punishment for interrupting his workflow.

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