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The room was filled with the scribbling of pencils, and gentle footsteps as a man walked in and around the desks. He was a tall man — jet black hair, ebony colored eyes, wearing the sort of impeccable clothing that wouldn’t look out of place on a politician. And, in his hand was a small notepad.

He walked from row to row, peeking at student’s papers, keeping his face blank so as to not tip them off as to whether they were doing well or doing poorly. The atmosphere was… tense. This was a big test after all — not quite the finals or the midterm, but they’d done a lot of studying over the past two weeks and Uchiha-sensei had made it clear that he wasn’t going to be merciful to those who failed.

After a few moments of pacing, the man returned to his chair and sat down. He kicked his legs up on the desk, notepad still in hand, though all of the students noticed that his eyes weren’t even on them… but rather, directed squarely out of the window, at the lovely vision of the town just outside their window.

Silence reigned in the room; well, aside from the sound of pencils being put to paper, of course.


“If you look at Haruno’s paper again, Uzumaki, I’ll dock twenty points this time instead of ten.”

In the front row, a certain blonde flushed beat red. “What do you mean look at her paper again?” Uzumaki Naruko cried, an indignant — and embarrassed — look marring her features.

“I’ve seen you glance at her paper half a dozen times since this test started,” the teacher muttered. “You’re not in any position to deny it, either — the only reason I haven’t marked you a zero yet is because she writes too small for you to even read it from that far in the first place.” For the first time since the test had began, Uchiha Sasuke — their teacher — glanced up, and looked Naruko dead in the eye. “My advice? Use your brain and make some educated guesses.”

After that, he simply looked back down, and said nothing.

Conveniently enough, not one of his students dared to try and cheat again that day.

About forty minutes later, an automated timer finally went off. The bell rung — and all of the students perked up, some apprehensive, some relieved, and quite a few looking as if the heavens had shined upon them in that moment.

They all stood up in unison — except for shy little Hinata in the back, who always waited a moment or two so everyone would shuffle through the door before her, and so she would not be elbowed relentlessly by accident.

“Do you think we did well, Sasuke-sensei?” a chirpy voice called, flashing a grin and placing a hand on her hip.

“It’s Uchiha-sensei,” Sasuke muttered. “And I’m sure you did fine, Yamanaka. You as well, Haruno.”

Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino grinned from ear to ear, making what could only be defined as ‘googly eyes’ at their sensei.

“See you Monday, sensei!” they called, smiling and waving at him, before darting out the door, schoolgirl skirts waving from side to side. He’d heard they were planning on going to the mall after school was out; God help whatever business they decided to ransack on that fateful day.

Naruko trodded to the desk in a tired sort of way, and reluctantly slid her test paper in front of him — facedown. She gave him a half-nod, before walking out of the classroom; even her pigtails looked downcast.

Hinata came up, a smile on her face. She always had a sort of quiet, uplifting feeling about herself — Sasuke was positive she had passed with flying colors, and he even rewarded her with a nod as she shuffled past his desk.

And, last, but not least…

“Sensei,” a harsh voice said, quite literally slamming her paper down onto his desk. “Please, grade this for me, right now.”

Sasuke frowned as he looked up at her.

“Is there any particular reason you want me to grade this right now, Uzumaki?”

Uzumaki Karin pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose, a desperate look on her face. “Do you have any idea what Auntie Kushina will do to me if I don’t pass this test?” she said hurriedly. “I’ll get maimed! Killed!”

“I’m sure whatever happens to you will happen to your cousin as well,” Sasuke murmured.

“Nuh uh!” Karin insisted. “Naruko gets babied because she hasn’t gotten an A since kindergarten! I’m the one who needs to get the good grades!”

“There’s thirty questions on the test,” he said, taking her packet and flipping it open. “You expect me to sit here and grade them all in front of you?”

“I told Auntie Kushina that I’d be home a little late. And I can certainly sit here and wait for you to finish, Sasuke-sensei, so hurry up!”

Sasuke sighed.

He really didn’t care enough to turn her down — and besides, he had planned to stay back and grade them anyway.

“Alright,” he muttered, picking up a red pen and scooting his chair forward.

Karin smiled, plopping herself down in a seat and crossing her legs. Now, it was time to wait — and so, she pulled her phone from her purse and settled in.

They said nothing to each other in the time that Sasuke spent grading the paper, but, Karin did notice a few things.

Like the way his foot tapped on the floor in a rhythmic fashion. Or how he would scratch his ear in a cute way. Or when he would purse his lips together whenever he flipped a page.

She also noticed how quiet it was; Sasuke wasn’t one of those teachers that did after school remediation, after all. His class was tucked away in a corner of the school — no one even passed by the window embedded in the doorway. There were other windows in the room, but they were on the third floor, and besides that the curtains were drawn. And there wasn’t even a camera in the room, either… and Karin knew — from her freshman year where she hadn’t even gone to half of her classes — that the hallway outside was only half-way covered by cameras.

Karin leaned back in her chair, a smirk tugging at her lips.

‘I wonder if he’s ever plowed a teacher in here,’ she thought. ‘I bet Anko-sensei would be up for it. Or… has he ever been with a student in here?’

No, she decided. Not Sasuke-sensei — he was too orderly, too neat, too conservative if not reserved. He wasn’t a goody two shoes, but then again, he didn’t seem the type to have his way with his own students in his classroom.

Karin yawned, stretched, scratched her belly and returned to scrolling on her phone.

“Alright, I’m done.”

It hadn’t been too long — only ten minutes at most.

Karin stood up and sauntered over to his desk; she placed her hands on the front of it, an eager look on her face. She held her breath — blinking her crimson eyes in rapid succession.

“You passed,” Sasuke said.

She let out a breath.

Then, he held the paper up for her to see, and the first thing she caught a glimpse of was the big, fat ‘C+’ scrawled at the top.

“A C plus?” she borderline screeched.

“Yes,” he said, not recoiling, blinking, or even acknowledging her distraught response.

“I totally got higher than that!”

“You didn’t.”

“Are you trying to cheat me, sensei? There’s no way-”

“Look, Uzumaki, you got a C plus. It’s fine. Just study next time and I’m sure you can get at least a B. Now, please, give me some privacy.”

Her face twisted this way and that — before, gradually, this… look overtook her features.

“Please, Sasuke-sensei…” she murmured, leaning toward him, bending over slightly. “There has to be something I can do.”

He didn’t even blink.

“Study harder,” was all he said. And after that, he didn’t even acknowledge her — he went straight to the next text, and began to grade it in silence.

Karin fumed; after a moment of being ignored, she swung her purse over her shoulder and streamed out of the classroom into the now deserted halls.

‘Jeez! You’d think I would have to have the curves of Principal Senju to get him to look at me,’ she thought bitterly.

She had to get a higher grade, she just had to.

And quickly, a plan was formed in her mind. A plan that a girl like Karin — who’d crushed on Sasuke-sensei since the beginning of the year anyway — didn’t even begin to think was ‘wrong’ in any way. A girl had to do what she had to do, after all.

‘First, I’ve got to make sure Naruko doesn’t tell Auntie Kushina about the test,’ Karin thought, as she began to make her way down the stairwell. ‘Then, I’ll need to see how much that will cost… and… with any luck, I’ll have that A soon enough.’

She smirked in a haughty sort of way.

Sasuke-sensei wouldn’t know what was coming for him.


He sighed, a bowl of rice clasped in his hands as he sat down upon his sofa. He set the bowl down, grasped his remote, and flicked the television set arrayed in front of him on.

Now, he wasn’t a TV kind of man. There weren’t any ‘favorite shows’ he followed religiously — nor did he really enjoy watching television all that much, at least modern stuff. But, it was comfortable background noise; something to sit there and allow himself to be engrossed in while he ate or did his lesson plans.

Sasuke exhaled, before tucking into his rice.

No wife to speak of, his Dad having kept him from learning how to cook because it wasn’t ‘manly’, not to mention a healthy aptitude for burning anything more complicated than cereal, and rice had become a constant meal in Sasuke’s household. If not takeout — but on a teacher’s salary, he couldn’t exactly afford takeout every day.

The television show droned on and on. He wasn’t even staring at the screen — but, rather, at the pictures placed upon the table just beside his TV set. A picture of his family; a picture of him and his mother the previous year. And, of course, a picture of Sasuke and his sickly brother, tucked away and looking ghastly in a hospital bed.

And every night, as he looked at that picture, one thought ran through Sasuke’s mind.

‘Why did you have to go and make me do this, nii-san?’


“Now, how did you two do on that test?”

Auntie Kushina — of course — decided to bring up the issue at dinner. Karin had really brought this on herself: in the week leading up the test, she’d talked quite a lot about how she was going to ‘ace’ it and how she would be top of the class, easy.

She bit the inside of her tongue to keep herself from flushing.

“Oh, well, Uchiha-sensei said we wouldn’t be getting our grades until Tuesday,” Karin told her, putting a sweet smile on her face. “But, I think me and Naruko both did well.”

“What do you think you got?”

“An A,” Karin said confidently.

Kushina turned to her daughter. “And you, Naruko?” she said, almost sternly.

Naruko grimaced, blue eyes flitting from side to side — when neither Minato or Karin seemed inclined to intervene on her behalf, she decided to test her chances.

“A… C minus?” Naruko whispered.

A pause.

Kushina threw her head back and laughed. “You’re pretty confident if you think you can get that high! But you’re my daughter, and like me you’ll probably get Ds in every subject, I suppose. There is a reason only your father went to college,” Kushina said, beaming at her. “But, let’s see if you can break the Uzumaki curse, hmm?”

“It’s not a curse,” Minato said, exasperated. “Not studying and spending half of the class writing love notes to me is probably why you almost failed high school, Kushi…”

“Nuh uh!” Kushina insisted. “Jiraiya-sensei just had it out for me!”

Minato rolled his eyes; Naruko grinned. Karin bit her lip, and resisted the urge to go to her laptop and check her delivery and when it would get there. The website had said that it’d take until at least Sunday, but she couldn’t help but feel apprehensive about it.

There’s no telling what Auntie Kushina or Uncle Minato would say if they found out she ordered that off the internet...


“Morning, Sasuke-sensei!” Karin chirped.

The third block of the day was his planning period that semester. First block was the seniors, second block a mix of both, the juniors in his fourth block. Sasuke had never seen Karin outside of his fourth block — and so, he had no idea why she had decided to waltz into his classroom this early in the morning.

He lowered his cup of coffee, eying her warily as she stepped into the room.

“What do you want, Uzumaki?” Sasuke grumbled, taking the answer key for a quiz on Friday and flipping it over so the answers were concealed. “Aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

Karin grinned. “I’ve got a pass,” she said, waving the thin sheet of paper back and forth as if it was a trophy. “I just wanted to ask if you’ve… reconsidered the grade you wanted to give me.”

“I haven’t.”

The redhead grinned — and Sasuke realized that the top button of her shirt was undone, so that a tad bit of cleavage was revealed. And, as she sauntered up to his desk, bending over, that cleavage suddenly expanded.

He wasn’t some kind of pervert, though — he looked away.

“Like I said, you just need to study more,” Sasuke said.

“Of course,” Karin murmured.

She’d planned on him looking away, after all. He’d completely and totally averted his gaze from her, staring in the opposite direction; because of that, her plan would work flawlessly.

There was a bottle of ‘special’ pills in her purse. Some of which she’d spent quite a bit of time before school that morning grounding up into a fine dust and putting into a plastic baggy.

Karin gently took out the baggy, being extra careful to ensure the plastic didn’t make any noise. She poured the contents into her sensei’s mug of coffee. More than enough to keep him ‘excited’ well through fourth block.

“Come on…!” she urged, to keep up the charade. “I’m sure you can think of something, sensei. Anything!”

“There is nothing, and I mean nothing that I can think of,” Sasuke said firmly. “And so, I’d prefer if you would get out of my classroom. Now.”

She took a moment to stir the ‘special’ pills into his coffee with a pinky. Once it was sufficiently dissolved, she finally leaned back, and Sasuke let out a sigh of relief. Pointedly, Karin buttoned up the front of her shirt.

“Well, I can see that I’m not wanted… now, that is,” Karin said. “See you in half an hour, sensei?”

Sasuke glared at her. “You’re lucky if you’re getting a C minus at this rate, Uzumaki. Do something like that again, and I’ll have to report you.”

“Mmm hmm,” she cooed.

They both knew he could not, and would not do something like that. They’d probably arrest him before they even found out her name — societal double standards were a bad thing most of the time, but Karin could admit that it helped her quite a bit in this scenario. There was nothing like a little bit of reverse-sexism to spice up her day.

“See you, sensei!” Karin said, striding out of the room with a wave.

As she left, Sasuke let out a sigh of relief. Usually, he looked forward to his fourth block — his students were smart, keen, and amusing on the occasion. They listened when he taught them, and they weren’t inclined to do anything even resembling the horror stories he heard from other teachers.

But if Karin kept it up, Sasuke imagined that fourth block would quickly become his most dreaded block. Great.

He groaned, running a hand through his hair.

Now, he didn’t take a sip of his coffee right then and there. He continued to work, poring over papers as his once lukewarm coffee cooled and cooled.

But, with two minutes to go before the fourth bell, Sasuke sealed his own fate. He grabbed his cup of coffee, downed the rest of it in one go, and tucked the empty mug away so that his students wouldn’t know that the ‘impenetrable’ Uchiha-sensei needed a bit of caffeine to keep himself alert at the end of the day. It was all part of the mystique, he’d learned, all the way back in his first year of teaching.

Too bad it made him play right into Karin’s hands.

Sasuke was the type of man that could play off a lot of things. And really, none of the class probably noticed a thing — he was just that good. Luckily for him, the type of desk he had meant that his students could only see the bottom half of his legs and nothing ‘else’.

Nobody questioned why he didn’t get out of his seat the entire class period, thankfully. Or why he kept his gaze down, and really tried not to realize how many beautiful women seemed to populate his class all of a sudden. Why did Haruno and Yamanaka’s glances toward him seem more of a flirty nature than of the adoration they had been? Why did Naruko’s legs look so good? Why was a twenty-something year old man leering at a bunch of high schoolers?

The erection he had was unquestionable, and more importantly, unquenchable. He hadn’t been that hard since the time a girlfriend of his in high school had surprised him with a ‘costume’ in his room after the finals for junior year. That had been a night to remember.

This, however, was a day he very much did not want to remember. It was unbearably uncomfortable — he managed to teach with some degree of proficiency, but it was quite the struggle. And, while he normally would have figured out what had happened rather quickly, he was a little preoccupied with… erm… ‘other’ things.

Karin smiled, leaning back in her chair and tapping her manicured fingers on the desk. ‘Those special pills must have been pretty effective,’ she thought. No one else noticed — but Karin was the one specifically going out of her way to look for any signs of things being out of the ordinary. They were slight: a lip bite, a tint of pink to his ears, the tapping of his foot being faster than ever. But they were significant for someone like Sasuke; and that meant Karin knew she had succeeded.

That day was more or less a work-out-of-the-textbook day. He had Inuzuka Kiba get up and pass out their work — something he normally would have done himself, another sign to Karin that her plan was working — and everyone take out their textbooks. And they just… worked, with Sasuke answering questions from students every now and then.

There were five minutes until the bell rung. “Alright everyone,” he called, and in unison, the entire class looked up. “Like I promised at the beginning of class, I’ll give everyone their test scores.”

“Uzumaki Naruko: sixty-two. If you hadn’t tried to cheat, you would have passed.”

Naruko let out a groan, headbutting the desk in blatant agony.

“Haruno Sakura: ninety-five, Yamanaka Ino: ninety-four.”

“Take that, Ino-pig!” “Oh, shut up, it’s one point, Forehead!”

“Inuzuka Kiba, seventy five. Hyuga Hinata, ninety-eight. Aburame Shino, ninety. Uzumaki Karin, seventy-nine…”

And so on, and so on, until the entire class knew their scores. He wasn’t the type to ‘spare’ people the embarrassment of failing — if anything, he saw it as a way to encourage them.

Once the last name was read out, there was only thirty seconds to go. His students began to talk, either laughing or muttering about how they should have studied more. He let them; God, it was so close. Finally, he could be alone.

The bell rung and everyone, even Hinata, was clamoring to go. It was a Monday — nobody wanted to spend even a second inside of the building longer than they had to. In a crowd that resembled a cloud of white shirts and blue pants and skirts, his combined students surged out of the classroom.

Leaving… one.

Karin smiled as she gently closed the door. She drew the blind over the window in the door, and turned to her teacher.

“Hello, sensei,” she purred.


“Call me Karin.”

Gently, she undid the top button of her shirt. Then the next. And the next. She eased it off of her shoulders, revealing her bra — a simple red color to accentuate her hair and eyes. Now, Karin didn’t have large breasts per se… but they were supple, firm, and incredibly perky. On top of that, her rosy nipples were plainly visible through the thin fabric.

If it was possible, Sasuke felt his raging hard on get even ‘worse’.


He couldn’t even get the rest of the name out, as she slunk around his desk. Karin lowered herself gingerly onto her knees, a smile on her face; before he could react, she had already unzipped his pants and fished his cock out.

And to her great delight, her teacher was very well endowed indeed.

“You look so big and hard, sensei,” she cooed, giving his throbbing member a few strokes. “How about I ‘help’ you with that?”

He watched, stunned into silence — firstly by his student’s boldness, but secondly by just how good it felt; to have her dainty hand wrapped around his cock, to watch her crimson eyes spark with lust, to see her chest heave and her lip tremble with desire.

She leaned down, staring up at his member as if it were some kind of majestic tower. Karin tilted her head to the side, as if deep in thought as to what she was about to do — and then, she began her assault.

The redhead began at the base, running her pink tongue all the way from the bottom of his cock to the tip. She groaned at the musky, masculine taste. A few more pumps, working her saliva around the entire shaft, ensuring it was nice and lubed up. Another long lick — except this time, she finished it off by giving the tip a kiss. She gave the tip another kiss; then, she ran her tongue around the top, finishing it off by scooping up the precum that had accumulated and spooning it into her mouth. And yet another groan exploded from her lips — not because it tasted amazing or anything (it did taste pretty good), but because of how manly it was. No boy at their school could produce such a substance — no, it reminded her that this was a man. And that she was… well, not a girl, but not quite a woman either.

Sasuke leaned back in his chair, looking down at Karin with a… a… dark look in his eye. There was some primal about it — then again, making a man stew with arousal for over an hour wasn’t the best of ideas. Unbeknownst to her, it was sheer willpower that kept Sasuke from forcing her to deep throat him, or bending her over that desk and pounding her relentlessly.

Instead, he tried to relax; he tried to soak in the feeling of the decent blowjob she was giving him. Her technique was a tad sloppy — but she was enthusiastic about it at least. He could at least give her that.

“Your cock tastes so good, sensei,” she purred, continuing to lick and lap at his cock, running her tongue over every inch, every vein, every muscle. Her hand continued to jerk him at the base; her eyes looked up at him in an almost… worshipping way.

“Keep going,” he whispered, despite himself. He wasn’t thinking straight — his mind was gone, lost in a wave of lust from places unknown.

Finally, she took him into his mouth. And it was a feeling unlike any other — warm, wet… tongue lapping at the sides of his shaft… both of her hands now working at the base of his cock. And, of course, she continued to look up at him. Her chest heaved; her legs twitched. His toes curled.

Sasuke had never, not once, imagined this; he had never thought about a student being under his desk like that, blowing him off. Maybe Anko once or twice after a long dry spell? But never a student.

Yet here he was, languishing in his chair as one of his feistiest students went down on him with wild abandon.

It was probably fair to mention that Sasuke had been near continuously hard for an hour and a half — and that he hadn’t had sex in a few months — and that Karin’s mouth was incredibly wet and hot, and that the entire scenario altogether made his mind go mad with lust.

Needless to say, he didn’t last as long as he would have liked.

Still, it was… respectable. Karin’s boyfriends, for the most part, hadn’t lasted half as long.

Minutes passed; Karin merely continued to work him over. She’d always liked blowjobs — there was something about holding a man in the palm of her hand, in more ways than one, that she really enjoyed. But it was… different with Sasuke. She didn’t feel quite as in control; if anything, she felt as if all the control was in Sasuke’s hands.

He just wasn’t using it.

“I’m close,” he whispered, his voice measured and cool. “Really close.”

She nodded.

His cock was a third of the way in her mouth, and she made no move to retract herself even an inch. Her tongue lapped at the sides of his shaft, fingers still pumping the base of his member. He throbbed, he twitched once, and with a grunt, Sasuke came down his student’s throat.

One jet of cum spiraled down her throat, then a second — but that was all Karin could withstand. She pulled back, cum pouring down her chin… she managed to open her mouth to take the rest of his load, but it would have to collect on her tongue instead of being shot right down her gullet. And it was a big load, indeed: hot, thick, filling her mouth and nose with his taste and smell respectively.

Finally, finally he was spent. And he went flaccid, though Karin couldn’t help but notice that he was half-hard again only a few seconds later — a side effect of the ‘special’ pills perhaps.

She had to swallow his load in a few, unintentionally loud gulps. It was just so much! And that wasn’t even mentioning the cum she had to collect off of her chin and spoon into her mouth. Some of it had fallen onto the top of her cleavage, some had stained her bra… she scooped up whatever she could, making sure to get every last bit.

Karin grinned up at him, chest heaving, a happy little look on her flushed face.

“Well, sensei?” she purred, looking up at him — from where he sat, his half-hard member still obscured a decent portion of her face. “Do you want to reconsider my grade now?”

Sasuke took a deep breath.

“B minus,” he said.

Only a B minus?” Karin said, almost dangerously.

“Yes,” he whispered. “Now get the fuck out of my classroom.”

Karin grit her teeth — but, she kept herself reined in. After all… she knew her teacher had to stay back almost every day. There would be no escaping it; and now that she’d wormed her way in, she probably wouldn’t even need those ‘special’ pills to extract her reward from him…

“Fine,” Karin said, crawling out from beneath the desk and standing up. She fixed her hair, she gave her chin one last wipe, she buttoned up her shirt. By the time she was finished, there was no evidence of their activity — aside from her flushed features. “I’ll see you tomorrow, sensei.”

And she walked out without a second look back at him.

He was going to jail.

He was- he was so going to jail.

Oh God. What had come over him? He, Uchiha Sasuke… with a student! In his classroom, no less. It was an unspoken rule amongst male teachers: no matter how provocative your students dressed, no matter how much they winked and flirted, no matter how much their skirts waved in the wind, you did not want to get into the mess that an affair with a student would bring. More than one historic teaching career had been brought down by a loose eighteen year old with a D average (and that counted for her grades and her cup size) and a middle-aged, unhappily married man as her teacher.

Now he was one of them. The cougars that had preyed upon a young man, the balding men that offered their students better grades for ‘compensation’. Except he was a twenty-something man with looks that any man would kill for, a line of potential girlfriends three blocks long, and much more to lose than some flimsy marriage or his freedom.

His mother and father’s respect — his clan’s reputation — his brother’s dream.

Sasuke sat down on his couch, absolutely and irreversibly shell shocked. Ever since Karin had left the classroom, he’d been in a daze — he hadn’t even remembered driving to his apartment.

That feisty redhead. That, that conniving little-

He couldn’t fault her; he couldn’t fault anyone but himself. It was his fault for giving into temptation, for letting her do that. He should have reported her from the moment she’d started making advances toward him.

He pressed his palms against his face, taking deep, even breaths.

“God… for the love of…” Sasuke groaned.

He raised his head slightly, and the picture of he and his sickly brother seemed to glint at him.


“Sasuke. Sasuke! You in there, Sasuke?”

He blinked.

“Yeah?” Sasuke said, turning his head.

Kakashi nodded his head. “You’re not the type to day dream,” Kakashi noted, leaning against a table. “I noticed your test scores are getting higher and higher. I’m impressed.”

“Thanks,” he muttered.

The teacher’s lounge wasn’t a place Sasuke frequented often — on the flipside, Kakashi seemed to always be in it. Sasuke wasn’t sure if the man even showed up to any of the classes he had to teach by this point; regardless, all of his classes got well above an eighty percent pass average.

“How’s the family?”

“They’re fine.”

“The home life?”


“Your students?”

He hesitated for a split second. “They’re fine,” Sasuke said.

Kakashi nodded. “Well, I’m glad to hear that,” he said, clapping Sasuke’s shoulder. “Don’t go daydreaming in front of your kids now, Sasuke…! You don’t know when they’ll get the markers out and doodle something on your face, you know.”


“Toodle-oo!” Kakashi said, waving as he waltzed out of the lounge.

Sasuke groaned, lowering his head and staring at the bag of chips he’d bought out of the vending machine. He stared at them for a moment longer — before deciding to pocket them. He was sure Naruko or someone would want to eat it. He hadn’t even ate dinner the previous night — he had managed to stomach some breakfast that morning, but that was it.

He stood up, placing his hands on the table.

‘She got her grade,’ Sasuke thought. ‘She got her grade, and she’d better be happy with it. I won’t say a word about it. She won’t say a word about it. It’s fine, it’s fine.’

At least, that was what he told himself. Reality typically wasn’t inclined on being so forgiving.

He took a deep breath, and walked out the door. His planning period was coming up — then, it was fourth block. With her.

This was going to be awful…


This time, in the absence of his an enormous erection, Sasuke could actually stand up and teach. He gave them a power point, he made them copy down notes — the whole nine yards. And he worked them hard, owing to the fact that half of his class had slacked off the previous day.

The class period went by fast, thankfully. There was no time to waste — he didn’t quite make up for his inability the previous day, but he certainly tried. And considering the fact that all of his students were downcast and half asleep when the bell rung, Sasuke considered it a job well done.

His students shuffled out of the classroom…

… and, again, he was left with just one.

“Hello, Sasuke,” Karin said, smiling at him. She’d already closed the door — the curtain over the window embedded in the door was drawn. She walked to the front of the desk, hips swaying from side to side… her hair was done up in a ponytail, glasses glinting on her face.

He swallowed. “Hello, Karin.”

“I think I can get that grade up from a B minus,” she murmured. “What do you say?”

“We can’t do that again, we-”

She eased herself onto his desk.

And she spread her legs.

It suddenly became very obvious to Sasuke that she wore exactly nothing underneath that skirt of hers.

“I took them off before this class,” she said, reaching a hand into her purse and pulling out her panties. “I’ve been wet all day thinking about you, sensei. I bet you’ve been thinking about me all day, haven’t you?”

Sasuke bit the inside of his cheek. “Karin…” he said warningly.

“Sensei…” she said, sinking herself down onto her knees before him again.

He was crazy.

Fucking crazy.

But, as Karin gingerly unzipped his pants once again, he found himself unable to stop her. If anything, he wanted her to do it. His member was flaccid this time, but Karin saw it was still quite the respectable size as it was. Still, she didn’t have to do much; gripping it around the base and running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft a few times was more than he needed to grow hard — soon, he was just as erect as he’d been the previous day. But it wasn’t one influenced by drugs this time, no, it was a proper erection…

And she liked it.

“Do you want another blowjob, sensei?” Karin whispered, peering up at him, batting those crimson eyes behind those glasses. “Or do you want something… more?”

She didn’t wait for a response — instead, she climbed up on top of him: mounting him. Arousal was already seeping from her folds, and she felt that familiar throbbing, that pinch in her stomach that made her yearn to be filled.

Again, he seemed unable to stop her. His hands found themselves slipping beneath her skirt, clutching her pert ass. His member ground against her thigh, the mushroom head dipping into the juices that had leaked down from her slit.

Karin closed the distance between their lips, and forced her mouth against his. Her previous boyfriends had been putty in her hands — but she quickly found that Sasuke, with ease, was able to withstand the assault of her tongue. He even repelled it, and she moaned into his mouth as he slid his tongue past her lips.

For a long moment, Sasuke plundered the bounty of her mouth. After that, though...

“Sensei,” she whispered, once the kiss had been broken. She pressed her forehead against his, their eyes only a few inches away. “Do you want to put your hard cock inside of me?”

“I…” He took a deep breath. What point was there in lying? “I do.”

“Then do it,” she murmured.


“But what, sensei? I want it. I want you.”

“You only want it for the grade,” Sasuke murmured.

“That’s part of it,” Karin said. “But I’ve wanted you since the beginning of the year, sensei…” Her hands slid beneath his shirt, to rub and caress the broad expanse of muscle cultivated by a workout routine he’d stuck to for years. “Ever since I laid eyes on you. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve touched myself to the thought of you, sensei? My last boyfriend… by the end of it, I was imagining your cock inside of me, your face looming above me… hell, I think I even moaned your name into his ear once or twice.”

She swallowed.

That’s how much I want you, sensei,” Karin murmured.

He said nothing.

Not a word.

Instead, he simply pressed his cock against her entrance, and eased himself inside of her burning folds; she moaned, and threw her head back. He was big — she could feel his shaft scraping against her inner walls. Honestly, she was almost glad that she’d lost her virginity to someone else… it had hurt with her boyfriend in freshman year, but she had no idea how much it would have pained her for her first time to be with a man as well endowed as her sensei.

“Fuck,” he groaned, pulling her further and further down his shaft. Her sheer arousal allowed him easy access — the feeling of her clenching around him was unparalleled, and she was so hot and warm and wet that his mind was spinning.

In his classroom.

It was one thing, to have a student suck him off in his classroom. That was something else; distant, impersonal. Her head in between his legs, twenty minutes of pleasure, a loud swallowed, a grade raised… that was it. That was that.

This was-

He was fucking her.

He was filling her.

He was… claiming her.

In his classroom.

A grown man, with a girl who hadn’t even graduated high school yet. In his classroom, in his chair, behind the desk where he helped to mould young minds.

For whatever reason, that thought only made him harder; and when the same thing occurred to her but in reverse, it only made her wetter.

It was so wrong, so sinful, so damned just… fucked up. But Sasuke was drunk on lust — he was lost in an ocean of it. His life had been so monotonous for so long… and for the first time in what felt like years, there was something.

A spark. A candle in the darkness; something that made him feel alive for the first time in longer than he could remember.

“Sasuke,” she moaned into his ear. Her hands wrapped around his back — her skirt bundled up around her waist. His hands gripped her ass tight enough to turn her pale skin almost red… he continued to drag her down the length of his shaft; impaling her deeper, and deeper, until she swore he was grinding up against the very entrance of her wound.

Which was impossible, of course. But it didn’t stop her from thinking it.

Regardless, he was just so… deep. She felt so full, so wholehearted — every time she rolled her hips, every time he twitched or throbbed or made even the slightest of movements, ripples of pleasure would course through her. She was so wet, so aroused… it was… it was…

He nudged against her G-spot, and that only sped up the process; a moment later, he nudged against it again. And again. And again. He sunk his teeth gently into her collarbone to keep himself from moaning — he impaled her so deeply that every centimeter of his shaft was buried inside of her.

Finally, finally, she came. The tightness, the warmth, the everything. She felt as if she were floating for an instant; as if an angel had reached down to allow her to spread her wings and fly. And then she was dragged straight back down to Earth… only to find that it seemed even better as Sasuke dragged her up and down his lengthy cock, forcing her clenching pussy to endure more pleasure than it seemed built for.

“Sensei,” she gasped — she would have clawed at his back, but she’d seemed to have lost all motor function in his arms. And that was a good thing, too: he had just gotten that shirt.

She was so hot, so wet. He felt like he did with the blowjob the previous day — powerless to last as long as he wanted to. And he wanted this to last longer; consequences be damned.

He wanted to do so many things. To fuck her as hard as he could, to make her scream his name… to creampie her teenage pussy. But he knew that he couldn’t do anything of these things; not here; not now.

“Fuck,” Sasuke rasped, as he pulled her off the length of his shaft. Little more than a pile of goo, Sasuke laid her back down on her knees — she stared up at his juice-slick cock blearily, blinking behind her spectacles. “Jack me off,” he growled, and the authority present in his voice made her jump. “I want to look you in the eye as I cum in your mouth, Uzumaki.”

She shook her head to clear her mind — her arms still felt numb. Her pussy burned, it throbbed… even after that enormous orgasm she didn’t feel sated. But she knew that to go on for too long would risk more than just her grades, and so, she decided to go ahead and finish him off.

A moment later, she wrapped both of her hands around the bottom of his shaft, and began to pump her sensei for all he was worth. She aimed the tip of his cock square at her tongue — and waited. She stroked, and she stroked, and he groaned, and groaned. The way he throbbed in her fingers; the pulsing of his cock. It was intoxicating. Why the hell did it feel so right to be on her knees before him like this? To be mounted on his cock? Student and teacher, behind the desk where he’d handed down a thousand lectures.

“Sensei,” she whispered. “Cum for me.”

He did.

String after string of thick, gooey cum spurted onto her awaiting cum — and she took every last drop that she could. She was ready this time; a hell of a lot more ready than she had been last time. Karin knew how big his loads could be, and she’d certainly prepared herself for the onslaught that was her teacher’s orgasm.

Even then, her jaw began to ache from how long she had to hold it open — thankfully, that didn’t register much considering the overwhelming taste of him in her mouth. His smell filling her nose; the incredible masculinity contained in every drop of his semen.

After what seemed an eternity, he was finally spent. His member went flaccid; he leaned back, chest gently rising up and down.

Karin looked him squarely in the eye, smiled a little, then swallowed every last drop of his cum in a few big, audible gulps.

“Well?” she said expectantly, nuzzling her cheek against his cock, uncaring of the way her juices smeared against her skin.

Sasuke pursed his lips together.

“B plus,” he said.


“Take it or leave it.”

Karin fumed — it’s not like she could go for round three, considering she’d told Auntie Kushina that the scores would come back that day. Well, maybe they could, but she had to hurry home before they started to worry… damn.

“Fine,” she said.

“Good,” Sasuke murmured. “Now get cleaned up; get your panties back on. Leave my classroom, and we’ll never talk of this again. Got it?”

Karin stared at him for a long moment.

Then, she laughed.

“Am I supposed to find something funny?” Sasuke murmured, his tone low and dangerous.

“What do you think, sensei?” Karin said, grinning from ear to ear. “You should have reported me from the beginning, you know. Because now, you’re trapped.” Her tongue slipped out of her mouth, to gently caress his member. “I know exactly what I can do to get my grade up in your class now, sensei… and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. What will you do? Report me and get yourself arrested? Spread rumors that I’m a whore? Trust me, I could care less what other people think.” She chuckled, staring up at him. “I think, sensei, you’ll have to get used to seeing me around — and I think I won’t have to study quite as much for your tests, hmm?”

Sasuke was silent for a long moment — to the point where the silence became distinctly uncomfortable. Karin didn’t dare to break it though; she could see the gears whirling in his head. The pieces being put together, as his mind ruled out any possibility of him getting out of his situation.

Finally, he decided on a course of action.


“Yes, sensei?”

He sucked in a deep breath. And looked her dead in the eye.

“Get the fuck out of my classroom.”

She allowed a smirk to curl her lips, as she eased herself out from underneath his desk. Of course, she took a moment to fix herself — yanking back on her panties, smoothing out her hair, fixing her glasses.

“Don’t act like it’s the end of the week,” she teased. “And don’t we have a test on Friday?”

Get out.”

With a laugh, Karin turned and strode out of the classroom.

As the door closed behind her, Sasuke tucked his member back into his trousers. He scooted forward, and tried to ignore that smell that permeated the room — of her potent arousal. He’d have to get an air freshener or something to get rid of it.

He took a deep breath.

And another.

And another.

Finally, he pulled out a stack of papers from inside a drawer on his desk, uncapped a pen, and began to grade his student’s work. He needed something — anything to distract him. He was…




Angry, at himself, at Karin, at everything.

Thankfully, he could deal with those emotions later, if he ever did want to deal with them. Right now — right now, more than anything, he just wanted to forget about what had just happened.

But, considering every time he closed his eyes all he could see was a redhead winking at him from between his legs, it seemed that forgetting what had happened was a long way off.


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