Dogs Keep It In The Family

BY : Keth
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The licentious sound of continuous wet slurping noises resounded across the empty living room in every direction, partnered with barely restrained, sharp breaths of pleasure and aroused moaning. The silence soaked up the orchestra of perverse music, every raspy groan, all the feverish panting, and of course the rapid, rhythmic squelching that stared in the program absorbed into the background quiet of tranquil sun rise. It was just your average morning in the Inuzuka home, the telltale sounds of the resident's frisky inhibitions filling the house like any other day.

The tough-talking, headstrong son of the family was the source of some of this sweet show of acoustic sexuality, handsome young Kiba's chorus of husky, shallow breathing echoing like a roaring thunderstorm in the otherwise silent space. His ragged heaving was accompanied by the occasional clash of damp slobbering and smacking from below which he wasn't responsible for-but was definitely enjoying-that occasionally caused the satisfied teen to inadvertently spit out lewd swears of ecstasy.

"Bet you love how it tastes, huh slut? Shit, I still can't believe how good you are at this! Ngh! Yeah, just like that, keep going whore," Kiba murmured brusquely in between grunts of bestial relief, his coarse language likely not going unsolicited by the attendant pampering him with the nurturing attention boys his age required so very often in order to stay happy and healthy. His carnal gaze cast downwards where the offender producing the other half of the cacophony lay, on him like a ravenous hound going after a thick, juicy steak. Kiba's voracious, slit-like animal eyes oversaw the meticulous but patently messy action going on down below with a kind of presumptuous cockiness, his characteristic arrogant smirk detailed on his strapping face all the while, yet didn't seem to be sending any intentions of hostility or disdain despite his demeaning words. He knew such disrespect towards this one providing him the service would be... unfortunate for him to say the least.

He caught a sight of eyes just like his own at the other end of his glance, and they flashed and fixated dominantly on his own irises, the similar set of eyes glinting mischievously as they plotted silently and the gaze devoured him with its threatening, territorial presence. Eyes that sought to consume him, to ensure that Kiba was docile and submissive. Eyes that were certainly up to something sneaky and punishing. They always were.

Poor-or lucky depending on your personal tastes-Kiba was trying his best to keep it all together under the tremendous pressure welling up inside of him, but that wasn't working out so well in these difficult conditions. His quavering hands balled up into fists so tightly his straining knuckles began to loose their color and his lungs felt like they were about to burst from lack of suitable intake. Cursing and taking in short gasps was all he could do to protest the overly rough and vigorous treatment which made the defensive teen utter such shrill, horny sounds none of his comrades could even imagine haughty Kiba spewing. Not that he was too incensed with his torture, mind you; Kiba would rather suffer this than the last whooping he got. Better to revive a punishment that hurt so good than one that just plain hurt like hell!

The cunning, authoritative woman responsible for all Kiba's troubles had her face planted directly into his bare crotch, wantonly busying herself with forcing the stubborn boy to mewl so complacently for her own twisted glee; while Kiba sucked in harsh draws for air, struggling to steady himself, she was also doing some sucking herself, but of a different, less wholesome variety.

Crouched down explicitly before Kiba, head nestled deep between his sturdy thighs, was a dangerously beautiful, dark-haired older woman, voluptuously mature of body and emitting a kind of practiced aura of sexual control and mischievous domination which Kiba found both annoying and utterly irresistible. The seven firm inches of his sturdy, bulging manhood resided warmly pierced between her pursed wet lips, the woman's head bobbing diligently up and down his sturdy length in quick haphazard draws, suckling hungrily on his meaty prick like a starving baby drinking at its mother's teat, impatiently waiting for the warm liquid meal she was sure to be rewarded with for her efforts. These brisk motions caused that racket of obscene slapping, suckling sounds filling the house to erupt from the corner gaps of her busy mouth, while a viscous concoction of leaked spit and pre-ejaculate flowed down her chin in sporadic dribbles. The squelching noises produced as his malevolent companion messily went down on him with fastidious dedication were music to Kiba's ears, arousing him further with the nasty commotion of sloppy blowing as she slobbered all over his schlong with the energy and ability of a woman half her age.

The smooth and precise but overtly zealous movements of the brunette's mouth gliding intently up and down Kiba's thick pole tested and sapped his willpower as she singlemindedly sought out his climax with dynamic forcefulness not uncommon of shinobi women, proficiently teamed up with the tightly enveloping lips squeezing hard enough around his member to lock the two face to junk. The mature, savage kunoichi was taking his length in with such intense passion and haste that it was bordering on painful and pushing him perilously closer towards the edge with every second as she repeatedly drove her face into his groin with fanciful exertion. It was just too damn much for a guy to handle! Kiba knew the sultry woman's powerful vacuum sucking mouth latched precociously to his dong and the overly brisk motions were cunningly intentional, designed to cause his writhing and moaning and test his mettle as a man, his voracity and potency. The temptress worked diligently and purposely to wring the cum from him until his sack ran dry, sucking him off until all the lad would be able to shoot out anymore was dust.

Yeah, that was a good title for her, temptress, a sexy siren luring Kiba to commit heated debauchery with her, a diabolical witch who manipulated his impulses and drove him crazy in all kinds of meanings of the term with her manipulative ways. No wonder the devious bitch had earned a reputation as a violent man-eater who drove guys away with her fierce attitude, aggressive sexuality, and fearsome wiles. It took a brave dude to stick his dick in a woman so indomitable of will and brutal in manner, but Kiba wasn't daunted; he was a hell of a lucky guy just to make it with this fine, frisky cougar more than twice his age, and as such he was dedicated to showing her what a man he was, eager and up to facing her challenges like only a brainless, horny teenager could be. And despite all the aggression and frightening skill at her disposal, the randy youth had an unconquerable spirit and stubbornness to spare capable of matching her's. Kiba could be just as ferocious when he needed to be, he wasn't about to give in to the lady's whims without a fight; his moment to turn the tables would come, then she would be the one lustily moaning and panting with need for him.

But for now Kiba reclined luxuriously into the soft couch padding surrounding his bronzed, strapping young form, lounging listlessly while he savored the titillating feeling of that pair of succulent, plump lips sliding over his engorged cock effortlessly. Now this was the life. What 17 year old guy wouldn't jump at the chance of getting conspicuously sucked off in broad daylight in your own living room by a passionate, experienced MILF? Kiba hadn't a care in the world besides holding back on flooding her mouth with his creamy baby batter, stripped butt naked from the crown of his auburn head all the way down to his toes clenching and curling from the pleasure, relaxing openly nude on the couch without fear of interruption. He could discard pretense and worries and just lean back while getting some prime head.

It would be a sinful spectacle of epic proportions were anyone around to witness the carnal act, but Kiba's canine compatriot Akamaru was still napping upstairs, his sister out on a mission, and his tough as nails mom was... otherwise preoccupied at the moment, leaving Kiba to revel in the tongue lavishing he was receiving in relative peace. That was if he could stop getting tortured and brought to the edge of release only to be disappointed and abandoned for just a few damn minutes.

"Aw, fuck!" the satisfied teen suddenly cried out hoarsely, gnashing his pointed teeth in blissful but stressful agony and throwing his head back when his companion abruptly lapped at the sensitive frenulum hidden underneath his purple-tinged cock head, determined to drive him crazy with every darting flick of her tongue. The sloppy tip nudged and prodded energetically at the erogenous zone making the defiant boy tremble and squirm in his seat, thrashing about from the sheer overload of stimulus. It was like the woman knew Kiba was thinking about overcoming her hold on him and promptly punished him for it by asserting her authority, nothing new there.

Kiba lurched forward suddenly and violently at the first attack like he had been zapped with an electric current, bucking his groin deeper and causing the woman to choke as the tip of his penis tickled her tonsils and he unexpectedly drove himself down her throat in an impromptu brief face fuck. But soon both participants relaxed and eased back down into comfort as Kiba pulled back his invading shaft and the sucker again rolled her tongue in waves against the weak bit of flesh connecting his retracted foreskin and swollen glans, the aching teen gradually growing used to the ministrations even as the sensation make him want to scream.

"Mmmm, yeah that's awesome," Kiba hummed pleasantly, heartily complimenting the giver for her skill with her mouth and knowledge of the most delicate parts to a man's anatomy, the gratified words rumbling low and lusty from deep inside his chest like a feral growl of approval.

The dog boy slumped low into the furniture, unable to hold himself high while getting blown in such a refined manner, high flying noggin slowly dragging down and broad back sliding against the fabric until he was barely even seated on the cushion chafing beneath his bare, taught ass anymore. Kiba's muscular body remained limber and limp at the hands of his female companion, half falling off the couch in careless hazy delirium, exposed cheeks hanging off the seat and neck resting low so he was almost flat on his back.

A soft, raspy sigh of contentedness spilled from Kiba's mouth, young man grinning peacefully like a dimwit as the woman's head thrust down on his throbbing wang rampantly and encouragingly. The serene canine boy threw his arms behind his head to cradle it and relax carelessly while he received his oral stimulation, opening up his furry, moist pits to the air. It was tough to not break a sweat when the atmosphere was this humid and thick with hormones, the ripe scents of male and female dueling and intermingling in the heated atmosphere of the living room.

Every so often Kiba's body would twitch and jerk unintentionally from the intensity of his blow job, his ragged breathing hitching unsteadily as he attempted to take calming breaths, trying to soothe his nerves as the urge to come became ever greater, the pent up jizz in his heavy balls attempting to escape before he should let it. It was all a matter of willpower, of keeping things under control. No matter how badly he wanted to shoot, it wasn't yet time for that. There were... certain extenuating circumstances that made letting go a bad idea at the moment. It took concentration and tons of willpower to resist his baser urges, that pressing need to let himself go calling out temptingly in the back of his mind.

Gotta hold it together! Kiba reminded himself halfheartedly, straining to contain his animal impulses and desire to release the growing climax building painfully, withholding himself even as he desperately wanted to release his load in her talented mouth, coating the soft insides of her fang-tattooed cheeks with a rush of semen. It took some stern thinking of the dire consequences to get his second wind and steel himself for more action to come, to pull back from the edge. He had no desire to be punished in earnest. If he came so soon, the teen knew he would be in serious trouble, he would never hear the end of it. If the authoritative matron was very displeased he wouldn't put it past her to even ground Kiba for his premature ejaculation! It had happened before after all, believe it or not. The bitch was so cruel, forbidding Kiba from playing video games for a week the last time he came without her approval!

Breaking the relative calm, Kiba gasped sharply as the pair of luscious red lips pulled off his throbbing cock without warning, the seductress' tongue dragging along the entire underside of his cock provokingly like licking a tasty popsicle as she withdrew, leaving behind a slimy trail mixing of pre and saliva decorating his still prominently stiff wood. The pulsating, engorged shaft glistened like a diamond in the early morning light from the soggy film of spittle coating it after sliding out of her sopping orifice, standing so erect it almost pointed all the way straight up to Kiba's stomach while the light made the saliva dazzle and twinkle.

Both participants in this open lewdness huffed and panted raggedly, each attempting to catch their breaths for differing reasons. All Kiba's stamina and vitality were being tested and judged, his endurance worn down to the breaking point of relief. He was working very hard not to blow right now, he could feel all that cum churning in his nuts ready to blow because of the oral workout. But that was hard to do considering the MILF attending to his boner was an absolute pro and even a guy like him with profound, animal-like vitality-sexual and otherwise-could only last so long.

"Don't tell me you're about to cum already," the woman chided the young man with a superior, challenging smirk after removing the teen's pulsing cock from her mouth, strings of sticky saliva clinging stubbornly between the orifice and shaft until she served them with a swipe of her tongue. She had obviously noticed the turmoil in Kiba's head and loins, the struggle he was going through to avoid getting teased for ejaculating far too soon. "I thought you were better than that," she scoffed pointedly, punctuation the cutting remark by poking his spit coated member with the sharpened claw tip of her forefinger, causing the suffering Kiba to shudder in delight as she belittled and prodded him, her talon-like nail grazing his shaft just enough to elicit his response. Damn, she was such a bully, even at time like this. No, especially at times like this! It was when things were getting hot and heavy that the brunette woman's cruel streak really started to shine.

Her scathing remarks were designed to wound his pride and get a response out of the boy, to shame him into being more aggressive, but he let them roll off his back even if they did irritate him. Being impulsive now, much like how he was in battle, would only spell his downfall and all sorts of trouble. It's not like he wasn't used to getting berated by her anyways, he wasn't going to make a big deal of it when this event happened between the pair with their relationship full of friction almost every single day.

"You're not going to be saying that when I shove this bad boy down your throat," Kiba snarked back confidently through bared fangs grit in restraint and irritation boasting of his prowess. He went about revealing that haughty sneer her way before reaching down and slowly stroking himself right before her eyes, attempting to do the same kind of provocation and illicit seduction she had done on him as he waved his hard-on around, shaking it back and forth teasingly like a person tempting a dog with a delicious treat... Not that that interpretation was all that far from the truth of the matter.

Ah, the bravado of a virile but relatively inexperienced young man, so arrogant, so petulantly annoying, so bafflingly arousing. The incorrigible confidence of youth was a major turn on for the petulant, vain kunoichi, but in the end she would have Kiba howling for release, not the other way as he so proudly proclaimed. She knew a few tricks of the trade, there was a lot more animal passion and tricks hidden up her sleeve to bring that spunky braggart down and make him submit.

The woman focused her gaze on Kiba's burgeoning hunk of man meat resting right before her nose, drinking in the front row seat of the veiny, bulbous fuck stick and the heady male aroma drifting from his crotch, but was seemingly unimpressed. Or at least not intimidated by his threats and failing to react to his insinuations. She was the queen at this game, no recently turned former cherry boy little twerp was going to goad her into action. The brunette femme fatale instead met his boastful challenges head on, surging forward to ravenously bite him, nibbling and nipping at his shaft assertively with her pearly white chompers, snapping and grazing dangerously to cow his arrogance. She licked and curled her tongue around Kiba's shaft, but every so often an intentional prick of carnivorous fang would scrape his flesh suggestively, not hard enough to actually harm, but with enough seriousness to warn Kiba he was on thin ice... and perhaps even feel a little sensation of pleasure. That should silence his insubordinate words.

At this point you might be wondering just who was bullying Kiba and sucking him off with such crude tactile methods, who could possibly possess the authority and rugged will to tame the notoriously free spirited-to put it kindly-and self-absorbed Kiba. Who was this mystery woman going down on the rash, boastful young man with such wild abandon that it caused even his notoriously thick-headed, short-tempered manner to give way? Well, let’s say it was someone very close to Kiba indeed, a woman he had a very intimate relationship with for a long time. The salacious truth couldn't be hidden any longer.

"Shit, ma, you don't have to be so rough!" Kiba hissed insistingly, wincing at his mother's rather sloppy, toothy blow job, pulling away from the danger despite the fact that it actually felt strangely nice having those fangs give him a workout. Sometimes he thought his birthgiver actually liked seeing him suffer.

"Oh, don't be a wimp!" Tsume scolded her son with a warning glare filled with both disapproval and a simmering veil of her own arousal. As his mother it was her duty to train her son, both in the usual way, and in this twisted incestuous way that was common to Inuzuka. If he didn't build up his stamina and endurance now, how was he ever supposed to please his future wife? That was a job only a mother could help with. At heart she was simply a devoted and loving matriarch who just wanted to see her boy grow up well and succeed. ...Even if that meant she had to take charge in the bedroom and give him what for. The only thing an Inuzuka man should fear, respect, and adore more than anything in this world was his mother's mouth and her sharp tongue, fangs, and wit. Kiba would learn that heritage passed down in their clan one way or another.

Yes, the culprit behind this illicit deed was none other than his one and only mom, a nasty, demanding pit-bull of a woman to be sure, especially when it came to her boy. Nothing was ever good enough, she required more, better aim with a kunai, more dedication to his clan and village, a better technique while they embraced, pounding their related genitals together like mutts rutting in heat.

Tsume Inuzuka, experienced jounin, hot piece of ass MILF, and all around impossible to please hardass, Kiba's very own mother, was situated kneeling down on her knees relentlessly teasing her son's cock, picking on the lad to make him a hardier lover and increase his sexual stamina, or at least that was her excuse-she may have had some ulterior motives of her own, but Kiba had his own secrets about these encounters he kept to himself. Regardless, no one liked a premature ejaculatory, that just spoiled the fun for everyone involved. He could come when she said he could and not a moment before. This was the only way he would learn, teenagers needed boundaries and discipline, especially a dense, reckless, single-minded punk like Kiba, something the wild woman was all too happy to provide her boy. She really got her kicks making him obey her will, her dumb baby boy all but powerless before her. For the time being at least; he would rise against her soon and then a new kind of fun would begin, no less strange or depraved.

...So why on earth was this utterly unspeakable taboo act was going on, why were a mother and son committing this carnal sin so thoughtlessly, without an afterthought like it were a mere daily occurrence? Well, you see the Inuzuka clan was a bit... different from the other clans in the Leaf Village. Things that happened in their compound were strange and illicit to other clans, but were simply a tradition of learning and intimate bonding between family to them. To understand the heart of the matter we should probably pause and explain a bit more about the Inuzuka clan’s let's say... unorthodox ways...

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