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Author's Note : Story takes place about a year after the Fourth Shinobi War. Canon to that point. Mature themes including rape and torture.

The cute girl tending bar was nice enough to look at, but nothing special to remember. She wore her light brown hair in a practical pony tail. The fitted, sleeveless blue t-shirt was flattering enough to her modest bust to earn a few tips, and for those who looked further, she wore a short, flouncy skirt with strappy sandals that accentuated long, athletic legs and an amazing heart shaped ass.

The shinobi at the end of the bar smirked contemplating that beautiful ass bare. As a jonin in the Yamagakure militia and the Yamakage’s personal assistant, Hideo had access to all kinds of very important information. He also happened to have a weakness for that amazing, tight ass. Yoko had a certain reputation. All the guys from the barracks across the street knew that if it was the end of her shift and you paid her enough, Yoko would put out. She supported her kid sister, who lived with their aunt, since both their parents died in the last war. If school fees were due soon, Yoko put out a lot. You could tell she didn’t like whoring herself out. However, bartending only went so far and with an ass like that, well, let’s just say the girl knew the value of her hot body to a sex starved soldier. He was lucky though, she’d taken a liking to him. She enjoyed hearing about his work. In fact, she liked it enough that if he brought her scrolls to look at, just to see for five minutes, he’d get her for free. It was a great deal, really. She got all hot just reading stupid reports for a few minutes, he got the benefits, the scrolls were back in the office the next day and no one cared. Hideo guzzled the beer she’d poured him, turning the empty glass upside down over her tip. Then he stood and walked to the bathroom in the back.

Yoko picked up the tip, easily noticing his signal that Hideo had a scroll and wanted… service. “Hey Sora, can you cover the bar a minute? I haven’t had a smoke all day.” Her bright green eyes begged the waitress for help.

The older woman smiled, it was impossible to say no to this kid. She was just cute as a button and sweet as could be. “Sure, doll. I got it.”

Yoko headed toward the back door, but detoured into the unlocked restroom instead, turning the lock behind her. She’d barely clicked the bolt when a demanding pair of masculine lips captured hers in a lustful kiss. She pushed the shinobi back gently, smiling, “Not so fast, Hideo.” She giggled playfully, “First, I have to know what you have for me. I can’t reward you unless I know what it is, right?” she curled a lock of his hair idly in her fingers as she toyed with him.

Hideo felt suddenly guilty, “Yoko… I know school fees are due next month. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have the cash? I mean... I can help, you know?” He ran his hand up and down her bare arm in what he meant to be a comforting gesture.

Yoko brushed a tear from her eye, “Oh, Hideo… You are the most thoughtful man… I … I don’t know what to say.” Then her shoulders straightened, “But, you mean so much more to me than money. Please, can’t we just keep playing our foolish little game where I get to know about your work? I just… I just want to know everything about you, Hideo. You’re so strong and smart.” She looked up at him with deep green eyes that could shame a puppy.

He melted, “Of course, Yoko. I… I didn’t mean to insult you or anything… Look, I have a real treat for you today!” He got excited about sharing his work with this woman he loved. If only he had enough money to really keep her. She’d be just his. “We just wrote this up this week. It’s the invasion plan for the Land of Fire. You have to promise not to say a word to anyone.”

Yoko put her fingers in front of her lips, turning an imaginary key in a childish display, “Hideo, you know my lips are sealed. Let me see! Please!”

She looked so young when she did that. She’d said she was 18, but sometimes Yoko was so girlish… He hoped she hadn’t lied about her age just for the job. He smiled as he opened the scroll, “Just take a look, my dear Yoko.”

And look she did, quickly memorizing every detail of the top-secret battle plans she held in her hands. “Oh, Hideo! Please tell me you won’t be in danger! This seems so… scary.” Her lip quivered as she looked up to the much taller man beside her.

He smiled confidently, “Sweetheart, I’m the Yamakage’s personal assistant. I won’t be on the front lines; I’ll be just fine, right here.” He pointed to the place on the map indicating where the battlefield headquarters would be.

Yoko swooned, “Oh, Hideo! You make me so happy!” She dropped to her knees in the small bar bathroom, her fingers going straight to the fly of his pants. “I just have to show you.”

He closed the scroll quickly, stuffing it back in the pocket of his warm jacket as his eager cock hardened at the prospect of one of Yoko’s legendary blow jobs. He closed his eyes, leaning against the dingy wall as the woman he thought of as his girlfriend molested him thoroughly.

She stroked him several times to get him good and hard. Hideo wasn’t the smallest man, but he was definitely below average in cock size. That just made her job easier. “Oh, Hideo, your cock is so big and impressive. I just can’t resist tasting you.” She took the tip of his four-inch member into her mouth easily, her tongue swirling in a tantalizing tease as her hand stroked him at his base. Her other hand caressed his similarly small balls in the leathery, wrinkled sack below, cupping them in her hand as she began to take more of his penis in her mouth. She moaned appreciatively as salty pre-cum flooded her taste buds. It was bitter, but she acted as if it was a gourmet meal she sampled.

Hideo’s head lolled back as he moaned, confident the bar’s music would hide their liaison. “Fuuuck. Oh! Yoko!” His hands held onto her shoulders as she rocked his world.

Yoko took his entire cock in and out of her mouth, sucking, licking, and stroking him to oblivion. She did love having this power over a man. She was strong while he was weak and stupid. She didn’t have to fake the rush it gave her, though he naturally thought her excitement was from the thrill of his sexual prowess.

To speed things along and insure he’d keep coming back for more, Yoko worked her finger to his back door. She teased his sphincter playfully as her mouth devoured his cock. Then, a single, slender finger slipped into his anus.

Hideo jolted at the delightfully familiar feel of her fingering him in a place he’d allowed no other human to touch. He wasn’t entirely comfortable with liking penetration there but what she did was so damn incredible. He groaned with primal desire as he neared his peak.

Yoko took him deep into her throat now for several strokes as her finger stroked its way in to Hideo’s sensitive prostate. The nimble finger shot a tiny jolt of chakra into the tender gland as his cock erupted in her throat.

Hideo bit into the thick sleeve of his jacket, muffling a scream as he came hard. His vision went white as the mind-splitting orgasm convulsed his body and several streams of his essence ran down Yoko’s throat.

She pulled her finger from his rear, wiping her hand on his pants as she kissed the still sensitive tip of his softening penis. She stood in a graceful motion, licking her lips as she looked into Hideo’s eyes. Her hands loosely draped over his shoulders, “Feel better now?”

He held her by the waist, his hands still shaking slightly, as he kissed the cute bartender passionately on the mouth. “Yoko… you are incredible. Yoko, I love you.”

She smiled as she unbolted the door, “I know, Hideo. Now get out there. I have work; I can’t be gone too long.” She smacked him playfully on the ass as he went out the door. Then she turned to the mirror, straightened her hair, rinsed her mouth, and washed her hands.

By the time Haruno Sakura emerged from the shower of the her tiny studio apartment above the bar, it was three am.The exhausted kunoichi had closed the bar and kept up her cover as Yoko by letting a very drunk, older shinobi fuck her in the ass in the back room in exchange for a large sum of money. She didn’t appreciate playing the prostitute, but it worked. Plus, there wasn’t a better way to get close to the men who lived in the barracks of the Yamagakure militia. Since they didn’t allow women to train as shinobi, their men could either have sex with each other, or find the company of prostitutes. Lots of the women who had day jobs nearby dabbled in prostitution; the economic conditions made it too tempting to pass up. Still, she’d been a bit lucky to get this job at one of the bars near the compound. The owner wanted a pretty face behind the bar to draw in customers, which Sakura did very well. Getting intimate with the kage’s personal assistant had taken a lot of blow jobs and word of mouth, but she was now in and sending regular reports back to Konoha. Her contact would be at the bar in the morning, so she had to get the update done tonight. Even if her ass was sore.

Sai shook Hanabi gently, waking the very young chunin from a deep sleep. “Hanabi, it’s time to get up. Today is your big day!” His voice echoed off the damp walls of the cave they’d sheltered in. Sai gave the girl his best fake smile.

She sat up with a groan, the cool air weighing on her sleepy form as she stretched. She rolled her eyes at Sai’s comment. “It’s just a simple recon mission, Sai.”

Sai grabbed her by the wrist, suddenly deadly serious. “Change your attitude, now.” He commanded. “There is no such thing as a simple recon mission. You are walking into enemy territory. If your cover is compromised, you could die. Kakashi made it clear I must make certain that does NOT happen.”

Hanabi took a deep breath. If everything went according to plan, it would be a cake walk. It had been the past three months. However, they were spies and there were no guarantees. She could feed the ‘simple recon mission’ crap to her family, but she needed to be wise and on her guard. “You are right, Sai. I’m sorry. I just need a cup of tea to wake up properly.”

Just then, a small paper mouse scuttled through the mouth of the cave into Sai’s hand. “Ah! A good report.” The artist smiled genuinely, “As of last night, everything looks good.” He turned his attention back to making their breakfast.

The extra petite kunoichi double checked her henge in the hand mirror. With matching brown hair and green eyes, she really did look like Yoko’s little sister. If she did her hair as pink, she could pass for Sakura’s little sister too. They had the same lithe, tomboyish body type. Since Hanabi really was five years younger, they made a good sibling pair. The hokage had quite an eye for such things. She tucked the mirror into her civilian back pack as she made her way down the snow-covered road into the village and over to the bar where Sakura worked and lived.

The bar patrons stared as a small, green-eyed girl in a too large coat stepped into the smoke-filled room. A man called out, “Hey, kid, this place is for grown-ups.”

The young girl looked around anxiously, “I… I’m sorry, I’m looking for my sister…”

Yoko emerged from the back room, a big smile on her face as she saw the girl in the doorway. “Hana!” She called out, “Come here, sweetie.”

The young girl ran and embraced her older sister. “Yoko! I’ve missed you so much!”

Yoko led Hana to the back room where she handed her a pouch of money, “I’ll have your school fees next time. And I made you a lunch for the walk back to Auntie’s house.” She set a brown paper sack on the table.

Hana stayed in character, “Yoko, I miss you all the time. When are you coming back to the farm?” (You’ve been undercover a long time. How long do you expect to stay that way?)

Yoko stroked Hana’s hair gently, “Sweetie, I wish I could come back today, but the way things are I need to work here awhile longer, okay? Please tell Auntie I miss you all a lot.” (I’m in a good position here. Tell Kakashi not to worry.)

Hana pouted, “Can’t you even come for a short visit? I’m sure Auntie would make us a nice dinner if you came with me.” (You can return now. The decision is up to you)

Yoko gave the girl a small hug, “No, Hana. I must work today. Give everyone at home my love.” She kissed Hana on the forehead and put the lunch in her hands, “Now, go on, or you’ll be late getting back. Study hard in school, Hana. I love you.” (I’m staying undercover. Recon is too valuable now)

Hana sighed as she headed to the door. She turned briefly, waving to Yoko once more, “I love you too, Yoko. I’ll be good.” (See you in four weeks.)  Then she was gone into the cold winter day.


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