Hinata’s Debut!

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Disclaimer: Of course I don’t own Hinata or anything from the Naruto series. Just a fan having some fun with my favorite girl. Also no money or profit is made from this.

Not much plot here. Just a setup and mostly porn that I may or may not continue. Enjoy!



Hinata fidgeted slightly as she watched the workers on the set move back and forth getting everything ready for the shoot. She had asked the director if there was anything for her to help with earlier but he had politely declined saying they would need her for later and not to worry about it. 


Sighing to herself she began to play with her newly cut short navy blue hair as she thought about her mission. The details were a little scarce but she had been assured of any dangers. It mostly stated that she was to help once she’d gotten to the studio. 


‘But with what?’ Was the question that was bouncing around in her head for when she had arrived and presented the scroll to the director he had smiled and asked if she’d be okay with any rough stuff. After assuring him that despite her looks she could handle just about anything he had smiled and left her alone to finish up. 


She supposed it must have been stunt work but she hadn’t seen any other actress on set. So was she the star? The thought made her blush. Sure Naruto had told she was prettier than any actress he had seen before but she was no actress! She doubted she could act all! 






“Heh, we’re ready for you now.”


Blushing from being caught up in her own head she gave a quick “Thank you.” to the aid and headed to the set. The set in question she noted looked like a simple bedroom with all the amenities. The only thing out of place was the couch the director was currently having her sit on in the middle of the room. 




‘Action?! But I wasn’t even given a script!’ Hinata worriedly thought as she blushed and began to panic a little.


“So you’re Hinata from the famous Hyuuga clan correct?”


“Huh?! O-oh, yes!”


“Wow, so what’s that like?”


Hinata cursed herself internally at having not noticed the man sit beside her earlier due to her panic. He looked a little older than her with tanned skin and dark hair that covered his eyes slightly. It seemed to be a simple interview. Most likely they wanted her to demonstrate some of her skills later on hence the directors earlier question. And with that thought in mind she began to calm down and engage in the conversation. Back and forth they went with Hinata getting so caught up in the ‘interview’ that she didn’t realize he had moved closer to her. To the point where they were practically shoulder to shoulder nor did she notice him place his hand on the inside of her shapely thigh and start rubbing, moving higher and higher until reaching her clothed honey pot. All she noticed was that she began to feel a little hot as a pleasant haze settled around her mind and a wetness grew down below.


Suddenly, the interviewer(Kouta was the name he had given her) leaned forward with a groan. “Oh! Is something wrong?” Hinata asked concerned as she kneeled in front of him to get a better look.


“Sorry, I just feel very sore in my lower body!”


“Well, let me take a look. I have some knowledge in the medical arts I can help relieve you. Do you mind?”


Kouta gave the okay and told her it was near his upper thigh. Hinata nodded and asked him to remove his pants so as to get a better look. Standing up he proceeded to do as asked while she got prepared. 




“Is something wrong?”


“N-no! It’s just...”, Hinata stammered slightly as while she had been prepared to heal him she wasn’t prepared for the 11-inch long hard dick now in front of her. ‘It’s thicker than my wrist even!,’Hinata thought to herself as the musky scent from it caused her to blush even more and the wetness from earlier to increase. “That does look very uncomfortable Kouta-san.” Hinata finally responded pointing to his engorged member. Nodding Kouta asked if she could do anything to help him to which Hinata replied with a rather sultry sounding,”Of course there is.” The haze from earlier completely clouding her thoughts now.


Standing back up Hinata proceeded to have him sit back down before once again kneeling between his legs and looking at the imposing tower before her. Reaching out with one hand towards his pole the heat coming from it made her core burn even further as she proceeded to wrap her small hand around it. Barely fitting she began to move her hand up and down rubbing it, causing Kouta to groan. As she did so her other hand found its way down her body into her shorts and under her panties finding her sex wet as can be and began to play with herself. Rubbing her fingers around the outer folds before dipping in deeper causing Hinata to moan out loud. 


Staring at the precum beginning to form at the tip of his dick Hinata looked up at Kouta with a silent question in her half lidded lust filled eyes, meeting her gaze Kouta gave a nod. Licking her now dry lips she went from base to tip tasting his cock and cum in one go, finding it rather delicious she began to lick all over his dick with more fervor unable and unwilling to stop herself. Her other hand now freed from its previous task of jerking him off began groping at her large chest. Unzipping her top and pulling up her bra her huge tits bounced freely as she groped and pinched her own nipples increasing her arousal as she worshipped his cock. Running her tongue along the underside of his dick, licking from side to side causing it to move back and forth. Twirling the tip of her tongue around the crown before taking it in her mouth to suck on it briefly, gulping more of the cum that leaked out before letting go and resuming her previous task.


With one last lick Hyuuga heiress gave the tasty slab of cockmeat before her a kiss on the tip before engulfing the whole thing in her hot tight cavern in one go. Having experienced Naruto’s larger cock multiple times it was easy for her to hold back her gag reflex and take his dick all the way to the base letting him experience her tight throat before she began to bob her head. 


“Holy fuck, you’re good at this.” Kouta groaned at her blowjob skills.


Feeling thankful for the compliment the blue haired Hyuuga gave an extra hard suck on the meat in her mouth making the slightly older man rear his head back and moan. As she bobbed back and forth on his meatpole her tongue wasn’t idle as she would alternate between letting it drag along the bottom of his length and keeping just the head in her mouth as she licked the slit. Feeling him stiffen even more made her smile internally and grow even hotter as the hand groping her chest joined its sister to further stimulate her cunt. She also noticed that by this point her panties were thoroughly soaked with her juices as she spread her bottom lips even wider. 


Moaning around his cock and subsequently giving Kouta even more pleasure Hinata found herself near desperately wanting her pussy thoroughly pounded by the thick dick in her mouth giving her one orgasm after the next. The very thought made her vaginal muscles contract around her fingers as she came hard. After soaking her bottoms entirely now she released his cock from her mouth and  panted swallowing whatever cum she still had in her mouth. Hinata stared at his rod now slick with a mixture of her saliva and his precum and was satisfied with her work ready for the next treat. 


“Why did you s-stop?”, Kouta stuttered slightly as he panted himself. “I was so close!”


Giving a slutty looking smile the heiress’s gaze went from his still wet cock to him as she crossed her arms under her hefty bosom, fingers still slick with her own cum and replied,”Would you rather cum in my mouth or on these?” To emphasize what she meant she lifted her arms more making her chest look even larger. She soon got her answer when she suddenly found herself lying on her back staring at the canopy above the bed. Were she in her right mind Hinata would’ve questioned how he was able to move her from the couch to the bed so quickly as well as remover her top, bra, and boots however she was currently mesmerized by the throbbing pleasure stick that was also above her so she didn’t. 


“Not letting me cum and then teasing me with those milk jugs you call tits! Making me wanna fuck them so badly!”, Kouta growled out his voice thick with lust and desire as he kneeled above her chest.


Excited by his tone Hinata grabbed a breast in each hand, spread them apart showing him a very enticing sight of the valley between her mounds, and said with a seductive grin matched by her tone,”Well, then? What are you waiting for?” As soon as the words left her mouth he batted her hands away from her chest taking each breast in his own and slapped them together around his cock causing them both to moan. Kouta from the soft pleasurable vice now surrounding his dick and Hinata from the throbbing heat trapped between her tits. Looking down she could see his dick poking from between her flesh mounds with some cum dripping from the tip. Not wanting it to go to waste she craned her head forward and gave the tip a lick lapping up the cum and snapping her partner out of his pleasure induced haze pulling his attention towards her. 


With a slurp Hinata swallowed her small prize before questioning him in a slightly teasing tone,”You did say you wanted to FUCK these milk jugs? Not just stay still, right and stare right?”


“Oh fuck yes!”


And with that he drew his hips back rubbing his rod along the way, also from Hinata’s viewpoint causing his dick to disappear into the valley of her cleavage, and thrusted forward hard. His hips slapping against the underside of her chest sending ripples along the globes of flesh and his cock forward even closer to her face letting the navy haired slut catch it in her mouth briefly before he pulled back and thrusted again. And again. And again steadily building up a rhythm between her boobs as he held them together, alternating from short quick thrusts to long hard thrusts. Hinata began to match his rhythm and with that catch his tasty cock as with each hard thrust she would take the head in her mouth and run her tongue over the head, dabbing the slit on top giving him a shiver of pleasure while making more cum appear from his fleshy rod. She made sure not to swallow it though letting it build up so as to provide more lube for his thrusting between her heaving chest. Clenching the sheets in anticipation Hinata noticed that it was leaving a bit of a mess on her upper chest, a warm sticky mess that she looked forward to tasting after he finally lets loose. 


Speaking of which,”That’s it! Just like that! Fuck my tits! Leave a mess all over me! I wanna feel your fresh hot cum splash on my face and boobs! Come on you’re almost there! I can feel it!” Hinata cried out horny and eager to get to that thick fuckstick in her more than ready pussy. In response to her dirty talk he became more erratic in his thrusting and she felt his cock thicken even further sure signs that he was about to blow his load. And sure enough with one last thrust Kouta’s entire body stiffened above her as his built up orgasm finally released coating her in streams of thick cum. The first shot hit her right between the eyes splattering across her face filling her nose with its strong scent. Having missed the first shot she was quick to angle herself better for the second and opened wide getting a mouthful of the creamy discharge for her efforts. Moaning in delight Hinata tilted her head back to savor it while the third shot hit her collar bone as Kouta was withdrawing his member from her pillowy confines but not before the final shot sprayed over her bosom fulfilling both their desire for him to cum on her tits. Coating her already pale smooth skin in a layer of sticky white jizz. After swallowing her new drink Hinata was left breathing heavily as she brought her hand to her face and wiped of some of the cum off her cheek before presenting it before her eyes. 


Bringing the sticky substance closer she inhaled its musk before licking her hand clean savoring the taste as the young Hyuuga sat up and proceeded with practiced ease to clean herself of cum. Using her hands to scoop up whatever she couldn’t reach with her tongue she made sure not waste a drop as she even lifted up her large breasts close enough to lick clean. Meanwhile Kouta was staring at her she did so, his gaze locked onto her every sensual movement as she licked her chest clean. She noticed his member was still hard and ready for more. ‘Good. Cause now it’s time to really have fun!’ Thinking this she decided to entice him further by dragging her tongue slowly over the top of her left breast taking the last bit of his cum on her tongue before flicking her nipple with the tip as she finished and tilting her head back showing him her throat as she swallowed with a satisfied “Aah!”. Before Hinata looked back at him or more accurately his cock to see it pulsing and practically oozing cum by this point. That made her smile as she spoke,”I’m glad you’re so eager looking cause I have an equally ready pussy in need of a good fuck!”


This time she was able to follow his movement as Kouta grabbed her by the shoulders turned her around and shove her down into the bed with her ass sticking up and squeal of delight escaping her lips. Afterwards he nearly ripped off her drenched shorts and panties before tossing them aside making her even more excited for the pussy pounding to come as she was left in only her thigh high stockings with her round juicy ass in the air and her supple breasts now pressed onto the mattress. Expecting him to spear her right then and there Hinata jumped slightly when she felt him grab her hips pulling her back towards him as he leaned over the Clan heiress pressing her head into the bed further with one hand and spoke in a guttural voice,”Such a slutty little heiress you are! We’ve barely met and you’re already this eager for my dick! I wonder what would your clan think if they saw this, huh? Their precious princess slurping up the jizz of some stranger like a common whore! So quick to take his cock down your throat and suck dry!”


Hinata felt her arousal increase at his words and rough treatment to the point where she began to rub her ass back and forth on the member resting between her cheeks behind her. Wanting him to just fuck her already!


“See! I haven’t stuck it in you yet and you’re already trying to get more! Well, I’ll be happy to give the horny whore of an heiress what she wants but only if she says it out loud! I want to hear her slutty mouth myself before I FUCK her hard!,” Kouta demanded spanking her ass with the hand that was previously on her hip as he removed his cock from betwixt her cheeks and began to saw the large slab of meat over her pussy teasing her, making her moan from both the sting of the slap and pleasure of his cock. She didn’t hesitate.




Hearing no response to her desire filled scream Hinata instead felt him release her head and his weight leave her back. Leaning up with her arms supporting her she turned to look behind her and saw the tanned man had taken her hips in both hands as well as drew his own back before sending them forward hitting her ass with an echoing slap! 


“OOOH FUCK ME!”, Hinata cried out in ecstasy, spittle flying from her mouth as her lower moist cavern was stuffed with his entire cock in one thrust sending another orgasm throughout her body. He didn’t stop there however as true to his word he withdrew his dick while she was still mid orgasm coaxing another moan from her lips and began to fuck the shit outta her. “YES YES YES! JUST LIKE THAT!,” Hinata yelled out lost in lust from the fucking she was receiving. Her crevice repeatedly spread open again and again by the large fleshy intruder as her hips were held in his strong grip preventing her from pushing back against him. she was at his mercy as her body was sent forward by the force of his pumping sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout as her tits swung back and forth freely. She wanted to stop them from swinging but it was taking most of her strength just to support her self under his relentless assault on her twat. Her want for him to not stop increasing as her tongue now hung from her mouth, her face taking on an ahegao look to it. Hinata felt him hitting the entrance to her womb with every thrust and the sensations from it made her excited to take his seed as he hit her G-spot over and over again.


“Ngh! Your pussy feels amazing! This is tightest one I’ve ever fucked! I never wanna stop!”,Kouta grunted out after giving her a particularly hard thrust drawing a deep sexy moan out of Hinata.


“Ah! No! Ah! Don’t! Mmm, fuck! Stop! Keep! Ooh, right there! Fucking me!”, the young women panted out begging as he repeatedly slammed into her, not letting up on her abused cunt.


“I think I might have to but don’t worry! We’re not done here yet!”, He announced. His voice straining before he rammed into her again and stiffened. 


“What do y-OH GOD YES!”, Hinata’s query was interrupted by his orgasm. His warm sperm shooting out of his dick, painting her walls white, filling her womb, and triggering her own powerful release. Eventually she felt it overflow and leak out, a mixture of his and her juices trailing down between her legs forming a small puddle that she wanted to taste like the cumslut she is. She tightened her walls around his hot member to draw out as much of his jizz as possible into her hungry snatch. Starting to feel a little weak the blue haired Hyuuga’s upper body fell down to her elbows, her chest hitting the bed as she took some breaths to steady herself and she felt him jerk insider her. No doubt reaching the end of his orgasm and soon she felt him pull out entirely drawing another moan from her. She was about to beg him to put it back in when she suddenly found herself flipped over, her mounds jiggling as she found herself on her back again. Quickly looking down she saw he was somehow still hard and though his stamina impressed her it also made her a little nervous. Especially after that rigorous fuck session they just had!


“H-hold on, I need a chance t-MMM FUCK!”, her plea was cut short when he slammed back into her pussy, sending her legs up into a V as he began harshly fucking her again.


“Oh no. No rest! I’m not done yet and from what I can feel down there neither are you slut!”,the tanned man proclaimed as he moved one of his hands he had placed on either side of her head to steady himself down to her breast. Groping it roughly as he thoroughly plowed her snatch hitting new places as they fucked in the missionary position. Her other breast bounced freely as her whole body was shaken roughly by his relentless pummeling. Thoughts of protest were quickly wiped from her mind by the pleasure as her legs wrapped around his waist ensuring he wouldn’t pull out and she wrapped her arms around his neck bringing him down to her lips. The sound of flesh slapping against wet flesh echoed throughout the room their hips slamming together as they swapped spit, moans escaping their lips while their tongues lashed out and caressed one another. Sucking on his tongue she could feel their combined saliva trailing down the sides of her mouth ‘God, I feel like a whore!’. The thought passed through Hinatas sex filled mind before he stopped kissing her and broke free from her grasp, pulling back from(and out of) her entirely. However, before she could whine Kouta quickly hooked her legs over his arms and pushed them over until they were resting beside her head. Taking advantage of her flexibility he quickly re-began his assault on her cunt in the mating press position ramming his dick into her and passing her cervix into her womb. Jack hammer-like thrusts hit her abused cunt while Hinata resumed licking his tongue and moaned out loud like a wanton slut.


“THISH IS AMASHING! I LOVE THISH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”, She slurred in her drunken lust filled state. His weight pressed down on her body pinning Hinata and leaving her helpless while he fucked her relentlessly, her words showing how much she loved it. The rough sex had robbed Hinata of any other senses that didn’t involve sex in euphoric bliss and she didn’t care as his cock barreled through her caverns over and over. Over and over he plundered her moist twat deliciously with that thick cock of his, she didn’t want it to stop. The most she could do was tighten her vaginal muscles to message his member more and bring both of their orgasms closer together. Based on his increasingly erratic thrusts and how she felt his cock thickening in her tunnel it looked like it was going to happen soon. Then after some hard humps she saw him grit his teeth and felt him explode inside of her triggering her orgasm again,”THAT’S IT FILL UP THIS SLUT!”. Fill her up he did his hot cum warming up her womb again before Kouta pulled out and quickly stood up jerking his cock above her, the tanned man shot the rest of his load over her body. Hot jizz splashed across her stomach and chest making her jerk and jiggle as it landed on her despite that she held her mouth open catching some of it and swallowing. When he finished coating her porcelain skin in some fresh white sperm he fell back panting while Hinata got up and crawled over to his lap. Looking at his finally deflating cock glisten with their combined juices Hinata licked her lips before dragging her tongue up it and once more taking it in her mouth. She lived the taste of their juices together licking all over as she bobbed her head up and down. Determined to get all his semen she sucked out what was left in his pole before releasing it with a ‘pop’! Looking up Hinata finally saw his bright blue eyes as she opened her mouth and showed him her prize before gulping it down with a satisfied,”Aaah.” As they both panted the slutty heiress reveled in the delicious fuck she had just received and opened her mouth again,”That was-




Hinata’s lavender eyes flew wide as her revelry was short and she regained her senses hearing the directors shout cut her off. Her mind caught back up to her as she came to a daunting realization in her mind.


‘Oh, god. I just filmed a porno!”


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