The Proposal

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Chapter one: A Desperate Plan 

Bright blue light filled the dark living room as the sounds of sci-fi warfare emanated from the modestly sized TV. Sasuke Uchiha’s focus had turned elsewhere and he wasn’t paying attention to the game he’d been playing any longer. He dropped the hand holding his PS4 controller onto his stomach, his eyes locked on some arbitrary speck of dirt stuck to the ceiling.


He was lying upside on the sofa with his legs draped over the backrest. He had attempted to take his mind off the conversation with his father that had occurred early that evening, but even his favorite video games weren’t enough to distract him. 

Sasuke’s older brother, Itachi, was getting married in a few months and it was and Uchiha tradition for there to be a family vacation before the wedding for the couples families to get to know each other. Sasuke had only met Itachi’s fiancé a handful of times. Her name was Haku, and she was one of the most beautiful and kind women that Sasuke had ever met. As far as he knew, Haku didn’t have a family, so this meant it would be an Uchiha only vacation. Plus Haku. 

A vacation where his parents would repeatedly try to force him into an arranged marriage to a girl from a wealthy family, or the daughter of one of his fathers potential business partners. It didn’t seem matter to how many times he’d told them he was gay. 

It was this dismay and exasperation that had led him to inform his father that he would be attending the vacation with his boyfriend. He wasn’t sure if he hoped his father would altogether ban him from the vacation, or if he’d sought the security of knowing his parents wouldn’t pester him to accept their arrangements in front of an outsider. They were too polite and proud for that. At the time it had seemed like a good plan. If anything, his parents, especially his father, would be uncomfortable and annoyed. A passive aggressive play on Sasukes part that filled him with sadistic glee. The only problem was that Sasuke didn’t have boyfriend, and the vacation was in one month. 


He’d spent the past several hours going through a list of potential candidates in his head. He couldn’t ask his friends, that could potentially get awkward. And besides that, only one of them knew of Sasukes sexual orientation to begin with. He would need someone that wasn’t close to him.  Not a complete stranger, because that could get sketchy, but someone he could potentially trust to act on his behalf and make the relationship look believable. He’d gone through his very short list of booty calls, but none of those guys were anyone he thought he could tolerate spending two weeks with.


The “game over” message flashed across the screen, bring him back to the reason he’d been lying upside down in the couch in the first place. This was a game he was normally quite good at, but he’d failed the current mission three times now. Sasuke sighed and stretched his arms over his head, dropping the controller to the floor with a soft thunk. Glancing at his phone, he realized that it was almost midnight. He was out of ideas, and beginning to panic. 


As if materializing simply to answer Sasuke’s dilemma, the front door opened and in stepped his roommate, Naruto Uzumaki. The tall blonde was followed by a cold gust of Autumn air that sent a chill through Sasuke. Normally he would have sent an irritated glare in the boy’s direction, but he was suddenly seeing Naruto in and entirely new light. 

He knew very little about Naruto, except that he batted for the same team Sasuke did. He knew that there were many rumors circling about his promiscuity, though Sasuke seriously doubted these rumors as It would be pretty hard to be sleeping around if you only left the apartment to attend class or to go to the gym.


Something of his thoughts must have shown on his face as Naruto gave him a wary expression once he looked up from placing his gym bag and jacket in the coat closet. 


“Why are you looking at me like you’re expecting a treat?” He asked. 


Despite living together, the two of them rarely spoke, and Sasuke always forgot how deep Naruto’s voice was. He was taken aback for a moment and wracked his brain for a way to properly ask his own question.


The blonde shrugged at his silence, which was nothing new between them, and headed into the kitchen. Sasuke scrambled gracelessly from the couch and hurried after him. His abrupt appearance in the doorway caused Naruto to give him another concerned look. Running his fingers through his messy dark hair, which now stood on end due to the number of times he’d run his fingers through it in frustration, he said the first thing that came to mind. 


“We’ve been roommates for about a year now, right?” Sasuke began, not entirely sure how he was going to ease in the proposal. 


“Yeah. Our lease is almost up, in fact.” His answer sounded far away, as though he wasn’t really listening to Sasuke. “Why? Moving out?”


“Why would I be the one to-“ but he cut himself off with a shake of his head. Now wasn’t the time to argue. “I mean, we’re used to each other. Comfortable, I guess, and we don’t dislike each other.” 


“Not really.” He answered, but Sasuke wasn’t sure which comment he was referring to. 


“Look, I need a favor.” He blurted our unceremoniously. 


“No.” Naruto responded bluntly and turned his attention to the refrigerator. 


“At least here me out.” Sasuke was feeling hopeless. Naruto was the only person he could think of that could help him. 


“Why, I’m going to say no, anyway. “ he pulled gallon of orange juice out an poured himself a glass. “I don’t do favors.” 


Sasuke ignored him and hurriedly pleaded his case,”I told my parents that I was bringing my boyfriend on our family vacation because they refuse to believe I’m gay and think it’s just a phase or something and keep trying to marry off but I don’t have a boyfriend and I need someone to go with me and pretend to be my boyfriend so that maybe they’ll listen and leave me alone. “ He had spoken very quickly without pause or moving his eyes from the floor. 

When Naruto didn’t say anything, he looked up to find the boy staring at him with his mouth open and glass half raised to it. 


He set the glass down without taking a drink and regarded Sasuke a little longer than before asking, “This is a joke right?” Sasuke glared at him. “What’s in it for me, then?”


“I can pay you?” Sasuke suggested. He hadn’t even though of that. 


“I don’t want your money.” He shook his head. “No, forget I asked. This is stupid. Just tell your parents the truth and stand up for yourself. You’re an adult, they can’t force you to do anything.”


“But they can cut me off and ruin my chances of finishing college. I need to convince them that I’m telling the truth and not trying to sabotage their lives, or whatever they think I’m doing.” Sasuke tried to explain.


“By lying to them.” Naruto raised an eyebrow at him. 


“Yes. I mean no, not exactly. It’s just a means to an end.” He was getting flustered and finding it harder to form coherent thoughts. 


Naruto paused before answering him again, “What kind of relationship is this?” He used air quotes around the word relationship in a sarcastic gesture.


“What do you mean?” Sasuke was genuinely confused. The late hour of the day left him feeling sluggish.


Naruto rolled his eyes again. “I mean the arrangement.” He crossed his arms across his chest. Orange juice now completely forgotten. “I think relationships are stupid to begin with, and having to fake all the stupid boring parts without at least being able to enjoy the only good part, is highly unappealing.”


“You mean sex.” Sasuke stared blankly at him. It wasn’t the answer he was expecting, and was not at all prepared for it. 


Naruto shrugged, “Basically.” 


Sasuke definitely wasn’t a stranger to sex, but he’d always been on top. Somehow, he thought as he looked the tall, muscular, blonde up and down, he didn’t feel that would be the case with Naruto. The idea admittedly scared him. Not that Naruto wasn’t attractive, in fact the boy had the kind of handsome face that turned a lot of heads. Despite the fact that Naruto’s reputation led their fellow classmates to shun him, it didn’t stop them from staring. Sasuke had had the pleasure of seeing him shirtless on numerous occasions and knew all those hours he spent at the gym were put to good use. No, it definitely wasn’t the boys looks. Sasuke just didn’t feel like he was ready to be put in that sort of vulnerable position just yet. It had taken him years to even be comfortable being on top. Being close or intimate with people was just something that Sasuke has never really been comfortable with. He liked his space. 


The living arrangement with Naruto had ended up being ideal for him as they both mainly kept to themselves and lived in a comfortable silence that Sasuke appreciated. He’d always felt that he’d lucked out finding Naruto as a roommate.


“Never mind.” Naruto downed the last of his orange juice and returned the carton the to door of the refrigerator. “I’m not helping you anyway.” And with that he left the kitchen. 


Shit, sasuke thought. He’d taken too long to answer and his shot was blown for the night. But his roommate hadn’t seemed completely opposed to the ideas, at least there appeared to be something was willing to trade. He was certain that he would try again in the morning. If Naruto was his only hope, it might just mean giving up his virginity in order to keep his freedom. 



Sasuke tried many times over the next week, but to no avail. Naruto was now ignoring him completely and he was feeling more desperate than ever. He was so anxious and distracted that his normally stoic visage was cracking and his friends were beginning to notice. At least Jugo was beginning to notice, but then again he was the only one of Sasuke’s friends that had any perceptive abilities when it came to other people. 


Jugo was also the only person outside of Sasuke’s family that knew he was gay. He’d confronted sasuke about it a little over a year ago, shortly after he’d come out to his parents. He’d been a vital support to Sasuke at a time he needed it most. 


They were sitting in a cafe near campus, as they often did, going over notes from different classes. Sasuke and Karin were both striving to be doctors, Jugo was going to be a vet, and Suigetsu changed his mind on a monthly basis. 


Karin and Suigetsu were busy arguing as usual. They constantly fought like an old married couple when they were together and Sasuke was sure that someday they would end up being a couple. Assuming they ever stopped yelling long enough to realize how much they had in common. 


Sasuke looked up from his the note he hadn’t actually been reading to find Jugo giving him a quizzical look. 


“What?” Sasuke snapped. Jugo ability to read him occasionally got on his nerves, as there were times like this that he just really wanted to keep his secrets. 


His snapping had gotten Suigetsu and Karin’s attention. They straightened up from their current argument and looked expectantly between Sasuke and Jugo. 


“Your coffee is cold and you e been staring at the same page for the past 20 minutes.” He laced his fingers together with his elbows on the table, and rested his chin against his wrist, staring at Sasuke. All eyes were on him now. 


“Nothing...” He said said as a faint blush dusted his pale cheeks. Knowing that would never pass as a suitable answer, he quickly added, “just... roommate trouble.”


Suigetsu scrunched up his face in confusion, “Who’s your roommate again?”


“Naruto.” Karin answered him absently with a dreamy sort of smile. That made Suigetsu regard her with disgust. He opened his mouth to say something undoubtedly snide, but Jugo quickly changed the subject. 


“There’s a party tonight, you should go. Get your mind off things.” He suggested. 


“Yeah, get laid.” Suigetsu laughed. “Maybe that’s all you really need.” It was Karin’s turn to be disgusted. 


Jugo knew that Sasuke hated parties, so there must be some other reason he’d suggested it. Deciding to trust his friend, Sasuke agreed. 











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