Medicinal Conference

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Author's note: this steamy little one shot was inspired by a real life incident at school and subsequent conversation in BigE's discord. Hope you enjoy.

Sakura stood, stretching briefly as her eyes scanned the doors to the auditorium. That pig had damn well better not be running late. She hadn’t come back to their room the night before. That, in itself, wasn’t too surprising; when Sakura left the bar to turn in, Ino still had a handful of would be partners buying her drinks. It didn’t matter where she’d slept or what she’d done naked in between; they were sent to this medical conference on official business, and if Ino was late for Lady Tsunade’s talk, there would be hell to pay. Finally, she spotted her sexually voracious friend coming in with seconds to spare. Sakura waved her hand wildly, motioning Ino to the front row where she had two coffees and two seats saved.

Ino waved back, scampering to her place just as the program started. Sakura handed Ino a coffee as she took in her friend’s scandalous appearance. Naturally, Ino was in the same dress she’d worn to the bar, a skimpy purple dress with a short skirt and spaghetti straps. The dress itself had a rough look to it, wrinkled, oddly stretched at places and lightly discolored in a few spots. The smell said she definitely hadn’t showered and she definitely had sex. Her hair hadn’t even been brushed. It was matted and there was… what?!? Sakura did a double take when she realized Ino had streaks of cum matted in her long blonde hair.

The sound of light applause got Sakura’s attention focused back on the program as Lady Tsunade stepped to the podium. She leaned to whisper to Ino, “Rough night, Ino pig?” As they clapped politely.

Ino whispered back, “Later, forehead!” as she vainly tried to straighten herself, eagerly sipping the coffee Sakura had given her.

A 15-minute break in the program couldn’t get there fast enough to suit Sakura. She grabbed Ino immediately, “Bathroom! Now!” and dragged the clueless kunoichi to the nearest ladies’ room at top speed, managing to beat the crowd that always made lines at these things.

Ino ran along with her friend, and she knew she hadn’t showered, but she couldn’t help that she’d barely awakened in time to get there after the wild night of passion she’d had. “Sakura, please! I’m too tired to be dragged around like this.”

Sakura simply dragged her friend into the nearest bathroom stall. “Ino! I will save the lecture for later, but right now, we must get you looking more… professional… and I don’t mean that profession. Like a medical professional. Good grief!”

Ino groaned as she hiked up her skirt and sat on the toilet, clearly, she’d lost her underwear somewhere along the way. Several loud plops rang through the facilities as Ino tried to pee, large globs of sticky cum sliding into the toilet as the blonde grunted again. “Oh my god, Sakura… I met this guy- “

Sakura interrupted, “Later, pig! Did you know you have dried cum in your hair? No underwear, and this dress… oh no, you are not going back out there in this dress. Just look at the wet spot from where you were sitting this morning!” She reached over and lifted the stained scrap of cloth off Ino’s body to reveal her only other article of clothing to be a black push up bra. She couldn’t help noticing several large hickies on Ino’s enormous boobs. Sakura rolled her eyes as she went through her purse, pulling out a scroll. “Pig, you owe me bigtime for this. I expect to hear every juicy detail at lunch.” She opened the scroll, quickly pulling out some feminine wipes, dry shampoo, a skirt and a modest flowing top.

Ino grunted again as she pushed another large glob of cum out of her body. Her vagina? Her ass? Maybe both? She wasn’t entirely certain. “Thank you, Forehead. I totally owe you one.” She set to wiping herself down as they scurried to get Ino presentable and back to their seats in only a few minutes.

The two professional looking young women sat at a corner table for the luncheon. Presentations and awards continued at the front of the room, causing the pair to pause their conversation to applaud politely and appear they were paying attention.

The pink haired kunoichi began as soon as the salad plates were down. “Ino, what the hell happened last night? There were a few guys hanging around you at the bar when I left, but you got to the program this morning with cum literally all over you.”

Ino smiled, “Damn, I almost didn’t make it. Tsunade would’ve killed me for being late to her talk. Okay, so after you left…”

(the night before)

Ino sat at the bar, flirting with several of the local guys as they paid for her drinks, when none other than Yakushi Kabuto walked up. “Hello, Ino. Long time, no see.” He ordered a beer and looked over the well-endowed kunoichi.

She smiled at the medic, “Kabuto! Are you in town for the medical conference?”

He took a sip of his beer. “I am. Running the orphanage takes most of my time these days, but I keep up with things.” He waved his hand lightly, his eyes telling the other men that they had no chance as he sidled up to the buxom blonde.

Getting her back to his room had been easy enough; after all, the kunoichi went to the bar looking to get laid. Kabuto only hoped she had the stamina to provide the kind of night he really needed. He didn’t get out much, plus his … needs… in the wake of all the changes his body had been through meant most girls needed a lot of healing after a night with him. Not that he couldn’t repair them, of course he could do that easily. He just didn’t get many coming back for seconds. However, Yamanaka Ino had a certain reputation, so he was hopeful as the shinobi couple made out as they moved down the hallway to his hotel room. “You’re sure you’re okay here? We could go to your room, if you’d be more comfortable.” He spoke as he came up for air, his hands wandering over Ino’s curvaceous form.

Ino had her hands under his shirt, the feel of hard pectoral muscles and sculpted abs driving her to distraction. A little alcohol was all it took to leave the sexually charged woman completely uninhibited. “I have a stick in the mud roommate, Kabuto. Your room is the better choice.”

Kabuto sighed, fishing his key from his pocket and opening the door, “That’s a shame. I’d be happy to give her as much attention as I’ll give you too. Maybe next time you could talk to her?” He pulled the kunoichi into his room, closing the door behind him.

Ino grinned as she stepped out of her heeled sandals, “I can always ask, but I wouldn’t expect too much from Sakura.”

Kabuto pulled his shirt off as Ino eagerly set to opening the fly of his pants. “Ino, I should warn you… after everything I went through in the war… I have… unusual stamina. Once we start, I can’t stop until I’m satisfied.”

Ino licked her lips at the challenge and dropped to her knees in front of him. “Kabuto, please. I’m a kunoichi and a medic. I’ve never met a man I couldn’t handle.” As she opened his pants and liberated his cock, she gasped, thinking twice about her bravado of a moment before. “Wow! That’s … That’s incredible!” Before her was an erect, fourteen-inch-long cock as thick as her wrist and covered in a faint snakeskin pattern. She stroked it lightly, watching the enormous member twitch as she set to her delightful task. She kissed the tip of him sensually as she explored the biggest cock she’d ever laid eyes on.

Kabuto moaned softly as Ino teased him to his full size, “Oh! Ino… That’s fantastic!” His hands rested lightly on her shoulders as he closed his eyes, letting himself feel the primal arousal he’d been suppressing for a few weeks.

Ino put her mouth and hands to work. She was well known in the leaf for her spectacular blow jobs, and she would not have her reputation tarnished because of difficulty with an extra-large penis. She would take him just like a man half his size and heal whatever needed it later. She only hoped he’d get this delicious monster in her pussy later. He looked amazing and tasted better. She stroked him at a steady pace from base to tip with her left hand, even though she couldn’t quite reach all the way around him. She used her right hand to caress his thighs and balls. Her mouth worked in tandem with her hand sliding up and down the first few inches of his length as she got to know him. He filled her mouth so fully, it was a challenge to swirl her tongue around him, but she managed it as she sucked and licked the massive member in front of her face.

Kabuto moaned again, his fingers running through Ino’s long, blonde hair. He removed the ponytail holder, letting her long hair free around her face as her expert tongue tantalized his aroused monster. “Oh! Ino! Yes! Oh yes! More!”

Ino smiled despite having her mouth stuffed with cock. She knew he liked this, and she was ready to rock his world. Her hand caressed his balls as she adjusted her body to the proper angle, taking the large, fat cock down her throat.

Kabuto moaned in ecstasy. He’d never had a woman able to take him to the base. A few had tried, but even seasoned prostitutes had failed. He was on the edge.

Ino held her breath as she swallowed repeatedly, stroking him off with the trained muscles in her throat. She reached her hand further behind him, fingering his backdoor and poking her finger in to stroke him from the other side.

Kabuto growled as the orgasm tore through his body quickly and his cum slid down Ino’s talented throat. “INO!” He yelled as streams of hot white liquid erupted from his appendage. He pulled out of her mouth still cumming with sticky strand landing in her silky hair as he finally came down from the high.

Ino wiped her mouth as she watched those strings of cum fly from him, pleased with herself for giving him a good time. Just then, her expression changed to one of awe and wonder. Kabuto’s cock shed its skin. The silver haired medic quickly peeled back the spent layer from his member, leaving it once again completely hard and ready to go. It looked as if her amazing blow job had never happened.

Kabuto groaned as his arousal was once again, quite high. “You see Ino, it takes several rounds at least to satisfy my… needs.” With that he picked up the stunned kunoichi, liberated her from her clothes, and tossed her lightly on the bed.

Ino spread her thighs, opening her wet pussy in invitation. “Alright. But I can’t be late in the morning.”

Kabuto mounted her effortlessly, sliding himself deep into her pussy with a single stroke. “I’ll make sure you get there, babe… Damn you are so tight.”

Ino came hard as he entered her, filling her as she’d never been filled in her life. She hadn’t stretched so much at once since her first time. She screamed his name as her body trembled beneath the well-hung medic. She suddenly realized she was in for a long, hard ride.

Sakura’s eyes were wide as saucers as Ino went into the intimate details of her encounter with Kabuto. “Eight times! This happened eight times!” She kept her voice low, but the sheer wonder in her voice was unmistakable.

Ino nodded. “You only saw a fraction of what came out of me there in the bathroom. He healed me. I healed myself. Still. Stuffed to overflowing with the sweetest, hottest cum I’ve ever sampled. I didn’t sleep at all. Well, there was one time I passed out a little, but yeah. No sleep. Fucked all night.”

Sakura gasped, “I’m amazed you got to the conference at all.”

Ino nodded, “Thanks for the coffee, by the way, I can’t get enough of that today. Anyway, though, like I was saying, he sheds with each orgasm, but they build up with time so…”

Sakura shook her head in disbelief, “Wait… so after all that you are telling me that eight times was not enough?”

Ino nodded affirmatively, “apparently, he knew he was coming to the conference, so he hoped to hook up with some medical kunoichi who could perhaps appreciate him for who and what he is.”

Sakura smirked, “Well, he found you, didn’t he? I guess that’s good for him.”

Ino grinned mischievously, “You mean good for us Sakura. I invited him to our room for drinks after the dinner tonight. Are you in?”

Sakura licked her lips at the thought. “You’re damn right I’m in!”

Ino caught a curious looked from Kabuto, who had seated himself a few tables a way. She smiled at him, mouthing the word yes. He relaxed a bit at the sight of her. They had a big night ahead.


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