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Due to the reigning worldwide peace, the 5 Great shinobi Villages signed a collaboration treaty between them. Said collaboration treaty included genin exchanges between the diferent participant villages.

As a consequence of this project, a thirteen-year-old young genin, with the typical tanned skin from Kumo, with black hair and green eyes. His muscled body due to the intense workout trainings which could be apreciated through his common attire of black pants and t-shirt. His name was Jokuro, who during his arrival to the green doors of the Leaf village was received by a brown haired teacher with a scar in his nose. That same teacher talked about his future team mates.

However, Jokuro wasn't paying him any attention. His mind was focused on the splendid beautiful women of the village. They were diferent from Kumo's women, but just equally beatiful. Jokuro has already had affairs with a good number of women, both shinobi and civilian, so he considered himself to be experienced in sex.

When they arrived to the academy, and while the man was telling him something, Jokuro came across an incredible beauty of blue hair and a voluptuous body who was in the Academy entrance talking to a tall man with weird glasses that hide his eyes. Jokuro grinned wickedly, thinking about his next prey.

Hinata and Jokuro were letting loose their passion in his appartment. Hinata mounted Jokuro wildly without rest, while he groped his huge breasts. The blue haired woman screamed his name again and again.

"JOKUROOOOO, JOKUROOOO!", Hinata excitedly screamed.

The young genin smiled watching the enormous tits of Hinata bouncing in front of his eyes. He had been for only a month in the village, and he had already laid a lot of women. However, his favourite till the momento was without any doubt the MILF he was fucking mercilessly right now. At first Jokuro thought the young, timid and innocent woman would need a lot of time before finally be able to fuck her, but to his utter surprise the blue haired beauty hadn't resisted his charms even a night. Since then, Jokuro brought in her to his house, behind her husband's back (he never was in the village) and with her son being took care by the servants of her powerful clan.

"OH GOOOOODS! YOUR PENIS IS INSANE!", the Hyuga shouted hornily.

Hinata was ecstasic, each riding caused the enormous cock of Jokuro to impale her to the innermost part of her vagina, who had already adapted to his incredible cock size.

"HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER, JOKURO!", she moaned, pinching her hard nipples with her hand.

"You are a total slut, Hinata", Jokuro grumbled. "Say that you are my whore"

"YESSSS, JOKURO, I AM YOUR SLUT… DON'T STOP FUCKING MEEEE WITH YOUR HARD COCK!". Hinata felt her eyes rolling, fixating in the roof lost in the pleasure, her mind unable to even think about anything. She looked below to her large breasts, which were bouncing like a pair of melons. Despite her shivering legs, the blue haired forced her tights, trying to penétrate herself harder, the sound of his master's testicles hitting her juicy rear echoing.

"I'm cumming, slut! Where do you want it?", Jokuro exclaimed.

"AHHH! DO IT! DO IT INSIDE!", the Hyuga mewled desperate.

With that, Hinata orgasmed with a howl, screaming with pure bliss as she felt Jokuro's cock thicken and free one eruption after another of hot sperm, filling her womb to the brim. The momento the teen put his cock out of her narrow insides, sperm came out like a lava stream. The pairing breathed hard, Hinata still muttering moans to herself in pleasure.

Jokuro flipped the pale eyed woman, picking her by the hair. He grinned when the MILF jumped in surprise at the feel of his still hard cock begging entrance in her sweet cunt. Not wanting to make his slut wait any second, Jokuro impaled her with all his might.


"We have a lot of time ahead yet, Hyuga. I am going to fuck you till you can't remember your fucking name". With the day ahead of us because his team had finished early a rank D misión, Jokuro had many time to fuck his favourite cumdumpster.

"AHHH! YES YES YES! KEEP HITTING MY WOMB!", the lavender eyed cummed, her fatigue recovering instantly feeling the pleasuring storm her master was bringing her.

Jokuro truly hammered her fertile uterus with his cock. His huge and thick cock, Hinata salivated. As much as she hated it, as much as she regretted it later, the MILF couldn't help but succumb under the 23 centimeters of large cock that had opened a new world of pleasure and lust to her. A cock that right now was tearing apart her poor vagina walls, drawing out from her howls and screams of joy.

"JOKURO! JOKURO! JOKURO!", the teen penetrated Hinata like a mad beast, who shouted mewls from her mouth.

He was giving her an unbelievable fucking, dominating her from behind like an animal. The Hyuga orgasmed in pure joy, not needing to act the screams like she did with her husband, vocalising unashamed what she was feeling. She loved the way a young boy recently graduated from the acadamy was dominating her, using her like his whore to obtain carnal pleasure.


Life is good, Jokuro mused. But fucking Hinata is better. This night he was going to break the MILF again, marking her as his for the rest of her life, inseminating her with his baby batter. It wasn't the first time he had done it, imprégnate a woman, he had do it once in Kumo to a waitress. However, as much as he liked fucking Hinata every night, Jokuro wanted more.

"Tomorrow I want you to come here again. Don't forget what I told you, bring your cute sister with you, or I am going to cast you aside, slut", the boy threatened, marking each word with hard thrusts.

"AS YOU DESIRE, MASTER! I AM YOUR SLAVE! AAAAAH AAAAAH AAAAAH! I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING AGAIN!", Hinata reached another powerful orgasm. Jokuro didn't flinched from the sudden tightness of her cunt, impaling his monster cock in her warm womb.

Next chapter will feature Hanabi.

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