Toneri's Other Bride

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This story was written in response to the “Toneri’s Other Bride” Challenge posted by TheWingedDragonofFuta, who has also greatly contributed to forming the ideas for this story, as well as forming the basic outline of it and beta reading it. Hope you like it.

Contains: Extreme feminization, heavy latex (seriously, very, very, very heavy on this), heavy bondage, humiliation, feet fetishism, femdom, yaoi, mpreg, slow mind break, consumption of cum (also heavy on this), rape, chastity, anal, pegging, and more.

No Scat or Beastiality


The moon.

There were many ways for people to describe that great orb in the night sky that casted pale light when the sun descended below the horizon. To sailors, it was a lifesaving companion that guided their way through the night. To performers it was an infinite well of inspiration, and to most people, it signified the end of the day’s labor so that they might either go to rest or take some time off work for the sake of their family and friends.

To one man in particular, it meant something entirely different to the rest.


This pale man with shaggy hair that was white as snow, was the last of a very old line, one descended from a goddess that most people on Earth could no longer remember. But the Ōtsutsuki clan remembered, his parents made sure he always knew where they came from. This particular man came from a branch of the family most people on Earth did not know about. Most of them were more acquainted with the man they knew as the Sage of the Six Paths, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. This man however, was descended from the Sage’s less known brother: Hamura Ōtsutsuki.

They were the clan that kept the name, separate from the events of the Earth, While the Sage’s descendants took the names Uchiha, Senju, and Uzumaki. In fact, the only offshoots of their Hamura’s side of the family that remained on Earth changed their name was the Kaguya and Hyuga Clans...

The Hyuga.

That was a name that he was very familiar with, after all, he still remembered when his father had told him that his bride would come from that family. In order to further the line, he would be married to a young girl that was called Hinata Hyuga. Byakugan Princess, his father had called her.

Several times his father had taken him down to Earth, in order to meet his eventual spouse. She was unimpressive if he may say so himself. The girl was very shy and did not seem to hold even the lowest of self-esteem, no individuality in a clan of stone faced mongols. And while he found submissiveness attractive as he grew older, she remained so incredibly boring to him, he actually asked his father if he could one day marry someone else. His father had denied of him of course, so the boring visits continued.

Boring visits, until one particular day, when the leaves of Konoha's many trees began to turn autumnal, he had come across someone who was almost the complete opposite of the Hyuga girl.

He had come face first upon a girl, a blonde girl to be exact, who seemed to be pranking others in glee. His curiosity got the better of him and he left his father's side to see more of this blonde girl.

He followed her until a plume of smoke revealed that the girl was not a girl at all, but rather a boy. Still dressed in girl’s clothing, the boy had laughed uproariously at the angry villagers that seemed to despise him completely. The hatred in their eyes was more than just annoyance, they genuinely seemed to despise his very existence.

Toneri had felt a fit of depression at that moment. The girl that he had been immediately love struck by was actually a boy. Saddened, he left him to go back to his father and the utterly boring Hyuga girl.

With the passing months and years, the subject of his impending marriage led to more resentment within Toneri, he truly did not wish to marry the Hinata Hyuga, he wished to marry the blonde girl he had seen that particular day, the girl who was actually a boy.

Those were the initial thoughts however, once he started to mature, he began having other thoughts. Thoughts that did not involve his marriage to the Hyuga girl, but rather to that boy, the boy that he desperately wanted to be a girl. The boy that he wished could be his one and only bride.

It was one night, after pouring over his castle’s extensive library for seals that he realized one thing that changed his perspective completely. He did not care if the blonde was a boy, not at all. There were many ways to change that fact if the rare seals he had been studying were any indication. Seals that could turn the boy into a woman worthy of being his bride.

His father tried to dissuade him from the act of course. Then again, he had always butted heads with his father when it came to decisions. He had told Toneri that it was destined for him and Hinata to be together, but the midnight-haired timid girl never crossed his fantasies when he started to visit Earth on his own accord.

He saw more and more of the blonde boy. He was an orphan a very hated orphan who was kicked out of the orphanage when he was young, meaning that he had to live by himself in a lonely, run-down apartment.

To his great displeasure, the boy was enrolled in the ninja academy. They were teaching him the despicable art of Ninjutsu, the techniques that were spawned by the Sage’s descendants to bring war to the world. There he met a pink-haired girl and developed an unhealthy attraction to her.

That was not all. The timid Hinata who he had tried to ignor was interested in him- Naruto-  after he saved her from some bullies. That was something that definitely made him a little mad. Even if he knew she was too shy to confess, he did not want anyone getting intimate with his future wife.

His father eventually died one day, refusing to take the immortality seal he had placed upon himself.

“That thing is an abomination, Toneri!” rasped his weak father, already on his deathbed. His empty sockets not seeing the glowing blue Tenseigan staring down at him apathetically.

“Tis no abomination father, it is a tool that will keep the legacy of Lord Hamura alive for centuries to come,” responded Toneri, now permanently looking the age of a young adult in his prime.

“Death and rebirth, Toneri, rebirth and death. It is the way it was intended,” said his father before loosing consciousness for the last time.

By then the blonde boy was already graduating and had become a shinobi. A tool used by the hidden villages to bring destruction and hatred to the world.

Toneri did not care anymore after his father died. Did not care for what his father wanted, did not care for the shy Byakugan Princess, and he most certainly did not care if the blonde was even a boy. He wanted him, wanted him to be his wife, wanted to take him away from the Rikudou’s world. He wanted him to bear the children that he would give him.

Seals. He studied them so. The immortality seal was one of them, but there was more in those arcane squiggles. So much more.

So much that they would make his desires come true.

In the meantime, his fantasies raged all around him. How would the blonde boy look when dressed in his mother’s kimono, with longer hair, plum lips and makeup? How would he look with large breast and wider hips? The thought of the tight Obi gripping his waist gave the white-haired clan head many a pleasant evening. 

The imaginations left his manhood completely stiff. He could not wait until he finally had Naruto with him.

But there were so many obstacles. Naruto Uzumaki was constantly guarded, always observed by the leader of the village. A man of great power that would doubtless track the blonde wherever it was that he was taken. While Toneri’s power was nothing to scoff at, he would not sully his future wife’s retrieval with the death of old men and even older fools. So Toneri bided his time.

When he finally graduated from the program, Toneri thought there might be a better chance, but he was once again guarded by the masked shinobi that was assigned to be his sensei. There was little chance that he could take away the blonde with such tight security around him constantly.

Six long months of menial labor he was forced to watch his Naruto go through in the name of “D-Rank’s” as his spies called it, a noble bride should not have to do such work. And when he finally left for his first true mission, he almost had a chance when he trained on his own, unfortunately another feminine boy was with him before he even had the chance to strike. Foiling his plans once again.

The few times that he had left the village, he was guarded, never alone, never did he have a large enough window so that he might be taken away without other knowing. But in that time he saw things that made his obsession with the blonde all the more vivid, oh how he wanted to break that spirit of his, cow the rambunctious fox into a dutiful woman. He did not want to leave any trace when he finally took his future bride, if he could find a way to fake his death so that they might never disturb them, all the better.

So, he waited still, his obsession stilled only by the presence of his lover.

His lover, a woman known only as Konan, a former rebel from the Land of Rain on Earth. A country that had been destroyed by chakra ever since the formation of the shinobi villages. She had come one day after her friend had been killed in battle, Toneri’s father found her and took her in.

She and Toneri had grown together, and eventually that mutual companionship became a carnal relationship. The only reason why he had not taken her as a wife was because he wanted to keep that domineering attitude that sprung up at times during their relationship. Toneri wanted a wife that would be completely submissive to him, never speaking out of turn or taking any leading role in the relationship. He would always be in charge. That is the life that he had planned for Naruto Uzumaki.

It was not until they the time that he was approaching his thirteenth year after his birth that Naruto Uzumaki found himself truly vulnerable.

An Uchiha child had escaped the village, leaving his home in order to gain power through dark chakra. His future bride was now part of a team that would be sent in order to retrieve the boy.

This was his chance, and he would take it.

“Konan,” he drawled to the bluenette that was currently servicing his manhood, coy orange eyes looked up at him as her blue tresses tickled his groin. Despite being in her early thirties, the immortality seal she wore rendered her features much the same age as himself. He watched as she composed herself completely, as if she had not been performing fellatio just a few seconds ago.

“Yes, Lord Toneri?” she asked

“It’s time, take a contingent of puppets and go retrieve him, wait until he is alone and helpless. Leave no trace behind,” he said coolly.

“As you wish, Lord Toneri,” and with that, she left. Ready to take on her mission that would bring her master such pleasure in the years to come.


Konan lived only to serve Lord Toneri. He was the light that brought her to a world without conflict, without pain, without shinobi. Her Lord’s father brought her to the moon but it was Lord Toneri that brought her up to a higher purpose as the angel of her new Master. As such it was her duty to follow with every desire he ever wished, sexual or otherwise.

So, she prepared. Prepared for to follow Lord Toneri’s most important mission to date. The mission that would secure his line for generations to come, the mission to retrieve his future bride.

His future bride was Naruto Uzumaki. At first, she had been confused, for the bride in question was clearly a male, but she soon let go of such thoughts. It was not her place to question her god, and so she went along with the mission, her and a contingent of puppets created by her god to aid her with the transportation.

The other thing in question that had been revealed to her was that Naruto Uzumaki was also a student to her own teacher, Jiraiya the Toad Sage. Another lamb that was being raised for the slaughter, just like her, just like Nagato, just like Yahiko. Another boy filled with foolish dreams that would perish in battle for futile goals.

She would need to retrieve this Naruto Uzumaki before such a thing ever happened.

It took some time to find a window. He was accompanied by four other young male shinobi, tools for war forged by the village that caused her birthplace such pain.

They travelled in formation, pursuing four other enemy shinobi that carried a large barrel. It apparently contained another Leaf shinobi, Sasuke Uchiha. He would be ignored though, she had no orders concerning him, only the short blonde boy that seemed to have a fondness for wearing a loud orange jumpsuit and scream the loudest.

She had to really try not to question her God’s judgement on selecting such an uncouth bride.

Fortune smiled upon her, however, as she saw that they had opted for a strategy that would thin out their numbers. One by one the team was shortened to fight the members of the Sound shinobi. First it was a fat boy, then the pale-eyed Hyuga, then the loud canine-looking shinobi, and finally the strategist. By then only Naruto Uzumaki was alone.

Alone until another enemy appeared, this one has white haired, and seemed to have a Bloodline Limit that allowed him to grow bones as weapons. She was about to intervene, seeing as the blonde boy was almost killed in the showdown, until another obnoxious boy arrived in the scene. This one wearing green rather than orange.

Konan was given another opportunity, she would not take any chances anymore. She needed to reach Naruto Uzumaki before he managed to reach the Uchiha boy.

Once he was out of the sight of the green boy and the white haired one, she struck.

She ordered the puppets to form a perimeter, they would serve to cover any chakra signatures thanks to the barrier they would place, as well as prevent Naruto Uzumaki from running away. Once that was done, she appeared before the confused blonde.

“Who are you!” he shouted, making Konan glad that she had ordered the puppets around her. The seals would also drown out the sound of the loud boy.

“Naruto Uzumaki… you will be coming with us,” she commanded in a monotone voice.

The orange-clad boy was having none of it.

“Akatsuki? Listen lady, I have a mission to complete, get out of the way!”

Konan just kept looking emotionlessly, the name of her former organisation being a simple coincidence . “Do not resist, Naruto Uzumaki, you will be coming with us.”

By then Naruto seemed to fully understand the danger he was in. He quickly formed twenty shadow clones, all with the intention of attacking her. As they ran forward in a sloppy mob of flailing limbs she simply waved her arm, sending a hail of very accurate and very sharp paper shuriken at the mob. They had lasted against the assault for all of half a second.

No other words were spoken. They didn’t need to. The genin was no match for her experienced skills, she covered the ten meters between them in an instant, her hand chopping his neck into unconsciousness. Paper bindings suddenly surrounded him, rapping him like the perfect gift. The genjutsu on top was overkill. Just to be safe she also placed a seal on his forehead that would block out all chakra emissions.

A fast alternative to the more permanent seals he would soon be covered in.

Walking to the edge of the clearing with her prize over her shoulder, she heard a crack under her heeled sandal, looking down she realized she had stepped on a green piece of jewelry. Konan picked it up before tossing it into a nearby stream. They would need to not raise any suspicion of where they were taking him.

The package retrieved, they quickly made their way to the portal that would once again take them to the moon. Toneri’s future bride was now going to his new home.

The trek was not long, aided as they were by their mechanical mounts that could fly over the forest floor, they just needed to avoid any potential onlookers. Lord Toneri was explicit that there were to be absolutely no witnesses to Naruto Uzumaki’s retrieval. If it came down to it, she would have to make sure they never had the chance to tell what had transpired.

Once they did arrive at the portal, however, she was a lot more confident in herself. The mission was complete now, there would be no interference at all. The only thing left was to make the long yet isolated trek back the Lord Toneri’s home.

When they eventually arrived, Konan finally took her time to see the blonde fully. She could see why her Lord had taken an interest in the boy. He was a little rough looking, but with the proper training, they could make a pearl out of the boy that would be the envy of the Elemental Nations. The only thing needed was enough pressure and careful molding.

Still, looking at the dirty and horribly dressed boy, she did not want her Lord Toneri to see such a sight of his future wife in such an unpleasant state.

”So you have returned with the Lord’s fiance.” spoke a monotone female voice.

Konan turned to see a woman approaching her with hands clasped in front dutifully. She was tall for a woman at 6’1, the same height as Toneri with milk white skin and a narrow aristocratic face with a neutral expression on her dark red painted lips, her eyes were similar in color to the Byakugan but held black pupils in their center. Strait ash white hair went down to her mid back with two shorter bangs that framed her face, cut square in line with her mid C-cup breasts. 

She wore a floor length dark red kimono with a black kimono top that was adorned with red lining at the collar, over this was a calf length white haori held close by a red tassel at her clavicle, small red details at the wide cuffs gave her the look of a shine maiden.

This was Inoe, a doll made from Lord Toneri’s chakra to be his personified will, she was strait lace and followed her master and creator’s orders to the letter. She, along with Konan, would be Naruto’s attendant from now on, in charge of his transition to his new life.

“Hello Inoe, I pray lord Toneri is in good spirits?” Konan asked while unwrapping the blonde.

“He is wrapped in anticipation, his joy gives me joy.” Inoe replied, though her monotone remained, ever the image of professionalism, as the head of the household puppets, such a thing was expected.  Konan nodded before snapping her fingers, a group of 5’2 female puppets(though they all lacked a Haori, denoting their station as beneath Inoe) appeared in an instant.

Following the blue-haired woman’s orders, the puppets carried the unconscious blonde away to prepare him for his new life. Starting first and foremost by getting rid of the appalling bright orange suit and ugly blue sandals. The headband was also removed, leaving the Jinchūriki completely nude. A doll took the offending garments away to be burned. He would be forbidden from wearing such crude and masculine clothing from now on, a new wardrobe awaited him. One that was more suited to his coming needs and his future husband’s desires.

Konan however, retrieved some of the belongings inside the clothing, nothing of note except a wallet. She also held onto the Konoha headband, which she would be giving to Toneri. She knew he would want to keep them for future reference.

Once their charge was completely nude, Konan got a better idea of how he looked. He was certainly underdeveloped, though the blue haired woman did not know the cause of such a state. One thing was certain: he had an abysmal diet. Deep down however, she was a little relieved though. With an underdeveloped body like this, it would be a lot easier to transform it how they pleased. More importantly, how Toneri pleased.

“He’s not very masculine looking, there’s barely any body hair. He’s short on stature, that’s certainly advantageous. His manhood is very average, not that it matters, he will no longer have use of it. It’s a good thing we caught him when he is still this young, that way the transformation will be a lot easier.”

The rest of the dolls, under Konan’s supervision, started the real work. First by giving him a thorough washing that took away the dirt and grime that he had endured during the earlier mission. Taking out a straight razor and shaving cream, they started to lather it all over the sparsely haired boy. Shaving all of his body hair, by the time they were done, everything below Naruto’s eyebrows was completely hairless and smooth.

Next up, they covered his body in a clear cream, once again below the eyebrows where he had been recently shaved. If the blonde had been awake, he would probably be extremely uncomfortable as the cream made sure to get rid of the hair follicles, making his body permanently smooth and hairless.

Inoe and Konan figured that the inspection could wait for the next day, as well as the thorough sanitation. Right now, it was time to get on with the really important business: the many seals that would be needed to be inscribed on his body.

Both women had to use a steady hand with the brush, calling upon years of calligraphy skills that their charge would one day learn. The reason for the deft hand movements was the invisible nature of the ink, while permanently binding the young boy it would be invisible to both the naked eye or even the most powerful dōjutsu. There was no way that the aesthetic of the boy's future body would be spoiled by the large seal matrix scrawling across the skin.

The first and most important one they had to get done would be the most consequential one for blonde. That particular seal was meant to completely seal his chakra, permanently. He had spent his short life learning the abominable art of Ninjutsu, a perversion of the original concept of ninshu that was meant to bring peace to the world. From now on the Jinchūriki will be completely unable to even mold the tiniest bit of chakra, forever, relying on the power of his husband and his guardians to protect him. From now on he would be relegated to other, more womanly acts that did not involve combat.

The next seal was also of extreme importance, as it is the one that will make Naruto’s transition to being Toneri’s bride more significant. It would slowly start to change his physical appearance, stunting his final height to a relatively short frame. It would eventually start to give him other attributes: breasts, wider hips, a feminine face, pouty lips, softer skin, a fuller bottom, less prominent muscles and a lithe figure, just to name a few of the changes he would go through in the following months and years.

It would still not be enough, a full exercise and diet regiment would have to be prepared to further enhance the body, but it was for the best to start immediately.

The next seals were significant, but less so than the former two.

One of them would remove all bodily waste from the boy’s system. It would allow the blonde boy to no longer have to use the toilet. It would also prevent the hassle for Konan and Inoe once his bridal training really started to get going. Konan herself already had one of these in place, and it definitely was useful to no longer have to worry about the call of nature during missions… or during her private sessions with her Master.

There was one last one.

Despite the constant surveillance Toneri had ordered for the blonde Jinchūriki, Konan still preferred for there to be no margin for error at all. No chance for the boy to escape from his new home. Therefore, this last seal had one function: to bind him to a specific area.

The seal had various levels. On the most severe, Naruto would not be allowed to leave a room unaccompanied. Then the next level would not allow him to leave the castle. The last one would not allow him to leave the grounds. If he ever somehow managed to escape his designated area, he would be immediately knocked out.

The seal also served as a surveillance seal, making sure that they knew exactly where he was at all times.

Konan, Inoe, and the dolls stepped back to look at the still unconscious blonde. The still wet invisible marks evident even if they could not see them with their own eyes. The blue-haired woman immediately did a ram sign with her hands and called upon a word that would change Naruto’s fate forever

“Fūin!” she proclaimed and saw as the chakra flowed into the boy’s body, immediately activating the seals. A look of satisfaction crossed her face as she felt all chakra circulation cease in the boy’s body.

The process was done. There was no going back now. Even Konan herself did not fully know the secrets of the seals, only how to apply them. Toneri was the only individual who could ever be able to remove them, and from what the former Ame kunoichi gathered, he would not be taking those off, ever.

There was one last thing they had to add though. Another seal of a different kind. One that will have to be added at the insistence of their Master, Lord Toneri.

Inoe would be the one in charge of placing it. The head doll took out what looked like a small, white, plastic device. To most people, the little artefact would draw looks of confusion. The only thing they would identify it that it was oddly shaped like a penis. If they knew the purpose of the object, most men would probably recoil in fear as to what it could do to their manhood

The device was called a chastity cage by Toneri. Konan did not know where her Master had found or came up with such an object, but it had one purpose, and that was to prepare his future bride to ignore his genitalia and concentrate on giving and receiving pleasure through other means. Mainly with his freshly shaven hole. It would be forbidden for him to ever receive any stimulation through his penis, as it would forever be locked behind the small prison.

“He will hate it. All young men and boys would if you took away their main source of pleasure. He will need to be trained to ignore it. There will be only person who has a penis in the relationship, and that person will not be Naruto Uzumaki.”

Inoe walked forward and methodically grabbed the blonde boy’s genitals, working the ring around his testicles and later placing the main part over the penis. A brief application of chakra and a small seal was activated, locking it securely.

He would never be able to touch what made him a boy ever again.

Finally, it was time to prepare for the night. The day had been long and Konan felt herself tired after the extraction mission. Tomorrow would bring about the new day and the start of the Jinchūriki’s training. For now, it was time to get him ready for bed.

Konan snapped her fingers, and the dolls moved forward to reveal the sleeping clothes they had prepared for him.

It was a pink jinbei, with patterns of white roses around it. The fine piece of clothing was made out of silk, it would be very comfortable for the blonde when he woke up with this exquisite outfit instead of the more rugged orange abomination he had been wearing previously.

The dolls began to place it on him mechanically, just as it had been with the cleaning and shaving, they worked like a well-organized ant colony. They did take more than a minute to fit the ornate article of clothing on the boy. When they were done, the dolls stepped aside to allow Konan and Inoe a full view of the blonde.

Gone was the dirt and ragged young shinobi they had met just a few hours previously. Instead, a very clean and slightly effeminate boy was sleeping soundly. He looked completely helpless… and he was.

“We must take him to his room for the night, make sure to follow,” commanded Inoe, watching as the dolls carefully picked the pink clad blonde from the table and followed out of the room and into a bigger one.

This one was much homelier. It was still sparsely decorated; the centerpiece of the chamber was the giant bed covered in white sheets. The windows were to be closed for now, even if they were open, the glass was made to be especially reinforced. For a strong shinobi or kunoichi, it would probably be challenging to break through them. For a person with no access to chakra, it would be utterly impossible to escape.

The puppets laid down the boy on the bed, and later started filing out of the room one by one. The only people left in the end were Konan and Inoe, who took one last look at their charge, before they too started to leave the room.

Konan closed the heavy wooden door with nary a sound, then made a hand sign to activate the seals on the door, securing it completely. With that done, she needed to get ready herself.

She would not be going to bed early, she went to prepare herself for the night, her Master had requested her for the evening, and she needed to entertain him.

Inside the now closed room, Naruto Uzumaki slept peacefully, thoroughly ignorant at how much his life had changed in only a few hours, and totally oblivious on what was planned for him tomorrow.

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