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Yup! Alright, so, this is the first chapter of the first short story. A brief summary of what is to come:

Sasuke is hooked up with Tsume and Hana -- and the three of them have no qualms about having sex in the room right next to Kiba's. He's kept up day and night by their endless lovemaking... and even finds a small part of himself aroused by it. And one day, when he takes a peek at them, everything for him changes...

And for the rest, you'll have to wait and see.

Feel free to join my discord. I post notifications of my updates there, and regularly chat with fans. Here's a link: Pop in and say hi! And ask any questions you'd like to ask the 'infamous' BigE2955, :D And hell, even if you hate my guts, feel free to join; I'm always open to talk with anyone, so long as they're civil in their discussions.

And without further ado, let's get this show on the road. I'd love to see what kind of reviews you guys can give!

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes -- yes, yes, yes…! Harder, faster, deeper, oh come on, I know you’ve got it in you! Yeeeessss!”

Kiba pressed his forehead against his pillow, groaning into it.

He… well, he still wasn’t quite sure how this arrangement had come to be. Had he forced them into it? Had they forced him into it? Had it been some secret relationship that had only now been revealed to him? Or were his mother and sister willing to spread their legs for the first man foolhardy enough to face both of them at once?

The poor Inuzuka wasn’t exactly sure; but however this ‘relationship’ had come to pass, he was the one bearing the consequences.

And the steady thumping on the other side of the extraordinarily thin wall seemed to hammer that down. Literally.

“Yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… fuck, I’m coming -- oh, oh… oh… there we go, right there -- ughh…”

What Kiba was most ticked off at…

“... Sasuke…!”

...was the fact that they’d picked the biggest asshole he knew to be their shared fuckbuddy.

Kiba cupped his head in his hands, groaning as he rolled over and sat up. How was a man supposed to get any sleep with that racket going on? It was… he glanced over at the clock on his nightstand… eleven o’clock at night! And they’d started nearly an hour ago -- but after his sister’s moans petered out, his mother's soon filled the gap. And once Inuzuka Tsume was spent, well… fuck. Hana was more than willing to spread her legs once again.

He rubbed his forehead.

“I hate you, Sasuke…” Kiba muttered to himself.

And, on the other side of the wall-

“Is it my turn yet, Mom?”

“Oh for God’s sake, can’t you let your Mom have a little fun before you jump in?”

“Calm down,” a male voice said, clearly audible. “I’m sure we can find a way to… compromise.”

And after that, he was forced to endure the slurps and sucking noises of his mother and sister giving Sasuke a blowjob.

Kiba fell back onto the bed, and lamented the fact that he was ever born.


He took a sip of tea.

“You’re going to need to go to the store today,” Tsume said, over a cup of strong, black coffee. She was dressed casually - a pair of short shorts and a tank top that exposed quite a bit of cleavage. One of her legs was slung up on the table, exposing an amount of bare thigh and leg that would have a dozen men squirming. Kiba, though, simply looked away, uncomfortably aware of the fact that his mother was an attractive woman indeed.

“Why do I need to go to the store?” he asked.

Tsume flashed him a grin. “Just some essentials: coffee grounds, dinner for the next few days, and of course a few odds and ends. There’s a list on the fridge.”

“Where’s Hana?”

A loud, piercing moan tore through the house; Kiba felt a flush creep up his neck as he glanced toward the direction of his sister’s bedroom. Sasuke hadn’t stayed the night -- which had resulted in Kiba getting a decent night’s sleep for once -- but it seemed he had decided to pay a visit in the morning.

Tsume’s grin swiftly turned into a frown. “Well, I think she’s having some fun…” she said, standing up -- and her breasts bounced in such a way that it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. “... and I wasn’t invited!” She huffed. “Remember, the list is on the fridge.” And then, she hopped off, borderline-sprinting into the other room.

Kiba blanched, as he realized that he would have to pass by his sister’s room to get to his own in order to get ready to go out.

And from how loud his sister’s moans were, Kiba could only figure that the door was still open.

He swallowed; and guessed -- correctly -- that Tsume would be really, really pissed with him if he didn’t get a go on.

But still, there was a way around it.

Kiba simply went outside, looped around and opened his bedroom window, and went in through there. Sure, he could still hear his sister panting like a bitch in heat, but it was better than the alternative.

He got ready to go out, pulling on a proper change of clothes, his hoodie, things like that.


Okay -- maybe he was reaching a little here. But he was curious: really, really curious to how Sasuke had managed to get both his mother and sister at the same time. Was it some secret genjutsu? A jutsu? Or… well, it could be anything, really.

He was curious. Really, curious… and -- well, curiosity was always a strong motivator.

And it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen his mother or sister naked before… the Inuzuka weren’t generally all that private about that kind of stuff. At least, not to the extent some families were.

He swallowed; and secretly, he was almost glad that his mother and sister seemed to lose all reason in the presence of Sasuke -- if he was caught doing this, there would be no reprieve of teasing in the near future.

Slowly, Kiba tiptoed out of his room. And yes indeed, the door to his sister’s bedroom was wide open… and now, it was his mom’s moans that ground against his eardrums. Hard slaps filled the air, along with the low grunts of a man. He heard a swat, and a moan of appreciation. “Fuck!” Sasuke cursed, loud enough for Kiba to hear. “I swear, you get tighter every day…”

Tsume simply let out that breathy sort of moan.

He was just outside the door -- and gently, he peeked around.

And there it was.

His mother, mounted on top of Sasuke; breasts swinging, hair disheveled, sweat rolling down her body… her hands on his chest, bouncing up and down, Sasuke gripping the pert cheeks of her ass and staring at the wondrous sight before him. And there was Hana beside them, working her fingers in and out of her weeping slit -- clearly, she’d been coerced (read: forced) to give her dear mother a turn with their shared man.

Kiba froze in his tracks.

Thank God none of them noticed him -- he would never admit it to anyone, maybe not even himself, but he stood there for a good moment longer than would even be questionable. Growing up around women like Tsume and Hana, he’d been exposed to nude bodies -- they had no shame about that kind of stuff; but in this way…? There was something different about his mother and sister right then and there: something primal. Their faces red, pussies leaking juices, their nipples erect -- biting their lips and brushing sweaty hair out of their eyes. They looked like… tamed cats; licking their fur, purring as their master rubbed them. Figuratively, of course. Where had the ‘alpha bitch’ -- as Tsume liked to call herself -- gone? It seemed that they had finally met their match: and that was Uchiha Sasuke.

He had to physically pull himself away from there; and the erection he sported as he walked back into the kitchen was beyond noticeable. Even thinking about the fact that they were his mother, and his sister didn’t seem to improve the situation… if anything, it only worsened it.

Kiba ran his hands through his hair. Okay, seriously, he needed to get out of the house -- apparently, being trapped almost every night by the sounds of your mother and sister getting pounded were driving him a little nuts. God, he hadn’t been on a mission in forever. Or at least it seemed that way, considering how little sleep he had gotten as of late.

Well… it wasn’t as if he couldn’t just go down to the mission office and get a quick C-rank. Something to take him out of the village for a day or so -- it was tantamount to how bad it had gotten that he was more willing to sleep on the forest floor than his own bed.

Kiba sighed. Yeah, he would probably do that -- after he went to the store, of course. But if he was fast enough, he could already be out of the village by that night.


The C-rank, unfortunately, didn’t last that long -- a scant two days to deliver the package and come back to the village. Not that he didn’t enjoy the money he pocketed as a result of it, but he had just started getting used to sleeping without that heavy thumping on the other side of the wall.

He came back; his mother and sister were nowhere to be found in the house. Sasuke, however, sat on the couch.

“What are you doing here?” Kiba scowled at him.

Sasuke rested his hands on his knees, and gave Kiba a blank look. “I’m waiting for Tsume and Hana,” he said simply. “Any idea when they’ll be back?”

“No,” Kiba said firmly.

And he swept past Sasuke -- but not before he heard the Uchiha mutter something under his breath.

“... enjoy.”

Kiba scowled, but did not put much thought into that word; he was far too exhausted to focus on anything but making his way back to his room. And when he clattered inside, he threw his shoes off, falling onto the bed with an exhausted groan.

And almost landed on something.

He blinked, lifting himself up and peering at something… shiny on the bed. He picked it up -- and his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

It was a… DVD?

Huh. He wondered what it was doing in here.

Kiba pulled off his clothes, and settled into some pajamas. He was half tempted to go out into the living room and lounge around -- but he really didn’t want to see Sasuke right then and there. That smug bastard… he never spoke of the fact that he had Tsume and Hana twisted around the finger, but Kiba was all too aware of it for him to keep his mind on anything else in the Uchiha’s presence. It certainly made dinners with the Konoha Twelve awkward.

He picked up the DVD once more, turning it over in his hand; there were no distinguishing marks on it, not a name to say what it was -- it was a simple, silver disc. He was, without a doubt, perplexed as to what its nature was.

And unfortunately, Kiba was curious -- and just as curiosity had inspired him to catch an eyeful of his mom riding her Uchiha lover before he had gone on his mission, it also inspired him to investigate the contents of the DVD.

There was a television set in his room, and on top of it, a DVD player; a brand new one he’d bought with his own pocket money. There was a movie inside of her -- he ejected it, and set it down gingerly. And then, he slid the mystery DVD into the slot, closing it and pressing ‘play’ without waiting an instant.

“Fuck… how long does it take to set that camera up? Hurry up!”

“I just turned it on,” a male voice said. ‘Now… we’re ready.”

Kiba’s mouth went dry.

He -- he couldn’t react; he blinked, and completely stunned, he fell back and onto his bed. The movie seemed to sweep him away.


The point of view was clearly a man’s -- that much was obvious, considering the erect cock that dominated the screen. But more importantly, two plump and firm asses rested in front it -- side by side, pressed together, dripping wet pussies just visible beneath them.

A hand reached down, the man’s hand, to give his cocks a few strokes and bring it to full hardness.

“Which one of you am I going to take first?”

Tsume smirked. “Isn’t that obvious?” she said, shaking her ass from side to side in a naughty fashion. “Shit rolls down hill in this family -- and I think Hana has had plenty of time to get her fix of you, Sasuke.”

“Oh, get out of here, Mom!” Hana retorted. “Every chance you get, you’re choking on his cock -- why can’t you ever let me get a turn?”

“You get a turn all the time!” Tsume growled. “If it was up to me, I’d be riding him twenty-four seven! You should be grateful you even get to see that cock, let alone get to fuck it.”

“Tsume, Hana,” Sasuke interjected -- ever the mediator. “We can come up with a way to do this fairly; how about the one who puts up the best show for the camera gets to be first?”

“What kind of show?” Hana asked, turning her head around.

Sasuke gave his cock a few more strokes, before moving to handle the camera with both hands. “Surprise me,” he said. “You first, Tsume.”

The Inuzuka matriarch grinned, flipping over onto her back. And yes, she went above and beyond to ‘put on a show’ for Sasuke.

She began by massaging her breasts, moulding the pert globes beneath her slim fingers. Pressing her tits together, shaking them a little, tweaking her nipple and moaning for effect. “You’d love these wrapped around your cock, wouldn’t you?” she said teasingly, pushing them up and down as if to mimic the action of a titjob.

Tsume pushed her breasts up, stooping her head down and flicking her own nipple with her tongue. She let out another breathy moan; and now, she went to work on the rest of her body. Running her hands down her slim midriff, her toned thighs -- before gradually opening her legs, as if to give him an idea of exactly what he would have to gain from picking her first.

She grinned at him, face red with arousal and her eyes fiery. Juices trickled lazily down her thigh, her clit visibly enlarged. She even gave that a flick, letting out a low-pitched moan; she ground her clit for a moment, tensing slightly, toes curling a tad.

“Alright,” Sasuke said after a moment, because he knew that he could not let that go on for too long -- in the interest of fairness. He turned the camera to Hana, who was glaring at her mother. “Your turn, Hana,” Sasuke murmured.

Hana swallowed.

It was clear that she was stuck for a moment on what exactly to do -- but she was a clever girl; and her mother hadn’t come to realize the one thing that a woman could do to entice a man more than anything else.

Hana rolled over onto her back as well, but all she did was merely spread her legs.

She slipped a hand down, teasing her weeping slit with a finger, wincing at the contact. “I’m so wet,” Hana whispered, once more teasing it with a finger. “For you, of course, Sasuke…”

Then, she added a single finger down there -- and teasingly spread open her folds for him; puffy, pink, leaking her juices that trailed down her leg and onto the bed. And her pussy… it was a tantalizing sight. Her spreading it open like that; it seemed as if she was trying to get him to use his imagination -- or more accurately, imagining what it was like to slide his erect cock into that tiny, tight hole.

Finally, Hana went for the kill -- the one-two combo of attracting a man.

Or, in other words, she began to touch herself in front of him. Sliding a finger into her depths, moaning loudly, a playful little smile on her lips as she pumped that digit in and out of her slit; she added a second finger, angling her back. “Sasuke…!” Hana groaned, sounding as if she were already close to her apex. “Ugh… Sasuke…!” A third finger.

Sasuke smirked.

“I think there’s a clear winner here,” he said. “What a shame -- you’ll have to step it up next time, Tsume.”

Hana couldn’t have had a broader grin on her face as Sasuke scooted up to her, grasping the hilt of his cock with one hand and angling it toward her weeping slit… she held her folds open for him, fingers shaking.

“Yes, Sasuke…”


Yes, Sasuke…”

“You enjoying the show?”

Kiba jumped about a foot into the air.

He -- he had totally forgot that he was still in the house; so engrossed in the video, Kiba had seemed to lost all sense of anything else. The erection he was sporting didn’t help: the Inuzuka felt harder than he had ever been.

Sasuke stood in the doorway, a smirk on his face, hands folded over his chest -- he looked at the television screen, apparently quite proud of the conquest featured on the screen. It was only a moment later that Hana’s digitized moans began to fill the room, though Kiba was not focused on the video anymore.

“You!” Kiba growled, standing up awkwardly -- the tent in his pants was more than obvious. “You… you put that… video on my bed!”

“I’m not sure if I did,” Sasuke said offhandedly. “I suppose I… left it there accidently. It’s not my fault you decided to pick it up and play it, now is it?” His smirk grew. “Not to mention the fact that you can’t deny you liked it, Inuzuka.”

“Fuck you!” Kiba snapped.

Sasuke chuckled.

“Don’t be such a little bitch,” he said, almost cruelly. “What’s the problem? You were the one who decided to peep on the three of us the other day -- I saw you standing there, watching Tsume ride me as if it were a miracle come true. All I wanted to do…” He smirked. “... was help you out a little.”

Kiba’s hand balled into a fist. “Help me out? Why would you want to do that in the first place, Uchiha?” he demanded.

“Well… at this rate, I’ll be your ‘father’ before long,” Sasuke said snidely. “I’ve got to take care of my step-son, don’t I?”

“Fuck you!”

Sasuke chuckled once more. “Feel free to keep the video,” he said offhandedly. And then, he turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Kiba fell back onto the bed, red faced and his fists shaking in anger.

The video played on -- Hana’s moans echoing throughout Kiba’s room.

And yet, without fail, he was unable to tear his eyes away from the television… he was unable to get himself to turn off the video… and it would be a long time before his erection finally went down -- even after the video had ended with Sasuke delivering a messy creampie to both Tsume and Hana.

Fuck. There was something wrong with him.

Kiba swallowed, as he stared at the blank screen.

Then… he stood up, walked to the television, and pressed ‘play’ once more.

“Fuck… how long does it take to set that camera up? Hurry up!”

“I just turned it on,” a male voice said. ‘Now… we’re ready.”


When Kiba woke up the next morning, he was groggy; it had been hard to get to sleep the previous night. Not only had Tsume and Hana gone ballistic on Sasuke all throughout the night -- but he hadn’t been able to stop himself from watching that video, over and over, the mental images blending with the sounds to make him more sexually frustrated than when he was thirteen.

In fact, he was so groggy that he hardly registered what he was seeing as he walked into the kitchen. Kiba merely strode to the dining table, sat down in his chair… then blinked… once. Twice. He looked beneath the table -- and his face turned beat red.

There was Hana, underneath the table.

Sasuke leaned back in his chair, letting out a languid groan as Kiba’s sister proceeded to deepthroat him.

“Morning,” Sasuke said lowly, that same smirk curling his lips.

Tsume stood at the stove, gingerly cooking their breakfast, apparently without a care for what was going on.

“M-Mom!” Kiba stammered.

“What?” Tsume grunted.

“W-what a-are they doing?”

“What do you think?’ Tsume said, turning around, a hand on her hip. “If I wasn’t cooking your food, I’d be down there with her. So shut your trap.”


“It’s my house, my rules,” Tsume said. “If you don’t want to see this kind of stuff… there’s the door.” She extended a hand toward said door -- and when Kiba made no move to go for it, she lowered it. “That’s what I thought.”

Tsume continued to cook; Hana continued to bob her head up and down, tiny little ‘glug glugs’ filling the quiet kitchen. And Kiba sat there, squirming in his seat… his arousal evident by the erection in his trousers.

Sasuke let out a groan, taking a sip of coffee that Tsume had prepared for him.

“You know,” Sasuke said. “I think I could get used to spending my mornings like this.”

Hana and Tsume both grinned -- Kiba lowered his head, and tried to resist the temptation to go and jerk off.

Of course, once breakfast was finished, they sat at the table in silence.

Tsume finished her food first -- and did exactly what she said she would do, dipping beneath the table and going immediately to work on her still erect lover. Hana shot her a glare, and began to whoof down her food.

Kiba pushed away his half empty plate, stood up, and resolved to leave the house before anything… worse happened. Or better. He wasn’t sure which it was, yet.

As Kiba left the room, and the house, Sasuke sighed.

“You think he enjoyed the video?” Hana asked.

“He did,” Sasuke murmured.

Tsume grinned, from her position in between Sasuke’s legs. “I can’t say I expected much more from him,” she admitted. “But still, it’s the least I can do for that little mutt. If he wants to watch us, what’s the harm in letting him? Besides, it’s a little exciting knowing we were being watched, isn’t it?”

Sasuke laughed. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m sure Kiba will be more than accepting of his new role; with a little coercion, of course.”

“You gotta love the little tyke,” Hana said, finishing up her food and slipping beneath the table. “He’s got an innocent heart; and I can’t wait to corrupt that. It’s going to be so much fun showing him what his mom and sister are capable of…”

“Now, now, Hana,” Tsume tutted, stroking Sasuke’s cock with her hand. “We’re not going to be too mean to Kiba, alright? Just because he likes to watch us get pounded doesn’t mean we’ll ridicule him… that much. Maybe a little ridicule is due, but nothing too far…”

Sasuke shook his head slightly. “Let’s save this conversation for later,” he said. “For now… how about you two help me ‘enjoy’ my morning a little more?”

The two Inuzuka women grinned in unison, and descended upon his cock.

And so ended the first phase of Kiba becoming a -- for lack of a better term -- cuckold. And there was only more to come for the Inuzuka… but it remained to be seen how that would play out.

End of Part I


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