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Well, as of the posting of this, we're approaching the one year anniversary of The Lone Wanderer - my first story. Time flies, no? Forty chapters of delicious smut goodness... unfortunately, at quite a lower quality than the stuff I write nowadays. Not to mention fraught with numerous other problems that I've always wanted to go back and fix.

So... what's this?

It's a remaster. Not a half assed one either, but along the lines of a complete revamp - every chapter, reworked from scratch. And with any luck, I'll end up adding even more chapters to spice up things and flesh out stuff a bit more. Basically, even if you read the first story, this one (with any luck) will be a completely new experience, or at least one that's worth sitting down and reading again. And if you haven't read the first story? Well, this one should be a fun ride indeed.

A few things to note: I won't be adding any new girls to the harem. The original harem will remain the same - the only thing that will change is the circumstances, lemons, and stuff like that. One relationship from the original may be changed in the new one, there will be extra chapters further fleshing them out, and more things of that nature. Also, I should note that the general order that the harem is collected likely won't be changed that much.

As far as I'm aware, this 'Remaster' format isn't against any rules. After I'm finished I do intend to delete the original Lone Wanderer and make this one te 'official' one, so there's that.

That's about it. I'll try to answer any more questions you guys have in the reviews in the A/N for the next chapter, so don't be afraid to ask.


Also, a brief note: I do have a discord, which I use to faciliate communication with my fans/other stuff. Basically, if you want to talk to me in a direct and instant manner, discord is the way to go. Anyone can join; hell, even if you hate my writing and want to give me a piece of your mind, feel free to drop by. So long as you remain civil and respectful, I won't have any problem with it. The link is: Join up!


Some things are destined from the start.

Sakura and Sasuke were polar opposites where it mattered - how they dressed, how they acted, how they walked and talked and carried themselves. There was no shortage in their differences, which only seemed to grow as they got older, but somehow the two managed to carry on a close - albeit tense - friendship.

Well, if you could call it a friendship. How could two people be friends when one was maddeningly in love with the other?

But… he had turned her down: repeatedly when they were kids, once or twice when they were adults - but that was because all she wanted was a romantic, intimate relationship. Sasuke… at least, the most current incarnation of Sasuke… just couldn’t commit to something like that.

But there was one thing he had never done: and that was to deny her unique beauty. She was not big breasted like some men would prefer - she was not overly provocative or the kind of woman with curves that could drive a man wild. But she was a goddess in her own right; silky, soft pink hair… exotic emerald eyes… and while she wasn’t curvaceous, her body was tight and toned - lithe and flexible, able to stretch and to bend to her man’s desire.

You would have to be an idiot to call her ugly, at least in Sasuke’s book.

The door to her apartment slammed closed, and Sasuke found himself pressing Sakura up against a wall. She moaned into his mouth as he ground his hardness against her - arms pressed against either side of her head. He was intoxicated by this woman, by her scent and her appearance, by the fiery passion that she exuded from every pore.

It had been a long night. They - as in the Konoha Twelve - had spent most of the night out, celebrating Sakura’s birthday party. Food and drink had been passed around aplenty, and by the end of the night, even the timid Hinata had been sporting a buzz. And Sakura was no Hinata when it came to drinking; still, she was not drunk, and neither was Sasuke, but there was enough alcohol in both of their systems to erase any doubts that they might have had about this.

There was only one thing, one goal, one desire swirling in their minds - that they both wanted a nice, long fuck.

His hand roamed beneath the undershirt she wore, to grasp at her one of her breasts. He cupped one of the round orbs - giving one of her rosy nipples an experimental twist, to which she gave him a light moan in return.

“No bra?” he murmured.

“I didn’t think I’d need one,” Sakura admitted. “I was wearing a sweater earlier.” A sweater that now lay discarded beside the door. Her lack of a bra hadn’t shown at the party - but it was all the better now; it was just another obstacle between her body and Sasuke that was now gone.

It was funny really.

All it had taken was a bit of… humility. The one time he had chosen to be a gentleman in a long time. He had offered to walk Sakura home - and it had ended up turning into this.

And honestly, he could not bring himself to care. With Sakura’s body so close, and arousal overtaking his senses, there wasn’t a lot Sasuke cared about in that moment.

She kissed him once again… passionate… filled with sparks of something that could only be chemistry. Her tongue slid into his mouth, and Sasuke met it with force; there was no possible scenario where he would allow Sakura to dominate him in such a way, and he battered her back into her own mouth before long.

After a long, blissful minute, they finally pulled away from each other. Mismatched eyes - one violet and one black - gazed into green ones.

“Come on,” Sakura breathed. “Let’s adjourn to the bedroom, Sasuke-kun.” The smell of alcohol was evident. “And let’s get these clothes off while we’re at it, hmm?”

Sasuke can’t help the smirk that crosses his features. Without a second thought, he pulled his shirt over his head - revealing toned muscles that Sakura practically salviated at. His trousers came off next, until he was standing in Sakura’s foyer clad in nothing but his boxers.

Sakura’s breaths came heavy and fast. ‘This is happening,’ she thought, giddy and drunk on a combination of  alcohol, excitement, and arousal. ‘This is happening!’ Sasuke-kun, in the middle of her apartment, half-naked and ready for one thing. It was like a dream come true for her.

“Come on, Sasuke-kun,” she whispered, grasping his arm. With a bounce to every step, she lead him to her bedroom. It was plush, with bright red wallpaper and fluffy pillows that dotted the bed - it was so… Sakura that Sasuke really could not have seen her staying in any other accommodations.

Still, Sasuke was an assertive person, and as they crossed the threshold of her room, he decided to take control. With a strong hand, he pushed her onto the bed; Sakura gasped… but that gasp quickly turned to a giggle as he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her pants. Slowly… agonizingly… he dragged her trousers off, until the dark red panties she wore beneath were all that was left on her body aside from the flimsy undershirt.

Sakura was kind enough to dispose of the undershirt herself - which left her all but naked before him. The bulge in his boxers could not be more evident, straining against the material, and Sakura couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight.

He strived to take her panties off next, and she did not put up even the slightest hint of a fight as he did so. Her folds were opened to his viewing pleasure as her undergarments were removed - puffy and pink, aroused to the point where her juices had begun to trickle down her thigh.

Sasuke took a deep breath at that sight. Most men preferred a pussy to be fully shaved - but that little tuft of pink hair seemed to say that this was Sakura, that this wasn’t some bland cunt… but that this was the cunt of his teammate, of the woman who had lusted after him for years and years and years.

He was really going to go through with this.

‘It’s too late now,’ he thought, almost languidly, as if he wanted to stop at this point. With a sigh, Sasuke gently jerked his boxers down.

Sakura’s mouth went dry at the sight of his member, and her eyes widened to near comical proportions. “S-Sasuke-kun?”

“It might hurt a little,” Sasuke admitted, as he eased himself onto the bed. “But it won’t last long - you’re tough; just persevere and you’ll be fine.”

She gulped. Call her chicken, but it was just… monstrous. So thick and girthy, the length incomprehendable - it hung between his legs, hardened and fat, twitching every few seconds, precum dribbling from the head.

“Alright,” Sakura mumbled, though her voice was still rather shaky - which was perfectly understandable. She was a virgin… but she’d played with plenty of toys to the point where it really didn’t matter. But - she had never played with a toy like… like this. What kind of toy looked more like a python than a cock? What kind of toy looked so big that her hand wouldn’t be able to wrap around the shaft?

It looked mouth wateringly delicious, though. She wanted to lick it. She wanted to suck it, like a lollipop. But more importantly… she wanted to feel it inside of her. A desperate, bone deep need - something that she’d had for years. Sakura had imagined what sleeping with her Sasuke-kun would eventually be like… but even in her wildest dreams she hadn’t imagined him with equipment like that.

It bother scared and aroused her. It terrified and frightened, yet awed and wowed. So many emotions were swirling in her gut - but there was one thing her body knew to do on instinct.

She spread her legs, nice and wide, so that he had perfect access to her wet, hot core.

Sasuke allowed his fingers to travel up her side, past her slim hips and toned stomach. He caressed her breasts, taking one in each hand and teasing them, running in his fingers around her rosy nipples. He leaned down - flicking against a nipple with his tongue, causing Sakura to draw in a tense breath.

“What are you doing?” Sakura whispered, as he began to gentle suckle at her teat. “I’m… I’m already wet… just take me.”

A smirk curled his lips. “I like to take my time... on occasion,” Sasuke said, giving her breasts a gentle squeeze. “There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?”

“Well, no, but…” ‘I need you.’ This was a moment she had waited to long for - and he knew exactly how excruciating every second was for her. He leaned forward, resting that gargarutan member on her thigh; she could feel its heat, its length, its girth… every throb and every pulse, the precum leaking from the tip and smearing across her creamy skin. “Just-”

“Quiet…” He ground his member against her thigh, hard pulsating meat so close to her desperately needy slit that she could hardly comprehend it. “I’m not going to leave you… unfulfilled, Sakura. You just need to be patient, that’s all.”


“Patient.” He took a deep breath, before he relinquished one of her breasts - his hand snaked in between her legs, and without warning, he slid two fingers into her awaiting depths.

She let out a shaky moan. Combined with the constant teasing of her nipples… well, if her arousal hadn’t already been palpable than that moment would have come quickly beneath Sasuke’s ministrations.

He pumped his tense digits in and out of her, pressing his lips together as he explored her depths. Her walls clenched around his fingers - her sheer tightness was more than obvious, and Sasuke was well aware that this was going to be a pleasurable night indeed.

“You’re already so wet, so needy,” Sasuke murmured. “I’m surprised you aren’t begging already, Sakura. Why won’t you? Beg for me to fuck you, and I might cut the foreplay and get right into it.”

“You expect… you expect me to beg?” Sakura ground out.

He chuckled. “Not this time,” Sasuke said. “But I’ll make you beg… eventually.” He tilted his head to the side thoughtfully, still steadily thrusting his fingers into her. After a moment longer of that - he slid his fingers out of her snatch, digits slick with her juices.

Sasuke cast a glance down, before giving his fingers a casual lick.

“Not bad,” he said. Sakura shuddered at that look in his eyes - dark and lustful… that, combined with the way his member pulsated against her thigh, left her in no doubt that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. A comforting thought for the pink haired woman.

He heaved a grunt, grasping the hilt of his enormous cock and brushing it against her entrance. Her breathing hitched - she stared at him, wide eyed, frightened even. Just looking at the sheer difference between her tiny little slit and his bulbous mushroom head sent tingles down her spine.

All that girth, all that length, all that cock… poised to enter her.

He locked gazes with her - and went still. Aside from the constant throbbing of his member, and an occasion blink, he made not a move… leaving her there to stew in her arousal.

Sakura’s lip wobbled. He wasn’t going to make her beg, she realized - but he would make her ask for it. To tell him, in no insignificant way, that she wanted him to enter her, even if she had told him something to that extent (if not quite as sexual) dozens of times before.

There was maybe an ounce of hesitation in her gut. She’d given up her dignity plenty of times for Sasuke’s sake, but it had never been something she had done lightly. But now-

She couldn’t think of a bone in her body that would even contemplate saying no.

So, she nodded her head.

And Sasuke rewarded her with a harsh thrust, sinking three inches of fat cock inside of the pink haired woman without further ado.

“Oh- oh!

She lifted up off of the bed, back arching as her head dug into the sheets. Her legs wobbled and jiggled - her walls tightened around him to the point where it borderline hurt. Sakura clenched her teeth together, eyes watery.

He laid a hand down on her thigh. “Like I said, it’s going to hurt a little,” Sasuke murmured. He leaned down, brushing his lips against the porcelain skin of her neck - nibbling at it, gently trying to distract her from that stretching sensation she felt. “Just look at me. Wrap your legs around my waist,” he instructed.

Her legs shook as she did so. “I’m sorry,” Sakura said, lowering her head. “It’s just- you’re… I just…”

“There’s no need to worry.”

He pulled back a little, just an inch or so - and began to work his cock in and out of her, in small doses, so that she could gradually grow used to his massive size. She shuddered beneath him; despite the pain, there were flashes of pleasure too… tastes of it that kept her arousal potent. So far, sex was nothing like touching herself… but, as the pain subsided and the pleasure mounted, Sakura started to think she would like it.

Sasuke continued to thrust into her with the first three inches of his cock. ‘Just take it slow,’ he told himself, even as his masculine instincts told him to drive home and claim her pussy for his own. ‘There will be plenty of opportunities later…’

He wasn’t foolish enough to think that this would be a one time thing; he had previously restrained himself before from seducing Sakura, but now that they were actually having sex… well, she would have a green light of sorts - an excuse to come after him whenever she wanted, and with the memory of her tightness and body in his mind, Sasuke doubted that he would be able to resist. Even if he wanted to.

So he pressed on. He pressed on because of one simple fact: that he had never been a man to share, and that if Sakura was going to willingly give herself up to him - body, heart, mind and soul - then he would make sure that there was no doubting her connection to him, that there was no doubting that when someone looked at Sakura that she was Sasuke’s, and Sasuke’s alone.

“I-” She took a deep breath. “I think I can take a little more, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura said gently, her teeth not quite as clenched as they had been a minute before.

“Alright,” he murmured.

Sasuke reached a hand up to cup her jaw. She glanced at him, curiosity flickering through her eyes… and he kissed her. Raw, insticual - his tongue slipping into her mouth and making her entire body shake with passion.

With all of the gentleness that Sasuke could muster, he began to feed the rest of his cock into her desperate core. She whimpered into the kiss, but he did not relinquish it - hands playing with her breasts, his tongue plundering her mouth.

It was a long and arduous process. He had no shortage of length and girth - and on the other side, there seemed to be no end to how tight Sakura could grow, as her snatch clenched around his member.

He kept a steady pace, and did not pause for even a moment. He simply… kept going - deeper, and deeper, and deeper until she was near convulsing against him. From pain and from pleasure - the stretching sensation was overwhelming, but there was only so much cock you could force inside of a girl before her eyes rolled back in her head. He deepened the kiss - and slammed the rest of him inside, sheathing himself inside of the pink haired girl to the hilt.

“Sasuke-kun,” she breathed into his mouth, voice hardly audible. “Oh- oh you’re so big!”

His chest swirled with smugness. “I know,” he grunted, as he ground his member against her - twisting his hips from side to side, making her twitch and moan against him. He was stretching her out so much… and the way he throbbed, and pulsated inside was sublime.

He pulled back, looking down at her as he continued to grind against her. Sasuke grasped her breasts - using them for leverage as he began to thrust in and out of Sakura, grunting as his massive cock struggled against the tightness of her depths.

Sasuke closed his eyes. A few thoughts ran through his head - but most prominent was the idea for a change of scenery. He wrapped his arms around Sakura’s torso, and lifted her up - flipping over onto his back, Sasuke pulled her taut against his chest, enabling him to thrust up into her at an angle that seemed unreal.

“Sasuke-kun…!” Sakura gasped, as he continued to thrust upward. She buried her face in his chest, muffling her moans; he wasn’t even pumping that hard into her - but his sheer size combined with her inexperience made his careful, measured thrusts seem much rougher than they actually were. He kept a steady pace, up and then down, up and then down… her lithe body flattened against his, his arms wrapped around her, head resting on her shoulder.

“Fuck,” Sasuke grunted, and he gave her luscious ass a swat, the smack echoing throughout the room. “You’re almost too tight, Sakura. Why did I turn you down before?” Even if he wasn’t interested in dating her - at the very least, she would be willing to spread her legs for him when he wished. He had been worried that she would take his acceptance of her body as some sort of green card for a relationship… but… if she was going to remain in love with him either way, he might as well fuck her while he was at it, right?

He continued to pull her down - but soon, Sakura started to reciproprate. She started to push herself down against his upward thrusts, moaning in tune with the wet slaps that filled the room. “Ughh!” she moaned into his chest. “I- I can feel you… I can feel you all the way inside me, Sasuke-kun… fuuuckkk…”

Sasuke did not respond - he merely tightened his grip around her torso, and continued to pull her up and down the length of his shaft. “I can feel it,” Sasuke murmured. “You’re close, aren’t you? Just let it out, Sakura. Cum. Cum for me, Sakura.”

She continued to push down against him. Her fingers reached up - clawing at his hair, tightening in raven strands… she leaned up, hot breath cascading against his cheek. “Are… are you close?” she asked.

“I’m getting there.”

“I don’t want to cum until you do, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura mumbled.

“Hmph.” Sasuke grunted. “But I’m going to make you cum, Sakura, whether you want to or not.”

She squeezed her eyes shut - more than aware that… he was likely right. That coil in her stomach was wounding tighter and tighter, and only a miracle would stop her impending orgasm.

The smell of sex filled the room. The sounds of her pussy squelching around his massive cock; the slaps of thighs against thighs, Sakura’s loud moans combined with Sasuke’s low grunts.

He gave her ass another swat, the sound of his hand making contact with her cheek echoing throughout the room. “Cum for me.” He wasn’t asking, he was demanding it. “Cum!”

And finally… she did.

It was a torrent, a tsunami - it came from her core and spread through her entire body until Sakura was quite literally convulsing in his arms. “Oooohhhh!” She shook and she shook - her pussy clenched around his cock in a previously unfathomable way.

Sasuke weathered the storm. He stopped thrusting upward into her, instead merely holding Sakura taut against his chest as she came - she moaned and borderline screamed into his chest, her fingers clawing at the sheets on either side of her.

“So good…” There was almost tears in her eyes. “So good…”

It took quite a bit for her to calm down.

Sasuke gently pulled out of her, and Sakura groaned at the sudden vacancy she felt - the emptiness. She turned to look at him, giving Sasuke the best rendition of puppy dog eyes she could achieve.

With his hands, he maneuvered her around. Sasuke flipped her over, pressing her face into the sheets. She was flat against the bed, belly down, and he lifted her up just enough so that he could slot inside into her snatch once again. He pressed his hands against her shoulders - and began to thrust.

Her moans began anew, and though they were muffled by the sheets, they were still extraordinarily loud. Sasuke thrust into her with wild abandon, his hips clapping against her ass cheeks, his meaty cock slick with her juices and easily able to find penetration to her deepest of places. Her core was hot, wet, slippery - and in the aftermath of her orgasm, there was no shortage of juices that allowed him lubricant to make the process easier. Somehow, some way, every thrust seemed to go even deeper. She couldn’t even fathom the idea of feeling fuller than she did in that moment - but every time she reached that point, Sasuke seemed to break his old record in a matter of seconds. It was excruciating, the way he would drive her mind wild with pleasure, but there was no stopping it. She was too lost in it.

By this point, even Sasuke’s breathing was becoming a tad haggard. Sakura was just so incredibly… tight, and so dangerously vocal on top of that. His name left her lips again and again - the feel of her tight body combined with that sinful sound driving him mad. That, combined with the fact that he hadn’t had sex in quite a while, made for a recipe where he was already on the brink of cumming.

“Sakura,” Sasuke murmured. “I’m going to cum inside of you.”

There was no hesitation in his voice. He really- he wouldn’t be able to pull out of her, even if she asked. But there was no way Sakura would ask him to pull out of her; even with her mind driven mad with pleasure, even with her body subservient to him, Sakura had no doubt in her mind that she would have let him cum inside of her if she had been in her right mind to begin with.

Hell, if he’d ask to impregnate her, there was a fifty-fifty Sakura would say yes. She was in love with him - and only him. There was only one man in her life. And she had long since relegated herself to that fact, even if he ended up with a woman who wasn’t her.

Thankfully she was on birth control.

Not that Sasuke knew that, as he drove himself home - penetrating as deeply inside of her before he let go. His cock spasmed as he came, shooting liquid hot seed deep into the pink haired woman… she moaned and shook beneath him. The feeling of his essence being shot inside of her was second to none - a part of him, his seed, was being injected into her body. Her womb. Her soul. She was his now, forevermore, and Sakura was content in that unalienable fact.

Even by his standards, that load in particular was a massive one. Before Sasuke had contemplated pulling even an inch of fat cock out of Sakura, his cum had begun to leak around the sides of his shaft, staining the bed sheets. And once he did pull out - Sakura letting out the faintest of groans at that - what seemed a river of white hot seed seemed to follow his departure.

Sakura seemed almost out of commission. Sasuke rolled his shoulders, before hopping off of the bed - he disappeared inside of the bathroom for a moment, before returning with a damp wash rag. He scrubbed off the cum and such from Sakura’s skin, and from his own member, before he crawled back onto the bed.

“I’ll admit,” Sasuke murmured. “You weren’t that bad, Sakura.”

She blinked her eyes several times at him, as if trying to make sure he was really there - the aftermath of her orgasm was still taking its toll on her body. “T-thank you, Sasuke-kun,” she mumbled.

Sasuke smirked.

And they went to sleep, sweet dreams to await them, and sweeter things to come in the morning.


When Sakura awoke, it was to the feeling of her legs being spread open.

And when she felt something massive press against her entrance, her eyes flew open.

“Good morning,” Sasuke said, before he pushed several inches of fat cock into the pink haired woman. Needless to say she didn’t stand a chance - he had spent several minutes warming her up before she had awaken, and her folds were more than wet and aroused enough for his initial penetration.

She moaned.

“What… what a way to wake up,” she murmured. “Is this how you normally greet your… companions, Sasuke-kun?”

“It varies,” he said. “Sometimes they’ll be on top of me. Sometimes they’ll be below me. Other times, they’ll have deep throated and brought me halfway to cumming before I even woke up.”

Sakura purred and mewled as he pushed into her. “Lucky me, I guess,” she said.

Sasuke paused - he did not push another inch in… and instead, this look of… something akin to guilt overtook his features. At least, as much as someone like Sasuke could look guilty.

“Sakura,” he said after a moment. “I want you to know that this - us doing this doesn’t mean we’re in a relationship.”

A pained look crossed her face. Sakura bit her lip, looking away from him - the pleasure of him inside of her was still there, but it seemed to fade into the background… just for a moment.

“I- I figured, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura said. “You’re just… not ready for something like that; and I can understand your reasons.” She swallowed. “B-but… that… that doesn’t mean we can’t have some kind of relationship. Like… maybe… friends with… benefits?” She anxiously grinned at him.

Sasuke chuckled. “Friends… with benefits.” Another chuckle. “I suppose I don’t have a problem with that.”

“I’m glad,” Sakura said.

And before she could say anything else, he had begun to sink his length into her again. Sasuke palmed her breasts, giving them a squeeze and causing her to let out a moan - her lips parted, and he was a moment away from swooping down and…

Then, a loud noise echoed throughout the entire house.

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

OI! SAKURA-CHAN, YOU AWAKE YET?” came a thunderous noise from the front door. “Are you hungover?! Did Sasuke make sure you got home alright?”

Sasuke and Sakura both let out a sigh, and without a word spoken, he pulled out of her.

“I’ll have to give you a rain check,” Sakura mumbled, disappointment evident in her voice. “We can… um… continue this later, right?”

“I don’t see why not,” Sasuke said. Naruko was still banging on the door - he had left his clothes in the foyer. He opened the door to Sakura’s bedroom, hurrying out into the rest of the apartment; he was fast, and managed to grab his clothes and rush back into Sakura’s room before ten seconds had passed. “I’ll take the window,” he said, as he pulled his clothing on.

“Be careful, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura said. “And-”

She hurried up to him - and kissed him.

“We might not be in a relationship,” Sakura murmured, voice husky. “But I still want to do that as much as possible.”

Sasuke shook his head. He probably shouldn’t have kissed her as much as he did the previous night - but it had been heat of the moment, passionate kind of stuff, nothing with a sort of romantic connotation in his mind.

It took him another moment to dress, and Sakura had pulled a bathrobe over her nude body in the meantime. Naruko’s obnoxious knocks and yells continued to echo throughout the apartment.

“I’ll see you later,” Sasuke said.

He pulled open the window, slipped through it, and disappeared. Sakura stepped up to the window - and watched his retreating back, as he made his way onto the rooftops and out of sight…

She let out a sigh.

And without further ado, she went to let Naruko into the house.


The end of a first chapter, and the beginning of something new. We'll see how long this remaster goes for - I plan to finish it, but again, I do intend to add extra chapters in order to further explore different situations and to have fun with the circumstances. So we'll see how many I end up adding.

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