Naruto: Pokegirl Storm.

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Pokegirls arrive saga: Enter Naruto Uzumaki and the Pokegirls! Part 1.

Hey everybody and welcome to the first chapter of my Naruto/Pokegirls crossover. Just to let you all know, this is a multi harem story and almost every character will have one. (they'll have 8 to more girls.) (Naruto and Sasuke will have both a pokegirl harem and human harem.) And yes, this means there's going to be a lot of yuri. I'll put the pairings at the end.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Pokemon, Digimon, Everyday Monster Girls, Darkstalkers, an all cartoon and videogame characters that belong to their rightfully owners.

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"Tailed Beast, Talking."

(Tailed Beast, Thinking.)

Jutsu, Pokegirl attacks and locations.

Just outside of the Hidden Leaf Village: Ten thirty at night.

In a clearing that's in a large forest that surrounds a large village. A figure lands on a tree branch before jumping down into the cleaning.

The moonlight shows that it's a thirteen year old boy that stands four feet, nine inches tall and has tan peach skin, spikey blonde hair, dark blue eyes, three whisker marks on each cheek and thin lips. He has a fit body shape with fit arms, small hands, slim fingers, fit waist line, narrow hips, fit butt, fit legs and small feet. He is wearing a orange jacket with blue shoulders, white collar, white swirl with a tassel on the left side, red spiral on the back, orange pants, brown pouch strapped to his right knee, blue sandals and dark green goggles around his head.

The boy looks around as he unties a big scroll that's almost half his size off his back. (I can't believe I got away with this scroll so easily.) The boy sits down with his back against a tree and the scroll in his lap. (Well, when only five people care about me and everyone else couldn't give a crap what I do. It's not really surprising at all.)

The boy than thinks about what happened to him, earlier that day.

Flashback: Inside of a room in the Leaf Ninja Academy. Three twenty four in the afternoon.

The boy stands in front of a table with two people sitting behind it. They both have small smiles on their faces as they look at him.

The one to his right is a twenty two year old man that stands five feet, nine inches tall and has tan peach skin, short brown hair tied in a short ponytail, black eyes, a scar across his nose and thin lips. He has a fit body shape with fit arms, big hands, slim fingers, fit waist line, narrow hips, fit butt, fit legs and big feet. He is wearing a dark blue shirt, dark green flak jacket with a red spiral on the back, dark blue pants, brown pouch strapped to his right knee, blue sandals and a blue hidden leaf forehead protector around his head.

The second one to his left is a twenty seven year old man that stands five feet, ten inches tall and has pale peach skin, white short straight hair that stops at his shoulders, green eyes and thin lips. He has a fit body shape with fit arms, big hands, slim fingers, fit waist line, narrow hips, fit butt, fit legs and big feet. He is wearing a dark blue shirt, dark green flak jacket with a red spiral on the back, dark blue pants, brown pouch strapped to his right knee, blue sandals and a blue hidden leaf forehead protector he wears like a bandanna.

The one with the scar gives the boy a nod. "Ok Naruto no fooling around, you got that."

Naruto gives him a big smirk while crossing his arms over his chest. "No problem Iruka-sensei. I've been training and studying all month for this." He uncross' his arms and points to his chest with his right thumb. "I got this in the bag. "

Iruka looks at him seriously. "No you don't Naruto. If you don't pass this part, you'll fail and have to wait a year to try again."

Naruto looks at him with a wide eyed surprised look. "What! You got to be kidding Iruka-sensei! I worked hard all month!" He recross' his arms and closes his eyes. "I bet my scores are better than that bastard Sasuke easily."

Iruka gives him a lazy look. "Naruto, if you pass you'll be the dead last. You'll have graduated by the skin of your teeth you know."

Naruto's head and shoulders fall in depression as the white haired man looks at Iruka. "Now, now Iruka. I know this is serious, but we shouldn't put to much pressure on him. We should be more supportive to him right now, don't you think."

Naruto looks up at the white haired man with a smile as Iruka also looks at and nods. "Your right Mizuki." Iruka looks back at Naruto with a smile. "Sorry Naruto. Your right you can do this, and I'll take you to get some ramen to celebrate with."

Naruto gives him a huge smile with sparkling eyes as he points at him with his right index finger. "You got it sensei! I hope you have a lot of money, because I'm hungry." He than turns his hand curls his fingers twice. "Bring it senseis. Hit me with your best shot."

Iruka nods with a smile. "Alright Naruto. First you have to do the substitution jutsu."

Mizuki pulls out a kunai and nods his head to a log in the room. "All you have to do is substitute yourself with that log."

Naruto looks at the log and than back at Mizuki with a grin. "Ha. Piece of cake Mizuki-sensei." He than stands at the ready and nods. "Ready!"

Mizuki gives him a serious look. "Three. Two. One. Now!" Mizuki than throws the kunai at Naruto and hits him in the stomach. Naruto's eyes open wide in pain before he disappears in a puff of smoke with a "poof" and than the smoke quickly fades away.

The log is floating where Naruto once was before falling down to to the floor with a "thud" and Naruto now stands where the log once was. He than substitutes with the log again to stand in the spot where he started with a grin on his face.

Iruka gives him a smile. "Good job Naruto. Next is the transformation jutsu. All you have to do is transform into one of us."

Naruto smirks at them. "Come on Iruka-sensei that's boring. Now me using my version is a hell of a lot better."

Iruka quickly stands up and angrily points at him. "Don't you dare Naruto Uzumaki! I told you not to fool around! Didn't I!"

Naruto pouts and cross' his arms. "Oh come on Iruka-sensei." He than points angrily back at him. "And I told you that my jutsu is ten times better than the old transformation jutsu!"

Mizuki looks confusingly between the two of them. "What are you two talking about."

Naruto smirks at him. "Oh yeah! I haven't shown you yet, have I Mizuki-sensei. Well let's fix that right now."

Iruka looks at Naruto with widen eyes. "No! Naruto do..."

Naruto than puts his hands in the ram seal. "Uzumaki art: Sexy Jutsu." He than disappears in a puff of smoke with a "poof" than a feminine voice from in the smoke is heard. "So tell me Mizuki-sensei." The smoke quickly fades away and standing there is a young woman.

The young women stands five feet, eight inches tall and has tan peach skin, blonde hair in high pigtails that stops past her shoulders, dark blue eyes, three whisker marks on each cheek and full lips. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, D-cup breasts, slim waist line, full rounded hips, full rounded butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a red strapless bikini top and red bikini bottoms.

The young woman winks at Mizuki with her right eye. "What do you think." Mizuki's face blushes red and all he can do is point at her while his mouth opening and closing a few times.

Iruka has a blush on his face as well and can't help but look her up and down with his eyes. He quickly snaps out of it by shaking his head and than looks angrily at her. "Naruto! Change back at once or else!"

The young woman puts her hands on her full hips and pouts. "Your no fun Iruka-sensei." She than disappears in a puff of smoke with a "poof" and Naruto is back to normal when the smoke fades away. "See I told you it's a better jutsu."

Iruka has his eyes closed while having a tick mark on his head and his right eyebrow twitching. "Naruto." He than jumps in front of him and towers over him while looking down angrily, making Naruto finch in fear as he looks up at him. "That perverted jutsu is nothing but a wast of time! This isn't a game! Stop fooling around and take this seriously!"

Naruto looks back with wide eyes. "But... but, Iruka-sensei!" He than looks angrily at him. "Oh come on! My jutsu is awesome!" He than raises his right hand in front of his right eye and have his index finger and thumb almost touching. "You were this close to drooling. I know you were."

Iruka finches back with a embarrassed blush on his face. " I was not!"

Naruto looks over to Mizuki. "Mizuki-sensei, you think my jutsu is... muh, muh." He than cuts himself off as he tries not to laugh.

Iruka blinks in confusion as he looks at Naruto. He than looks at Mizuki and raises his right eyebrow as he sees him looking around. "Mizuki, what's wrong."

Mizuki stops looking around and looks at Iruka with the blush still on his face. "Iruka, where did that sexy woman go?"

Naruto couldn't keep it in any more. He falls down on his butt laughing while holding his stomach with his left hand and pointing at Mizuki with his right one. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" He than looks back at Iruka. "See, I told you my jutsu is awesome! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I totally got Mizuki-sensei with it! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

Mizuki blinks a few times before tilting his head down with his eyes closed, gritting his teeth and his face glowing red in anger. He than picks his head back up and takes some calming breathes. After that he turns to Iruka with his eyes still closed, a tick mark on his head, a forced smile and his teeth still gritted. "Iruka let's just move on to the last jutsu, ok."

Iruka sighs as he nods his head with his eyes closed. "uhhh. Yeah your right. Let's just get this over with." He than sits back down in his chair and looks at Naruto who is still shaking with laughter. Mizuki's hands tighten into fist under the table as Iruka starts again. "Ok Naruto, I'll give you a pass on that one if you get this one right, got it." Naruto gives him a nod with a big smile. "Alright the last jutsu is the clone jutsu.

Naruto finches and he breaks out in a cold sweat while keeping the smile on his face. "Th... the clone jutsu, right. Piece of cake. I got this in the bag." (Oh kami why! I hate that stupid jutsu!) Naruto looks a head determinedly as he gets ready. (I can do this! I can do this! Today is the day I kick this stupid jutsu's ass! I won't let it get in the way of me becoming Hokage!) Naruto than goes through the hand seals. Ram, Snake, Tiger. "Clone Jutsu." "poof" and in a quick puff of smoke their is a clone right next to him.

The clone has the same hair as Naruto's and is wearing the same clothes but, it has white skin and white dead eyes. It's also just lying on the floor motionlessly. Iruka and Mizuki both sweat droop as they look at the clone while Naruto looks down at it with widen eyes.

Iruka sighs as he rubs the bridge of his nose. "uhhh. I told you to work on your chakra control." He looks up at Naruto with a serious look on his face. "I'm sorry Naruto, but you fail. you won't be graduating this year."

Naruto looks back up at Iruka with panic in his eyes. "But Iruka-sensei! I can do this! I can!" he goes through the hand seals again. "Clone Jutsu!" "poof" "Clone jutsu!" "poof" "Clone jutsu!" "poof" There lying around him are three more dead clones.

Iruka just shakes his head and than looks back at Naruto. "Naruto, calm down. you just have to try again next year." Naruto looks down with tighten fist as his clones disappear in quick puffs of smoke. "poof"

Mizuki looks over to Iruka. "Iruka why not just graduate him." Iruka looks at him with his right eyebrow raised and Naruto looking at him with hope. "I mean, he's worked pretty hard and he did ace the first two." Naruto turns his hope filled eyes and smile to Iruka.

Iruka shakes his head and looks at Mizuki seriously, not seeing Naruto's smile fall off his face. "You saw those clones Mizuki. They were horrible. And not just that, look at his scores. I'm pushing it as it is. He'll end up getting himself and his teammates killed. I can't pass him."

Naruto glares at Iruka while he shakes in anger. "You mean you won't pass me! I worked hard for this damn it! No way my scores are as bad as you say they are! You just hate me like most of the people in this village!"

Iruka looks at Naruto in shock. "No I don't. You should know better than anybody that I want you to pass just as much as y..."

Naruto cuts him off with a fake laugh while still glaring at him. "Ha! No you don't! You just think that I'm a failure! Well you know what, screw it! I'm out of here!" He than jumps out of a window and is gone before Iruka can stop him.

Iruka who was standing and with his right hand reaching out to where Naruto was, let his head and arm drop with a sigh. "uhhh. I better go look for him." He lifts his head up and looks at Mizuki. "He was the last one right?"

Mizuki nods his head and gets up. "Yeah, but you should let me talk to him. You know how Naruto is. He'll do everything to avoid you right now."

Iruka sits back down and clasp his hands together on the table while looking down. "Yeah, I'm the last person he wants to see right now." He looks up at Mizuki who is walking to the window. "Thanks Mizuki. Your a really good friend."

Mizuki stops at the window and looks over his right shoulder to him with a smile. "Sure, no problem Iruka." He than puts his right hand and foot on the window seal while having his back to Iruka with a smirk on his face. "Besides, what are friends for." He than jumps out the window.

Iruka looks back down with a smile, but it changes to a frown when his eyes fall on Naruto's test scores sheet. He than thinks about what Naruto said before he left. (l worked hard for this damn it! No way my scores are as bad as you say they are!") He picks up the sheet and checks it again. (I know he likes to ditch class and fool around a lot, but he always pushes himself hard. Maybe he's right. I should look into this.) He than gets up and leaves the room.

Building top in the Hidden Leaf Village: Four ten in the afternoon.

Naruto is sitting and looking sadly up into the sky. (I can't believe I have to wait a whole year. Now I'm not going to be on Sakura-chan's team or Hinata-chan's. Hell not even Ino's, doe she doesn't like me. But if we were on a team maybe she'll... Oh who am I kidding.) He sighs as he looks a head. "uhhh. Well at least I'm not on that bastard Sasuke's team."

Mizuki lands silently behind him and looks at him with his arms crossed over his chest. "There you are Naruto. I was looking everywhere for you."

Naruto startled, looks behind himself with shocked eyes and sees Mizuki standing there. "Mizuki-sensei. What are you doing here?" His shocked look than changes into a sad one. "And is Iruka-sensei mad at me?"

Mizuki shakes his head and than looks at him with a smile as he walks up to him. "No Iruka is not mad at you, and like I said I was looking for you."

Naruto stands up and turns around so he can look up at him. "Mizuki-sensei, was my scores really as bad as Iruka-sensei said they are?"

Mizuki nods his head with a small frown. "I'm sorry Naruto but they are. You know Iruka doesn't want you to fail right?" Naruto gives him a nod and than Mizuki continues. "He was in charge of the last part only, but the other senseis how ever."

Naruto looks up at him with wide eyes that slowly fill with rage until he is shaking in anger. "Those bastards!!! When I get my hands on them!"

Mizuki puts his right hand on Naruto's left shoulder. "Calm down Naruto. we don't have any proof that they did anything."

Naruto looks up at him with a glare. "but I have to do something! I'm not going to let them screw me over like this!"

Mizuki looks down at him with a sly smile. "Who said that they will get away with it. I got a way that you can kill three birds with one stone."

Naruto looks up at him with a confused frown. "What are you talking about Mizuki-sensei?"

Mizuki walks past him and stops at the edge of the building with his back to him. "I'm talking about you getting even. You making me and Iruka proud of you, and you becoming a ninja."

Naruto looks at him with a big smile. "What do I have to do Mizuki-sensei!"

Mizuki smirks before he turns around and looks at him with a smile. "It's not going to be easy but, here is what you got to do."

Flashback End: Present Time.

Naruto opens the scroll and starts to look through it. (Ok, I stole the Scroll of Seals without the old man knowing. Yeah right. Like he doesn't know about this. Now, all I have to do is learn a jutsu that in here and show it to Mizuki-sensei. So let's see.)

He looks through it for a few seconds before he stops seeing something that makes him frown. (Shadow Clone Jutsu. Now this damn scroll is mocking me! No! No you know what! I said I'm going to kick this jutsu's ass! And by kami I'm going to kick it's ass!)

After reading how to do it, he nods and gets up to walk into the clearing more. "Ok! here I go !" He than puts his hands in a cross seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" "poof" And with a quick puff of smoke there standing to his left is a perfect clone.

Naruto's mouth drops open as he looks at the clone that looking at him in shock. "Are you fucking kidding me?! On my first try! What the hell?!"

The clone than looks at him with a big smile. "Holy crap boss! You did it!" They then jump away from each other with wide eyes and the clone covering his mouth with his hands.

Naruto points at him with his right index finger. "You can talk! Clones can't talk or move on their own!"

The clone uncovers his mouth and looks at his hands. "Yeah but, I can." He than looks at Naruto. "Boss, I'm solid."

Naruto walks up to him and puts his left hand on his right shoulder. His eyes widen when his hand didn't go through him and he feels really skin. "Holy... your, your real."

The clone nods his head and smiles. "Boss this is awesome! I'm a hell of a lot better than the regular clones!" His eyes than suddenly widen. "Boss I feel funny. I think I'm running out of chakra." Almost as soon as he said that he disappears with a "poof" in a quick puff of smoke.

Naruto blinks has he steers at where the clone was and still has his arm out with his fingers curled that was on his shoulder. "What the hell kind of jutsu did I learn?"

Naruto walks back over to the scroll, sits down while putting it in his lap and leans his back against the tree again. (Ok. I can't believe I'm thinking this but, maybe I should study this jutsu. Kami I hate this part.)

He than unrolls it to where the jutsu is written. (He you are! The Shadow Clone Jutsu. This jutsu is similar to the basic Clone Jutsu, but makes solid clones and not illusions. depending on how much chakra the user uses means how long they last, how much hits they can take and how many jutsu they can use.)

He stops reading and looks at it in surprise. (Wait they can use jutsu and the more chakra I use the longer they last.) A huge grin than grows across his face. ( Oh. My. Kami. Why the hell don't they teach this one instead! This jutsu is awesome!)

He than picks up where he left off. (A small amount of chakra equals a few seconds, one hit and no jutsu. A large amount of chakra can equal a few hours, only a kill or knockout blow will disperse them and can do so many jutsu depending on their power.)

He than has a big smirk on his face. (Oh, I'm going to have a lot of fun with this jutsu.) He than continues. (The clones can be dispersed by the user or by themselves. Because the clones are solid they can think for themselves making them able to feel and think about things slightly differently than the user.)

He than looks up with a thoughtful look. ( Hey. It would be like I have a tween brother, or a hot older sister if the clone uses my sexy jutsu.)

He than looks back down at the scroll. (Warning this jutsu needs a lot of chakra to use so over using will cause death by chakra over use. OK gotta keep that one in mind. The most unique thing about these clones is that what ever the clone learns the user will learn after the clone disperses. For example, if the clone reads a book than when it disperses the user will remember what the clone read or if the user trains for an hour with a clone than when it disperses the user gets back the memory, muscle memory and the chakra increase that the clone get in that hour.)

His mouth drops open while his eyes widen and sparkle in joy. (Holy shit! You mean to tell me that thanks to this jutsu, I can learn something in hours what would have taken days to learn!) He once again has a big smile on his face. (I love this jutsu!)

He than reads the final part. (Warning do not over train or have to many clones learning different things at once. The user can and will experience massive headaches, insanity, cause the user to go brian dead or death to the user if all the clones disperse at once. Alright, gotta remember that.)

He puts the scroll down and puts his chin in his right hand, cross' his left arm under his right while closing his eyes. (I've got about two and a half hours or so before Mizuki-sensei shows up. What to do? What to do?)

He than opens his eyes with a smile on his face. (I got it!) He stands up and puts his hands in the cross seal. (Just got to use more chakra this time.) "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" "poof" And after a quick puff of smoke there are five clones standing around him.

Naruto smiles at his clones and points to two of them. "You two, you guys read the scroll for any more awesome jutsu. The rest of you are with me for training. Now..."

The first clone he pointed to cuts him off right there. "Wait a minute! Why do I have to read! I should be the one you train with boss!" He than points to himself with his right thumb. "I'm way better than these other guys."

The second clone he pointed to cross' his arms and rolls his eyes. "Stop complaining, the faster we do this the more awesome jutsu we find." The clone than sits down by the scroll, picks it up and starts reading.

One of the other clones looks angrily at the first. "Yeah! And how are you supposably better than the rest of us! We're all the same person you moron!"

The first clone looks angrily back at the other clone. I'm a moron! Your the one who's calling himself a moron you moron!"

Naruto and the other two clones look on with sweat droops until he couldn't take it anymore. "Enough you two! I'm the original and what I say goes! You all got it!" they all give him a nod, all doe the first one has his arm crossed and is pouting while looking away from him.

Naruto punches his left palm with a smile on his face. "Alright! Let's get started!"

An hour and a half later.

Naruto and three of his clones were breaving hard after all the training they did. He had taken off his jacket showing a tight black T-shirt was underneath it. This showed off his fit chest and arms.

The two other clones are still reading the scroll when they both stop seeing something that makes their eyes widen in shock. One of them than looks up at the real Naruto. "Boss! You have to see what we found! You won't believe it!" They both than dispelled themselves in quick puffs of smoke with a "poof"

Naruto's eyes open wide for a second as he gets all of the two clones memories. He than shakes his head and blinks. "Whoa. Talk about a head rash. And at least the part about me getting the memory is true..." He stops as his eyes widen and than he rashes over to the scroll.

As he sits down and picks up the scroll, the other three clones dispell themselves in quick puffs of smoke at the same time with a "poof" Naruto was just looking down at the scroll with wide eyes.

There on the scroll is a black spiral mark that when he looked closer that it's made up of small black writing. But what really caught his eyes is what is written above the spiral. Naruto Uzumaki, put your blood on the seal.

He just blinks as he looks at it. (Why the hell is my name in this scroll?!) He bites his bottom lip and than raises his right thumb to his mouth. (Ok, so it's a blood seal. But how will my blood work? I've never even seen this seal before let alone put my blood on it.) He than bites down on his thumb drawing out blood.

He than smears his blood over the spiral seal. There is a quick puff of smoke "poof" and than sitting there in his lap are three small chest. The first one is brown with golden flames all along the bottom edges. The second one is black with the same red spiral on the front like the one on his jacket. The last one is a little bigger and has a white bottom half while the top half is red.

He than raises his right eyebrow as he sees a letter between the chest. (What the hell is this?") he picks it up and see his name on it. (Wait, isn't that the old man's handwriting?) He unfolds it and reads it to himself.

Naruto if you are reading this, than I died before I could give you what rightfully belongs to you, or tell you the truth of who you are. I'm sorry I kept it from you, but know I did it to protect you. If word got out of the village who your parents were you would have been killed a long time ago. Yes this means that your parents are dead. They died protecting you from the Kyuubi. They loved you with all their hearts and were proud of you even before you were born.

He stops reading and covers his eyes with his right arm as he sobs. "ugh ugh ugh ugh" He tried to stop his tears but they just kept falling. After about a minute he wipes his last tears away. He takes a calming breath and than continues to read.

I know you will probably never forgive me, but I am sorry. I'm sorry about not telling you the truth. I'm sorry I'm not there so you can yell at me. I'm sorry that I'm not there to see what a great Hokage you've become. Now as for your parents I'll let what they left you tell you who they were. The brown chest is from your father, the black chest is from your mother and the red and white cheat is from your clan. Please keep whatever is in them hidden and live a happy life from now on my second grandson.

Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Naruto closed his eyes and sighs. "uhhh. I want to, but I can't hate you old man." (but you owe me big.") he than refolds the letter and puts it in his right pants pocket. He than reaches into his left pocket and pulls out another scroll. (It's a good thing I found this sealing scroll a few days ago.)

He opens his scroll and places the chests of the ones given by his parents on it. (Father, mother I'll open these chests once I get home as a ninja. I promise both of you that I will be Hokage!) He puts his hands on the last chest and suddenly he hears a seductive feminine voice in his head. "Open the chest."

Naruto looks around with shocked eyes. "Who's there." When no one answers he sweats a little while looking around with a glare. "Who ever you are, come out and stop hiding!"

The voice than continues. "I'm not hiding from you Uzumaki." Naruto looks down at the chest in shock. "What the hell. Who... who are you and how did you get inside this chest?"

The voice continues again. "I'm a queen that was sealed inside of this chest a long time ago. Your clan found me but I couldn't talk to any of them. Please, Uzumaki. I'll give you anything you want. Even my body. Please open the chest."

Naruto's eyes widen and a blush appears on his cheeks. "No... no that's ok. You don't have to do something like that." Naruto loses his blush as he keeps looking at the chest. "Wait my clan?" (Hey! The letter! The old man said this chest is from my clan! I'm from a clan! Wait, that means I have family out there somewhere?!) Naruto looks at the chest hopefully. "Can you tell me about my clan and help me find them?"

The voice answers back with a little confusion in it. "Yes I can do that, but how do you not know about your clan?"

Naruto looks away sadly. "It's a long story." He than looks back at the chest. "But let's get you out of there." He looks around it and even picks it up looking at the bottom. He rests it back in his lap while keeping his left hand on it and scratches the right side of his head with his right index finger. "umm. How do I open this thing?"

The voice giggles. "he he he he. That's easy. First put some of your chakra into it." Naruto nods and pumps some chakra into it. After a few seconds a small white button appears on the front between the red and white half's. The voice than happily says. "Good. Now all you have to do is push the button and I'm free." Than adds with a subjective tone. "And I will reward you greatly."

Naruto's blush returns as he gulps loudly. He pushes the button with his right index finger and the top red half opens.

As soon as it opens the red top half breaks off with a "bang" and as it falls to the ground, thousands of white lights fly up in the air and than go in different directions. Naruto looks up with his eyes wide and mouth dropped open. He watches all the white lights fly away but also sees what looks like black lights flying with them as well. He didn't see one of the white lights land a few feet away from him.

The last one that comes out of the chest is a bigger black light with glowing blue eyes. "Thank you for releasing us. It's so good to finally do what we were made to do."

Naruto looks at what he's been talking to with shocked eyes. "What... what you were made to do?" His face quickly fills with anger. "You lied to me you bitch! You don't know anything about my clan!"

The black light gets up in his face while glaring at him. "Don't talk to me like that boy! Because I can always change my mind about letting you live!" She back off a little looking into his widen eyes. "That's better. Now I didn't lie to you, I said that I can, not that I will."

Naruto glares back at her again. "But I h...!"

The black light just doesn't listen to him. "And I will still reward you, it's just going to hurt a little that's all."

Naruto pushes his back into the tree more away from her. "Now wait one minute you b...!"

The black light goes into his chest and Naruto can only watch in shock as it happens. The second she's fully inside him, he throws his head back and loudly screams. "Aaaaaahhhhh!" He than falls on his left side out cold.

The black light comes out of his chest and looks down at him. "Well Naruto Uzumaki, you are a special one aren't you. I hope you like the gifts I've given you. And the best one still to come. because one day, you will be mine. But first."

She than looks up at the moon and starts to fly to it. "I've got to help a goddess free her mind from a foolish monster." She soon disappears into the sky leaving Naruto out cold not seeing the quick puff of smoke that appears next to him. "poof"

To be continued.

Well that's the end of part 1. Now like I promised at the beginning here are the Harems.

Anko Mitarashi/Ekans, Onix, Magikarp, Dunsparce, Seviper, Feebas, Camperl 2, Snivy, Zygarde. (Pokemon)

Asuma Sarutobi/Grimer 2, Koffing, Gulpin, Stunky, Trubbish, Wimpod, Heatran, Volcanion, Victini. (Pokemon)

Ayame Ichiraku/Pidgey, Spearow, Tailow, Starly, Chatot, Pidove, Rufflet, Pikipek, Lugia, Ho-oh. (Pokemon)

Kiba Inuzuka/Growlithe, Poochyena, Snubbull, Houndour, Electrike, Smeargle, Lillipup, Furfrou, Rockruff 2. (Pokemon)

Ino Yamanaka/Bulbasaur, Oddish 2, Chikorita, Sunkern, Budew, Cherubi, Petilil, Flabebe, Comfey. (Pokemon)

Neji Hyuga/Abra, Mime Jr, Smoochum, Hoothoot, Wynaut, Ralts 2, Gothita, Elgyem, Rowlet. (Pokemon)

Tenten/Weedle, Cubone 2, Scyther, Gible, Oshawott, Timburr, Sewaddle, Honedge, Fomantis. (Pokemon)

Shikamaru Nara/Slowpoke 2, Drowzee, Munchlax, Slakoth, Swablu, Castform 3, Munna, Komala. (Pokemon)

Temari/Hoppip, Mantyke, Baltoy, Bronzor, Carnivine, Gligar, Emolga, Cryogonal, Minior, Tynamo. (Pokemon)

Shino Aburame/Paras, Pinsir, Heracross, Ledyba, Volbeat, Illumise, Kricketot, Venipede, Dwebble, Durant, Grubbin. (Pokemon)

Fuu/Caterpie, Venonat, Wurmple 2, Surskit, Nincada, Combee, Scatterbug, Cutiefly, Lavesta. (Pokemon)

Rock Lee/Machop, Tyrogue 3, Makuhita, Riolu, Throh, Sawk, Mienfoo, Hawlucha, Meditite. (Pokemon)

Yugito Nii/Meowth 2, Sneasel, Skitty, Zangoose, Glameow, Purrloin, Litleo, Litten, Espurr 2. (Pokemon)

Chouji Akimichi/Geodude 2, Voltorb, Lickitung, Phanpy, Roggenrola, Swirlix, Carbink, Pyukumuku, Magearna. (Pokemon)

Hana Inuzuka/Eevee 8, Absol, Shinx. (Pokemon)

Haku/Sandshrew, Snorunt 2, Vanillite, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Spritzee, Bergmite, Lapras. (Pokemon)

Kakashi Hatake/Magnemite, Elekid, Mareep, Kecleon, Stunfisk, Mimikyu, Ditto, Phione, Meloetta. (Pokemon)

Kurenai Yuhi/Exeggcute 2, Seedot, Tropius, Snover, Phantump, Morelull, Shroomish, Foongus, Celebi. (Pokemon)

Yuugao Uzuki/Pichu 2, Sandshrew, Minccino, Dedenne, Togedemaru, Nidoran (F), Rattata 2, Mew. (Pokemon)

Maito Gai/Squirtle, Torkoal, Turtwig, Scraggy, Turtonator, Deoxys 4. (Pokemon)

Tsume Inuzuka/Nidoran (M), Azurill, Plusle, Minum, Buneary, Audino, Bunnelby, Raikou, Entei, Suicune. (Pokemon)

Sai/Happiny, Porygon, Whismur, Mawile, Solosis, Chingling, Drifloon, Sigilyph, Klink, Klefki. (Pokemon)

Shizune/Totodile, Treecko, Sandile, Helioptile, Salandit, Genesect 5. (Pokemon)

Udon/Unown-A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J. (Pokemon)

Moegi/Unown-K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T. (Pokemon)

Konkoro/Unown-U,V,W,X,Y,Z,!,?, Hoopa. (Pokemon)

Konohamaru Sarutobi/Mankey, Aipom, Chimchar, Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Darumaka 2, Oranguru, Passimian. (Pokemon)

Hinabi Hyuga/Vulpix 2, Zorua, Fennekin, Alomomola, Luvdisc, Drillbur, Diglett 2, Jirachi. (Pokemon)

Itachi Uchiha/Natu, Murkrow, Skarmory, Wingull, Vullaby, Fletchling, Oricorio. (Pokemon)

Kin Tsuchi/Tentacool, Shuckle, Remoraid, Frillish 2, Inkay, Tangela, Omanyte, Cresselia, Darkrai. (Pokemon)

Kimimaru Kaguya/Tyrunt, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Lileep, Anorith, Cranidos, Shieldon, Tirtouga, Archen, Amaura. (Pokemon)

Tayuya/Misdreavus, Rotom 6, Spiritomb, Litwick, Sandygast, Dhelmise. (Pokemon)

Hiashi Hyuga/Zubat, Woobat, Noibat, Burmy 4, Pineco, Reigigas. (Pokemon)

Mei Terumi/Goldeen, Chinchou, Qwilfish, Carvanha, Barboach, Relicanth, Finneon, Basculin 2, Bruxish. (Pokemon)

Kabuto Yakushi/Poliwag 2, Croagunk, Tympole, Froakie, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini. (Pokemon)

Karui/Ponyta, Blitzle, Mudbray, Ducklett, Lotat, Psyduck, Wishiwashi, Farfetch'd, Keldeo. (Pokemon)

Samui/Gastly, Sableye, Shuppet, Duskull, Yamask, Golett, Marshadow, Giratina. (Pokemon)

Deidara/Type: Null 8. (Pokemon)

Sasori/Type: Null 10. (Pokemon)

Konan/Charmander 2, Dratini, Trapinch, Bagon, Heatmor, Latias, Latios, Reshiram, Zekrom. (Pokemon)

Sizuka/Doduo, Delibird, Torchic, Piplup, Kangaskhan, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres. (Pokemon)

Inochi Yamanaka/Bellsprout, Cacnea, Cottonee, Maractus, Ferroseed, Pumpkaboo 2, Bounsweet. (Pokemon)

Yukairi Yamanaka (Ino's Mom)/Slugma, Shellos 2, Karrablast, Shelmet, Landorus, Tornadus, Thundurus. (Pokemon)

Shikaku Nara/Tauros, Stantler, Deerling 4, Bouffalant, Skiddo, Cobalion, Terrakion. (Pokemon)

Yoshino Nara/Girafarig, Miltank, Numel, Hippopotas, Swinb, Spoink, Tepig, Manaphy, Virizion. (Pokemon)

Mebuki Haruno/Teddiursa, Spinda, Cubchoo, Pancham, Stufful, Uxie, Mespirt, Azelf. (Pokemon)

Shibi Aburame/Spinarak, Skorupi, Joltik, Dewpider, Pawniard, Regice, Registeel, Groudon. (Pokemon)

Boton Aburame (OFC)/Krabby, Corphish, Clauncher, Crabrawler, Beldum, Kyurem 3. (Pokemon)

Hitomi Hyuga (Hinata's Mom)/Seel, Spheal, Buizel, Popplio, Wailmer, Kyogre, Cosmog 2. (Pokemon)

Koyuki Kazahana/Arceus 10. (Pokemon)

Karin Uzumaki/Arceus 8. (Pokemon)

Gaara/Rhyhorn, Corsola, Larvitar, Nosepass, Aron, Lunatone, Solrock, Binacle, Diancie, Regirock. (Pokemon)

Jiraiya/Shellder, Staryu, Wooper, Mudkip, Horsea, Skrelp, Mareanie, Xerneas, Yveltal, Magby. (Pokemon)

Rin Nohara/Sentret, Zigzagoon, Bidoof, Patrat, Yungoos, Chespin, Pachirisu, Cyndaquil, Shaymin. (Pokemon)

Shion/Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Celesteela, Kartana, Guzzlord, Necrozma. (Pokemon)

Naruko Uzumaki/Axew, Druddigon, Deino, Goomy, Drampa, Jangmo-o, Dialga, Palkia, Rayquaza, Mewtwo 2. (Pokemon)

Mikito Uchiha/Angela, Demona, Fox, Titania, Weird Sisters 3, Delilah, Turquesa, Banshee, Obsidiana, Hyena, Sora, Elisa Maza. (Gargoyles)

Kushina Uzumaki/Miia, Papi, Rachnera Arachnera, Zombina, Meroune Lorelei, Centorrea Shianus, Suu, Tionishia, Manako, Doppel, Kii, Lilith, Lala, Draco. (Everyday Monster Girls)

Tsunade Senju/Morrigan, B.B. Hood, Felicia, Hsien-ko, Lilith, Q-bee, Anita, Mei-ling, Marionette (Darkstalkers), Alice, Nagi, Jenny, Uriko, Uranus, Shina, Mana. (Bloody Roar)

Hinata Hyuga/Amy Rose, Rouge, Bunnie D'Coolette, Blaze, Wave, Merlina, Lah, Zeena, Sara, Nicole (Sonic), Shantae, Risky Boots, Rottytops, Sky, Patricia Wagon, Twitch, Vinegar, Nega-Shantae (Shantae) Krystal (Star Fox), Fran. (Final Fantasy 12)

Sakura Haruno/Pearl, Angel Jones (Fish Police), Minerva Mink, Hello Nurse (Animaniacs), Bimbette, Julie Bruin (Tiny Toons), Gadget Hackwrench (Rescue Rangers), Tyr'ahnee, Lola Bunny (Looney Tunes), Bloom, Musa, Stella, Tecna, Flora, Icy, Darcy, Stormy (Winx Club), Foxxy Love (Drawn Together), Holli Would (Cool World), Jessica Rabbit. (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

SasukeUchiha/Lilithmon, Lotosmon, Sistermon Noir, Babamon, Apocalymon, Ophanimon Falldown Mode, Parasimon, BelleStarmon, Junomon, QueenChessmon, Kuzuhamon, Calmaramon, Barbamon, AncientMermaimon. (Digimon) Human-Karin Uzumaki, Kin Tsuchi, Tayuya, Kagero Fuma, Kotohime Fuma, Sasame Fuma, Guren, Chino Chinoike.

Naruto Uzumaki/Ophanimon, Mastemon, Magnadramon, Dynasmon, Valkyrimon, Varodurumon, Ornismon, Lynxmon, Kabukimon, Tylomon, Butterflymon, Nefertimon, Rosemon, MarineAngemon, Mervamon, Sanzomon, Dianamon, Venusmon, Sakuyamon, Sistermon Blanc, JetSilphymon, Mermaimon. (Digimon) Human-Hinata Hyuga, Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, Tenten, Anko Mitarashi, Temari, Kurenai Yuhi, Hana Inuzuka, Yuugao Uzuki, Tsume Inuzuka, Shizune, Ayame Ichiraku, Sizuka, Shion, Koyuki Kazahana, Mikito Uchiha, Tsunade Senju, Natsu Hyuga, Yakumo Kurama, Rin Nohara.

Well there you go, all of the harems. And before you ask. Yes all Pokemon and Digimon are female.

Now it's time for the challenges.

1: Anime redone with Pokegirls.

All you have to do is start at the beginning of any anime you want and add Pokegirls.

Bonus points: 1. The Pokegirls have to be at least mostly human like.

2. Some Pokegirls can be futa (dick girls) but not all.

3. The main character/s can have human harem/s. (can be large.)

2: Disney and Pokegirls.

You take your favorite Disney movies, series or characters and add Pokegirls. What crazy things will happen? Wicth movie/s or series will you pick? If you just use the characters, what kind of Pokegirls world will they live in? Well it's up to you to answer these questions.

Bonus points: 1. If you do a crossover please use more than just the characters.

2. If you are going to just use the characters than the starting point has to be Toontown.

3. The main character/s can have a human/toon harem/s. (can be large.)

3: Once Upon a Time: Pokegirls version.

When the spell is broken more than just magic comes to Storybrooke. Now the whole world and all the other worlds are flooded with Pokegirls. How will the story play out now with Pokegirls in the mix? What will the characters do with these girls under their command? What will Emma Swan do now with finding her family, seeing that magic is real and half to deal with these girls trying to get in her pants and everyone else's? Well it's up to you to answer these questions.

Bonus points: 1. No character bashing.

2. Can start at the beginning of the series.

3. The main harem is Emma Swan/Pokegirls harem and Female human harem. (can be large.)

4: Marvel/DC Pokegirls Heroes.

Your favorite Marvel and/or DC world/s now have Pokegirls in them.

Bonus points: 1. No character bashing.

2. You can do your own version of the character/s origin story.

3. The main character/s can have human harem/s. (can be large.)

5: Ash Ketchum: Pokegirls Master.

Ash Ketchum suddenly wakes up back in his room on the day he becomes a trainer. He soon finds out that he is the only one with any memory of what happened before and that he's in the Pokegirls world. Now he starts his journey over to become the greatest Pokegirls master.

Bonus points: 1. No character bashing.

2. The evil teams must be more involved in the story. (like in the games.)

3. The main harem is Ash Ketchum/Pokegirls harem and Female human harem. (can be large.) (Misty and Jessie must be in the harem.)

If you do take on one of the challenges, please leave it's title in a review.

Well that's it until next time. Bye!

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