Be Mine

BY : MistyxKisame
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Chocho was on her knees in front of Sakura, deepthroating the large appendage in front of her. Sakura ran her fingers through the young teen's hair, moaning the young woman's name as she bobbed her head up and down on it, sucking and licking the large penis as if her life depended on it. The teen took it out of her mouth and stroked her cock, licking the precum off of her lips.

"Mmm, Sakura you taste so good." purred Chocho, looking at the older woman with amber eyes. Sakura just moaned in response. "You want me to ride you now?"

"Yes!" whispered Sakura. Chocho took off her underwear and got on top of the woman. She slowly slid down on Sakura's cock, blushing as she did so. Good thing she had prepared herself before hand since even after all the sessions they had before, she couldn't just let it slide into her with ease since the older ninja was so big, especially in her hardened state.

Once she was all the way in, Sakura gripped the teen's hips ready for Chocho to ride her already. She moved her hips a bit before lifting herself up and slowly going back down. She repeated this action and soon started going faster than before. Gripped her hips tighter, loving the feeling of her lover. The brunette pressed her lips against the pink haired woman, her tongue wrestling against Sakura's as they kissed.

"Oh shit this feels so good!" moaned Sakura as Chocho wrapped her arms around her neck. "Damn, Chocho I'm about to cum."

"Me too!" she whimpered as Sakura's thrusts went faster and Chocho was starting to close tighter around her cock. The brunette groaned and came around Sakura. She followed behind a few seconds later and coated the teen with her warm cum. Once the two of them calmed down, Chocho got from on top of the woman in front of her and rolled next to her.

Sakura settled in-between her legs and started cleaning the younger woman down there with Chocho running her fingers through her lover's long pink hair. Once she was done, she gave her lover a deep kiss letting her taste the both of them on her lips before lending out a hand so they could get themselves clean together. Once they cleaned up, they settled underneath the covers of their shared bed. Chocho rested her head on Sakura's chest and soon drifted off to sleep. Sakura stayed awake, running her fingers through the woman's hair and watched her lover sleep. She looked so cute when she slept. She felt lucky to have gotten into a relationship with the beautiful young woman. She could remember it as if it were just yesterday...

Sakura was at the hospital filing papers. Ever since the war ended, the world had been a lot more peaceful than before, so most days she had nothing to do. She kind of missed the busier days to be honest. She missed going out on missions, training with either Tsunade or even her former teammates. She was pretty bored most days at the hospital, wanting to do something more than paper work. She sighed as she looked out of the window, watching the streets below. She decided to go on a break and walk around the village for a while.

As the young woman walked around the village, she took in the sights and sounds. Just about all of the children of Konoha were either in school or with their parents. The village was pretty peaceful and quiet today with only a few people out and about at the moment. Suddenly Sakura heard her name being called. It was none other than Chocho, Choji's daughter. Sakura gulped at the site of the girl who was jogging over. The teen was wearing some shorts exposing those sexy slightly chubby legs and a tight jogging shirt on. Sakura, who had done well keeping the secret that she was secretly a futanari, was having a hard time keeping that secret now. Literally in a way. Thank goodness she was still wearing her lab coat.

"There you are." said the teen coming over to the older woman. "I've been looking for you."

"Oh hey, Chocho." said Sakura as the brunette caught her breath. "I just went for a break before I go back to the hospital. I just needed to leave for a while. Did you need something?"

"Yes. I actually wanted you to ask you to train me." said Chocho.

"You mean in medical ninjutsu?" asked Sakura.

"Well more or less." admitted the woman looking a bit embarrassed. "You see, I'm not exactly a very good ninja. I mean I'm alright but..."

Chocho then told Sakura of her problem. Unlike her teammates who had inherited their parents' abilities in their respective clans' jutsus, Chocho hadn't. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't expand any part of her body like her father and grandfather which was beyond embarrassing. She had a talent for swordsmanship, but the Akimichi wanted to expand her abilities to something more than what little she was capable of. Chocho wasn't a huge fan of taijutsu to be honest so that was out. After a bit of thinking, she had come to the conclusion that medical ninjutsu might be the best option for her and maybe try out that super strength Sakura and the former hokage possessed.

"I don't know. The training can be a little intense." said Sakura crossing her arms while trying to think of something to calm herself down.

"I don't care!" said the teenager. "I'm tired of sitting back and seeing Shikadai and Inojin doing majority of the work! I want to be an important asset too and do as much as I can to help out."

Sakura could see what the young girl was talking about. She too had felt this way after standing back and watching her teammates doing everything. Knowing how it felt, she agreed to do it. Although, she couldn't resist the chance to see the pretty young woman more often than she usually did. Chocho grinned.

"Thanks, Sakura-sama!" said Chocho hugging the woman. Sakura twitched slightly and wanted to push her off so she wouldn't feel the bulge in her pants. On the other hand, it wasn't often she was this close to her. She wrapped her arms around the teenager. As she went on about how hard she would train and she'd always show up for training. However the pink haired ninja was too busy taking in her smell.

The 18 year old smelled of dango and magnolia. Her skin was so soft and so was her silky brown hair. Sakura could have stayed her arms forever. Sadly Chocho pulled away from her. "So when are we going to start?"

"Huh? Oh about tomorrow?" asked Sakura.

"Alright. I'll see you at the training grounds!" Chocho left and waved back at the woman. Sakura stood there and watched the young woman until she disappeared. Once she was gone, Sakura quickly went back to her house and quickly locked the door before striping off her clothes on her way to the bedroom.

Once in her bedroom, she took off her pants revealing her erection. She took off her pants freeing her erection. She sat back on her bed and starting stroking her cock. She closed her eyes and imagine seeing the brunette naked. She imagined the brunette taking off her shirt and then her shorts, revealing that she was wearing a pink lacy bra while she wasn't wearing any underwear. Sakura climbed on top of her her after she took off her bra and sucked on a nipple while using another hand to pinch and tug on a nipple. The young woman moaned and grinded her already wet pussy on her leg.

Chocho moaned in her ear, wanting the older woman to fuck her. No, begging the woman to fuck her. Sakura removed herself from the girl's chest and put her fingers into her mouth. Chocho sucked on her fingers, making sure to coat them enough so Sakura could put them inside of her. After deciding it was enough, Sakura took her fingers out and slid one finger inside of her and moved it inside a while before slipping in another finger. She thrust her finger insides inside of her as she kissed the woman.

Sakura then pulled away and placed her cock at the teen's entrance. She rubbed her pussy with the head of her cock and then slowly pushed her penis into her. Chocho wrapped her legs around her waist and her arms around her neck as Sakura went all the way inside of her. She was incredibly tight and had an erotic look on her face.

"Oh shit, Sakura!" moaned the woman. "Please hurry and fuck me!"

Sakura nodded and thrust inside of her, pounding the woman eagerly. Chocho cried out loudly, digging her nails into Sakura's back and saying her name. She bit the younger woman's shoulder, marking her for anyone who saw her to know that she was taken. Sakura pulled out, put her on her knees, and slammed her back inside of her. Sakura sped up her fucking, while in realty she was speeding up her hand movements. She felt herself coming closer and closer to the edge. The pink haired medic didn't want to leave her fantasy world with a willing Chocho, but she was both close and she also had to get back to work before she was missed. She groaned and came into her hand. Once she calmed down, she licked her cum off of her fingers and went off to take a bath and change clothes.

As she washed herself, she sighed. If only she could actually get a chance to actually fuck the young woman for real. Chocho obviously didn't feel the same way about her and she doubted she ever would. Now that she thought about it, she'd now be spending a lot of time with the brunette and the fact that she wanted to fuck the teen wasn't going to help anything and would possibly make her be distracted in training her. Oh boy, what did she get herself into? Hopefully she would have some self control...if not she'd have to think of the most disgusting thing ever so she wouldn't show.

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