Change in Identity

BY : Ghostwriter1
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Disclaimer: Story happens after the 4th Shinobi war in an alternate timeline where several characters didn't die. I do not own Naruto or make any profit from my stories.

As Naruto tiredly entered his apartment in the dead of night, he began to wonder how exactly things ended up like this.

'Sakura's dating Sasuke, Hinata gave up on me and started fucking Kiba. Even Ino and Tenten are taken now! If only a girl would give me the time of day.' As he collapsed on his bed he started casually tugging at the hem of his pants. 

'It must be so much easier to be a girl than a guy, all you need is a pretty face and you can get any guy you want so long as you're not fucking crazy... Kami I need to get laid... but what girl would be willing to give Jiraiya's apprentice of all people a chance?'

As he laid there staring blankly at the ceiling for 10 minutes, he pondered on the answer to that question.

"That's it! I can just have one of my clones transform!"

He formed the modified ram seal and with a cry of, "Kage bunshin no jutsu" a clone appeared at his side. As he gave the clone an expectant look, he received blank eyes and a sarcastic expression in return.

"Well?!" He asked the clone impatiently.

"In case you haven't noticed I'm a clone of you, if you don't want to transform to do this, I'm not willing to do it either." And with a puff of smoke the clone disappeared. 

'Damnit! I hadn't thought of that, at this rate I'm never going to get laid!' As he punched the wall of his apartment in frustration, he pondered further how to solve his dilemma.

'How can I get a clone to agree to do this with me? Wait, he said that he didn't want to transform because I wasn't willing to, does that mean that I'd have to transform?' As he looked at himself in the mirror he debated whether or not he was willing to go that far.

"Well, it's not like anyone else but me is going to know." His decision finally made he formed the cross seal and called out, "Kage bunshin no jutsu!" This time when the smoke cleared his clone appeared looking at him expectantly. With a sigh he made the ram seal and quietly intoned "Oiroke no jutsu".

When the smoke cleared Naruto was standing there in nothing but a set of black lacy lingerie that was just thick enough to hide his unmentionables, his new pigtail style hair led his blonde hair down his supple curves to his waist ending just above his new shapely if not over proportioned cheeks. 

His chest was somewhere at a low d- cup being just large enough to be unbelievably alluring but small enough to not sag with their weight, instead sitting high and perky atop his new chest.

As he turned around to face his clone he saw a primal, lustful gaze staring back at him and at the bottom corner of his periphery he saw that the clone was sporting a massive tent in his sweatpants that went nearly down to his knee. Hiding his newly found apprehension he asked casually in the most sensual voice he could muster.

"Do you like what you see?". 

The clone's eyes seemed to lose their fog and he regained enough awareness to reply,

"Of course I do, but..."

Naruto gained a confused look on his now blatantly sexual face,

"But what?"

"But I'm more curious about what's underneath."

As Naruto's face turned away and flushed red at the insinuation, the clone took slow deliberate steps toward him and turned his face towards it's own.

"You never understood how being in this form gave all those perverts nose gushes that could fill a fountain, but I can understand now, and I'm going to fuck you till the sun comes up."

At these words Naruto had some second thoughts and prepared to form the ram seal, but the clone grabbed his hands, pushed them both up against the wall and mashed it's lips into Naruto's. 

At first Naruto squirmed, attempting to pull away from the mouth that was invading his own, he still wasn't used to this whole scenario yet, he was still a guy at heart after all.

But the clone untangled its right hand from his and swiftly moved it to the back of his head and pulled him deeper into its mouth, it's tongue now pushing to enter into his own. 

After it removed it's left hand to start rubbing his left nipple through the fabric he moaned and inadvertently allowed the clone's tongue to enter his mouth pleasuring him further. The clone seeing that it's actions were working in its favour decided to take it one step further. 

It moved the hand that was placed on the back of Naruto's head to caress the newly moist pussy through the fabric of the lingerie. Naruto's eyes fluttered and he started to buck his hips into his clones hand, the feel of its fingers on his sex beginning to be too much. 

The clone noticed the pleasure in Naruto's eyes and began to hatch a plan to make this feeling of superiority over its superior last as long as possible. It pulled away from Naruto taking sadistic pleasure in the longing it saw in Naruto's eyes and the whimper he gave in response.

"Before we go any further,"

Naruto's face suddenly showed impatient longing to continue.

"We have to set some new rules."

Seeing the devious smirk on the clones face Naruto became nervous.

"Like what?" Naruto asked impatiently.

"After this is over you agree to feed me Chakra intermittently to keep me from dispelling, you stay in this form permanently and refer to yourself as 'Naruko' from now on! And lastly I am no longer some nameless numberless clone, you will call me Naruto from this point forward!" 

'Naruko' nodded feverishly, thinking only of further pleasure for herself.

'Naruto' grinned and quickly ripped his shirt and sweatpants off, leaving him in only his boxers, straining to the point of ripping. Naruko stared at the boxers enraptured and slowly approached them, a curious look on her face. 

Naruto watched on grinning, and took great pleasure in her curiosity, likely wondering why it was so much bigger than hers was before, 'Ah the wonders of Chakra manipulation!'.

"Pull them off." He said to her sternly, authority permeating his voice. She nodded absently and did as she was told.

As the waistband reached below his balls his cock popped up and smacked her gently on the chin. She shuffled back a little bit and marvelled at how much bigger it was now than she remembered.

"Now lick it." 

She made an odd face, having come out of her stupor somewhat by now but shrugged and complied anyway. As she moved her head closer an odd but likeable smell hit her nose, a mix of the cologne on the nightstand and the meaty scent of the giant cock in front of her. 

She hesitantly stuck her tongue out and licked along the length of the dick, beginning at the underside close to the heavy hanging balls and ending at the base of the crown.

She then took a moment to contemplate the taste of it, 'Hmmm, salty but sweet!'

Her hesitation gone, she licked from the tip, along the top of the cock until she reached the trimmed bush which she was careful not to touch with her tongue. 

Naruto threw his head back and groaned, seeing and feeling the pleasure his creator was giving him. 

Naruko seeing the effect she was having on him made sure to coat every side of his cock and balls in a thick layer of saliva kissing it slowly as she went, making sure to keep eye contact with its owner throughout all of her ministrations.

While the sight was arousing for Naruto it just wasn't quite enough so he told her,

"Put it in your mouth." 

She slowly turned her eyes back to the swollen member and slowly opened her mouth, straining to make enough room for the massive pole hanging loosely in front of her. Slowly but surely she was able to wrap her lips around it and take it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip multiple times.

Then she started to take it deeper into her mouth until she felt she couldn't comfortably go any further, then she started to gently Bob her head back and forth along the cock licking along its length as it slide along the inside of her mouth, moaning as she did so.

About a minute later Naruto looked back down at her,

"Take it as deep as you can."

She then tried to go to the farthest she had previously and hope that it was enough, but as she looked into his eyes and saw his frustration she knew that wasn't the case.

This was proven when he grabbed her by her pigtails and pulled them behind him, pulling her head further down his cock as a result. 

Her arms waved around and she made a retching sound as she looked up at him with tearful panicked eyes, despite this he pulled harder until her nose was buried deeply in his bush.

He kept her there for a couple seconds then allowed her to pull it out of her mouth. She turned away, wheezing at the surprising loss of air, but when she turned back around anger in her eyes, she saw the look of ecstasy on his face and forgave him instantly.

"Next time channel chakra into your lungs so you can hold your breath for longer."

After she nodded he picked her up by her round ass and placed her on the bed, face up, her legs facing away from him, he angled his cock at her mouth and slowly pressed it in to the hilt, there was that same wrenching sound, but she wasn't struggling, taking that to mean she followed his advice, he started fucking her mouth. 

As he did that, one hand started rubbing her left breast, teasing and flicking the nipple while the other inserted a finger into her pussy and started to finger her, clapping sounds emerging from his palm meeting her sex.

A little later Naruko's sex addled mind was beginning to go hazy, from her lack of oxygen, her hands that were grabbing Naruto's ass to push him further into her mouth slowly lost their strength and loosened their grip.

Naruto noticed this and quickly pulled back out of her mouth, allowing her to gulp in some air before he quickly resheathed himself in her throat getting a squeal in response, the vibrations sent him over the edge however and he pulled out a little, shooting his thick load into her waiting mouth so she could taste his seed.

Watching her throat move as she swallowed his cum made him instantly harden, his member ready for the second round.

Noticing this she quickly turned around in the bed and pulled her lingerie off, the moonlight bathing her soft features in an ethereal glow. He grabbed her around the waist and tackled her to the bed, he then took his length in one handed and gently pushed it into her waiting entrance.

"Oh my god you're tight!" 

He exclaimed, his eyes closed in pleasure, he felt a hand on his head and opened his eyes to see her sexy face smirking at him. He pumped into her quickly, enjoying the way she writhed in pleasure and snapped her eyes shut beneath him. 

'Who would have thought fucking the person who created you would be so hot! I just wish some other clones could know what it feels like...' 

An image suddenly implanted in his head Naruto forms a cross seal and summons two of his brethren. 

Flipping Naruko over with him she doesn't notice them until she feels something large and meaty poking at her lips and asshole, opening her eyes she says a smirking clone in front of her, his cock pointed at her face.

"What are you-mmphh!"

As the clone in front of her shoved his cock as deep into her mouth as his length would allow the clone behind her spit at her asshole, inserting a finger into her asshole as Naruto pounded into her pussy, once he was satisfied that it was properly lubricated, he slowly inserted his length into her puckered ass, Naruko moaning into his brother's cock the whole way. 

Once fully inserted, he too began to thrust vigorously into her hole. Soon the only sounds that could be heard were that of clapping and a distinctive "gluk-gluk" sound.

As the clone's pounded into her holes repeatedly Naruko couldn't handle the pleasure anymore and spasmed as she had an earth shaking orgasm. Her convulsions sending all three clones over the edge, emptying their loads into her spasming holes.

The two new clones dispelled, their job done while Naruto simply pulled his member out of the now unresponsive girl with a plop. He then collapsed into the chair in the corner of the room, waiting for her to return to the land of the living.

But as soon as Naruto sat down he promptly dispelled, exhausted of all his chakra in the vigorous fucking he just gave the girl. Naruko simply laid on the bed now asleep, bodily liquids spilling out of her as the sun rose.

There was banging on the door.

"Naruto I know your in there! Tsunade hime wants to see you!"

The person, seeing no reason to wait, picked the lock and snuck towards Naruko's room. As he opened the door, the tall white haired Shinobi grinned seeing her predicament.

"But I guess Tsunade can wait a bit..."

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