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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto; I do not own any of the characters inside Naruto. This work is meant for entertainment and is non-profit.

Pairing - NaruIno

Length - Around 2,000 words

Focus - Exhibitionism

World - Post-war


Naruto and Ino… had an interesting relationship, to say the least about the two blondes.

You see - Ino really, really loved her boyfriend.

And his cock.

Ino being Ino, she had no qualms about brandishing her sometimes borderline-obsessive love for her boyfriend’s cock. She was an open person by nature, and well… her friends would just have to get used to their clinginess. And lewdness. And sheer lack of personal boundaries.

“I’m feeling kind of… on the edge, babe,” Naruto said, leaning back in his chair. “Do you think you could ‘take care’ of it?”

“Of course!” Ino chirped.

The rest of their peers that were assorted at the table exchanged uncomfortable glances. It wasn’t uncommon for parts of the Konoha Eleven to have dinner or lunch with each other - but ever since Ino and Naruto had started dating, it was always a meal filled with their… antics.

Like now.

Ino, with total nonchalance in her actions, slid beneath the table - only her blonde hair was visible, except to Sakura who was sitting next to Naruto with an extraordinarily red face.

The blonde woman gently unzipped Naruto’s pants, unbuckled them, and pulled them down his legs. Her fingers wrapped around the base of his member, and he let out a soft groan to reward her for her efforts. “There we go,” Naruto said, leaning back and allowing a smile to grace his features.

Tenten and Lee attempted to start an awkward conversation at the other end of the table. Choji popped open a bag of chips and started to eat them as loudly as possible. Shikamaru’s snoring seemed a little too loud to be real. And yet, none of those noises could block out the ‘glug glug’ noises Ino made as she went down on her man, neither could it stop Naruto from moaning with as much subtlety as he always had. That is to say - none at all.

“Fuck, Ino,” Naruto groaned, gripping the side of the table. “Come on, just a little more - just a little… ohh, there we fucking go.” The sight of his girlfriend deepthroating him was one to behold, and he couldn’t help but grunt as his member pulsated down the column of her throat.

She teased and fondled his balls as she bobbed her head back and forth, a grin on her face as saliva dripped down his chin. There was no shame or embarrassment in her eyes - all she cared about was pleasing her man, and he was more than pleased. Receiving a sloppy, wet blowjob in the middle of a crowded restaurant had never been so good.

“I am going to fuck the shit out of you when we get home,” Naruto groaned. “Or maybe before…”

Sakura sighed. “Please don’t,” she said. “After last time…”

Naruto whined. “I can’t help it, Sakura-chan! Ino’s just so damn hot! I can’t keep my hands off of her.”

Ino hummed something around his cock that sounded vaguely like ‘I love you, too.’

The Uzumaki groaned. “Fuck, your mouth is so amazing, babe,” he said, slinging an arm around the back of the chair, leaning back and smirking in a relaxed sort of way. He wasn’t trying to put the other men at the table to shame or anything - he wasn’t going out of his way to appear superior or be irritating. Ino and Naruto… just couldn’t fathom the idea of not brandishing their love to everybody; with all the sounds, fluids, and visuals that accompanied it. It was hardwired into their brains.

“Naruto!” Sakura hissed.

“Sorry, Sakura-chan,” he said, grimacing. “I just can’t help it - let’s just say next time at Ichiraku’s is on me, alright?” He laughed.

This went on for… longer than was comfortable to any party aside from the other two blondes. Ino bobbed her head up and down on Naruto’s cock, humming happily beneath the tap - the sounds of her sucking him off were audible to everyone at the table and then some. Most people would have been thrown out, but considering Naruto was the hero of the war… well, the waiter was willing to let it slide.

Ino slid a hand into her trousers and began to lazily touch herself. It was a natural move - she always got hot and bothered whenever she went down on him, and some of her best orgasms had been when she was on her knees in front of him.

She could feel him throbbing - pulsating down the column of her throat; Ino knew her boyfriend like a book, and she knew when he was close. With one last lick at her shaft, she slid herself back with a loud pop!

“On my face,” she said, gripping his member and directing the tip right at the bridge of her nose - for maximum coverage.

“You got it.”

With a grunt, Naruto came, his shaft spasming and his cock twitching as he shot his load - without hesitation - across his girlfriend’s lovely features. White hot cum splattered across her forehead, her cheek, the top of her lip… some threatened to hit her eye, but Ino - with highly trained reflexes - managed to tip her head to the side and merely catch it on her other cheek.

He was spent after a moment, and she gingerly tucked his flaccid member back into his pants. And then - cum glistening on her face in full view - Ino crawled right back out, and plopped herself back in her seat beside Naruto. “Now that that’s over with, what is there to order?” Ino declared, popping open a menu and ignoring the fact that Naruto’s cum was dripping down her chin and onto the table top.

Nearby, there was a thump as Hinata promptly fainted. Sakura palmed her forehead; Ino and Naruto grinned cheekily.


“No… damn it, Ino! You can’t do this every time!” Sakura shouted.

Ino rolled her eyes. “Relax,” she said, gently dispelling the genjutsu. “Naruto and I just need to… loosen up a little.”

On the other side of the wall, Kiba sighed as Naruto shoved his member through a hole in the wall.

“Do you two have to do this every time we go to the onsen?” Kiba said, exasperated.

“Pretty much,” Naruto murmured, a grin on his face.

Back on the other side… and a thin trickle of blood had begun to go down Hinata’s nose. She quickly wiped it away, and turned her back to the scene of Naruto’s erect member poking through the gloryhole.

Ino eyed it as she might an enemy shinobi - its intricacies and small details, the little veins running along it, the way it visibly throbbing before the assorted women. “Sorry I had to run out of the apartment this morning, baby!” she called over the wall. “I hope this makes up for it!”

“We’ll see how you do!” Naruto shouted back.

She grinned broadly, wrapping her hand around his shaft. Ino tipped her head forward, licked her lips in a sultry manner, and planted a kiss straight to the tip of his member - a little peck really, which she used to scoop up his plentiful precum and swallow it down.

Sakura covered her face with her hands; she’d known Naruto for years, but she had never expected to see this side of him. “Gosh…” she grumbled. “Why do you two morons have to do this when everyone else is around?”

“Oh hush, Forehead,” Ino retorted. “You’re just frustrated because Sasuke’s still out of the village and the two of you can’t do stuff like this - otherwise, I’d guarantee that you would do the same if you had the chance.”

“W- we would not!” Sakura shouted, clenching her fist beneath the water line. There was a splash as she took a threatening step toward Ino - who patently ignored the pink haired woman, instead turning her attention back to her lover’s cock.

Gently, Ino took it into her mouth; she swished her tongue around the shaft a little, making sure that every inch was nice and lubricated.

Then she got up, angled herself properly, and sunk herself down onto his cock - Ino let out a moan as he penetrated her, and moaned louder as she pushed herself back, all the way back until she was pressed against the wall.

Ino was still for a moment, groaning as she adjusted.

Then, she folded her arms under her head, and smiled. “So,” Ino said, wiggling her hips from side to side and grimacing as Naruto twitched and throbbed inside of her. “What did you guys do today?”

Sakura facepalmed yet again. “Really, Ino-buta? You want to ask us that when you and Naruto are…?”

“What’s weird about it?” Ino said. “We’re doing something that almost everyone does - it doesn’t have to be some super private thing.”

“Well, there is this thing called decency…”

“Well, there is this thing called being a prude,” Ino said, sticking her tongue out.

She let out yet another moan as Naruto began to thrust into her from the other side of the gloryhole - he was twisting his hips and doing all these little things that made her tingle… perhaps a way to compensate for the fact that he couldn’t nudge her clit or rub her breasts or do any of those fun things. A consequence of using a gloryhole, though it was fun anyway.

“Do you have any idea what it’s like to have an Uzumaki to take care of?” Ino grumbled. “He’s ready to go day night, and every minute in between! I swear… it got to the point where I just had to get used to sleeping with him anywhere and at any time; not that I’m any better, of course, but I mean, at least I tire out after a few rounds… he just keeps going!”

“H-how a-awful…” Hinata whispered, still wiping at her nose.

Sakura sighed once more. “You two are just… kami. I swear, if we weren’t friends Ino, I’d-”

“You’d what?” Ino said daringly. “Come at me with your prude powers?”

“I’m warning you!”

Ino laughed right in her face - or rather moaned, as Naruto hit that sweet spot and she was caught mid chuckle. The blonde glared back at the wall… she could almost see Naruto grinning sheepishly on the other side.

“You’d better give me a big load, blondie!” Ino called. “Momma wants it leaking out of her until midnight if she can help it!”

“Oh kami… you’re not-”

“What did you think we were going to do? I want Naruto inside of me… always; I want to feel his big, gooey creampie inside of me, Forehead. Is that too much to ask?”

Sakura sighed.

Again, an uncomfortable while passed, filled with Ino’s obnoxiously loud moans and the soft slaps of her pussy being serviced by her diligent boyfriend.

Finally, Naruto came inside of her, with a grunt audible enough to be heard on the girl’s side of the onsen. Ino jolted - and let out a moan, as Naruto’s shaft throbbed inside of her and unleashed a torrent of sticky cum that made her feel so warm and safe.

He was spent after a moment, slipping his flaccid member back through the hole. “Let me see!” he said, pressing his eye against said hole.

Ino grinned, reaching her hands back and spreading her folds nice and wide, so that Naruto could see his cum lazily leaking down her thigh. She even gave her ass a little wiggle for aesthetic purposes.

“I fucking love you,” Naruto said.

“Love you too,” Ino said.

They put the genjutsu back up over the gloryhole. Naruto sat back down in the bath, a relaxed look on his face. Ino hoisted herself up onto the side of the onsen, and laid back - cum dripped from her folds, leaking onto the side and trickling into the onsen water like some kind of fountain… Sakura scooted away, Hinata scooted closer.

“You know girls, we should do this more often,” Ino said, a smile on her face.

Sakura sighed.

Short and sweet. In order to avoid the problems I have with my other Naruto-centrics fics - where I tend to lose inspiration for them - I decided on this. Whenever I have a hankering for a Naruto one-shot, two-shot, three-shot, whatever, I'll post it here. Again, lengths and such will vary, as will the focus, pairings, etc. Reviews are always appreciated, as is feedback.

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