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Another new story, but this one has been in the works for a while. It's not a mass harem. For clarification, the pairing is as follows : Sasuke x Hinata x Temari x Mei x Samui x Hanabi. Hanabi is her canon age, but she won't be featured in any sort of sexual scenes until she's older.

Warning: This story will feature dark themes; there will not be a traditional 'love' in this story, at least for the most part. The tag of 'dubcon' is not used lightly, and while there will be no outright rape in the story, there will be some circumstances that push the boundaries. You have been warned.

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Many a man had tried and failed to conquer the Elemental Nations.

Hashirama Senju had attempted to do it by diplomacy - establishing relations and alliances with the other villages, ebbing their worries and smoothing out their concerns. This had, of course, failed… the First Shinobi World War broke out during the Shodai Hokage’s reign, the war in which he himself perished, and whatever he attempts he had made at peace were for naught.

Uzumaki Nagato attempted to do it via fear - by intimidating and uniting everyone against him, by smashing down their worries and giving them a common enemy, forcing them to band together and eventually creating at the very least a short-lived peace.

Uchiha Madara had gotten the closest, through his efforts to conquer not just the Elemental Nations, but the world, by enslaving them all beneath an eternal genjutsu. There would be no war - only peace and happiness for everyone… peace and happiness inside a dream, of course, and with the unfortunate shadow of Black Zetsu looming over that plan in particular.

Uzumaki Naruto went about it in his own unique way, emulating Hashirama to some extent yet incorporating his own principles. Peace, prosperity, and self determination - the world would be united through friendship, everyone would be happy in their own unique way.

Of course, Naruto’s plan had never come to fruition here. It all hinged on one battle, one duel, one fight-

And he lost that fight.

He had been the only man alive who could stand against Uchiha Sasuke - but now, he was gone. Not dead, but gone; the blonde had vanished into thin air after his and Sasuke’s second battle.

Some say that he’d been imprisoned by the Uchiha. Others claimed that he had escaped with his life and not much out, and had gone into hiding.

Either way, the outcome was the same: Sasuke had become the one-man hegemon of the Elementals Nations; it had only taken a few days after Naruto’s defeat for him to establish his de facto dominion over the Elemental Nations

Sasuke had initially planned on simply killing the five kage… but, he was a pragmatic man. A vindictive person, perhaps, but not cruel; he would not kill needlessly. The Five Kage would continue on, but as mere puppets to him. Lest the world be thrown into a chaos seldom seen since the Warring States period… he couldn’t simply disband the village system all at once and expect anything less

A more gradual process was needed. First, reforms. Then, popular support. And finally, revolution; a new era for the Elemental Nations, to be ushered in by Sasuke himself.

It wasn’t a permanent solution by any means; Sasuke would have to ensure that the Kage would be dethroned eventually - that or converted into something more suitable to his desires - but for now, they were still the nominally head of their villages.

Sasuke had made his headquarters in Konoha. Soon after the war, Tsunade had resigned, Kakashi put in her place. So close to Sasuke, the idea of rebellion as laughable - in fact, Konoha was to be a sort of experiment… less than a month after end of the war, the shinobi system was abolished. There were no more jounin, chunin, or genin; there was simply to groups of people: those that could use chakra, and those that couldn’t. Perhaps some sort of regular army would be established down the road, but Sasuke was intent on ensuring that it wasn’t built upon the foundation of something as greedy and self-destructive as the shinobi system had been.

As for disbanding the shinobi system, well… it worked. Surprising well, at that.

But there will be more details on that later. The rest of the villages were permitted to retain their shinobi system - and Mei, Ay, Onoki, and Gaara remained their kages.

Which might sound like a recipe for disaster, but again, Sasuke prioritized stability and pragmatism above else - and besides… he expected, no wanted them to rebel against his power. After all, he needed due justification to put his plan into action...

Two months after the war, after a period of preparation, the four Kage jointly declared their independence from Sasuke’s regime. They asserted their state’s respective sovereignty, and promised war if Sasuke and by extension Konoha refused to allow them their freedom.

They planned to converge their armies into one massive Second Allied Shinobi Force.

Sasuke did not let them do that.

The Raikage and all of his closest - Killer Bee, C, Darui, Samui - were present with the field army as they marched to the rendezvous point with the other nations. It was a healthy force, comprised of nearly all of Kumo’s shinobi... well, the ones that had survived the Fourth Shinobi War, at least. The plan was simple: quickly march and join up with the other three nations and their armies. But Sasuke intercepted them before they could even get close, sword in hand, rinnegan primed and his sharingan spinning.

It was almost… comical. Where months before the Raikage alone had been a match for Sasuke, now, the entire force of Kumogakure was… nothing. Nothing.

Samui had known fear before that day - but the sight of Sasuke completely dismantling Kumogakure’s military single handedly was beyond anything she had ever experienced. Add to that the fact that he wasn’t even going all out, that he was purposefully holding back so as to not kill anyone he didn’t have to dispose of…

The message was more than clear clear: resistance was futile.

Killer Bee put up the bulk of the fight. But even the full power of the former Eight Tails jinchuriki couldn’t bring Sasuke to heel - it hardly even phased him. And once Killer Bee was neutralized, there was nothing of consequence left. Who could stand up to him? The Raikage, with one arm and everything to lose if he failed? A paltry group of jounin and chunin, and green genin that had been conscripted in the months before the rebellion?

It was hopeless.

Yet they still fought, until every genin and chunin had been battered down, until every jounin had been forced to submit. With the Raikage’s broken body at his feet, Sasuke stood tall.

Casualties were immense - but there were less than a dozen fatalities.

The Raikage had always stood tall above everyone else, owing to his massive stature. But sprawled out on the ground, his one remaining arm disabled by a burst of lightning, he looked almost pathetic.

He panted.

“What’s your game, Uchiha? If you want to kill me - then you had better go ahead and do it…” Ay growled, teeth bared.

The corner of Sasuke’s lip curled upward. “I have no intention of killing you, Raikage,” he said. “But I suppose my good will in leaving you your autonomy meant nothing.”

His sword extended, pressed at Ay’s neck - the unconscious or groaning remnants of Kumo’s army surrounding them, heaped on top of each other or scrambling away in a hasty retreat. Killer Bee’s smoking body lay nearby… he was alive, but barely.

“Good will?” Ay said. “Autonomy? Don’t think that you did us a service…” His body was battered, several of his bones broken… if not for his hulking physique, he would be unrecognizable.

“I’ll have done everyone a service by the end of this,” Sasuke said. “But in the meantime, I’ll have to burn some bridges I suppose. Or make some… depending on how you look at it.”

“Burn… bridges?”

“Your brother, I think.” Sasuke glanced back at the unconscious jinchuriki.

“What do you think you’re-”

“Shut up,” Sasuke growled. “Before I drag a hundred of your people out here and make you choose which half dies.”

Ay’s nostrils flared - his features turned an ugly purple. Though one of his eyes was blackened and swollen, the other communicated nothing less than complete and total hate.

“I’d rather die,” Ay declared solemnly. “Then allow Kumogakure to fall into your hands, Uchiha.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Sasuke sneered. “Would you rather your dear brother die? Your entire population? I could burn down your village and salt the earth, but I’m not going to. I won’t kill anyone that I won’t have to, Raikage. But in order to ensure your loyalty… I will be taking two hostages back with me. Killer Bee, and another of my choosing.”

No!” Ay growled. He tried to move - but the strength he had left failed him. All he accomplished was causing the tip of Sasuke’s sword to press against his neck, and for a thin trickle of blood to run down his dark skin.

A lone figure climbed to her feet… slowly. Her chakra pulsed gently - it was an unconscious act, but Sasuke was attentive, and his head snapped over to her.

Samui ha been conscious throughout their conversation… though it was only then that she could get to her feet. She appeared dazed, hair covering her eyes, clothes ripped and torn in places. There seemed to be some fight left in her - somehow, someway, despite the fact she’d been caught in a Chidori Nagashi that had shocked two dozen jounin into submission all at once.

She stumbled toward where Sasuke and her Raikage were, hatred flaring in her eyes, her hands already flying together in a lightning jutsu-

All it took was a simple glance in her direction to fell the blonde.

His sharingan eye spinning, Sasuke walked over to her, sheathing his blade. With a grasp of her collar, he hefted her up, holding her up so that her feet dangled several feet above the ground.

“What’s your name?” he demanded of her.


“Give me your name,” Sasuke murmured. “Or I will kill one of your comrades; and if you refuse even after that I’ll kill two… then three, then four - and so on. Name.”

It was a hollow threat - Sasuke wasn’t about to slaughter a hundred people for some name. Maybe he would kill one person… but if she proved adamant, it was much more cost effective to move onto someone else.

Not that she knew that.

Samui screwed her eyes closed. Her lips wobbled - small tears leaked past the corners of her eyes and down her cheeks.

“My name is… Samui,” she murmured.

Sasuke’s lip quirked upward.

“Get your hands off of my jounin!” the Raikage roared - or at least, as much as he could in his state. He tried to get up once more… but it was to no avail. “She has nothing to do with this, Uchiha!”

Sasuke laughed maliciously. “On the contrary,” Sasuke said. “She has more than a simple role of jounin in this… if anything, I would consider her collateral. Her and your dear brother, of course.”

A shadow clone appeared to Sasuke’s side - one that went over and hefted up Killer Bee’s unconscious body.

“I assume everything will be as it was before your… rebellion,” Sasuke said. “I will send an envoy of mine in a month. If there is anything that isn’t to my liking, your brother and this girl die.”

Sasuke pulled Samui over his shoulder. Horror slowly dawned on the Raikage’s face.

“Get your hands off of him!” Ay once again shouted.

But he was powerless to resist as Sasuke and his clone walked away, Killer Bee and Samui slung over their shoulders. The beaten Kumo army lay at his fate, stretching as far as the eye could see.

“What do you plan to do with me?” Samui murmured. There was no strength left in her to fight… at least, for now.

Sasuke remained silent.


Unsurprisingly, Kirigakure’s army fared even worse than Kumo’s had. There was no Killer Bee amongst its ranks, no high level jounin that could put up even the slightest threat to Sasuke, and the Mizukage was far weaker than even the one-handed Raikage. Not to mention they were demoralized and undersupplied, still suffering from losses taken during the war. It got to the point that half of them surrendered once Sasuke had swept through a dozen jounin in under a minute without a sweat.

This time, there was no ‘collateral’. Well, technically. This time Sasuke would not take hostage a close relative of Kirigakure’s Kage, but rather...

‘She will be Mizukage in name,’ Sasuke decided. ‘Other than that… she will do well for what I have planned for her.’

The battlefield was not quite as chaotic - only a third of the army had actually engaged Sasuke before the other sixty-six percent had surrendered. The wounded and unconscious were being dragged away by their companions, the cowards who had laid down their arms well back on their way to Kirigakure.

“You have a week to get your affairs in order, Mizukage.” Sasuke informed her.

She hadn’t stood a chance. And now, she stood before him - wobbling on her feet, dress tattered and torn, blood running down her cheeks. Even after her army had surrendered she’d fought - but to no avail. Kirigakure’s shinobi had watched as Terumi Mei was beaten and battered to the point of hardly being able to stand.

“My affairs for… what?” Mei murmured, her lip swollen and her tone slightly altered.

“Put together a new government - one that can comfortably run without you.” Sasuke took a deep breath, sword still out yet not pointed at her in an aggressive manner. “You have a week to do this: then, you will make your way to Konoha. You will then become my hostage for an indefinite period, until I believe your loyalty is no longer a question.”

“That’s preposterous!” Mei shouted, though her voice was meek, whether from fear of blood loss. “What… what would make you think that I’d accept a deal such as that, Uchiha?”

It was tough words for a woman standing in the remnants of her village’s army. Droves of disarmed men and women were trekking back to Kirigakure in the distance, having surrendered and been allowed to go by Sasuke. The few that had fought lay behind Sasuke, either unconscious or writhing in pain.

Sasuke allowed himself a chuckle. “You don’t have a choice,” he said. “Think about the consequences of saying no - I have no qualms about burning your village to the ground, Mizukage. It’s only my faith that you’ll see the true path that I have allowed your people to live at all.” He turned his back to her, the Uchiha crest gleaming - he was unscathed, untouched, not even a tear on his clothing. “You have one week.”

He was gone after that. Mei stared at his back; she panted, her throat burning, vision blurred. And she realized...

‘I don’t have a choice,’ Mei thought. ‘It’s me… or the village.’

And to a Kage, there was only one option to that question.


He struck at Sunagakure next.

Well, in a way.

News of Kumo and Kiri’s decisive defeats had already reached the rest of the Elemental Nations. By the time Sasuke arrived at where Sunagakure’s army had gathered, there seemed to be no fight in them - many of them simply laid down their arms where they stood, or ran in the other direction when he came into view.

Gaara, flanked by his siblings Kankuro and Temari, came out to him - hands raised. There was a solemn look to their features, eyes narrow and heads bowed.

“I assume that you’re surrendering,” Sasuke murmured.

They came to a stop in front of him. Gaara’s robes rippled in the wind - his trademark hat hung off the side of his belt… red hair appearing sweat-soaked, his face extraordinarily pale.

“On three conditions,” Gaara replied, teal eyes worn. So much fighting, so much misery… the rebellion had been hard pressed to get him to join them in the first place, and after news of Mei and Ay’s submission, he hadn’t the heart in him to send his people against Uchiha Sasuke. Temari had wanted to fight anyways - but Kankuro had talked her out of it.

“List your conditions.” Sasuke’s hand rested on the sheath of his blade, fingers gently gripping the hilt.

“Number one,” Gaara began. “That my men and women will be allowed to go home unharmed. Number two, that you ensure the best possible course for my people, and that you do not go out of your way to hurt them. And number three…” Gaara visibly swallowed. “That you will tell me whether Uzumaki Naruto is alive or not.”

Sasuke tilted his head to the side thoughtfully.

There was a moment of silence - behind Gaara, Temari and Kankuro exchanged tense glances. Gaara appeared calm; Sasuke did not allow a flicker of emotion to cross his features… he was a statue, made of smooth marble and impenetrable to these strangers.

“I have no intention of laying a hand on your populace, so long as they do not lift their arms up against me,” Sasuke said - words carefully chosen, tone smooth. “My intention is for the best possible course for all people… and again, so long as they do not fight me, there will be no qualms on my part to leave them in peace.”

Sasuke took a deep breath; Gaara tensed now, and there was a hint of fear in his eyes - bits and particles of sand swirled around him… his siblings took a step back in abject fear.

“As for Naruto…” Sasuke murmured. “Well… he’s alive, and more or less well.”

“May I talk to him?” Gaara asked. “In due time, of course.”

There was a genuine smile playing along his lips - but that fear in his eyes hadn’t dissipated; because if Naruto was alive, then why did Sasuke have a free hand to do all of this? Were they accomplices? Or had Sasuke somehow neutralized Naruto while still allowing the blonde to live? Gaara could not be sure, but the second answer was more likely… he could not envision a world where Naruto would go back on his principles, after all.

“We’ll have to see how well you stay in line,” Sasuke said. He paused for a moment, relinquishing his grip on the hilt of his sword. “Very well - I accept your surrender, Kazekage. Your three conditions have been met… now, you must meet a condition of my own.”

“What would your condition be?”

“A hostage,” Sasuke said simply. “I know that you are an honorable man, Kazekage, but I need to assure that you have a personal stake in this… lest you forget about what happened to Kirigakure and Kumogakure a few years down the line.”

Gaara swallowed. “I’ll have you know… Sasuke… that I am not going to allow you to imprison one of my people without due assurance that, if you are to take a hostage, they are to be well cared for.”

“The person I have in mind will be perfectly fine,” Sasuke murmured. “I will even allow you or a representative visitation, to ensure that your worries are not blown out of proportion. Is that fair?”

“Of course.” Gaara bowed his head - though there was a subtle twitch to his eye; he was not a prideful man by any means, but there was no man alive who could give up so much and take it without any sort of effect. “I presume that… your… hostage will be a close family member. Kankuro, my brother, will be happy to-”


The three sand siblings blinked. “What do you mean?” Kankuro spoke up. “I don’t have any problems with going along with you so…” He drifted off, averting his gaze.

“I have done my research, Kazekage,” Sasuke said. “Your brother is a close advisor of yours - instrumental to the inner workings of your village. Your sister on the other hand, Temari, is a more appropriate candidate: she does not have as vital a role, and I’m well aware that she has already visited and become acquainted with Konoha.”

Gaara’s jaw clenched. “I suppose I do not have a choice, do I, Sasuke?”

“You don’t.” Sasuke allowed a flicker of triumph to cross his features, before he fell back into that typical stoicism. “You may have a week to say your goodbyes, Temari - after that, I expect you to make your way to Konoha. You have a week from now to make it to the village… any later, even by an hour, and I will not be so lenient next time.”

He didn’t even bother to use the shunshin to leave - he simply turned and walked away, leaving his back open to them, knowing that they wouldn’t dare to attack him even when he was turned away from them. It was a long while before the Uchiha crest disappeared over the horizon.

Gaara and Kankuro glanced at Temari… then lowered their heads in shame. Temari’s eyes appeared widened, and she stared at Sasuke’s back long after he had disappeared from her view.


The meeting with Onoki went as one might expect from someone nicknamed ‘the fencesitter’. It didn’t take much thought to realize that Onoki had only aligned himself with the other three kage under the assumption that they’d win - but the instant the tide turned against the so-called Second Allied Shinobi Force, Onoki went with it. He was adaptable, if not loyal, and Sasuke could respect that.

Less than eight hours after he’d accepted Gaara’s surrender, an envoy came from the Land of Earth, inviting him to an isolated villa where Sasuke and Onoki could negotiate.

‘There’s a chance he may attempt some sort of trap...’ Sasuke mused.

Uchiha or not, Rinnegan and Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan or not, a single blast from Onoki’s kekkei touta, the infamous ‘Dust Release’, would vaporize him. A meeting could not happen on Onoki’s ground or Onoki’s terms - too risky.

“Tell him to come to me by himself, with two companions. If any more are accompanying him,  I will not show any mercy. I will be waiting ten kilometers to the south of Iwagakure two days from now.”

Sasuke’s words to the envoy were curt. And by the time he’d finished, the envoy turned tail and run - there was no chance that he’d forget the Uchiha’s words. Onoki would be there, unless he wished to see his village burn beneath a sea of black flames…

True to his word, Sasuke stood in an open clearing two days later, his chakra pulsating at regular intervals so that even a genin could detect him from miles away. His senses were spread out; the nearest persons he could detect, aside from Onoki and his entourage, was a village about a kilometer to the west. There seemed to be no trap, or at least there wasn’t one that Sasuke could detect.

He saw them in the distance. Onoki atop a hulking man, with a pink eyed woman walking alongside them. Just as Sasuke had planned… and expected. When reduced to two companions, most of the Kage would bring the same duo, their most trusted subordinates. The same ones that they’d brought to the Kage Summit all those months ago.

And it just happened that one of those subordinates happened to be Onoki’s own granddaughter, Kurotsuchi.

The trio paused about ten meters in front of Sasuke. The wind died down - the sun came out, shining upon them all. There was a moment of silence… tense silence, the kind one could slice with a sword.

“I’ve heard about what you’re doing,” Onoki said. His voice was aged - but still firm and authorative; a man who had lead his country for so long would never be able to lose that special bite to his voice. Decades of giving out orders could do that to anyone.

“And what would that be?” Sasuke replied. Their voices boomed easily across the clearing - the Tsuchikage’s two companions remained silent.

“That you’re taking hostages from the villages. The Raikage’s brother, the Mizukage herself - and whoever you decided to take from Sunagakure. It’s quite clever… none of those sentimental fools, me included, would dare lift a finger against you if it meant that our closest family would be put in danger. And as for the Mizukage… I don’t think she would stand much of a chance by herself in a foreign land if she wish to fight you.”

“I see that you’re well informed,” Sasuke said. “And I suppose that means you know what I’m going to ask of you.”

Onoki bowed his head. “Kurotsuchi has been briefed, and is willing to go with you, Uchiha. I hope that this… minor hiccup will eventually be overshadowed by friendship and prosperity between our two villages.”

“We will have to see about that,” Sasuke said. “Kurotsuchi may have some time to get her affairs in order - a week at most. Any later and I will assume that you have risen up in rebellion once more, Tsuchikage, and I have no intention of being this ‘kind’ next time.”

Kurotsuchi swallowed.

“What… what plan do you have for me?” she dared to ask. Onoki looked at her, mouthing opening as if to silence her - but Sasuke’s chuckle gave the Tsuchikage pause.

“I imagine you’ll find out soon enough,” Sasuke said. “One week.”

He left the clearing.

A day later, Sasuke had arrived back at Konoha. Samui was still resting in the hospital, and Killer Bee had already been escorted to his new quarters - simple seals had been placed on him, so as to prevent him from using any chakra without Sasuke’s express permission to remove them. He could still use Gyuki, in theory, but Killer Bee was well aware what had happened the last time he had gone against Sasuke… and besides, he would not risk putting all of the innocent civilians at risk, either.

Things were progressing swimmingly; at least, until Sasuke received a report from Kakashi upon arriving in the latter’s office.

“The Hyuga… attempted a coup of sorts,” Kakashi explained. He was worn, beaten - his voice was lifeless, the Hokage’s robes appearing too large on him. “I believe it was in conjunction with the rebellion, Sasuke. They tried to overthrow the village… but… it didn’t quite work out.”

“Why is that?” Sasuke questioned.

“People aren’t exactly fans of the Hyuga,” Kakashi murmured. “They didn’t have any public backing from the start - and besides, not many people wished for a return to the old clan-dominated shinobi system. It was less a case of everyone rallying behind you… and more everyone simply not wanting a return to the status quo. And when news came that Kumogakure and Kirigakure’s armies had been destroyed in the field… whatever momentum they had fizzled out.”

“Have they surrendered?”

“No,” Kakashi said. “They’ve holed up in their compound ever since the coup’s failure - I believe they were waiting for you to return in order to make… terms.” A pause. “Sasuke, I realize that you see this as a threat to your rule, but please be lenient… there’s no evidence that all of the Hyuga clan were in on the plan, and besides, what about the women and children and-”

“Shut up,” Sasuke snapped, and Kakashi fell silent. “You think I’m going to what… exterminate them all?”

Kakashi recoiled. “I didn’t mean to imply that you’d… well…” He swallowed. “Do what you like, Sasuke - just don’t let yourself become like… become like Danzo.”

He snarled. “I had no intention of becoming anything like that man,” Sasuke said. “And if you say that I am going to become like him again, Kakashi... I’ll kill you.”

Kakashi remained silent. Sasuke cast a glare in his former teacher’s direction, before turning and striding out of the office.

The Hyuga compound was somewhere that everyone in Konoha knew the location of - it was so big, so dominating in the village, that only a foreigner would be unable to find their way to its towering buildings and lush gardens.

Sasuke went in right through the front door - well, gate. It was closed and locked, but a single swipe from a rapidly summoned Susanoo arm destroyed it without a second thought. He walked right through the wreckage, and into the vast courtyard - there were many paths, some of which lead to the branch family’s quarters, while the bigger and more well-maintained ones seemed to lead to the heart of grandeur and affluence in perhaps all of Konoha, the main branch’s stronghold.

Fortunately, Sasuke would not have to go far into the Hyuga compound; in fact, the Hyuga seemed to be well aware that he had returned.

They were all gathered in the courtyard, a few dozen meters in front of the now destroyed gates - seated on their knees, heads bowed and their arms laid out in front of them. At the front was the clan head, flanked by his two daughters - Hinata and Hanabi - and shadowed from behind by the clan elders, who refused to lower their heads.

Hiashi appeared pensive as Sasuke approached. “I see you have returned, Uchiha-san,” he said, his voice booming throughout the courtyard.

“I have.” Sasuke’s cloak flapped in the wind - his sharingan activated, his Rinnegan pulsating, he was a fearsome figure indeed… so powerful was his chakra that the keen eyed Hyuga could almost see it, so thick that the air around him appeared blurred. “I heard about your… incident, Hyuga Hiashi. I trust that whatever notion drove you to rebellion has been taken care of, yes?”

“The three elders that incited the rebellion have been jailed, Uchiha-san, and await your sentencing. The rest of us were of course complicit, but, we ask for your leniency in that we put down our arms before any harm came to your rule.”

Sasuke leveled a dark look at the man. “I have no intentions of punishing your clan as a whole - but do not take me for a full; I know that it was you, and you alone who orchestrated this rebellion, Hiashi. And I have no intentions of letting that go unpunished.”

Hiashi lowered his head. “I am willing to personally accept whatever punishment you bestow, Uchiha-san, so long as it is fair and that my clan will not suffer.”

“Your clan… may suffer,” Sasuke said. “But that’s more to a succession crisis than anything, I would think. Your daughters will suffice for your punishment, Hiashi.”

“My daughters?” Hiashi hissed. “You intend to… kill them? Imprison them?”

“No,” Sasuke said. “They will become my hostages - it’s as simple as that. And if you make any moves toward rebellions again…” His hand drifted down, to rest on the hilt of his blade. “I assure you that you’ll regret it.”

No!” Hiashi thundered. “You will not lay a finger on my daughters, Uchiha!”

“Father…” Hinata murmured.

Hiashi froze. Sasuke allowed the corner of his lip to quirk up.

“I- if it is to preserve our clan’s dignity and s-status, I will do it, f-father.” Hinata said. “I have no i-intentions of allowing your a-affection for me to get in the way of the clan.”

Hanabi swallowed. “You’ll… you’ll treat us well, right, Uchiha-sama?” she asked.

Sasuke nodded. “I have no intentions of purposefully hurting either of you; you’ll live in relative luxury. Nothing will happen to you so long as your family keeps your clan in check.”

She nodded. “I guess I’m okay with it too then, father. Well,  I’m not okay with it… but I’ll do it if it’s for the clan. And plus, we’ll see each other and stuff I’m sure - it’ll be just like we’re moving out or something, yeah?”

Hiashi lowered his head. Many of the maids and servants, who had grown accustomed to Hinata and Hanabi’s warm presence amongst a sea of frosty Hyuga, stared in shock at the proceedings.

“Hinata… Hanabi… go and pack up your things,” Hiashi whispered. “I suppose I never had a choice in the matter regardless.”

“You didn’t,” Sasuke assured him. “As for the two of you: I expect you to be in the Hokage’s office an hour from now. If you are not, I will see it as a second attempt at rebellion, and will take necessary action if so.

He left after that, and none of the Hyuga clan dared to get up - none of them dared to even glance in the direction of the two heiresses. Without using a single jutsu, Uchiha Sasuke had humbled the Hyuga clan near permanently.


It should be obvious by now, but Sasuke had planned this for a while.

There were a lot of variables to account for, but there were some constants. One of them being that he’d need a place for all of the ‘hostages’ to live, and for him to carry out his plan with. Accordingly, he’d had a manor built for himself. It had been extraordinarily easy - no matter who ruled the village, people still needed work, and Sasuke had plenty of money to spare once his family’s hidden riches had been unfrozen. It would have taken much longer to build the manor, but he’d had that Mokuton user, Yamato, aid in the construction.

Yamato refused at first. But Sasuke had relented, and given him, Sai, Kakashi, and Sakura the exclusive knowledge as to what had become of Naruto. And with that information in his head, Yamato had carried out the bulk of the task of constructing Sasuke’s manor - with some objection and hesitation of course. He had still done it, though.

Furnishing and such had taken quite a bit of time as well - he’d begun making it a few days after the war had ended, and after his power was asserted, yet it had only been finished about two days before the rebellion. Everything was fresh and new… absolutely perfect, really. It was the apex of luxury, with plenty of bedrooms, servants and the like that would wait after his ‘hostages’.

After all, Sasuke wanted only the best for the future of the Uchiha clan.

For now, he had his ‘hostages’ and actual hostage isolated. Killer Bee was being held in a different section of the village, given relative freedom yet always watched by someone Sasuke could rely on, typically a former ANBU who had been disillusioned with the shinobi system. Samui, Hinata, and Hanabi were each given a room to themselves in his manor - according to his plan, they were to be kept in there until he was ready to let them out into the manor proper.

Which would be soon enough, once the rest of his so-called hostages came straight into the lion’s den.

Mei was the first to arrive; Sasuke did not even bother to greet her personally - he had an envoy of his direct her to the manor. She still hadn’t fully recovered from her defeat at the hands of Sasuke, and Kakashi had commented to Sasuke later that day that the Mizukage walked with a slight limp.

Temari was second. She was silent, strong willed at least on the surface - and according to the guards Sasuke had escort her to the manor, she spoke not a word from the moment she’d introduced herself to them.

Kurotsuchi was the last to show up, chin up and determination in her eyes. SHe was the only one not shown to her room quite yet - now that everyone was adjourned in his manor and by extension the village.... It was time.

Sasuke, again, was not a cruel man - he would not keep these women in the dark about his designs for them… aside from Hanabi, but that was a special case, and there were still many years before she was suitable.

Samui, Mei, Temari, Hinata, and Kurotsuchi were all summoned into the dining room of the manor. The servants ushered them into seats along the table - and they went there, obediently, respectfully… they’d all been treated very well, and whatever resistance they had would have to be bottled up until a later date. They were representatives of their village or clan - they had no room to be disrespectful or disparaging to the person who their villages (or clan) were subservient to.

They had to toe the line. Perhaps they would crack and allow their anger to flare further down the road, but for now, all five of them were varying levels of quiet and respectful.

Several minutes passed as they sat in silence. There was nothing decorating the table - they merely sat there, hands folded in their laps, across their chests or flat on the table. They stared at each other in wonder, perhaps recognizing each other from the war or the Kage Summit.

And finally, Sasuke entered. All of the girls tensed - some glared at him, Kurotsuchi and Hinata being the odd ones out. Kurotsuchi stared at him with mild interest… Hinata merely bowed her head, biting her lip anxiously.

He stood at the head of the table, a smirk playing on his lips.

“I welcome you to Konoha,” Sasuke said, sliding into his seat. “Some of you have never seen our village before. Others have only visited a few times. And one of you have lived here all their life.” He took a breath, eyes shifting back and forth, from ‘hostage’ to ‘hostage’. “And I have brought you all here, from different places and different circumstances, all for one sole purpose.”

“To use us as collateral, I’d guess.”

Kurotsuchi had been the one to speak up - and the other four glanced at her. Mei pursed her lips together; Samui frowned. Hinata merely retreated further into her jacket, and Temari did not allow anything to cross her features.

“Not quite,” Sasuke said.

There was a collective pause.

“What do you think you’re going to do with us, then?” Mei demanded, voice rough. “I came here under the assumption that I would be a hostage, Uchiha, nothing else.”

Sasuke chuckled. “I will not ‘force’ you to do anything,” he murmured.

He reached into the folds of his cloak, withdrawing a small black, drawstring pouch. Inside were six rings - each a different color, from ruby and sapphire to emerald and amethyst, and finally topaz and onyx. He took only fives ring out of it, gently lining them up on the table in front of him. Despite their small size, they gleamed in the light of the dining room, clearly visible to each of the assorted women.

“I will take each of you as my wives,” Sasuke said simply.

There was stunned silence. Even Mei, possibly the most strong willed of the five, stared at him in shock.

‘As his… wife?’

That had not been on any of their minds.

“You’re crazy…” Samui breathed.

Sasuke chuckled. “You may call me that,” he said. “But I have my plan, and I will see it carried out.” He gathered up the rings, slipping them back into the pouch; retying said pouch closed, he put it back inside of his cloak. “You may all go back to your quarters now. As I come to trust each of you more, restrictions on where you may go in the manor and the village at large will be lifted. I will be around whenever I can be - until next time.”

He slid out of his chair, and walked out of the room without another word.

“W-wife?” Hinata squeaked at last - there was a weight on her chest, the poor girl staring wide eyed at where those rings had sat. ‘And Hanabi too…?’ The way he’d left her out of this made her realize that he planned to wait until she was older before making his intentions clear - but that didn’t make it any better on Hinata.

Kurotsuchi sighed. ‘You’ve really done it again, gramps,’ she thought. ‘Whatever - we’ll see what he can throw at us. If it’s good enough I might go along.’

Temari remained quiet, though there was a surly look about her.

“That Uchiha…!” Mei growled. “What does he think he’s playing at? Does he believe that a pretty face will deceive us all?”

“I don’t know what game he’s playing,” Samui said flatly. “But I would advise for all of you to proceed with caution: Uchiha Sasuke is a dangerous opponent in more places than just the battlefield.”

Hinata and Temari - the only people who were familiar with each other in the room - exchanged a glance. To think how the two of them had ended up in this position! If only Gaara and Hiashi hadn’t been gulled into rebelling…

A servant came into the room. “Uchiha-sama has ordered us-” he gestured to a number of people behind him. “-to escort you back to your rooms.”

Mei stood up. “He will try to get the upper hand on us,” she murmured. “What my advice would be, is to make sure that he doesn’t move forward an inch with any of us.”

Something that was easier said than done, as the five women would come to realize.

Sasuke made his way to his study, easing himself into the leather chair he’d had brought from the old Uchiha police building. His father had once presided over the clan from this chair - and now, he would preside over all the Elementals Nations from it.

He sighed. Five villages to look after, and now five women to successfully coerce into becoming his wife. There was a lot on his plate, and not a lot of time or resources to get it all done.

‘I’ve got them here,’ he thought. ‘They won’t be going anywhere on my watch. I have all the time I’ll ever need - now, the only thing I have to worry about is which one to go after first.’

He pulled out a piece of parchment: organizing his thoughts on paper would likely be the best way to go about this. With a pen, he scrawled five names at the top. ‘Hinata, Mei, Samui, Kurotsuchi, Temari.’

Now… to think. Which one would be first.

Sasuke tapped his chin, and after a moment of thought, began to write.

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