Silver Candy

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This is set After the Fourth dies but before Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke. Not that it matters really.

Kakashi x OC

"Hey!" Kaori leaned over the railing, waving her arms like a mad woman shouting at the silver haired Shinobi who continued on walking as if he didn't hear a thing. "Kakashi! I said hey!" Kaori shouted again, this time her annoyance at being ignored getting the best of her, she jumped over the railing, landing heavy on the ground she took off running after the silver haired shinobi as he rounded the corner.

Kaori dodged the civilians on the street as she raced to catch the man, sliding as she rounded the sharp corner Kaori nearly slammed into the body that she was looking for. Kaori slid to the ground and grinned up at Kakashi as he continued to read his book, practically ignoring her.

"I said hey, Kakashi!"With one swift motion, Kaori landed on her feet, placing her hands on her hips she stared at Kakashi and grinned, "I got something new that I want you to try!" Without waiting for a response Kaori immeidately began to dig through her pocket.

"And that is why I didn't stop." Kakashi stated matter of fact-ly as he simply turned and began to walk away.

"Wait! Come back Kakashi!" Kaori yelled after him as she struggled to run after him and dig through her pocket at the same time. "It's good I promise!" As she pulled the small bag out of her pocket, Kakashi disappeared from her line of sight, no doubt trying to escape from tasting the small sweet candies. "Kakashi! That's a dirty trick!" Kaori yelled and stomped her foot before taking off in hopes of finding the silver haired man.

It took Kaori just about four hours to find the silver haired shinobi. He was wandering around in one of the training fields reading one of those stupid dirty books again, or maybe it was the same one, Kaori wasn't too sure. As quietly and quickly as possible, Kaori jumped from the tree that she was hiding as Kakashi walked underneath it, as he barely glanced up from his book Kaori landed hard on she landed on him, both of his hands became empty, and she knew he put his book back in his pocket before she landed on him.

She knew that he was just amusing her and allowing her to pounce on him. She knew he could sense her, it was just a simple matter of their skills. His skills where that of an ANBU and of a genius and hers, sub-par however what Kaori failed with normal ninjistu, she excelled in the medical field.

"Found you, Kakashi!" Kaori grinned down at the young silver haired man that was currently pinned underneath her.

"So it seems you did." Kakashi sighed but Kaori could hear the amusement in his voice.

"I made a new candy for you to try today." She grinned at him, dangling the small bag in his face. He looked so very unamused at the bag with the small blue candies inside of it.

"And if I don't want to?" He folded his hands behind his head as he continued to stare blankly at her with his onyx eye.

"Please Kakashi! I told you I'd make you candies that you'd like but how can I know what you'd like if you don't try them!"Kaori pouted and shifted uncomfortably on his lap. "I'll cover my eyes but you gotta try it! It's good this time I swear, not as sweet as last time, so I think you'll like it!" Kaori again shifted on his lap again, unconsciously grinding her hips into his as she did so.

Kakashi grabbed her hips to stop her movements before letting out what Kaori could only descirbe as a strained voice, "I'll try it—I'll try it just stop moving like that." He then sighed and held out a hand for her as she dropped a small blue candy into his hand, and almost instantly she pressed her hands to her eyes, not that it matter truly. The man was the Epiphany of stealth. In all the times that she'd tried to see what was under that godforsaken mask, she never had. When Kaori opened her eyes, she leaned down close to face to make an attempt at gauging his reaction.

"How is it?" Kaori smiled and waited in anticipation as she could clearly see Kakashi swishing it around in his mouth and then there it was, the clear green tint his face took as he swallowed the candy.

"It's disgusting." Sighing heavily, Kaori leaned down placing her forehead against his. Her golden colored eyes locked with his one onyx colored one.

"Damn, I thought that combo would do it. I'll try harder next time then!" Kaori sat up, placing her hands on his lower abdomen, She sighed heavily again and turned her golden eyes to the sky. "You're so picky, Kakashi." She grinned as her eyes flickered down to glance down at him. "But that's okay, I like a challenge!"

"I don't like sweets." Kakashi mumbled, knowing full well that Kaori was choosing to ignore is extreme distaste of sweets. Kakashi stared up at the woman who currently sat on him. Her dark green hair was pulled back in a tight bun, not a hair out of place. Tanned skin, marred with freckles and scars only added to her charm. A bright silver shirt could be seen underneath her dark green vest, along with her bright blue shorts, she was one hell of a sight to see, never mind the fact that she didn't understand stealth at all.

"Kakashi? Are you going with everyone for food and drinks later?" Kaori leaned down again placing her face mere inches from his, and like always Kakashi was thankful for the woman's obliviousness otherwise she might've picked up on how his heart beat just a little bit faster when she was around or the fact that he currently had a raging hard on that she sitting on, that it was quite clear that she didn't register yet. Or by all her shuffling maybe she did feel it.

She certainly didn't comprehend that his hands were on his hips. The girl was as obvious as they come.

"Please Kakashi! It'll be fun, you're never there when I go." Kaori whined. It was true, Kakashi had avoided going out for drinks with her around. Liquered up Kakashi and an innocent looking Kaori, would not end in a good way, although then again it could go in his favor and an imagine of Kaori on top of him, naked and riding him popped into his mind, which didn't help his growing erection.

Before Kakashi could answer or even clear his mind from his sexual fantasies running rampant , Kaori was lifted off of him in one swift motion. Startled by the motion Kaori squealed and began to flail in the air. Asuma stood over Kakashi grinning down at him. "Kaori, how many times have I told you not to do that to him."

Asuma knew damn well what Kaori did to Kakashi. He knew all to well the effect the girl had on him, and because he knew that, he absolutely loved teasing Kakashi about it.

"Oh come on Asuma! He wasn't going to stop running away from me if I didn't!" Kaori struggled to get the bigger man to release her.

"Stop trying to experiment on him with your disgusting sweets and maybe he wouldn't run from you all the time!" Asuma turned the green haired woman to have her face him as Kakashi pulled himself to his feet.

"Wah-! I am not using him to experiment on! He likes taste testing my candies!" Kaori folded her arms over her chest letting out a loud "Humph!" As Asuma placed her back on her own two feet. "You're just mad that I don't let you taste my candies Asuma!" Kaori puffed her cheeks and turned away from the man and began to walk away, before she got too far she turned towards Kakashi and shouted, "You better be there tonight! And you shouldn't keep your scrolls in your front pocket like that!" and then she disappeared from sight.

Kaori had barely disappeared from site as Asuma burst into laughter.

"Don't say it." and with that Kakashi vanished in a cloud of smoke.

"Kakashi! I know you're in there!" For the umpteenth time Kaori slammed her fist on the apartment door. "C'mon Kakashi, open the door!" Kaori begged and began to jiggle the door knob, hoping that it would some how unlock itself. With a heavy sigh, Kaori leaned her back against the door and folded her arms over her chest, resting her head the door, Kaori called out to him again. "Kakashi... Please open the door. I didn't mean-" Before Kaori could get the apology out the door flung open, nearly throwing Kaori to the floor if it hadn't been for the hard body that her back slammed into. Looking up Kaori could clearly see that it was Kakashi, however with a heavy gulp and a shaky heart Kaori stared up at the silvered haired man, hoping down to her core that he wasn't too upset with her.

In all honesty it wasn't her fault. Kaori tried to reason with herself but she knew the truth. She deserved his anger.

After all, she was the one who destroyed his precious book out at the bar. She thought it would've been okay, but what she didn't know was that the book itself was highly flammable so when she snatched it from his hands and placed it over the lit candle as a joke she didn't expect the book to go up in flames like it did. After that Kakashi left skulking, for it was too late and most of the stores where already closed due to it being so late—and even then Kaori wasn't sure if they'd even carry the book. Kakashi had said that it took him a while to find the book—that it was a rarely published book.

Kaori's golden eyes lit up as she turned and threw arms around the silver haired Shinobi. "I'm sorry Kakashi! I'll buy you a replacement book as soon as the store opens! I'll get you a new one! Don't be mad at me!" Kaori buried her face into his hard chest as she clung to him and begged for his forgiveness.

"That was a rare book-" "I know! I know! And I promise I'll find another one for you! No matter the cost! I'll replace the book I swear it!-" "It took me 3 months to find that book. Even then I had to travel to the land of waves to find it." Kaori looked up at him, tears half forming in her eyes as Kakashi stared blankly down at her. His vest was off and his headband was also missing from his forehead.

"I'm sor-" Kaori immediately stopped speaking as she leaned away from Kakashi. It was then that she realized the compromising situation she was in. While Kakashi's vest and headband was off, so wasn't his shirt and a quick glance down revealed his pants unbuttoned and unzipped, and pulled down just slightly revealing just a slight silvery happy trail leading into his pants, and against her better Judgment, Kaori couldn't pull her eyes away from the deliciously teasing sight.

Like a mouse caught in a trap Kaori backed herself up until her back hit the wall, her face turning a deep shade of red as her eyes shot up and locked with his. Her hands shot out in hopes of opening the now closed door behind her—a door she didn't even hear closing. But just like the mouse in a game with a cat, Kaori was corner as Kakashi closed the gap between the two of them. His hands landing on the sides of her head.

"You're sorry? That was a rare edition to the book with a secret never before told ending, Kaori!" Kakashi leaned in until his face was inches from hers, Instantly Kaori's eyes traveled directly to his lips, when she unconsciously licked her own before her eyes flickered back to his eye.

In a very quiet voice, Kaori squeaked out a "I'm sorry." Kaori wasn't sure what was causing her the most panic. The fact that Kakashi's face was stoic and she couldn't read him, or the fact that he was so close and so barely dressed that Kaori's first thought was to reach out and touch his bare flesh.

Instead she did nothing but let her eyes roam over his naked, pale and scarred flesh. She couldn't stop herself. She had never seen so much of his flesh exposed—even though she was a medical shinobi and had treated him a few times in the past.

She knew she liked Kakashi and she had even fantasized about kissing and touching him, however she also knew the chance of that happening with the world renowned 'Copy-cat Ninja' were very slim. She knew the chance was very, very slim but in this moment Kaori couldn't stop her heart from thumping ever-so-loudly in her chest in excitement.

"I waited a very long time for that sequel to come out and you destroyed it before I could even finish it." Kakashi let out a sad sigh which brought Kaori back from her sexual crazed fantasy. Then Kakashi did something that he had never done to Kaori before, he let his head fall onto her shoulder. His hot breath tickled her neck as he spoke, "And it was getting to the best part, Kaori."

Instantly, Kaori felt her body stiffen as she mad an attempt to get a look at Kakashi's face but to no avail, She could feel the trap closing in on her but she knew there was nothing she could do. Swallowing hard Kaori continued to stand there with her back pressed against the door and Kakashi's body weighing on her front, his hot breathe caressing her neck and god—god it almost felt like his lips and tongue were on her. Kaori knew that whatever was happening right there in that moment, that she wouldn't last much longer—She was sure what she was going to do but she couldn't help but feel that it wasn't going to work out in her favor.

With a heavy gulp of air, Kaori squeaked out a pathetic, "wha—whats that?"

"The climax." And just like that Kaori came undone.

A small moan escaped her lips as the heat and electricity that had been growing in her lower stomach became too much. Kakashi didn't wait a second longer, he moved his face away from her neck and with lightning speed his lips made contact with hers. Shakily, Kaori reached up and placed her hands gently on his shoulders and pushed back, moving her lips against his. Her heart thumped loudly in her ears as she could feel his hands softly grab her by the hips. Without even realizing it, Kaori's feet began to move, slowly but surely there wasn't a hard door behind her back anymore and every so often she would feel something graze against her body as Kakashi took control and led her through his apartment as he continued to distract her with his kiss.

And then just like that, Kaori felt something soft hit the back of her knees and she buckled back. Instinctively she grabbed onto Kakashi tightly from fear of falling, which brought a small laugh to his lips as her back hit something soft—his bed. Slowly he pulled back, one hand was still on her hip while the other had taken place up by her head, holding him up above her.

Kaori's body felt like she was on fire and she cursed the space that he put between them. But one look up at his face and she could see it. The look of hesitation. Just as he cleared his throat and averted his gaze, Kaori sat up ever so slightly and unzipped her vest before slipping it off. Without a word, Kakashi's onyx colored eye met her golden ones as she slowly peeled her shirt off reveal her slightly tanned and scarred chest. A bright pink, flowery sports bra covered her chest. Kaori could feel her face heating up as she felt his eye roam her almost naked body. Gathering more courage, Kaori kicked off her shoes and then ever so slowly her hands wandered down to the hem of her own shorts.

As she went to unbutton them, Kakashi moved his hand from her hip and stopped her. "Are you sure?" His eye met hers, and just as slowly, Kaori grabbed onto his hand and brought it up to her chest and placed it on her breast. She left one hand over his as her other one traveled back down to the hem of her shorts. Quickly she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, revealing an equally bright flowery pink matching pair of panties.

Without a word, Kaori slipped out of her shorts as she pulled herself further onto the bed. Kakashi could barely contain himself as she spread her legs for him on the bed and began to tug on his arm. Within the blink of an eye, Kakashi was between her legs, hovering over her. His lips met hers again as he dipped his pelvic against hers. His own pants slipping down further and further as he rubbed himself against her and vice versa.

Kaori could barely contain herself every time she felt him rub against her. The heat and electricity was growing ever so subtly in her lower region. Never before had someone left her craving them like Kakashi. Sure she'd have sex—but nothing like this. There was a fire inside of her and Kakashi was lighting it. Every touch, every kiss sent her deeper over the edge.

She moaned out as Kakashi's fingers penetrated her folds. Her back arched in surprise, his lips met her neck as he continued to poke and prod her lower region. She clawed at her back and moaned out his name as he continued to bring her to the brink.

"Kakashi—please." Her body arched into his as his fingers worked their magic. Kaori continued to beg as Kakashi continued, her only relief came when his lips came crashing down on hers and she felt the bed shift as he freed himself from his pants. With her own panties and bra now gone, there wasn't anything that separated their naked flash anymore. As Kakashi pulled back from the kiss, Kaori's eyes slipped down to between them. She took a sharp intake of breath as she caught sight of Kakashi's hard cock, ready and willing for her.

"It's so-" Kaori bit her lip as she again caught the momentary hesitation look pass across his face again. "I've only been with one person—a very long time ago."

"Kaori, if you don't-" Kakashi didn't get a chance to speak at Kaori grasped his face and brought it down to hers. Eagerly she wiggled her hot sex against him, urging him on. Breaking the kiss, Kaori leaned back on the bed, placed both her hands on his shoulders and he reached between down between the two of them to guide his cock into her. Kaori gasped and dug her fingers into his shoulders as he slid himself fully into her. "Are you alright, Kaori?"

She was wet when Kakashi tested her with his fingers. So very wet and tight, if she indeed did have sex before like she said he knew it had been quite a while. The way her sex clung to his cock, almost made him cum right there—it most certainly didn't help the way she looked at him or the way she moaned his name into her ear. Already he knew he wasn't going to last long—but that didn't matter because he was already thinking about how he was going to take her next time.

Kakashi pumped himself into her at a slow pace, he wanted her to enjoy every moment of this—so that when he took her harder next time it wouldn't hurt as bad. It was rough for him. The way she held onto him, the way she moaned and dug her nails into his back was driving him mad and still—he continued his painfully slow pace. That is until she begged him for more.



He nearly came right then and there as the words left her mouth. His sweet little innocently oblivious Kaori, begging him to fuck her harder.

Nothing had ever turned him on more than hearing her beg for him.

Kaori came first as Kakashi pumped his cock in and out of her at a rapid pace. Kakashi continued his thrusts through her orgasm, his undoing came when she pulled him closer and bit down hard on his shoulder. Kaori bit down harder on his shoulder as she felt his final thrust and the quick hot warm that shot inside of her. When the waves of her orgasm fully passed, Kaori released Kakashi's shoulder from her mouth and let her hands drop from his body as he slowly withdrew himself from her body and laid next to her.

"That—that was amazing!" Kaori giggled as she turned to get off of the bed in search of her discarded bra and panties, however before she could slip anything on, Kakashi was up and behind her, wrapping his arms around her and pressing his already hard and erect cock into her soft behind.

"I don't think you're going to be needing clothes for a while." Kaori moaned and placed a hand on the wall to stabilize herself as Kakashi slipped a hand between her legs, gently putting pressure on her clit.

"Kakashi—oh god!" Kaori could only moan as his fingers slipped inside of her. His lips met her neck as he began to kiss and nip at her exposed flesh.

"Without my book Kaori, you're just going to have to keep me entertained for the night."

Completely drained, Kaori laid curled up next to Kakashi in his bed, sound asleep. Kakashi stared at her, tucked against him. Kakashi smiled to himself as he pressed his lips to her forehead in a gentle kiss. What he wasn't expecting was Kaori to lash out and strike him with her hand while moaning out, "Not again Kakashi! I need sleep, please, I'm sorry about your book but I'm going to die."

Kakashi laughed to himself and pulled Kaori's small frame closer to his.

When morning came Kaori wasn't surprised that Kakashi wasn't in the bed. However she was surprised by the smell of food being cooked. Quickly Kaori gathered her clothes and made a dash for the bathroom. AS she closed the door behind her she sighed, closed her eyes and then leaned against the door.

However, as she opened her eyes, she stood absolutely mortified to see Kakashi standing there with nothing on, holding a bar of soap in his hand. "Usually I read in the shower but I guess you're going to have to entertain me in here as well." His smile on his face was innocent looking enough but Kaori knew better.

"You—you can't be serious? How can you read-" Kaori couldn't even finish her sentence as she looked down his cock was standing tall and hard, Kaori could only squeal as Kakashi picked her up in a flash and brought her into the shower with him.

"Normally I let the water run for a minute to warm it up, but I suppose a little cold water never hurt anyone." Before Kaori could register his words, he turned the water and an instantaneous shower of ice cold water hit her back sending her into a squealing stuttering frenzy as she pressed herself up against Kakashi, who innocently batted his eye and pressed her against the wall. "Oh! I guess that's a little too cold." as he pressed her against the wall, Kaori closed her eyes in relief of the warmth of his body and of excitement from what she knew was going to come.

"Kakashi..." Kaori let her hands wander down to his hard cock as she looked up at him.

"If you don't want to, we don't have to." Kakashi lowered his forehead to hers as the hot water began to fill the bathroom with steam.

"No—that's not it." Kaori swallowed and for a moment she looked like a deer caught in headlights but in flash it was replaced with same excitement and eagerness that Kakashi had seen the previous night when she unzipped her vest for him. Kaori gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then turned away from him, pressing her breasts and upper body into the wall of the shower while pushing her bottom out at him. "Can—can we try it like this?" Kaori averted her gaze from his as she asked, quietly and shyly.

With one good jerk, Kakashi was inside of her thrusting hard and fast. He couldn't help himself, he was absolutely stunned and turned on that Kaori would present herself like that—and it turned him on. Everything that she did sent a fire coursing through his body and straight to his cock and she didn't even know what she did to him.

Kaori moaned and clawed at the walls as Kakashi was relentless in his thrusting. It wasn't long before Kakashi could feel her sex clamp down on his cock as she came. In return Kakashi came right on the spot, pushing himself as far as he could into her. Kaori moaned out his name as she felt him explode inside of her. Slowly and gently Kakashi pulled out of her, still he held onto her as he turned her to face him.

Kaori smiled softly at him and in a quiet voice she asked, "Have I been more entertaining than your book?"

Kakashi nearly burst into hysterical laughter as he rested his forehead against hers, a small smile playing on his lips. "Might have give it a few more times."

Kaori grinned to herself as she walked the street. She was unbelievably giddy as she stared up at the sky. She held to packages in her hands, one held a book and the other a small baggy of new homemade candies. She swung both bags in the air.

This time she was sure that Kakashi would be sure to like the newly batched candies. They were sweet but not too sweet and with the unique combination, Kaori just hoped that this batch was the one. The candies had turned a bright shade of silver with just the tiniest flecks of gold throughout them. The interesting color brought a smile to the green haired kuniochi's face.

The book however Kaori was a little unsure about. It wasn't the same book that she had accidentally burned 3 weeks prior but the man at the book store had sworn it was just as good, if not better. It had taken every ounce of Kaori's will power to actually buy the book, considering the sexually explicate things that she knew it contained, her face remained red even well after buying the book—a thing that her teammates had continued to tease her about.

But now that she was home—she knew it had been well worth it. Though her stay wouldn't be long, duty called and her next mission had already been scheduled. She knew she wouldn't be seeing Kakashi this time around, him being on his own mission—and hers only hours away, there wouldn't be any chance of their paths crossing before she left. But still the green haired Kuniochi was giddy. She had it all planned out—Gai would be here when Kakashi returned—and he had already sworn on his life that he would capture a photo of the exact moment that he received his gifts. Kaori admitted that she was a little bit sad she wouldn't be there for him to receive his gifts, but still the photo would be just as good.

In a flash Kaori dropped the items off with Gai, his enthusiasm never failed to get her blood pumping. His excitement over the little things and his cheery attitude always put Kaori in a good mood. That man was a walking pick-me-up, although sometimes Kaori would admit his cheery-ness was absolutely outrageous. Like when he lost a competition to Kakashi and then would go and do something crazy like 600 laps around Konoha—Kaori almost died from exhaustion just watching him do it.

Kaori packed a small bag, restocked her scrolls and pouches—and once again prepared for a mission.

Kaori fell to the ground, she could no longer contain the bleeding from her stomach wound nor could she stop the blood sputtering out of her mouth. Her green hair had at some point come undone, and it clung to her sweating, blood covered face. She gently placed a heavy hand on her stomach, unable to move the appendage any more, she simply stared up at the darkening sky. The impending storm clouds that rolled across the sky brought a small smile to her face. The rain will cover up her teammates scents , there would be nothing for the enemy to follow once the rain started.

Her stomach had been punctured, she knew that, along with several internal organs. But it wasn't the internal damage that was going to kill her—no it had been the transfer of Chakra to Tomachi—Her summoned bird beast.

In her last moments, Kaori's only thought was of whether or not the silver haired shinobi had enjoyed her candies.

And then her golden eyes dimmed and closed as the heavy rain began to fall.


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