Crossing Field

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Chapter 1 - Beginning

    She was already up when her alarm clock went off. Taking her eyes off the huge mirror on her dressing table as she quickly stood up to shut down the annoying ringing noise blasting through her ears. Today was a big day, young Sakura always enjoyed when her uncles boss, Fugaku, came to visit. Not exactly because of him, even though he’s always been nice and caring towards the little girl, her mind went straight to the memories of the constant yelling and heated arguments between the older men whenever they entered the “forbidden office”, her nickname for the room she was never allowed to go.


    The cherry on the top of the cake of his visits was that most of the time he’d bring his son, Sasuke, with him - A really handsome and sweet little boy. They first met when they were 2, and for a few years, they were inseparable, she particularly recalled the multiple times they’d play together, he came every week and they spent hours and hours playing “ninja house” - it was just like playing house… But as ninjas! - During their early childhood, they talked about how awesome it’d be to go to ninja school, leave on missions to protect the village and come back to warm welcomes from their friends and family.


    They were 7 now, already 3 years into the ninja academy, and just like every time she knew Sasuke was coming over, she found it hard to sleep. She’d lie in bed thinking of all the adventures they would act on, the enemies they would face, or what they’d see, how each village looked like, how their food would taste and what the air would smell like, sometimes she even dared to imagine, in secret of course, how it’d be like to marry her close friend, welcome him home with a smile and some nice homemade bowl of ramen whenever he came back from a mission, Sakura loved him very much.


    The hours went by and there was no sign of Sasuke, or his father. She was growing restless since the were supposed to arrive 3 hours ago, the cupcakes she made were already cold, Sasuke really liked them fresh out of the oven. All her effort was being directed to convince herself they’d still show up, but the feeling something really bad had happened to her beloved was clouding every cell of her little warm heart.


    The next day, he didn’t come to school, or the next, or the one after it. The weekend passed very slowly, her uncle wouldnt let her visit his house, she knew she had never been allowed to go, yet she still begged, cried and begged some more.


No news ever came to her and finally, monday arrived. When the little girls spotted the black haired boy she was worrying so much about, a smile from ear to ear grew on her small face.


    “Sasuke-Kun!” She yelled from the top of her lungs, voice as happy as it gets, and ran with all her might down the stairs to sit next to him and ask why he didn’t show up, if he was okay. In the middle of the way, she tripped in her own excitement falling face flat on the ground. Everyone around them stopped what they were doing and glared at the girl, the atmosphere was already bad when she first arrived, but it still turned colder. “How insensitive...” one of the girls whispered, “How can she act so happy after what happened?”


    Confused the little pink haired girl stood back up and quietly walked the rest of the way to sit beside the young boy. “Sasuke-kun?” She whispered in front of the row they always sat on, but he met her gaze with ice cold eyes that made her knees fail and the world fall off her feet, she could sense death, sadness, anger and frustration all over his face, all at the same time. Slowly she moved to the other side of their classroom, her heart broken and hurt, that only got worse when he heard the boy she loved so truly whisper she was just a stupid girl. With a tear on her face, she bolted out of the classroom.


    Sakura set under their tree, they played there almost every day, ate lunch together and talked about all sorts of things, tears pouring down, and she couldn’t control the sobs that came so very strong, she felt lonely, betrayed, confused, scared. The expression on his face, she understood what it meant, it clearly told her to go and never come back, they told her he hated everything about her.


    Suddenly, she felt a shadow over her little body, only to look up and find her teacher, Iruka, looking at her with sad and worried eyes. He quietly sat down beside her, he seemed to be thinking really deeply, wanting to say something, yet not able to find the right words.


    “Last week, something really bad happened to the Uchiha boy, Sakura-chan , don’t blame him for his behavior”,  he started, capturing now her full attention. “ His brother murdered his entire clan, he watched as his parents died. He’s very sad and needs some space” Sighing he continued. “It’s hard news for a little girl your age, but if you’re going to be a ninja, death will be a constant part of your life, it is for all of us, you should really think if this is what you want for your future, Sakura.”


    Her greens eyes lost focus once more, she couldn’t believe what her ears just heard… But she knew it was true, Iruka wouldn’t joke with something like that. And in her heart, she already sensed it since the day in which he didn't show up last week.


    Her world turned dark and all she remembered was someone calling her name.




    10 years passed by and she was now 17, she was getting ready to celebrate the return of her best friend, Naruto, who left to practice with one of the village sennin 2 years and a half ago. Her personality changed a lot, she was now a simple, quiet but optimistic girl, Sasuke left 2 years before her blonde friend, that broke her, the cheerful and explosive aura she had suddenly turned sad, as the years passed, she decided to become stronger, she decided that never again she’d depend on anyone. Now as a medic nin and the Hokages apprentice, she was proud of where she stood, but even so, whenever she remembered her first love… Her heart would ache.


    Sakura understood what made him change so much, finding out his brother murdered his entire family, he watched as his clan and it was destroyed, in flames, leaving only him and the criminal he hated so much alive, that was surely a hard blow to tank all on his own, all he could think after that was revenge. In the beginning she expected him to eventually open up to her, but he didn’t, every day he shut everyone out a little bit harder, it got to a point he wouldn't even look at her, unless it was extremely necessary, that being around the time they were assigned to team 7.


    Her love for him, that started when they first met as toddlers, still lingered inside her today, yet she learned how to live with the loneliness and disappointment that filled the depths of her soul, the loss had traumatized her to a point that she had to split her personality in two, in order to survive.


    “Uncle, I’m leaving, me and Ino are gonna change for the reunion together!” She said already one foot out the door, he started drinking around the same time the massacre happened, he was always drunk now, and just didn't care about anyone anymore. The sun was setting, leaving space for the moon to rise, ever since the day Sasuke left, she started to hate the moon. Walking down the streets of Konoha, under the starry sky always felt wrong to her, it felt lonely.


    As the girl passed through a random alley, as a shortcut to her friends flower shop, she felt a sudden sting in the back of her neck, under the hairline of her now short pink hair, and the only thing she heard before going unconscious was a voice screaming “We got her easy, boss!”, and then her world turned black again, under the starry sky she hated so deeply.


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