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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, neither do I own the characters who may or may not be in this story. This story is purely nonprofit, but I reserve the right to delete/rewrite/whatever as I see fit.

The premise here is pretty simple. Big cock, a hole in the wall, and plenty of women willing to slobber over it. I'm sure there's theories before you even read as to what the mystery man is - trust me, it's not who you think it is, ;). But now isn't the type to reveal it, so for now, I recommend you simply read and enjoy. Buckle up, and let's get started...!


“No, I don’t wanna go to the hot springs…!”

Ino whined. “Forehead…!” she mumbled. “Come on! I don’t want to go by myself.” Tugging on Sakura’s arm was fruitless, as her monstrous strength kept her firmly rooted in place, despite the blonde woman putting all her effort into pulling her forward.

“I have things to do, Ino-buta.” Sakura said. “You can go by yourself, no one’s going to judge you.”

Ino huffed. “Oh! I see how it is. You’re too cool now to come have some fun with your best friend, isn’t that right little miss ‘sannin’?”

Sakura flushed. “That is not the reason.” she insisted. “I really, really can’t afford to take off any more time, Ino-buta.” Sakura said. “I promise, I’ll go with you some other time. But I just can’t do it right now.”

Ino was silent for a moment, before she heaved a sigh. “Alright.” she said, pursing her lips together. “I will hold you to that, though.” she said, poking Sakura in the chest. She abandoned her fruitless attempts to pull Sakura with her. “Do you think I could get Hinata-chan, or Tenten to come with me?” Ino asked.

“I think Tenten is on a mission.” Sakura said. “And do you remember what happened last time we dragged Hinata to the hot springs? Bless her, but she’s way too insecure about her body. We’d have to bring her along when all of us can go.”

Ino nodded. “Yeah, I suppose.” She huffed again. “Well, I’ll see you later.” Ino said, turning around, her blonde hair whipping behind her.

“Bye.” Sakura said, as Ino strode away.

Ino took to the rooftops, and within ten minutes, she was standing in front of the hot springs. It was an expansive building, one of the largest around, but not very populated. Konoha springs were famous, sure, but most people tended to travel out of town to more reputable ones. Still. In Konoha, kunoichis were given a discount, and ever since Jiraiya of the Sannin had passed away, it was mostly safe for women to go to.

She walked inside. “Hi,” Ino said to the receptionist, flashing the mousy, brown haired girl a soft smile. “Can I get a private spring?”

The woman glanced over Ino. “Kunoichi, civilian, VIP…?” she asked.

“Kunoichi.” Ino said.

The receptionist punched in some numbers on the register. Once Ino had paid the price indicated by a board behind the desk, she was handed a key. “It’s the door second from the end.” she said, jerking her head to a hallway. “Enjoy your time at Konoha Hot Springs.”

“Thanks!” Ino said, beaming. She bounded down the hallway, twisted the lock into the respective door, and stepped inside. There was a small locker room just inside - enough so that you could store your things. There was about a dozen or so lockers on either side of the wall. The place itself looked mind numbingly clean, as if someone had rubbed floor polish on every surface multiple times.

Ino stripped down. Her purple top and skirt, then her shorts, and then her bra and panties. She folded them up neatly, placing them inside the first locker. Making doubly sure that the door was locked behind her, Ino stepped inside the hot spring proper. The heat hit her full force, and she couldn’t help but sigh.

She sat down on the edge… and eased herself into the water.

“Oh…” Ino groaned, as the water soothed her muscles. It encompassed her body, flowing around her, making her feel amazing. The steam tickled her nose. She pulled her long blonde hair into a messy bun, her green eyes narrowed in concentration.

Ino simply relaxed for a few moments, a happy smile on her face. She kicked her legs, her back pressed against the thin wooden wall separating her spring from the next one over. In the distance, she could hear the sound of others splashing around and talking in their own private springs - although the one behind her seemed to be silent, aside from the occasional shift of water that signaled someone was moving.

She glanced around the onsen, her keen green eyes simply… looking. It was kind of boring in here without someone to talk to - but still, it was nice. Silence had never been Ino’s preferred state, but silence while in a hot spring was a hell of a lot better than just being quiet in say her apartment or a store.

Ino blinked. Then, she giggled, wading through the water. ‘Is that what I think it is?’ the blonde thought, grinning as she stopped before what was… unmistakable, a gloryhole. It was a big one too. Probably, Ino thought, the sannin Jiraiya had used it more than once to peak on whoever was in the springs. Had the occupant of the spring on the other side been looking at her? She was curious.

She pressed her eye to the glory hole, glancing around. Ino couldn’t see anything, aside from the hovering steam mist and the spring on the other side.

‘Huh.’ she thought. ‘I guess no one’s home.’ Weird… she had almost been certain that someone was on the other side. Maybe it was just her imagination.
A devious grin spread across her face. “He-ll-ooo!” Ino called through the hole. “Anyone over there want to have some fun with a hot, young blonde? I promise, I don’t bite… much.” She grinned, chuckling.

Ino turned around. The chance of someone actually accepting her offer was slim, but whatever, she wasn’t worried. If someone was on the other side there, the only thing they would get a good view of was her back-

She yelped, jumping at least a meter into the air.

Something had… something had poked her in the back.

Ino turned around, her green eyes wide. And her jaw, dropped. “H-holy shit…” she mumbled, her mouth suddenly having gone dry.

It seemed that someone had answered her call.

For the longest, thickest, most glorious cock had been slotted through the gloryhole. She stared at it. And stared. Could a man really be that big? It seemed impossible. The thickness alone seemed to be most men’s length, and it was so long that she could hardly comprehend it. And it was flaccid. Hanging there, almost limply, the baseball sized mushroom head drooping almost to the water.

She felt her face… and other things heat up. “Can… can you hear me?” Ino asked.

There was no answer.

Ino gulped. “Okay… if- if you can hear me, knock once on the wall.” she said.

A moment passed, and then, there was a knock on the wall.

Another heavy gulp. For, she knew there was no way she was going to leave her without getting a feel, or a taste of that magnificent cock. “Okay… if- if you’re fine with me… sucking… sucking you off, just knock once on the wall. If you’re not fine with it, knock twice.”

Another pause. And then, a knock, just one.

Ino didn’t need to be told twice. She reached forward, fastening her hands around the base (at least, the base of it poking through the hole), gasping at the texture of it. Even both of her hands wrapped around it couldn’t link around the entire thing.

She let out another gasp as it began to harden. Ino could feel the blood pumping through the appendage. She watched, as it rose like some sort of skyscraper, veins engorging, muscles throbbing. She had to side step out of the way, or else it would have pushed her back. Now, it was pointing straight forward out of the hole - so heavy that it actually drooped slightly under it’s own weight.

Her hands were still wrapped around it. She could feel it… pulsing, in her hand, as if she was feeling the mysterious man’s heartbeat. It was so hot, as if she were pressing her fingers into the lit burners of a stove, and yet, it didn’t hurt. She slowly pulled her hands back and forth, giving it a long stroke. She jumped, as it twitched, and a glob of precum the size of an orange splashed into the water.

Ino leaned forward and… and licked it. She ran her tongue along the side of it, and the taste of it hit her full force. It was so good. So musky, so manly, so masculine that she could hardly wrap her mind around it. She wasn’t a slut - but she wasn’t a virgin either, and she knew what a good dick tasted like. And this… this monster, this beast topped a ‘good dick’s taste’ by at least a hundred fold.

She couldn’t help but, for lack of a better word, maul it. She wanted to explore it. She wanted to know it. She ran her fingers over every inch, graced every vein and every muscle throbbing along the magnificent length with her tongue.

Ino sidestepped until she was staring down the barrel of it - and then she darted forward, slipping her tongue into the slit, scooping out a glob of precum and gulping it down. Her knees went weak. She felt her head spin. That taste… fuck, that taste. What the hell was that taste? What was it about this cock?

It was the perfect package. Breathtakingly massive. And everything about it was delicious. The taste. The smell. The cum. Had she hit a jackpot? Had her little joke landed her what was possibly the biggest cock in all of the Elemental Nations? If only she could see his face…

She was like a wild beast. Ino just couldn’t get enough of it. It wasn’t long before licking and touching it wasn’t enough. She opened her mouth as wide as she could - and then some - before taking him into her mouth. Her lips stretched lewdly around his monstrous girth. The taste, infecting her mouth, making her feel as if a five star restaurant didn’t have anything on this beast that he called a cock.

It was so big. Again, she wasn’t a whore, but she wasn’t a novice to sucking cock - but nothing had ever, ever prepared her for this. She couldn’t even get a fourth of it into her mouth before it hit the back of her throat, and she couldn’t go any further, no matter how hard she tried.

There was a big problem that Ino hadn’t realized.

She had no idea who the man on the other side was. He wouldn’t talk to her. And she wasn’t sure if he was a quick shot, or a marathon man.
But, neither of those mattered. Her relentless assault had brought the mystery man to the brink - and before she could react, the cock throbbing her in her mouth. Her eyes widened. And then, like a shotgun, it exploded into her, bulging out her cheeks. If she hadn’t had both of her hands wrapped around the shaft, she was sure it would have blown her back.

She barely managed to swallow the first blast of cum, before the second came. It seemed even bigger than the last one, and Ino choked. Again, she managed to swallow - but the third proved too much. Her body kicked into ‘survival’ mode, and she was forced off of his cock. She blinked once. The cock twitched. And then, without warning, a massive shot of cum exploded across her face.

Ino was blinded. She couldn’t see. All she could feel was more shots being fired onto her face, coating her in the man’s heat, his musk, his taste. She swallowed the third shot in her mouth, groaning as it slid down her throat. She managed to latch back onto the head of his cock, just in time to catch the last jet of cum. Finally, it seemed, he was spent.

She reared back, wiping cum away from her eyes, blinking, her eyes stinging. Cum was dripping freely down her chin, onto her breasts, into the water. Her belly felt so full. She felt so warm - and she knew that wasn’t from the hot spring.

Ino glanced up. Only… only to realize that the cock hadn’t gone limp, or flaccid. If anything, it looked even harder, still throbbing, still more than ready to go another round.

“You’re- you’re a monster…” Ino whispered, her voice horrified. “Please- please, tell me who you are, please!”

A pause. And then, two knocks. What had she said earlier? One knock yes, two knocks no? ‘No.’ was his answer. He wouldn’t tell her who he was.

Ino whined, her face still smeared in what seemed to be ten layers of cum. “Okay… okay…” she muttered, her chest heaving up and down. “Do you think… do you think we could have an… an arrangement?” Her voice sounded so desperate. Was this what men felt like when they lusted after her? “Like- like a way for us to keep something like this going?” A pause. “But- but not in the hot springs?”

There was a pause. And then, the cock retreated through the hole. Ino could feel tears prickling at her eyes, and then, there was a knock - a little further down the wall. Another, further still. She followed it. The man continued to knock. Soon, they reached the end of the wall. She could hear him getting out of the water, the sound of footsteps… he was going into the locker room on his side!

She hurried into her own locker room, her eyes keen and her ears perky. There! A knock. She skidded to a halt in front of a bare section of wooden wall. He was knocking there now. And then- she heard, dimly, some rustling on the other side. Then, a thunk. Another thunk. The tip of a kunai bit through the wooden wall.

Ino watched, transfixed, as the mystery man crafted another gloryhole, right here in the locker room. It was a little makeshift, sure, but it worked. And no, she couldn’t peek through the hole and see him - a. She wasn’t going to put her eyes mere inches away from the pointy end of a kunai, and b. The man was making sure to keep to the side, so she couldn’t do exactly that.

The hole was finished.

There was a pause. And then, a beat later, the wood reappeared. Ino blinked. ‘What?’ she thought, crouching in front of where the hole had been. She reached a finger forward… and it went straight through. ‘Genjutsu!’ Ino realized.

It was perfect. Covert, but still accessible. The only way they could see each other was if both of them walked into their respective rooms at the same time, which she was sure her well hung friend was going to avoid if he wanted to keep himself so private. The genjutsu faded. There was a squeak, as if someone was positioning their feet on the floor. And then, Ino fell back, as the cock was once again slid back through the hole. And then, it retreated again.

Ino couldn’t help but grin. “You magnificent bastard…” she whispered. “Okay. Okay. Do- do you have like… like a number or something? A way I can reach you, whenever we want to… want to hook up, I guess?”

There was a pause. She heard the rustling of cloth, as if the man were digging through a bag. The scribbling of something being written down. Then, a note was passed through the gloryhole, Ino gently taking it from his hand.

She read it.

‘I don’t want you having my actual number.’ it read. ‘I’m going to go get a burner phone. Meet me here tomorrow at noon.’ It wasn’t signed.

“You got it!” Ino said, beaming.

She actually made to get up and get dressed right there - but there was a slight problem. Her face was still completely doused in his dried cum, a slight problem if there ever was one. Although she really, really wanted to just scoop it up and spoon it into her mouth. But, she didn’t have time for that. She wanted to try and get a glimpse, at the very least a look at the man who possessed that cock. She darted back into the spring, dunking her head in the water, washing away the cum as quickly as she could.

A quick glance at a mirror inside the locker room told her that she was clean now. Ino dried off with a complimentary towel. Then, she threw on her clothes, grabbed her stuff, and scurried out of the locker room, the key to it clutched tightly in her hand. She locked the door, her fingers fumbling uncontrollably. She ran into the main lobby, her eyes wide. The receptionist was still there, looking at a magazine.

“Excuse me!” Ino said, catching the poor girl off guard. “Who was the guy in the spring right next to mine?”

The receptionist gave her a soft smile. “Sorry.” she said. “But we typically keep those things private here.” A pause. “Not to mention he gave me a little extra to not tell you. I’m sorry, Yamanaka-san.”

Ino grit her teeth.

‘Calm down,’ she thought, striding out of the building. ‘Tomorrow at noon. Tomorrow at noon. You can wait until then, right?’

Fuck. She could still taste it. Feel it. His cum was still sloshing around inside of her belly. Ino licked her lips, as if hoping she could slurp up some remnants of the jizz he had so readily deposited onto her face.

Noon tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.


Ahh... a simple first chapter; nothing overly complicated to it. Just a young, impressonable girl having her sex life forever changed all because she uncovered a glory hole. Brings a tear to my eye, ;(.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to leave a review - I enjoy each and every one, and I wouldn't be the author I am today without you guys telling me what you think about my work. You don't even need an account to leave one, so just do it! :D

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