Dystopia - A New World

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It was a fine morning in konoha as Sarada Uchiha woke up early for the academy.As she began her daily routine,she thought about her friend sumire and how she was arrested.She just hope that hokage-sama will forgive her friend.

She got downstairs to see her mother brushing her long luscious hair.Her mother has been growing hair lately.She said that her father will be coming home soon so she want to surprise him.Well seeing how she began to treasure her hair lately its no surprise for her.She said goodbye as she went for academy.

As soon as she began walking a figure hugged her from back saying"Good morning sarada".Sarada looked back in shock and joy as she hugged her friend saying"Welcome back.Class President sumire'".

Sumire smiled as let go of sarada as she explained that all the charges on her were dismissed and she can enjoy the school life like a normal kid.Sarada was joyed as they entered the academy.

Today was a special day as a class was being held seperatly for boys and girls.The teachers has told them that they will teach some useful jutsus to them secretly.

The class started as all the girls were waiting for teacher as shino entered the class and closed the door.The girls looked alarmed as a bunch of bugs blocked the door.Somegirls mutteted "ew" as shino looked around saying"Now i will begin the lesson.Aika come forward".A girl who was in the team who said ew came to the teacher as something unexpected happened.

A strong killing intent surrounded the room as shino kneeled the girl on stomach.Other girls tried to move but noticed that there are bugs stopping them.They watched helplessly as their beloved teacher turned cruel and lifted aika up and slammed to the board.He ripped her clothes saying"You were always disgusted by my power so how about i ruin your virginity.No one can stop me because no one will listen a kids voice over an adult".Aika was now openly crying and begging sorry over and over again.

All the girls were struck still as what he said was correct.Except for a few girls all of them slightly pissed themselves at the killer instinct as shino looked at the crying aika who is also openly pissing herself.He sneered saying"Look at you bitch.Now tell me who is more disgusting" as he raised his hand over her.

The girls closed their eyes not wanting to see the aftermath.Hearing no sounds and with pressure gone they opened their eyes to see their teacher using his shirt to cover aika saying"Sorry aika but it was necessary noe go to your seat".

Shino looked around as except for a few girls all have the smell of piss.He smirked as he mentally applauded the girls for not fearing him.He cleared his voice saying"Iam sure all are confused by the incident.But i showed a bare minimul of what will happen when a kuniochi was captured by enemy ninja.Boys dont possess this problem but many kuniochi were sexually broken by enemies.Some are selled as slaves and some are used against their own friends.So it was necessary for a graduating kuniochi to lose her virginity before graduation.Since the age of consent sex for ninjas is 10 as they are many child sexual abusers in this world.Now for all the girls i and my fellow teacher will demonstrate how to have safe sex".

As soon as he said thay a female teacher walked in as they both stripped down naked.All girls blushed forgetting the fear as they watched the teachers fucking eachother.They blushed seeing how handsone shino sensei was under his clothes.


After the sex,both teachers explained everything about sex as they passed each of them a form.Shino coughed saying"we are not forcing you to hook up with strangers.In this form write the name of the person who you want to have your first time.No matter the age or the person everything will be conducted secretly so that it wont affect your future relation with your significant other.The last date is in two days so think hard and write the names.You dont want to forget your first time".


The class was dismissed as each of them looked at eachother as nealy half of them wrote shino name and rushed to staffroom.Looks like they just got crush on sensei after seeing how handsome he is.

As the classroom was empty,sarada jumped on sumire and began kissing eachother.Sarada drew back saying"that was tiresome i cant control myself in that situation.So who will be your partner sumire".

They both thoughy of boruto but decided against it.Knowing him,he will probably brag on how he fucked them.So they dismmised the idea.Sumire blushed red saying"i have decided sarada.I choose Hokage-sama".

Sarada was shocked because naruto-sama was at the age to be their father.She also had a crush on him but was sad because there is no way he can see her as a lady with the 25 year old difference.Sarada smiled saying"iam ok with it but why him sumire".

Sumire smiled sadly saying"do you know how is it to stand in a room full of people who are trying to execute you?.After my release of nue,the elders want to execute me because of my actions since they dont want their relation with root exposed.As i resigned my life a small light opened infront of my eyes.It was hokage-sama.He defended for me and even warned the elders to not even touch my shadow as iam under his protection.After the trail i broke down.I cried the whole night as he held me closely and consoled me all night.Thats when i decided.It was impossible for me to be his lover so i will serve by his side all my life to repay my debt.Even if he doesnt view me as a lady i will stand by him and guard him till i die".

Sarada was shocked at her proclaimination.Since the form was the only chance for her to be close with her love.Because after this they can never be together.

After saying goodbye they went home as sarada was thinking on who to chose.She wanted to choose naruto but decided to give her friend a chance at love.After arriving home she ate dinner and went to bed early as she discussed with her mother on whom will she choose.Sakura said that"It will be your wish sarada.No matter who the person is.I will support you".

As she was about sleep,she heard moaning in her parents house.She quickly rushed to their in joy that her father has returned.

It was a secret for sarada as she began to watch her parents fucking eachother to know whether her father is home or not.It was her guilty pleasure.As she approached the door,her mothers moans and screams were higher than usual.She slightly opened the door as she saw a scene that will be struck in her brain untill she die.

On the bed was her mother panting as her beautiful hair was a mess of cum as she was pounded from behind.The person fucking her mother was a shock to her.

It was noneother than her idol.Naruto Uzumaki.

She unconsiously slipped her hand inside her pajamas as she saw her mother fucked by her idol.He grabbed a handful of hair saying"scream slut.Beg me like usual".

Sakura just screamed saying"please master fuck me.Break me like a slut.I even grown my hair to your liking.Please punish me.Punish this cheating whore with your cock".

Naruto smiled as he further increased his pace.He spanked her ass hard enough to leave a mark as he used her hair as a anchor to fuck her.

He lifted her face harldy saying"Dont misunderstand sakura.I love long hair but your useless bubblegum coloured hair is only useful for me to treat you like a slut.I only love my wife hinata and no one else.I dont even view you as a women.You are just a wanton cheating wife whoring herself to me.Poor sasuke,what will he do when he finds that his wife is whoring herself to his best friend".

Sakura moaned saying"i dont just fucking care.Sasuke can fuck himself with his pathetic cock.I just want my pussy to be filled with your magnificent cock.Please fill this sluts womb with your cum.I may give sarada a brother or sister if iam lucky".

Naruto smiled at himself as he slammed a seal on her womb as he cummed inside her.Her eyes widened as she felt hundreds of globs of cum entering her womb painting it and showing it who is the superior.

The seal activated as it prevented sakura from being pregnant.Naruto slapped her as he lifted her by neck saying"Listen sakura.As i said before you are my slut.I dont want your pathetic womb to give birth to my children.Iam from uzumaki royal family.I dont want my seed to be grown in a useless fucking pathetic whore like you".

At this time sarada was moaning heavily as she forgot her surroundings.She inserted three fingers inside her as she had here strongest orgasm ever.She used awatee jutsu to clean the cum as she saw naruto cock again.It was nearly 10 inches.5 inches more than her father.She quickly left for her room as she masturbated herself into sleep thinking that

"Sorry sumire looks like we have to learn how to share"

She made her mind as she slept thinking about her idol as she slept.His cock was the only thing in her mind.It was much bigger than and average cock shown in biology lesson.


In sasukes room,naruto looked at the slut below him as he sensed sarada leaving them.He sensed her while she was peeking at them.He lifted sakuras ass saying"You may be a useless slut sakura but you gave birth to a goddess.A girl who will become a queen in both power and beauty even rivalling me in future if trained correctly.The only thing you have done useful in your entire fucking useless life is to give birth to sarada.She will be my wife in future and no one can stop that".

Sakura just moaned as naruto began to abuse her sorry ass.Many people dont know this but on official record naruto had four wives.His eternal lover hinata hyuga.The demon priestess shion.The current leader of nadeshiko village shizuka and the Princess sara.He has many sex partners but those four are his wives in oath.He had onenight stands with mizukage mei and princess koyuki many times as alliance partners.

Hell hinata knows of his sexual partners and was supportive about it. Now he just has to plan on how to add sarada into his wife.Since he cant let a kuniochi of that caliber and beauty get taken by some useless trash namely his son boruto.

Sarada barely got any sleep that night as she listened to her mothers moans and screams as she was fucked by naruto all night long.





Hi guys.How is the new story.

As everyone has guessed,both sarada and sumire will be fucked senseless by naruto.Hinata knows of his crush on sarada and even supports him.

Poor boruto will be cucked in future.I honestly dont like his character in manga or the anime.He is too bratty for my taste even after the movie.

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