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Hello there! This is the Eternal Carnival! This is my first Naruto fanfic, but I've been writing some smut in my tumblr, in the form of prompts and asks! This whole story is based on a set of images I found online thanks to a few people! I have to thank a few people... but that's not important right now! First, this was the image set that I had! https://imgur. com/a/SX5io? And second, I hope you all have a good time!



The fires of the village burned around Naruto. He had done everything he could to save those he cared for. The invading force had struck hard at the buildings, but most people managed to escape. The Safety plans Naruto had put forward after Pain's invasion provided to be rather effective.


But he knew that if he did not hold them back, those he cared for would soon die out. He had to hold back those invaders, one way or another. As he looked upwards, he saw those shadows, growling at him.


"So! You think you can defeat the will of fire? Even if you destroy the village, if you leave one of us, it will be enough to light up our flames again! No matter what you do, you will be defeated!" He clamoured loudly, calling the attention of the invaders. They all knew he was there, the leader alone, hoping to protect those who were left.


The shadows did not reply, simply jumping down the crumbled buildings. It seemed they were giving him a moment to reconsider. His mind came back to the scroll that started it all, the weird writings that made them all know those shadow creatures. Even with Shikamaru’s help, no one was able to decipher what they meant. But that would not stop him, even if he did not know what they wanted. Naruto made as many clones as he could. He knew that a huge fight was coming, but he'd take as many of them as he could. The image of all his friends, his precious kids, and most importantly, his wife, came flashing to the ninja. But he was not going to stay around there, suffering. He would keep on fighting, and give as much time as he could for those he cared for.


"Are you sure about this, kid? You can run after them, maybe use the toads..." Kurama said, as his clones stared down those invaders.


"I am Kurama. I know what's at stake right now, and I can't be selfish about my own life, nor use anyone else right now. This will be our final battle old friend. I hope you can forgive me for not being able to die a natural death like I had promised." Naruto was thinking, while he created the courage to attack.


"Don't you worry kid. I know how tense everything can be. I'm glad we stuck together for so long. Now go! End as many of them as you can!" The fox shouted, letting some of its chakra out, something that would faze most opponents, but not those creatures.


"Let's go then, you monsters! I will kill all of you before any of you can say Ramen!" And with that final shout, the army of Hokage's jumped forward, as he was ready to give his life for the well being of his nation. But that was not where our story ended. On the contrary... that was only the beginning.




All he could see when he woke up was some white light coming from all around him. He did not know what was really happening, but at the same time, he could get the gist. After many hours, defeating many of those shadow men, he was finally defeated, and as his final fuck you for them, and his way of thanking Kurama for everything, he willingly tore down his seal, leaving the fox out, and going in a final bang. He knew that Kurama would defeat as many of those beasts he could, and then escape. His friend deserved to be free now, no longer shackled. He wondered what would happen to Hinata, to Boruto, to Himawari, and to everyone else.


'But now, there's not much I can do about that. My life is finished, I have to simply... relax here. Speaking about that, where the hell is ‘here’?' His mind, even after death, was still inquisitive, as he looked around.


No matter where he put his eyes, all he could see was a white light, that did not blind him, but left him feeling... curious. He wondered what kind of afterlife this was. Standing up, he looked from one side to the other, seeing the void. Luckily, he was clothed, in his usual casual garments. An orange shirt, a black trouser... simple, but comfy.


"Uh... hello? Is there anyone here? What's going on?" He was walking across the empty void, not even seeing the floor as it was all white, but he still could walk.


"I hope I'm not intruding or anything... but uh... could someone come here to help me?" Naruto really did not know what was going on. Was he really dead? Was this maybe a coma? What the hell was happening?


Before he could ask another question, one soft melodic voice came from behind him. "Boo!" was uttered by that voice, making the blonde ninja jump high in the air, with a loud scared shout of his own.


As he fell down and turned around, the formerly married man could only blush once he saw the beautiful creature that was behind him. He couldn't believe his eyes. A moment ago, he was the only being in that room, and then, that gorgeous woman was behind him.


She was not a normal girl, Naruto knew that the moment he had his eyes on her. Purple hair, a bit softer in colour than Anko, a bit shorter too. She stood a bit lower than him, as she looked that she barely had 18 years old. She had perky tits, barely covered on the sides by a purple clothing, that stuck to the sides of her body. She had a darker blue 'V' covering her front and back, most likely, and dark boots with heels and stockings, that went higher than her knees. But what grabbed his attention was not only her clothing but the fact that she had bat-like wings, a pointy ear, horn-like attachments to her head and most of all, a pointy tail! Naruto had dealt with many strange things, and that girl reminded him of the second stage transformations he saw with Orochimaru's seal.


"Hello there~" Hearing her clearly now, Naruto would admit that she did not only look like a whore. She sounded like one too. He was blushing, not only thanks to his appearance but also the fact that she was getting closer to him, as he could only stare down at her.


"H-Hello... w-where the hell am I?" He still felt like that was the most appropriate question, after all, he still had no idea if he had really died! That was an important consideration, for sure.


"Well... you're in Limbo! But a different kind of Limbo... but first, let me introduce myself! Name's Morgana, how are you?" She offered her hands, her perfect hand, white like snow. Naruto would've shaken it if shaking hands was a custom of his people. As it was not, he just looked confused at her.


"O-Oh... my own name is Naruto... may I ask what the hell is going on here? Why am I in Limbo? And a... different Limbo at that?" Of course, Naruto would have no tact.


"Mhm... those are some good questions. Why don't you sit down here?" Suddenly, behind her, there was a black couch, with heart-shaped decorative cushions. Naruto blinked a few times but decided that getting the general information was more important than asking about the minor stuff, he simply sat down at her side.


"Well, as a start, you are really dead if you've been wondering that. It was a pretty great battle, you've killed most of those beings! Just the goddess of luck managed to get that bet right, you really were a champion of hers... anyways, that's not the point anymore." She said, Naruto already noting some things to ask after she was done. If this was the Naruto of a few years ago, he would have interrupted her, but as it stands, this new ninja wanted to get the full picture unless an important question appeared.


"But really, you did a good work. Your wife is already hard at work once more, as is your best friend. They are looking for whoever made that attack and are rallying the other villages. This will be a bloodbath, but your effort made it easier for all of them. They should survive." That left Naruto with a sad smile. Sad that he would not be there, but happy because he did it. He made the right call there.


"But eh... I still think you should've accepted what the scroll said! Mind control over your entire population! Man, I know many people who would die for a choice like that!"! She exclaimed, leaving Naruto almost speechless.


"W-Wha?" Was the only word that left his mouth. That's.... that's what that scroll meant? But there is no way he was ever going to pick that, even if he knew what those words meant!  


"I kid, I kid... but do I really? We both know that while you loved Hinata, you always desired a bit more on the side, didn't you? You could've had her loving you, but still be able to fuck allll those girls~ You could be smooching you lovely Hinata-hime on a date, while that skank Sakura blew your cock~ Wouldn't that be amazing?" She was teasing him, her mouth near his ear as she leaned into his body.


Naruto pushed back, sitting in the furthest corner of the couch as he could, blushing heavily. Not because what she said offended him, but because it was something he had already thought already. But he would never say it out loud.


"But why am I in a different kind of limbo then? I mean... I died, right? And I died as a hero... shouldn't I be allowed to rest, or to go back if this is how it works?"


"Oh, my sweet Naruto-kun... this is just the start for you, in fact. You're not going to be resting much!" She giggled, hiding her mouth behind her hand.


That once more left him without words. What did she mean that he was not going to get any rest? Hadn't he earned it? Or... Naruto was very confused, looking at her for an explanation.


"Haven't I said? The gods were watching you, you silly ninja! They were having so much fun with you, all the versions of you -and in case you don't know, there are infinite versions of you, from infinite universes- are amazing to watch! Be the hero who saved the world, the ninja who decided to carve his own path away from Konoha... you are always amazing to watch! So, we were thinking... what if we made some universes for you to play around, and for us to get entertained?"


"Entertained? Gods... like to watch me?  Don't even get me started on the multiples 'me's thing, but you just... watch me? Why? Why would you do that!" Naruto stood up, with Morgana glaring at him a bit. For some reason, it was not a heated glare, but Naruto couldn't help but sit down.


"Now that you are a bit calmer, yes, we do watch you. You are one of the most interesting individuals of all words, that's why we decided to offer you something else. A chance in a world that is... well, let me say it is rather different from anything else you probably have seen." She was talking, as Naruto started thinking.


"And if I don't want to go? Can... can I still wait for those who matter here? And see those who I've been dying to meet?" That made Morgana pause. She... did not expect this question from the blonde. She should've seen it coming, as his death was not fully a surprise, but something he came to accept as he fought on.


"But why would you want that? I mean... I am obligated to allow you to escape my grasp but really... this will be so much fun! You have no idea how much I've been working in this world, I have so many things set up..." She looked visibly sad, something that Naruto could not handle well. And that she knew he did not handle with much grace.


"H-Hey! Come on, there's not a need to stay sad! I'm sure that there's a way we can find a solution to all this... tell you what, I'm going to listen to your idea, I'm sure you all... put a lot of thought into this!" He was trying his best to calm her down and simply go with the flow for now.


"Y-You will?" She asked with a final sniff. As he nodded, she beamed, all the sadness promptly forgotten. "Alright! Be prepared! I called this Brothels & Barmaids, but for you, Naruto & Naughtiness is better for sure!" That, for sure, grabbed his attention.


"What... you know what, just say what you want." He looked like he was going to have a big headache once she finished it. But he would let her continue. Not much he could do now, as he was a bit pissed that she was faking her own feeling.


"Well, thank you for that dear!" She was not on his side, she was in front of him, with a stick to point to whatever appeared on a blackboard that had also simply appeared from the nothing. Naruto was left there, confused, as he looked around. This... this was really strange.


"Now, this is a whole new world! I would say 6 to seven times larger than the elemental nations. It's full of kingdoms, mystery, and what's more important many sexy adventures!" She was teaching and also selling him that world. Naruto stayed silent, while he would love something like that if he did not love Hinata and was totally faithful to her.


"So, to skip the boring lewdless part of your life, we'll be throwing you once your adventure will start! You'll regain a few your memories of this current life, but we'll also shove a few extra memories of this new world for you. We don't want to watch you learn how to speak and all that, would we?" Even Naruto could admit that would be pretty boring.


"So, you may be asking, will I be myself in this new world... the answer is, yes, if you want to be boring as a rock! We don't want you there to simply be the same guy! That's why we will be offering you... many, and I mean *many* possible ways of finding yourself around that world! New races, new genders even, new abilities, and much more! So, want to hear more about any of that? Who am I kidding, of course, you want!"


"W-Well in fac-" He was starting to reply, but she cut him off with another glare. What was with her and her... eyes... that... Naruto stopped to look into them for a moment, and after she blinked, he shook his head. She had an even bigger smile, but he had no idea what had just happened. He just stood still, hearing her explanation.


"Great! So... we shouldn't worry about alignment, in fact, those are the last item we should worry about! Let me tell you a bit about this world, alright sweetie? We have a few different cities for you to start! Tatsunai is just like your homeworld, with what shall be known as an eastern thematic. Currently, it's controlled by an evil Damiyo, who has many evil daughters controlling small segments of the land! Not only that, he has taken the power from the rightful heiress, a beautiful princess, and she's trying to gain control of this kingdom!"


"So, in this story, I am there to help her save her nation! This... this does not seem that bad, in fact," He was relaxing, if those are the choices he knows he can do it! He... wow, he's already thinking about joining that world for a while, huh?


"Well, of course! But you could also break her, and use her as your puppet sexual slave and take the daimyo's place, or you could also enslave her, and become the next heir if you deliver her to that said evil man... you don't have to follow the path of light~ And I know you thought about it too, you have just been conditioned to follow the light~"


Naruto was silent, glaring at her. She just giggled, continuing to talk.


"You could also start in Fordton, a small village with an adventurer's guild, ready to explore the nearby forest! A new dark lord is appearing, and we know how problematic those moments can be! I know that they'll be for sure needing some help!"


"Oh? Why's that? They also need a hero! I can kick someone's ass! I've already defeated a goddess!" He exclaimed, before remembering who he was talking to.


"You defeated a minor goddess-"She paused, almost offended, but regained her slutty grin "But I have to admit it is still pretty impressive. But that was not what I was talking about! A new dark lord has many issues with their monsters and the like! It's always good to have some help~" She had the drawing of a Chibi Naruto with an animalistic shaped cock in place of his normal own cock.


"W-Well... give me some time to think about that, alright?" He was sweating. All the choices he was given, he had a clear path for good, but this being was pushing him down for something else! What was going on? Shouldn't be the gods trying to either reward him or punish him? Why did they send someone so opposite from his own moral?


"Alright....... the last one I feel like talking about right now is Knem-nefer. This one is a bit simpler: A queen is looking for an old artefact, deep in the catacombs of her country. She's even offering her two daughter's hands for the brave warrior who manages to find that artefact!"


"This... this does seem a bit too easy near the next two? So, what's your game? Will you say I have to keep that artefact for myself? So I can conquer that kingdom for me and maybe start an empire?" He questioned, expecting some denial, or her teasing him back. But instead, she squealed with glee.


"You are already getting it! I knew that telling you, to be honest, would work!" She was giggling, as Naruto just... paused. When had she told him that? "I mean, I know you have a power inside you, Naruto-kun, a power that can't be held back! The only reason you fell to the light was the love of those near you, but this time, you'll be taking that love, instead of being given it! You will follow the evil!"


This made Naruto stand up, but for the first time, he was not promptly glared down. "Don't you dare try to mind control me or anything like that! I would never act like Orochimaru or Madara! I don't know why you think I would act like that, but I know that I can be better than he is, and what you think of me!"


The demoness just gave a small chuckle, everything looked like a game for her. "And what makes you think so poorly of evil? The evil path is the most fun, it's the most ripple for destruction and chaos, but it's also the one filled to the brim with pleasure. I know you also know this. The only reason why you act the way you do is that you have found a perfect foil, a perfect little girl for you. Hinata's the only reason why after you truly saw the shinobi world, after you got all that power, you never used it."


He was silent, as he knew it was true. After he was done, after he defeated a goddess, he could've taken power. He could easily defeat everyone else, he could simply make Konoha's reach the farthest than it had ever been. But he was not going to accept it. Hinata could not be the *only* thing making him be a good man, the Hokage who threw everything away for others!


For now, however, he would let her think that. He sat down, waiting for her to continue. He knew more was come, and as she started talking again, his belief was proven right.


"Now... we'll have to let you pick your class! I'll give you the general information about that! Just let me sit back there!" She was like a kid, jumping from one side to the other, just wanting to be as random as possible, at least that's what Naruto thought.


"We, of course, are not sending you to a beginner's body. That would be just boring. Watching you training, learning the basics that most likely you already know... Pass! So, you'll be getting into an advanced body! Let me teach how it will work."


The blackboard became a big screen, a projector invisible from Naruto, as the white world became quite dark, almost like the perfect movie. Morgana leaned into his body, giving him a side hug. The ninja was already too exhausted with her actions, but he left her be. She would probably glare again and she'd get it done her way.


In the screen, another chibi Naruto appeared, but this one was animated, jumping up and down. Near him, to his left, a number 10 appeared.


"Well, we are doing this to be entertained. We want a good show, something interesting for all of us! So, we are giving some balance to all the options we will provide. You'll pick a class, some perks, some disadvantages if you so desire, some companions, and lastly, you'll know a bit about the gods."


The Chibi was shown trying much different clothing in succession. An armour with sword and shield, a thong with a club, robes with a staff and many more.


"A class will be what you spent your time getting good at. There are many specialities in this world. Using physical strength, magic, stealth, connection to the gods or nature, or even your own charisma." Morgana explained, passing to the next slide.


"A perk is a more general advantage. This will be something that you will always be good at, and that you'll be able to pick regardless of the class. Those will be incredibly good. You have no idea how much time and effort someone would want to develop them... some are even almost impossible to get naturally. And here we are, with you being able to pick them!"


"Uh... wait. You're letting me pick from many of them, I imagine?"


"Yep! Of course, we will! We want this story to be pretty interesting!" She nodded, with her hands already messing with his... naked chest? Since when his orange shirt had disappeared!?


"S-So..." Naruto could not help but stutter like Hinata used to, feeling that sexy being playing with him. His will to resist her physical advances had gone, as most of his energy would be spent trying to understand everything that will be happening.

"Oh! You must be wondering how we'll make sure it's fair if these perks are really that powerful, huh?"


With his nod, she continued. Many words appeared on the screen, but the number 10 appeared at the chibi's side.


"Well, if you look at this, you remember seeing the ten beforehand, right? So, this is our balance. You'll be able to get as many perks as you want... until you run out of points. With some solid exceptions, every perk is a single point. And classes mostly have different advantages, that you will also be spending a few points to get. You can also multiclass... but that's for later."


"Okay... I think I get it. But... uh... what are disadvantages then? I mean, I would not pick them, after all, they will make me weaker! If I'm going to that road, I'm not going to be hit!"


She was smiling as if she was waiting for it. Clicking on her remote, the next slide appeared, and with them many other words, but as Naruto touched them, instead of the number on his side going down, it started going up.


"Sometimes, you may be feeling like... 'Oh god! Why can't I pick both those perks?' or 'Damn, I wanted a new companion'! Oh, and I'll get to that in a minute. Anyways... disadvantages are how you get more points! Those disadvantages are ways of making a more powerful you be fair in that world! You understand, right?"


Naruto really was starting to get everything that was happening. This balance made sense in his mind, it was almost one of those games that were starting to get popular with kids these days. Daimyos & Demons, or something like that.


"Okay, so if I take some hits in some areas, or in a general sense... I can make sure that I'll be stronger in general. Okay, I am following you!" He really was getting it. "And what about companions?"


"That is a pretty good question!" She passed to the next slide, with Naruto surrounded by many different kinds of people. "You see, perks are not the only place where you can spend a few points! You can also get a companion! While you can customise them, we have a few of them around here, made for you! A few interesting people, that can make you grow and be helpful! After all, we are not letting you go on small adventures, almost everything you'll be doing in that world will be defining the direction towns, countries and even the whole world will go forward! So, it's a good idea to save a few points for them!"


Naruto grabbed something out of her explanation. "So... who are the ones I can pick? And you said something about being able to make them?"


Morgana just shrugged, giving Naruto a small file. A few names he could read, but he was, for now, focusing on the words of the demoness. "Well, you could, but you don't really know the world you will be facing right now! So, I can't say for sure that you'll be able to adapt to it, nor that your picks are going to work there. So... I would recommend sticking with the ones we made for you, for this first time!"


"First time?!" That, once more, made Naruto's world spin, what did that crazy girl mean by first time?


"Don't ya worry about it! Why did you think we are giving you so many options? If you enjoy this world, this time, we'll let you come back as many times as you want! So, what do you say? You can become an overpowered son of a bitch, ready to rock a world made to be almost as if it was your playground! Abilities most beings would spend decades developing... so? Are you ready for all of this?"


Naruto was doubtful before all that explanation. He was still feeling somewhat off, like this could be a mistake. He earned his death, he earned his eternal bliss. He knew that, if he refused, he would be allowed to end up in heaven, or something similar. The gods seemed to be happy with what he accomplished. But... he saw something. Maybe... maybe he could do it.


Standing up, and for the first time not being promptly pushed back into the couch, he offered his hands to the demoness, who also came up with him.


"Let's pick my new life."

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