Sakura's Spellbound Desire

BY : The_Lithomancer
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Sakura’s gentle green eyes flickered intently across the dog-eared scroll as she sat hunched over a bubbling black-iron pot, stirring attentively and adding the final ingredients only to wince as a noxious violet cloud erupted from the concoction she was brewing. She stared into its glowing pink depths and gazed at her uncertain expression as the final ingredient plopped within its roiling waves, a rare blossom shaped like a luscious pair of pursed crimson lips that caused the bubbling pool to erupt with a thick scented fog that made her mind spin and feel sluggish while a flare of heat pulsed between her slender legs. But it proved to be the final ingredient that she needed as the brew congealed into a viscous neon-pink slop that she poured into a translucent vial and held it up to the candlelight as she inspected her handiwork. According to the aged and cracked scroll, it was perfect in every which way, attesting to her prowess in the medical arts, but to her eyes, it presented a very serious choice. 

She knew why she delved this deep into the Konoha archives, pouring over scrolls and various elixirs among the old rickety shelves with a methodical approach that exhibited just how desperate she had become, culminating in the reason why she spent hours creating this lascivious potion; It was all for Sasuke. It was that love, the amalgamation of time and maturity that drove her to this solution, motivated by his impending departure and self-imposed isolation.  Her chest heaved as she languished in the heartache that threatened to overcome her, her fingers trembling as she slowly tilted the glass only to pause as she hesitated. But this wasn't about her, it was about proving her love and loyalty to the man that she loved since she was a  teenager. She closed her eyes as she pressed her lips against the flask and began to drink, her throat bulging as she quaffed the surprisingly cold goo and refused to come up for air until every dollop slid down her throat and pooled heavily in her stomach. Rivulets of that thick broth leaked down the sides of her cheeks, glowing with an ominous eldritch light that seemingly yearned not to be wasted by her reckless display of desperation. 

Sakura gasped for breath when she was finished, licking her lips clean as she allowed herself to feel a surge of pride at what she accomplished. But it wasn't long before she felt a surge of heat and lust stir within her loins, brought by the onslaught of the elixir worming its potent effects through her body. Sakura stumbled to her feet and gasped for breath, her body feeling as if it was on fire as she lurched forward and fell back on her mattress, her limbs feeling as if they were made of wet ramen noodles as she crawled atop her smooth bedspread and curled into a fetal position. She grimaced with her eyes squeezed shut and focused on the sincerity of her intentions, on the love that she felt for Sasuke despite his defection and the countless crimes he committed before he redeemed himself. Sakura cried out as a palpitating wave of pleasure submerged that thought under a searing expanse of white-hot bliss, robbing her of the ability to even think as her body writhed in ecstasy and her breasts began to balloon outwards, growing in size and shape until they resembled pillowy mounds the size of her head, glistening in sweat and capped by a pair of puffy pink nipples that leaked pearlescent dribbles of hot sweet milk down those impossibly fat spherical pussy pillows. Needy groans rumbled in Sakura’s throat as she felt starbursts of delicious bliss emanate from the mouthwatering size of her chest, forcing her to arch her back as she babbled and moaned as the rest of her body began to ripple and expand.

But for all the pleasure she felt as a byproduct of the elixir, she found herself met by the same desperation and frustration that taunted her behind the debilitating wave of hot euphoria that suffused her mind with its addling sensation. Sakura moaned shamelessly as she arched her back and spasmed to the point where she turned over and clawed at the terrain of rippled silk sheets, her lips parted as they swelled as if each glossy pink lip were bee-stung, giving her a plastic appearance that implied a deep-seated lust to wrap her lips around Sasuke’s fat girthy shaft and suck the cum straight out of his bloated balls sloshing with his creamy load. She licked those bulging spit-shined dickwrappers as she thought of him again, whimpering as she felt her compassion and love wasted when she remembered the moment he told her he was leaving. Her eyes opened only to reveal her glassy lust-added irises, her eyelids fluttering into a half-lidded stare as she bucked her lips and mewled sadly at the thought of him wasting the invaluable opportunity to stay together with her, feeling as if she meant nothing to him in the face of his languishing guilt. She could feel her need and desperation bubble to the surface like a caldera of boiling lust, causing her to moan out, “NO!” as her eyes rolled up in her head, lost to the intense palpitating waves of pleasure rolling up and down her spine with the force of a tidal wave, melting her thoughts into nothingness as her round asscheeks expanded. 

She grunted and moaned like an animal as her ass swelled up into a set of thick bubble-shaped globes that bounced and clapped lewdly together as her body undulated and convulsed in sheer mind-numbing bliss. Each pale doughy globe rippled with a layer of toned muscle underneath a jiggling layer of soft fat that added an intoxicating curvature to her hips, making her feel so sexy as coo mindlessly at the notion that she finally had the curves she always dreamed of. Sakura shivered as she gazed lustfully down at her new jiggling assets, feeling like she was a shameless sweat-oiled slut as she imagined fucking and pleasing Sasuke as she gargled his seed and begged for him to dump a thick creamy load inside her womb and fill her with babies. She could feel her elixir worm its way into her thoughts, infecting her with the deep-seated notion that she deserved to be happy with Sasuke, to be free of the ceaseless chaos and fighting the raged all around them; a product of the life they chose together. Droplets of sweat glistened on her modified body like twinkling diamonds, quivering and rolling off her skin as she trembled wearily and spasmed erratically as she tried to pull herself back up to her hands and knees. Her eyes flared with a manic lust as her inhibitions evaporated away, replaced with a depraved resolve to start calling the shots, to take control to show her lover what he was truly missing; the chance to fuck the heirs of the Uchiha clan straight into her fertile womb. She bit her pillowy lips as she imagined what her beautiful babies would look like, her nipples gleefully spraying squirts of thick creamy milk as she orgasmed just from the thought of how her belly would bulge outward and add a maternal curve to her already voluptuous figure. As she plastered a stupid lust-addled expression on her face and sluttily rolled her eyes up in her head, she began to find the determination to keep him here and show him what love and loyalty truly meant. She tugged at her gushing teats and bucked her hips wildly in the air as she squirted all over her rippled sheets, her moans ringing throughout her bedroom as she concocted her lewd little scheme and babbled it out as if she were confessing everything she was about to do. As she opened her eyes and stared blearily at the dark ceiling, she smiled lecherously as she slowly slid her lips across her greased-up dicksuckers, her vision swimming with her lewd scheme. 

Sasuke sighed inwardly as he tilted his head down and stared at the varnished wooden tabletop, his breath billowing from his lips in calm, steady bursts as he focused on controlling his emotions. No matter how hard he tried or how much he wanted to, he couldn't stop himself from feeling that languishing onslaught of guilt and shame seething within his core as it whispered it’s denigrating condemnation in his mind. No matter how sincere his regret had become, he couldn’t bring himself to forgive his past actions, the way he allowed his hatred to consume him, and the price he paid for the warped beliefs that ruled his life. So embroiled within his inner turmoil, he nearly failed to notice Sakura enter the room, her massive pale breasts bursting through the room seconds before the rest of her body, ensnaring his attention from his tumultuous thoughts as he openly stared at her hypersexualized new curves. 

For some reason he still couldn't bring himself to fathom, Sakura had grown incredibly busty since the last time he saw her, and as she set a bubbling pot of stew on the smooth table, she bent over and flaunted her new assets, captivating Sasuke as her massive tits gently bounced from side to side like a pair of pussy pillow pendulums. He gulped nervously as his enamored gaze slid from one jiggling creamy mound to the other, his cock stiffening in his black slacks as he stared at her stiff nipples protruding from the burgundy fabric of her bodice, the thin material stretched to the breaking point around her large spherical tits. He tried to stare his gaze away, to exercise some restraint and control his wanton urges, but he found himself staring hypnotically downwards, captivated by her hourglass figure that practically wore and contorted her dress to the exact dimensions of her busty body, culminating in wide breeding hips that invited his eyes to slid across her fat bubble ass clearly outlined by the strained material. He distantly imagined just how hard she had to try to even fit into the incredibly scant little dress with her apron draped protectively over it, her glistening boob flesh almost spilling out into his face, two sweat-glazed mounds that radiated the intoxicating fragrance of cherry blossoms that seemingly lured his head forward, inviting him to smother his face between her deep creamy cleavage and breath in her flowery scent while he licked every inch of those gorgeous doughy tits. He couldn't help it, his eyes glazed over as he conceded that one lick and the relief of motorboating those massive pale udders would settle this depraved urge seething within him. Before his lips could press against her soft doughy mounds, Sakura hooked her index finger under his chin and tilted his gaze up, forcing him to stare into her smoldering green eyes as her lips curled into a satisfied smile. 

“Eyes up here, pretty boy,” Sakura purred as she dragged her tongue across her swollen lips, causing him to gulp as he stared at the glossy veneer of gold lipstick on those puffy cockpillows. Sasuke gripped the table until his knuckles turned white, trying to subdue the massive erection between his legs, sporting the hardest boner of his life as he settled himself back in his chair and shot barely-concealed glances at Sakura’s mouthwatering cleavage as she helped herself to the stew and smiled benignly at him. He cursed at himself inwardly as he helped himself, scooping a hearty helping of the delicious stew and grabbing a mound of soft and crunchy bread from the woven basket next to the ceramic pot. 

“So, you’re still planning on leaving,” Sakura asked after a moment, her eyes gleaming with some measure of desperation and barely-concealed need. Sasuke ate with gusto for a long moment, trying to delay his answer as he savored the warm bread partially dipped in the brown meaty broth, his spoon softly clattering in his bowl as he ate a thick chunk of beef. While it proved to be the most delicious thing he had ever tasted, Sasuke found himself unable to enjoy the meal as much as he would have liked, his attention fixated on Sakura’s sexy body and the question that hung awkwardly in the air. 

“Yeah...I do. I’m sorry, but..*sigh* I have to do this,” Sasuke replied hesitantly, wincing inwardly as Sakura noticeably slumped in her chair, sadness striking her immaculate features and adding to the regret lancing Sasuke’s heart. He stared dejectedly down into his bowl for a long moment, staring at the carrots and potatoes partially submerged under the thick meaty broth like little islands of steaming geometric shapes. When his voice broke the silence, it was tinged with the sincerity of his regret, infused with the love he felt for her that he tried to convey with every syllable. 

“I wish I could stay here with you and build a happy life, but I can’t. Not now...maybe not for a long time. I’m no good to anyone like this, not while I have to atone for everything I did, I hope you understand,” Sasuke confessed earnestly, his anxiety betrayed by his fingers rolling a portion of bread in his fingers until it resembled dough. 

“Don't worry, I understand perfectly,” Sakura replied with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, leaning forward in her chair to thrust out her massive tits for Sasuke to ogle at and distract him as he quickly scarfed down the rest of his food. “It can’t help a girl to try and keep her man here, but I understand everything.”

Sasuke’s ears perked up as she enunciated the last word with a sultry tone that caused his stiff cock to jerk upward in his slacks, causing him to imperceptibly wince in pleasure before he found the ability to respond. “You do?” Sasuke inquired, dipping his bread inside his empty bowl to polish off the savory broth coating the bottom. 

“Oh I do,” Sakura purred, licking her lips repeatedly as if she were eagerly waiting for something. All it would have taken was a mere observation with his keen senses to have detected something was terribly out of place, but as a strange sensation stirred within Sasuke’s body, he finally began to understand, and he could not have been more shocked to have been blindsided that easily. 

“What did you do,” He groaned, clenching his fingers atop the table until they turned white, a weird euphoric pleasure wracking his body like an affliction as he felt his loins throb like crazy. 

“Simple, sweetheart, you said it yourself. You’re no good to anyone the way you are I decided to change that,” Sakura quipped, biting her lower lip to restrain the crazed smile tugging at the corners of her lips, her eyes swirling with a maelstrom of raunchy perversion and manic glee. Sweat beaded on Sasuke’s forehead as he gritted his teeth and tried his best not to groan, feeling his cock throb and pulsate with pleasure as it began to grow, tenting his trousers like a pillar buried under cotton fabric and inhibitions, aching to burst free and claim it’s possessive ownership over him. By the time Sasuke gently started groaning, his erection was an impressive eleven-inches long and complimented by a pair of mango-sized cum factories that practically vibrated as they churned his gelatinized sperm. Rippling waves of searing pleasure began to erode his restraint into dust as Sasuke’s wide eyes began to glaze over, his hips bucking gently as he began to crave something soft, wet, and warm to fuck like crazy and free him from the curse boiling in his veins. So embroiled with his internal struggles, he didn't even sense Sakura strut around the table with a flirtatious smile stretching those fat cockpillows until she pulled his chair away from the table and squatted in front of him, her doughy tits resting on his thighs as she groaned playfully and blew an affectionate kiss at him. 

“My poor Sasuke, you’re hurt,” Sakura said with a high-pitched tone, her sex-infused giggles filling Sasuke with the depraved urge to fish out his large erection and fuck her throat until he squirted the contents of his swollen balls inside her stomach. Sasuke’s eyes drooped heavily as he leaned back in his chair, his hands dangling uselessly as Sakura caressed his throbbing package and slowly pulled his pants down. 

And..lucky for you. I know. The. Perfect...Cure,” Sakura added, punctuating each word with a forceful tug of his pants, pulling them off his body by the time she finished her sentence to expose his fat throbbing cock, squealing in delight as it swung free of its confines and slapped her squarely across the face, squirting a glob of creamy goo that smeared across her forehead, giving rise to a musky odor that made Sakura’s mind slow to a crawl. She smiled dumbly as she began to stroke his flushed girthy phallus, cooing as it began to leak noodle-like strands of gooey semen that lubricated his shaft like a pearlescent glaze. But as she reduced him to a groaning wreck, babbling incoherently for her to stop, her hands began to glow with a soothing emerald light that transmuted into a viscous goo that slurped possessively around his shaft like a glowing condom. 

“Don’t worry, Let me take care of you and love you like only I can,” Sakura soothingly cajoled him, her hands jacking off his cock as the chakra-infused goo clung wetly at his shaft like a loving maw that invited him to fuck it like a tight cunt. But he was rendered powerless by the debilitating pleasure that reduced him to a spasming wreck as he simply sat back and enjoyed the ecstasy pulsating from his girthy erection. Sickening “Shlick! Shlick! Shlick!” noises reverberated dimly in his mind as Sakura jacked him off with her sexualized chakra, adding a raunchy slurping noise that nearly sent him over the edge even as gouts of lumpy seed erupted from his cavernous piss-pipe like alabaster magma, coating Sakura’s dainty hand in its sticky effluence while he moaned helplessly in her grip. As she continued to pleasure his enormous fuck spear, Sasuke found his mind become sluggish and dulled by pleasure to the point where a thick fog descended over his mind and dissolved his thoughts. By the time his head lolled forward and gazed down at his engorged shaft, his eyes were glassy and lust-addled while the simplest thoughts felt like slogging through tar, difficult and slow to the point where he simply stopped trying. He moaned pitifully as he bucked his hips weakly and gave in to the desperate pleasure melting him into slag, fed by his growing shaft until it jutting 14-inches from his crotch; a titan flanked by an ever-growing pair of bloated balls. He opened his mouth and groaned, trying to summon up the brainpower to even plead for a reprieve, but Sakura took his breath away by staring hypnotically into his eyes and pressing her index finger against his lips. 

“Naughty, naughty Sasuke. It’s too soon for you to start thinking.” Sakura said with a seductive giggle that caused Sasuke to splatter her breasts with a gooey rope of lumpy pre-cum. He stared at her through half-lidded eyes as she descended hungrily upon his cock, but the moment her bee-stung lips wrapped around his shaft and her dexterous tongue lovingly wrapped around his girthy diameter, his back arched as he groaned loudly and bucked his hips, overwhelmed by the deluge of mind-melting pleasure that robbed him of any semblance of lucidity. His needy groans filled the dining room as Sakura shamelessly slurped and sucked at his cock, her pillowy dicksuckers stretched into glossy taut lines around the base of his shaft as her tongue slithered out of her mouth to lap at his sweat-slick nutsack. Palpitating waves of pleasure completely dominated his thoughts even as the constricting seal her swollen lips formed around his cock abated, but soon Sakura’s hunger for his orgasmically delicious cockslop proved too great for her to draw out her raunchy blowjob. Her muffled moans vibrated around his shaft as she bobbed her head and sucked in her cheeks, forming a vacuum seal around his cock as she forced it down her throat in a single gulp and quaffed the spurts of thick cream gushing from his cockhead. His thick shaft bulged in her throat as she gagged lewdly, sending more vibrations down to the base of his shaft to pump more of that gooey nutbutter down her throat, feeding the ravenous hunger for his seed as she face-fucked herself desperately. Thick rings of her gold lipstick caked around his cock as she descended deeper and deeper down his shaft until his fat balls slapped wetly against her chin with each undulating motion, her eyes glazed over as she allowed her throat to become nothing more than a pussy to milk his bloated balls. 

Sasuke groaned as she began to moan his name, her tongue lovingly massaging the veiny underside of his shaft as that muffled sound reached his ears and threatened to send him over the edge. His guttural moans betrayed just how much he wanted to unload his cum-stuffed nuts inside her stomach, to end his sexual torment and finally regain the ability to think, but no matter how much he wanted to, something held him back. As Sakura bobbed her head even faster and clamped down like a vice around his shaft, Sasuke began to understand, pulled to the brink of insanity by the warm and incredibly tight feeling of Sakura’s throat hugging his girthy prick. He wanted to stay and never leave, to fuck this loving tight hole and dump his cockslop deep inside her stomach, to caress her hypersexualized body with his hands and feel those fat bouncing udders wrapped like a pocket pussy around his cock as he bucked his hips and painted those fat tits in gooey ropes of alabaster nut custard. He wanted all of that and he didn't care if her belly bulged with his babies as a byproduct of their raunchy copulation, all that mattered was blowing his load down her throat and simply letting her take over. His eyes rocketing up to the whites in his skull as he began to cum, thick bulges shooting up his shaft as he began to dump his viscous cream directly inside her stomach. He roared like an animal as his balls acted as his brains, vacating their creamy contents while they possessed his body with overwhelming torrents of searing white-hot pleasure that filled his beloved's stomach until she looked pregnant herself. Sakura’s moans mixed with his as she quaffed down the stick glue-like viscosity, her eyes crossing and staring dreamily down the base of his shaft as she indulged herself with his copious orgasm, groaning as if she was feasting on an increasingly orgasmic meal that provided the only nourishment she cared to slurp down. 

Sweat covered Sasuke’s body in a rippling sheen as his muscles began to grow and bulge in ways that training never allowed him, displayed ever clearer by his shirt plastered to his body while he gasped and moaned as his climax only melted his rationale into slop and made him even hornier. His vision blurred as a rush of wind, sound, giggles, and color coalesced around him, settling into a familiar setting of their shared bedroom ceiling that did nothing to comfort him. Instead, his entire body craved to appease the beast throbbing almost-painfully between his legs, a blunted fleshy spike that glistening in the dim-lighting and bubbled with a creamy slop and slowly oozed down his veiny thickness. Before he could regain even a modicum of his senses, he began to smell her intoxicating fragrance, an amalgamation of cherry blossoms, cum, and sex that made Sasuke even hornier as Sakura pressed her naked body on top of him and dragged her tongue up and down his bulging abs. He gritted his teeth as he pushed her off him, regretting that decision almost immediately as he struggled to his feet, stumbling towards the door only to have Sakura wrap her arms around him and pull him gently back to the bed. 

“You’re not leaving me anymore. Not now, not ever. You’re staying with big muscled brute with a huge fat dick that's going to breed me like crazy and feed me with that thick creamy goo!” Sakura whispered salaciously, fastening her glossy gold lips around his ear as she released a high-pitched moan that made his head feel light and more complacent. 

“Mmm, do you feel that?” Sakura moaned out, sliding her hands up and down his chest, occasionally gripping his quivering fuckpole to force him to erupt in a series of groans. “It’s all the drugs and hormones I laced into that stew. It’s turning you into a hunky stud that's melting your free will and pesky thoughts into pleasure…rewiring your brain until your yummy dick is what dictates everything you do...just as it should be. mmm, guess who holds the reins over that pulsating beast!” 

Sasuke shook his head and lurched forward, trying to pull himself away from his lust-crazed girlfriend only to fall to his knees and gasp for breath as he struggled to forge any remnant of willpower to escape her perverted clutches. But his efforts only amounted to a renewed throbbing and jerking of his cock, drooling a syrupy strand of cum that dangled in the cool air as he fought the urge to simply relax and let her own and love him possessively. That feeling only magnified as he stumbled away from her, his hands clawing at the doorknob only to dimly realize the futility of his escape. It felt like a truth he was only denying, that sense of ownership and command Sakura had over him, his cock, his heart, to the point where she became everything to him. But a more self-centered and prideful part of him tried to deny it, and as he opened the door and sighed in relief, his sense of escape crashed to a screeching halt the moment he began to speak. 

“I’m done...I..I’m leaving now,” Sasuke said hesitantly, wincing as her sex laugh rang in his ears. He wanted to hate that mocking laugh, but he simply turned and stared at her naked body as she laid sideways on the mattress

“My love, you might have had that option 10 minutes ago, but sweetie, you’re mine now. Your cock is mine, your heart is mine, and the harder you get, the dumber and more obedient you become for me,” Sakura retorted with a slight smirk on her face, getting onto her hands and knees to thrust out her chest and present him with a mouthwatering view of her soft pillowy milkbags. Her eyes drooped into a heavy-lidded stare as she rolled one of her massive spherical mounds in her hand as she stroked her pussy, filling Sasuke’s ears with a wet “Shlick! Shlick! Shlick!” noise that made his brain feel foggy and dumb. He found himself utterly mesmerized by her, the way her body jiggled and bounced, the way her nipples protruded from her creamy udders and gushed with sweet milk that had his nostrils flaring as he drank in the intoxicating scent, even the way her fingers disappeared inside her tight glistening cunt; all of it proved overwhelmingly spellbinding. 

Suddenly, being her dumbed-down stud didn't seem so bad, especially if he got to fuck her silly and knock her up over and over again. Sasuke’s eyes glazed over as he simply stared at her salacious teasing, her eyes staring dominantly into his, eyefucking him lewdly until she made a ‘come here’ gesture with her index finger. Sasuke hesitated as he turned his head reluctantly to the door and tried to remember why he needed to leave. It surely couldn't have been to escape her clutches, he wanted nothing more than to be her stud and let her milk hot loads from his swollen cum factories while he fucked her senseless like a good toy and filled her with children, but some part of his mind still screamed for him to escape. But he turned away from the door nonetheless, mindlessly obeying Sakura as he stumbled toward her only to have her push him down on the bed. 

“Smart boy, I knew you’d come around to doing things my way,” Sakura said as she pinned him down and began rubbing her massive tits up and down his body. Bursts of pleasure caused stars to explode across his vision as Sakura stuffed his cock between her breasts and began titfucking him earnestly, eye-fucking him the whole time with a raunchy smile plastered on her face. His hips bucked and spasmed instinctually when he was finally consumed by the simple need to vacate the contents squirming in his balls, his pre-cum spewing urethra bubbling with his thick white goo as he coated the tops of her jiggling breasts with a drooling coating of chunky nutbutter that glistened erotically in the light. While some part of him ached to dominate and fuck Sakura senseless, it was overwhelmed by the dark twisted whisper to simply obey and milk the ceaseless ecstasy permeating his muscled body as his pisspipe bulged with his creamy load. He felt pinpricks of shame as he began to orgasm just from the sensation of her soft fat tits rubbing sensually up and down his shaft, his eyes rolling up as he released a torrent of animalistic guttural moans, burying his mind under an avalanche of pleasure as he bucked his hips and covered Sakura’s upper body in ropes of hot sperm that looked like a latticework of drooping webbing that reeked of musk and sex. No matter how hard he tried to hate this, to deny how good and right it felt to splatter his gelatinized fuckbutter all over his beloved, to even resist and take back a semblance of his independence and free will, Sasuke began to feel his twisted urges infect the love he felt for her until they became one in the same. He began to cry out like a growling animal, his sweat-greased muscles flexing as he convulsed in place and thrust his hips upward to appease the twisted desire he felt to breed her. It was a maddening urge, infecting every thought slithering through his pleasure-addled mind until he could visualize it as clear as day; Her swollen belly bulging with twins or triplets, her breasts ballooning from her frame and oozing thick creamy milk to feed them, her ass jiggling with the extra layer of soft doughy fat that would feel so intoxicating when he groped and fed her pulses of raunchy bliss in gratitude for carrying his young. 

Rivulets of steaming sperm glazed his muscled body in lumpy trails as Sakura slid her cum-plastered tits up his body, her tongue sliding across her lips to fill his pleasure-fucked brain with fantasies of stuffing his tongue in her mouth and kissing her, and when she finally did, Sasuke nearly orgasmed just from the sensation alone. Sasuke closed his eyes as he listened to Sakura groan as she fastened her plump bimbo lips around his tongue and suck on it greedily like it was a glistening cock, slurping up his spit while she massaged his body with her breasts and ground her slick folds against his muscled thigh. When their lips met, Sasuke ejected a thick rope of glue-like cum from his cock that splattered up her toned stomach and covered the undersides of her breasts, so enamored by the way her tongue intertwined around his own like a snake. He groaned as he cupped her cheeks and pulled her deeper into the kiss, their tongues tangling wildly and with abandon as he greedily strokes her long pink hair and snorted up her intoxicating scent. His cock jerked wildly while his balls clenched and vibrated as those fat orbs produced more squirming cocksludge, reacting to the sweet scent of cherry blossoms and mating pheromones that permeated her silken tresses. 

But when Sakura’s drooling folds rubbed up and down the underside of his jutting cock, he couldn't help but simply lay there and let her take control, revelling in the soft fleshy caress of her pussy until she grunted and stuffed his dick inside her, cramming his pulsating cockmeat up her tight constricting love tunnel lubricated with her pheromone-laced girl-honey. Sasuke’s back arched as he groaned and pulled inadvertently away from the raunchy kiss, gritting his teeth as froth formed at the corners of his lips as he tried to hang on to the tatters of his sanity as she rolled her hips wildly and rode him like a bull. He tried so hard to maintain even a modicum of control, his inner strength shining through for a futile moment before she started riding him in earnest, her cum-glazed breasts clapping with a sickening “squelch” as she cried out and used her powerful thighs to literally fuck his any notion of free-will right out of his skull. Depraved fleshy slaps echoed throughout the room as she fucked him wildly, punctuated by her raunchy moans and his involuntary cries of ecstasy. 

“Don’t worry baby, nnngh! You’ve got nothing to worry about, just let me love you like a mmm..fucking...mmnuhhh good girl can!” Sakura babbled out, her eyes half-lidded and glazed with lust and pleasure as she gyrated her hips in a circular motion and clenched her vaginal muscles around his cock, massaging him with a vice-like grip that made him moan like crazy and coat her depths with viscous splatters of hot lumpy pre-cum. “You’re going to be my fucking stud, my beautiful man that's going to fuck babies in my womb and keep me constantly pregnant...nnnghh I can't wait to squirt out your heirs! Breed me, Sasuke...knock me up, you fat-dicked sexy breeding bull!”

Sasuke’s eyes nearly rolled up in his head as a surge of pre-cum erupted in gouts of lumpy goo from his prick helmet, causing her pussy to squelch around his cock as she continued to bounce on his dick and fuck him like crazy. He tried to hug her close, conveying an instinctual affection that she casually batted aside in favor of pinning him down on the mattress with a startling ease, implicitly reminding him who was truly in control. Her massive mounds of boobflesh massaged his sweaty chest as she got on her hands and knees and grunted like an animal, her eyes rolling up as she came intensely and gushed her sweet honey from her cock-stuffed folds, her nipples squirting a latticework of creamy milk all over his glistening pectorals. Try as he might to protect the last vestiges of independence and sanity, Sasuke just couldn't stop himself from letting go of all of that as the onslaught of pleasure flared within his body, melting those inhibiting concepts into slag as he traded the ecstasy of his drug-addled body and the lust-addled love he felt for the woman bouncing on his fat dick for everything that kept him away from bliss like this. His back arched as he silently screamed, his balls palpitating as they churned his sticky fertile goo and shot it out of his shaft like a geyser that blasted his mind with a supernova of searing pleasure. His chest heaved as he drowned Sakura’s womb with his seed, his limbs helplessly thrashing underneath her as he nearly lost his mind from just how good it felt to vacate the contents of his balls inside her tight pussy, loving the way her greedy depths clenched around his shaft to milk more of his sticky effluence. His eyes fluttered close as he simply gave up trying to resist, shooting dozens of hot ropes inside her cunt to the point where he was certain she would wind up pregnant. He felt a warm fuzzy feeling in his chest at the thought, listening to the way she cooed and moaned as her belly bulged with the liters of spunk drowning her tight pussy, her hips weakly rolling as she manically made sure every dollop of cock cream was drained from his balls. 

Sakura lolled forward and hugged him possessively when she was finally sure his orgasm had abated, her tongue lapping up splatters of milk all over his body while she groaned weakly and felt his load slosh within her womb. “You better get used to this pretty boy,” She teased when her mind finally resurfaced from the deluge of pleasure overruling her mind. “Because I can’t wait for my daughters to rule over their big, dumb husbands and milk them for cum and babies...mmm...just thinking about it makes me want to fuck you senseless all over again!”

Sasuke turned his head to the side when he came down from his intense high, feeling a flare of shame at the depraved thoughts bubbling in his mind as a result of the lewd sex he was forced to enjoy. But there was one thing he couldn't deny as he hugged his future wife and groped her thick ass, he loved this. He loved every palpitating wave of pleasure blasting his mind into shreds and stripping him of his guilt. He knew he was going to crave it, need it, and love it just as much as he loved the immaculate woman controlling his body as if it were a mere plaything. As his eyes fluttered close and he drifted into an exhausted sleep, he could hear her moans of delight as she coaxed his cock back to full mass and stuffed it back inside her cum-gushing pussy, fucking him wildly amidst the growing pool of musky sperm, feeling his squirming sperm invade her ovaries and finally fill her body with his children.

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