Before The War

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This isn’t good!’ Naruto mentally exclaimed. ‘There’s going to be a war, so I could die before I even have sex!’ he screamed, “Aahhh!” clutching his head. “What should I do? What should I do? I know! Sakura-cha-urk! Uh…maybe not,” he said, an image of Sakura belting him over the head and stomping off in a huff. “Okay, forget Sakura-chan. Hmm…how about Ino? She’s always wearing something pretty racy, so maybe she’s a better option. Yeah! I’ll call her.” He then rushed over to the phone and started to push in numbers but, before he could press the last number, he sighed and hung the phone up. He regrettably said, “No. She’s got those freaky mind jutsus, so who knows how she’d react. Tenten then? No. Probably a bad idea too, besides, she’s with Neji. Naruto sighed. “Oohh! Wait! I know! Shadow clones! That’ll work!” Naruto wasted no time in making a handseal and a cloud of smoke appeared next to him and he said to it, “Well, you know what I want.”

“Right,” the clone said, and made a hand seal of its own, transforming into a beautiful, buxom female version of Naruto with her hair in a ponytail that was wearing a pair of orange short shorts, a black sports bra and a more form-fitting version of Naruto’s jacket, black leggings and a pair of heeled sandals with a strap around her ankles. She said, “Is this alright?”

“That’s perfect,” Naruto said, “now, on your knees,” nodding before him. The clone did as she was ordered and sunk to her knees in front of Naruto’s crotch. She unzipped his fly and let his cock spring out of his boxers. She took in the sight nervously, knowing what she had to do, but still concerned about the fact that she would be sucking a man’s dick. She was about to back down and dispel herself when she breathed in deeply and was completely overwhelmed by the heady scent that was somehow strangely enticing, even though she knew the source. So she moved her head in closer and passed the tip before rubbing her face against it.

The clone felt a hand tilting her head back, forcing her to look up at the owner and asked, “What is it?”

“I didn’t make you so that you could dick around. Get to it.” he then let her head go, and she turned back to what she was doing. She moved forward and around before breathing again, her mind entering a rosy haze as she kissed Naruto’s dick and moved up his shaft, her lips not leaving his dick once. When she was at the top, she pushed the sudden rise of nerves aside and took Naruto’s dick into her mouth. When it was in she marvelled at the feel of it and wrapped her tongue around it to get a true taste. Naruto let out a pleasure-fuelled groan and said, “’Atta way, girl.”

Naruko let out a moan of her own, pleased at pleasing her creator. After a bit more of that, Naruto yanked Naruko’s hair back and said, “Alright, enough playing around. Time to get to business,” and started taking off his shirt. Naruko, with an eager smile, shot straight up and started undressing herself. Naruto dived onto his bed and bounced up, flipping over and spreading his arms and legs to soften the landing. When Naruko got there she sprung on to the bed landing on her hands and knees over her creator. Naruto grabbed his dick and lined it up for Naruko, who sunk back onto it. Well, she tried to, but when she did, she was dispelled and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Naruto’s eyes widened desperately reaching out for the blonde bombshell, touching only smoke. He exclaimed, “What the hell!” Then he remembered that clones disappeared after one strong blow. He grunted and exclaimed, “DAMNITTT!!!!” realising that not only did he have the memories of Naruko, but the ‘arousal’ had also been transferred back. He said, “Ah stuff it!” and made another clone before making a hand seal himself. He was covered in smoke as the clone appeared. When it cleared, left behind was the blonde from before.

Naruko said, “Alright, let’s get to it,” and started for the bed.

Before she could hop onto it though, the clone grabbed her upper arm and said, “Hold it a moment.”

“Eh?” Naruko asked. “Why?”

“Because,” Naruto said. “I’m sure you know, but I want to make this last.”

“Hmm…” Naruko said. “Alright. What do you want?”

“Hmm…” Naruto said and grinned. He stepped forward and reached under Naruko’s arm and squeezed her large breasts, saying, “I think that we should probably test these girls out first. As he did, Naruko moaned feeling strangely good when the clone’s dick pressed into the soft flesh of her ass. Naruto continued to play with her right breast as he moved his left down, over her stomach. He kept on moving his hand down and started rubbing Naruko’s pussy, causing her to start twitching within his arms. Before she orgasmed though, Naruto let her go, causing her to collapse to her knees and look up at Naruto, her eyes desperately pleading ‘WHY?!’

Naruto looked down at her and said, I told you, didn’t I? I want you to make good use of your tits. So get to it.”

Naruto bucked his hips towards her and Naruko got the idea. She knee-walked over and took hold of both of her breasts and pushed them together, wrapping them around Naruto’s cock. She asked, “Like this?”

“Yes. Now, get on with it already.”

Naruko nodded and started moving her tits up and down the shaft, which she felt get harder. As she worked Naruko actually started to enjoy the feeling of giving pleasure to her clone. When she felt Naruto’s dick start to swell, she said, “Alright, let’s get on with it.” and tried to stand up.

But she couldn’t as, as soon as she did, she was forced back to her knees. The clone said, “I think not.”


“Well, think about it. What happened last time?”

“The clone disappeared because of how it was made. What of it?”

“Yeah. And you were left on the edge. So, why risk the same happening this time too?”


“Finish your titjob, then we can fuck.”

“Alright,” Naruko said, and went back to moving her tits over Naruto’s cock.

Soon enough, Naruto said, “Alright, open your mouth.”

Naruko asked, “Why?” just as Naruto came all over her tits and face, some of which shot into her open mouth. She flinched away as it did. And, because of how little got in there, was forced to swallow the cum. She exclaimed, “What the hell was that?”

Naruto looked down and said, “Good girl.”

“So, revenge, was it?” Naruko asked.

“Something like that.”

“Well then, get to it,” Naruko said, bending over and putting her hands on the bed.

“Uhh…sorry, but…” Naruto said, his eyes looking down at his flaccid dick.

“Ugh,” Naruko said, “that’d be right.”

Naruto said, “Don’t worry. I’ve got a brilliant idea!”

“Really? What is it?” Naruko asked, her dripping pussy all the evidence that Naruto needed that she would agree to just about anything.

Naruto said, “You’ll just have to do what your clone did earlier,” as he lay down on the bed.

“What my…” Naruko said, getting the idea when her clone moved his hips. “Ri-ightt…” with that Naruko crawled onto the bed and lowered her face down to Naruto’s dick and took in a deep breath, finding the scent even better than she did earlier for some reason. She bent down and saw the cum left over from when he’d sprayed his cum all over her. She cringed at the sour taste that she knew that she’d soon have in her mouth, but, figuring that the pleasurable taste of the cock that was she was about to take into her mouth would override it, she hesitantly reached out with her tongue and licked Naruto’s cock until it was clean of his cum before swallowing it all.

When he heard the sound of contentment that Naruko let out after swallowing his cum, Naruto said, “Like that, did you?” Naruko took her clone’s cock into her mouth without a word and started working it to arousal. When he thought it was ready, Naruto grabbed her ponytail and lifted her off of his cock. He said, “Alright. It’s time.”

Naruko grinned and got up and crawled forward before straddling Naruto. She grabbed his cock, lined it up with her pussy and suddenly got nervous when it touched the lips of her cunt. She said, “Actually…” and started to make a seal to dispel her clone.

The clone wasn’t going to have any of it and said, “Don’t even think about it!” and grabbed her thighs and pushed down, hard, bottoming out inside Naruto with one movement. Naruko’s eyes widened and her lips turned up into a deranged smile. “Now, fuck your pussy with my dick.” Naruko rose up, off of Naruto's dick and lowered herself again, this time more slowly than when she had been forced onto it, wanting to savour the feeling, but Naruto wasn’t satisfied with that and grabbed her ass, surprised at just how fleshy it was, and used it to speed her up. Naruko herself was surprised at both how fleshy her ass was, and how good it felt to have it held the way it was. She started letting out sounds of pleasure, but, as she did, there was a knock on the door. She decided to ignore it and kept on moving up and down the cock that was giving her more pleasure than she’d ever felt as a guy.

The clone had other ideas and called out, “Who is it?”

A loud voice answered, “It’s Konohamaru!”

Naruko said, “Send him away,” as she continued to roll her hips.

Naruto thought, ‘I could, but I think that ‘the boss’, could do with a real man inside her.’ To Naruko’s horror, he called out, “It’s open!”

Konohamaru went inside and, not seeing Naruto, called out, “Where are you?”

Naruko exclaimed, “Damnit!”

Naruko made a hand seal to release the clone, but, before she could do it, the clone called out “In the bedroom!”

Just before the clone released, Konohamaru got to the doorway and saw what was going on. Then, Naruko transformed back into Naruto. Konohamaru exclaimed, “Hey, what the hell, boss? Transform back, I don’t wanna see your fucking dick!” as Naruto turned to face him.

“Right!” Naruto exclaimed, quickly transforming back into the naked form of Naruko. She then said, “Now, why are you here?”

“I think a more pressing one is what were you doing?”

“I should think that that’s pretty obvious.”

“Alright, better yet, why?”

“Well, I’m about to go off to war and I didn’t want to die a virgin.”

“Wouldn’t you normally ask one of your friends to help with that?”

“Normally, but my female friends extend to Sakura, Ino and Tenten.”

“What about that girl that went to save you when you were trapped by Pain?”

“Hinata?” Naruto exclaimed. “If I asked her she’d probably die. In any case, she’s a Hyūga. If I pissed them off, my chances of ever becoming Hokage would basically reduce to nothing.”

“Okay, I guess that’s a fair point,” Konohamaru said, knowing how they could be, thanks to having been in the same class as Hanabi. “Well then, I guess that means that you need the dick of a real man to finish you off then, huh?”

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?” Naruko said, an annoyed look coming onto her face. She didn’t know, but it caused Konohamaru to think that it made her look cute.

“Well,” Konohamaru said with a grin. He started to walk towards her as he said, “I saw how big you were as a guy, and it wasn’t that impressive. Besides, do you really think that you can say with any honesty that you are a guy? Or, that I would ever believe you from this point forward?”

“What do you…?”

“Right now, you’re nothing more than a cock craving slut.”

“What the…How could you think tha…” Naruko started to say before Konohamaru grabbed her shoulders and forcefully turned her around and grabbed her hair to force her to bend over before heo jammed the forefinger and middle fingers of his right hand into her pussy, causing her to have the orgasm that she’d just missed out on having when Konohamaru came into the room. Naruko fell onto her bed, her legs losing all of their strength. She also lost consciousness.

Konohamaru was having none of that though, being far too hard to even consider ending it with only Naruko coming. He picked up her feet and pushed her fully onto the bed. He then reached forward and pulled her up by the hips so that her pussy was being presented to him so that he could fuck her more easily from a standing position next to her bed. He then said, “Hmm…you know, it might get me off, fucking her while she’s unconscious, but it wouldn’t really be too fun if ‘the boss’, doesn’t know what’s happening to her. So, how should I go about waking her up I wonder? Hmm…” Konohamaru grinned and took off his shoes, socks and pants. He then walked up to the prone blonde bombshell, and rested his dick in the centre of her ass crack. He then grabbed her fleshy cheeks and pulled them together around his dick. He then started moving his hips forward and backwards.

A few minutes later, Naruko started to wake up, feeling something strangely good rubbing up against her ass. She kept her eyes closed as she didn’t want the feeling to go away, thinking that it had something to do with the in-between state that she was in. When she let out a soft sound of pleasure at the action, Konohamaru grinned and thought, ‘It’s about time she woke up. Although it would appear that she thinks this is part of some dream.’ He grinned and pulled away as he raised his hand back before bringing it back down onto Naruko’s ass.

Naruko’s eyes shot open and she looked back to see Konohamaru behind her and realised that she was on her hands and knees, presenting her pussy to him. she thought, ‘This position! It’s almost like I’m a…’ and then she felt Konohamaru grab her hips, which somehow turned her on even more. But that paled to when, barely a second later, he forced her onto his shaft in one go. she let out a “Nnngggg!!!” as she felt a strange mixture of both pleasure and pain as Konohamaru’s dick bottomed out inside of her. As it did, she noted that he had been right before. His was far larger than hers when she was male. She found that discovery humiliating as she had always thought hers to be rather large. Even worse though, was that she was actually turned on by it. She tried to bite her lip to prevent herself from giving voice to her pleasure, thereby informing Konohamaru that he had been right.

Konohamaru had heard her though, and stopped inside of her as he leaned forward and said, “See what I mean, slut?” hearing her be called a slut while Konohamaru’s large dick was inside her, caused Naruko to orgasm. Konohamaru smirked and said, “So, you get off on being called names, do you, ‘boss’?”

Naruko thought, ‘He’s calling me that to mock me!’ and Konohamaru began to move his hips forward and backwards, always thrusting as deep as he could go before drawing back. When he did, he purposefully made sure that it was a different length each time to keep her guessing. Naruko could do nothing while her large tits swung under her as she was fucked by her minion. As her hips started to buck, Naruko’s arms lost what strength they had and buckled so that she was resting on her forearms, causing her tits to rest on the bed, though, she still felt a pulling and pulling on her chest as she was forced back and forth by Konohamaru’s cock. Naruko’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tongue come out of her mouth as she orgasmed.

When Naruko stopped cumming, after her third orgasm, she was panting heavily. Konohamaru, grinned down at her and slapped her ass to get her attention. She looked over her shoulder at him, a confused look on her face. He said, “You didn’t think that we were done yet, did you, ‘boss’?” She nodded tiredly. Konohamaru grinned and said, “Well we aren’t. Not by a long shot.”

Naruko tiredly asked, “Huh?”

Konohamaru lay down on the bed and said, “You’ve got to clean up your mess,” and thrust his hips forward, causing his cum-covered dick to move about. Without a word, Naruko slowly turned around and crawled between Konohamaru’s legs and moved over his cock. She lowered her head to take it in, but hesitated at the last moment. Konohamaru was having none of it though, and grabbed the back of her head and forced it onto his cock. Naruko’s eyes widened as it went into her throat. She started to thrash about as she tried to breathe, but she could only suck in the scent of sex. Konohamaru reluctantly drew her off of his cock. When she was off of it, Naruko sucked in many deep breaths, tasting the air as if it was a delectable treat. When she was breathing easily again, she went back down and, fearing that Konohamaru would force her down his shaft again, didn’t hesitate as she took it into her mouth, and wrapped her tongue around his dick as she pulled up. She looked up at Konohamaru and opened her mouth to show him that she had done as instructed and taken their mixed cum into her mouth. She then closed her mouth and swallowed and showed him that there was none left in her mouth before going back for more. She repeated it five more times until there was no more cum left for her on Konohamaru’s cock.

“Now, come on, and I’ll let you finish what you were doing when I interrupted you.”

“What’s that?” Naruko asked, having completely forgotten what she was up to in the face of the pleasure that she was receiving at the end of her minion’s dick.

Konohamaru grabbed her arm and pulled her forward before pushing her up so that she was straddling his stomach. He said, “Fuck yourself on my dick.”

“Ah, right,” Naruko said, and grabbed Konohamaru’s dick, aiming it at her pussy. She sunk back down onto it and let out a drawn out moan as she felt every inch grind against her folds. She began moving up and down and felt Konohamaru grab her ass and knead the flesh, causing her pleasure to increase. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm again.

When she had, Konohamaru said, “Good girl,” and lightly slapped her ass. “Now, there’s just one more thing that we need to do before I let you go and get ready for this war.”

“Really? What is it?” Naruko asked as she saw Konohamaru make a seal that she recognised immediately.

Konohamaru said, “Kage Bunshin no jutsu,” making a clone that was standing next to the bed.

Konohamaru then grasped Naruko’s ass tightly and stood up the clone standing behind her. She said, “You’re not going to…” but that was all she got out before she felt the clone grab her under her arms as Konohamaru let go of her ass and grabbed her thighs, pulling her legs up so that she was looking at the ceiling. She was then turned around, so that her feet were flat on the floor.

She looked up at the clone, who was holding her down and it grinned. Konohamaru said, “Now, ‘boss’,” accentuating the moniker with a thrust of his hips. He drew out his dick from Naruko’s folds and said, “You need to make a decision.”

“About, what?” Naruko demanded.”

“About how we progress from here.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it should obvious, even to you, boss, that you’ve lost all respect from me as a man, and after this, there’s no chance of you ever getting it back. Besides, you do seem to love how my cock makes you feel on the receiving end. That leaves just one question.”

“What’s that?” Naruko asked, feeling completely humiliated from the words coming from her former minion.

“Do you want to continue our relationship as it currently is.”

“Do I…”

“Wait…before you answer. Think on this, if you say no, then we’ll never do this again, and, no matter how much you beg, I’ll never let you feel this pleasure again,” and bottomed out inside her again. He said, “If you agree, and want to be my bitch, suck my clone’s cock,” as the clone moved forward, letting its dick flop against Naruko’s cheek.

As Konohamaru continued to fuck her, and the scent of his clone’s cock filled her mind, Naruko thought, ‘His bitch?! How can he seriously expect me to answer that? Of course the answer’s no! although…’ She thought of all the things that they had done and felt a jolt of electricity rush straight to her pussy as she let out a moan at how their actions had made her feel, and how she hadn’t instigated a single one of them. She mustered all of the male courage that was in her and said, “Are you sure it’s not the other way around?”

“What was that?”

“Aren’t you the one that will miss all this?”

“Heh,” Konohamaru smirked. “I can always just go and get another girl to do this. Or, failing that, there are always the Yūkaku.”

Naruko grimaced as she subconsciously rubbed her cheek against the clone’s dick. She let out a pleasured groan as she rubbed her open mouth along it before suddenly realising that she had taken it into her mouth, and moaned, causing the clone to cum from the vibrations in her throat. When the clone disappeared she let out a satisfied sigh as she savoured the cum that it had deposited in her mouth.

Konohamaru reached around and grabbed her breasts and whispered, “Guess that’s a yes,” in her ear, and came once again, inciting Naruko’s orgasm, causing her to faint and fall to the floor, slipping off of his cock, her large breasts stopping her from hitting her head. Konohamaru grinned down at her and said, “Well, I’ll see you after the war, bitch,” before getting dressed and leaving.

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