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The time for people with physical anomalies has come. This magazine is all about the unique aspects that people have. The days of being outcasts has passed. We will pick the best of the best this Friday March 23. Please come to the Unique Modeling Agency at 1:00 pm. That is when auditions start.

We look forward to meeting you.


Deidara grinned as he got in his car. This was it. He was going to be a model. Just like the gods he saw in the magazines and on tv. He started the car and began his journey. When he finally got to the building he parked and checked his appearance in the review mirror. His platinum gold hair was smooth and beautiful. He had his gloves on and couldn't wait to take them off. His clothes were flattering and yet humble.

He got out and went into the main doors. He grinned as he went to the front desk. "Hello. I'm here for the modeling auditions."

The woman there looked up and smiled. "Of course. It's down the hall and to the left. Please fill out these papers so that we may know a bit more about you." She handed him a clipboard that had a few forms attached to it.

Deidara nodded and took the forms before heading in the direction specified. When he entered the room, he gulped. There were quite a few people there. He steadied himself and went to an empty seat. It didn't matter how many people there were. He had a huge advantage. As he filled out the forms his mind wandered a bit. He had a silly grin as he suddenly wondered if he might meet the top models that he admired so much.

Every model had a stage name that expressed their unique attributes. The top three were Animal, Shark, and (Deidara's personal favorite) Gaze. He sighed at the thought of the gorgeous man. Oh, he really hoped he could meet them. But if he didn't then he hoped he was picked so that he could work with them.

He waited for a good half hour before a person came out and pointed to him. "Come on back sir."

He stood up and straightened out his clothes. He went to the man and handed him the clipboard before following him down a hall. Deidara had to keep reminding himself to take deep breaths. When the door at the end of the hall was opened he paused for a bit. When he reassured his courage, he entered. There were three men and two women sitting at a table. His forms were handed to one of them and they began looking over them.

A man with ginger hair looked up with a smile. Deidara took a soft gasp as he saw the man's eyes. They were so intense and...well unique.

"Welcome Deidara. We are glad you took an interest in this. We see on your papers it says your unique attributes are 'extra mouths'. Let's see what that means."

The blond nodded. He first took off his gloves before taking off his shirt. He held up his hands and smirked. There was a mouth on each hand and a large mouth on his chest.

The people seemed shocked, but in a really good way. One woman with blue hair leaned forward. "Very fascinating. And how much control do you have with them?"

Dei shrugged. "Well I am able to keep them closed, but once they open I really have no say in what they do."

A man with very wolf-like features grinned and Dei can see sharp canines. "Wicked. Not to mention the rest of you is very beautiful."

The blond blushed. "Thank you, sir." His eyes widened as he suddenly recognized the man. This was 'Wolf'! He was such an amazing model! He did all his pictures with dogs. Especially a big white dog that was supposed to be owned by Wolf himself.

A woman with brilliant pink hair smiled gently. "We do need to know what you would be willing to do with the mouths. I know it sounds awkward, but it can help with our decisions."

One man with lilac eyes and long brown hair nodded. "And please be honest. We wouldn't want to pick you and then find out you lied." And this was 'Fate'! This man was known for his very feminine looks. He wasn't one of the models, instead being a manager for a few of them. But everyone started calling him Fate when he was quoted in a newspaper for saying that everything that happens to his clients is destiny and that their fate has already been laid out.

Dei blushed even more. "Well..." He coughed nervously. "I'm kind of willing to do anything. Partly because I really want this job but mainly because I kind of already have." He's had a few lovers in the past that have definitely loved his hands. And he has even made out with the mouths on a few occasions merely out of boredom.

The final guy who had been silent throughout the entire thing gave a soft nod, his green eyes showing intelligence. "We have what we need. We will call you with our decision."

Deidara almost gasped as he recognized this guy too. He was the only person accepted to Unique because of his attitude instead of his looks. 'Sand'. His bright red hair and the tattoo of the Japanese symbol for love on his forehead proved who he was. He was called Sand because apparently he grew up in a desert and therefore felt the most comfortable taking pictures in a desert like background/setting. How come Deidara didn't realize this?!

He looked at the first guy again and finally recognized him. This was the founder of Unique. Nagato! His nickname was pain but spelled 'Pein'. He was given this because everyone agreed of how much pain he had to have gone through in order to make this business such an extreme success. The girls must be executives or something, but he didn't recognize them. Besides, he only paid attention to the males anyway.

Deidara realized he was still just standing there and blushed even more. He gave a polite bow. "Thank you." He quickly rushed out, a huge grin on his face. That experience was so amazing! Even if he didn't get picked, he would remember this for the rest of his life!


Deidara stared at the letter, his eyes roaming the words again as if he hadn't already read it ten times.

Dear Deidara,

We are pleased to announce that you have been chosen to be the newest model for 'Unique'. We have all agreed that your title will be 'Lust' and that all your shoots will involve sexual elements in them. This means that your photos will only be shown in the official Unique magazine and nowhere else.

Please report to the Unique Modeling Agency at 8:00 am on Friday in order to be prepared for the introductions into the modeling life style that only Unique can give.

Sent from the office of,

Nagato 'Pein'

Deidara screamed his joy as he ran around his apartment. He knew he was going to be picked! And he'd get to do Mature Shots! Now all he had to do was wait for the correct date and make sure to be on time. This was literally a dream come true.

Friday couldn't come fast enough, but eventually it did indeed arrive. Deidara woke up at six, too excited to remain asleep. He spent the next hour getting ready to make his first appearance at his dream job. He arrived promptly at eight and went up to the front desk, recognizing the receptionist from before.

"Hi. I'm Lust. Where do I go?"

The woman smiled and gave a small chuckle. "You'll go to the conference room where you will meet all the other models. Today is mainly orientation and a few practice shoots. The conference room is where you did your audition." She winked. "Have fun."

With an excited "Thank you," the blond made his way to the correct room. He opened the doors and gasped. The room was so much different than before. There were chairs placed artfully throughout the room and against the wall was a long table with drinks (alcoholic and non) and small appetizers. Beautiful decorations were set up around the room making it look glamorous. There was a make-up station that Deidara figured they'd get their signature look made. There was also a small set-up for a practice photoshoot. But whether it was small or not made no difference to Deidara. It was all amazing.

Once he got past the decorations he gasped again. At the people. His eyes saw and his mind named. There was Fate and Pein. He also recognized Sand who was standing next to a porcelain perfect redhead named Doll. The rumors were true. He really looked like his namesake.

He found Wolf who grinned and winked at him, which caused Deidara to blush and squeal on the inside. He saw two other obvious models that he didn't recognize as well as some staff members. His eyes finally locked on a group of three who were chatting. First, he looked at the blond who was laughing with a smile and eyes that would make anyone feel joyful and light. His hair like the sun and those joy-filled eyes put a summer sky to shame. Three whisker-like marks on each cheek and wonderful tanned skin. This was Animal.

Then there was a man with bluish-grey tinted skin, large muscles, sharp teeth in a wide grin, and lines that looked like gills under small eyes. He was HUGE. This was Shark and it was amazing to see him in person. And a bit scary as well if Deidara had to tell the truth.

He felt his knees go weak and was sure a whimper left him when he finally saw the object of his obsession ever since he saw Unique Magazine for the first time. Gaze. Long black hair in a low ponytail. Tall slender frame, elegant hands around a wine glass. The air of royalty about him. And his eyes. Eyes that were red and piercing. Eyes that could see into your soul and make you do whatever he wanted. And Deidara wanted those eyes on him.

He blinked when he realized someone had been trying to talk to him. He looked to his side and blushed when he saw Pein right there. "I'm sorry. What did you say?"

Pein gave a soft chuckle. "I understand. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, I guess. What I was saying was how about you get to know the two other newbies first. After that we'll do more introductions to the other models." He led Deidara towards the two models that he hadn't known the names of. They paused though when a smiling young man in a horrible green outfit came up. Another young man, maybe late teens, was behind the green monster. He looked…off somehow. Pein turned to Deidara. "This is Rock Lee and Sai Yamanaka. Lee is a stagehand that does most of the heavy lifting. Sai here is our top make-up artist and overlooks the sets."

Deidara turned to them and gave them a nod. "Nice to meet you. I'm Deidara…oh, um. I'm Lust." He coughed a bit nervously.

Sai grunted. He walked over and looked at Deidara skeptically. "I can work with this. I need to check my supplies though." He then turned and just walked off. He had seemed a bit emotionless. Yeah. He was weird.

Lee grabbed Deidara's hand and shook it enthusiastically. "Wonderful meeting you! I hope we can become friends!"

Deidara doubted that. The kid was too ugly to ever be on Deidara's radar. But he gave a nod. "Yeah…me too." He got his hand free and flexed it a bit. He was glad that he had fingerless gloves on. He wouldn't want his hand mouth licking 'that'.

Pein put a hand on Lee's shoulder. "Be careful. Deidara's hands are part of his charm." Lee apologized and left, leaving Pein the opportunity to lead the blond over to the two newbies. "Here we are. This is Trap," He gestured to an extremely feminine male with deep brown long hair and a smile, "And Suimin. It's Japanese for sleep." Another gesture given to a tired looking male who gave a yawn.

Deidara was confused about this guy. Was he just naturally tired or did he not get enough sleep. Whatever. He didn't really care. "I'm Lust. Nice to meet you."

Suimin gave a slight smirk. "Same." Okay, Deidara could start to see his charm. This guy gave off a natural 'bored' look. Was kind of sexy. "Saw you drooling over the top three. Got a boner yet?"

Trap frowned, well more like pouted, and nudged Suimin. "Stop that Shika. No need to be mean." He smiled at Deidara. God this guy looked so much like a girl! "Hi. I know we do nicknames, but I think we should also know real names. I'm Haku Yuki and this is Shikamaru Nara."

Shikamaru, or Shika as Haku had called him, rolled his eyes. "Troublesome." He went to the long table to get some punch and a rice ball.

Deidara raised a brow. "I'm Deidara Iwa." He glanced to the others and paused. "Do…do you know their names as well?"

Haku nodded and picked up his water, taking a sip. "Yep. Let's see. Fate is Neji Hyuga of course and you know Pein is Nagato. Sand is Gaara Suna and his uncle is Doll, Sasori."

Deidara blinked. "Wow. Yeah, I see the family resemblance." How weird was it to work with a family member?

Haku giggled. "Yeah. Wolf over there is Kiba Inuzuka. And for the top three we have Animal, Naruto Uzumaki."

Deidara's eyes widened. "Wait. HE'S the governor's son?!" How could he not have known this? They looked so much alike! Guess he never paid attention to politics enough.

Haku laughed, the sound happy. "Yes. Then there is Shark or Kisame Hoshigaki. And finally, Gaze."

Deidara smirked. "Oh, I know Gaze. Itachi Uchiha. I've done my homework on him." He sighed, eyes full of wanting as they lingered on that lithe frame. He blinked when suddenly a raven walked over and stood next to Animal…uh Naruto. "Who's that? He looks like Itachi but shorter…and a bad haircut."

Haku took a sip of water. "That's Sasuke, Itachi's younger brother. He's engaged to Naruto."

Deidara whistled. "Lucky." He didn't expand on which one was the lucky one since he thought them both lucky. He looked at Haku. "You know a lot about them…how?"

Haku just shrugged. "I'm good at finding out secrets. Just a hidden talent I guess." Deidara saw this guy in a new light. Maybe he could use this.

"So…is Itachi with anyone?"

Haku shook his head causing his long hair to move a bit. "No. Not even dating." His voice went down to a whisper, true gossip about to be done. "But there's rumors about Gaara and Kiba. Apparently, they're sleeping together."

Deidara's eyes widened and looked at the two of them. "Damn! How does Gaara take it?!" He's seen a nude picture of Kiba and that guy was rather big.

Haku smirked. "Maybe Gaara is the one giving."

Dei shook his head. "No way. Kiba seems like an alpha. Doubt he'd be taking."

The blond jumped when Shika's voice interrupted. "Are you done gossiping like school girls yet?"

Haku rolled his eyes. "Yes yes. You take the fun out of it Shika."

Shikamaru's eye twitched. "Don't call me that." He handed a glass of water to Deidara. "Figured you'd be thirsty after watching everyone."

In fact, he was. He took a happy gulp of water, his eyes moving back to Itachi and he froze. That gaze was on him. A blush filled his cheeks and a shiver went up his spine. The face was seemingly emotionless but those eyes. They spoke volumes. But the problem was the tone of those volumes. They weren't exactly cheerful or welcoming. They were completely uninterested. Then those eyes moved away and back to Kisame.

Deidara frowned, suddenly sad. Well this sucked. It seemed his idol had dismissed him before he even got to know him. A very unmanly squeak left him when his hand was taken and suddenly kissed. His eyes landed on the bright hair of Naruto. 'ANIMAL JUST KISSED MY HAND!' His brain short-circuited for a second.

Naruto grinned wide. "Hey there cuties. I'm Naruto! Glad to see fresh faces here. Thought old Nagato would never get newbies in here."

Deidara just numbly nodded. Damn. This was all just a bit too much for him to take in. But seeing the looks on Shikamaru and Haku's faces made him feel just a tiny bit better. At least he wasn't the only one starstruck here.

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