Lust, Love, and Friendship

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Before any of you start going off on tangents--’I thought you promised to start working on things other than Sasuke stuff!’ etc. etc. etc., this was something I’ve had in the works for a while.

Anyway, the premise is simple. It’s similar to Naruto’s Fetish, but drastically different in a lot of ways--a. There won’t be any Sasuke wanking; he won’t be like sixteen inches bigger than Naruto, and Hinata won’t become his virtual slave or anything. B. there will be a much heavier focus on cuckolding--I won’t add in other characters such as Himawari. C. I want to take a more… well, ‘realistic’ approach to this. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyways, buckle up and enjoy! Be sure to leave a review if you like it.

He’d never known when he had picked up this particular… hankering. It was a kink--a desire, a need at times, something that his mind focused and fixated on ever since he could remember liking women.

Ero-sennin hadn’t known that Naruto had secretly picked up erotic books along the lines of his borderline-obsession. He had waited hours for the white haired Sannin to go out for the night--then he would enjoy a night of peace, able to live out his fantasies through the words printed out on the paper.

To be cuckolded; to have another man, a stronger man, a superior man, come along and spread open his wife’s legs--to watch as she moaned for him, bucked her hips against him, came for him while he watched.

He wanted it so bad.

That didn’t mean he was sexually incompetent or anything like that; he still enjoyed sex, he could still get his wife off if he tried.

Like he was right now.

He heaved a groan as he came, and pulled out of Hinata without further ado. Panting, Naruto rolled onto his back, his chest heaving up and down and his hair slick with sweat.

“Aww…” She groaned. “Are you tired already? You can go a lot longer usually...”

“I had a long day today, Hina,” Naruto whined. “Twelve hours at the office is no joke.”

“I know.” Hinata murmured. “I just… wish you could go for another round, that’s all.” She poked her fingers together beneath the sheets.

Of course, like most men, Naruto couldn’t get his wife off every time.

Still, hearing her say it like that…

‘I want a better man than you. A bigger man. A stronger man. One who can please me, who can sate my needs, who can make you look like a little bitch while he pounds me in front of you.’

Hinata wasn’t actually saying anything of the sort--she’d probably be content if he fingered and fondled her until she came--but Naruto could imagine those sinful words spewing forth from his wife’s mouth.

He wasn’t a super man who could get hard five seconds after cumming, but already he could feel himself aroused again.

“Come here,” Naruto groaned, and he found himself straddling her again. Hinata squealed as he began to nibble at her neck and caress her curvy frame--this was the first time they’d had sex in at least a week, and fuck was Naruto not going to let his beautiful wife go to sleep without at least a single orgasm.

Fifteen minutes later they were done. Naruto hadn’t been able to get hard again--he really was tired that day, and that was the only reason why--but he had fingered and worked over Hinata’s breasts until she had mewled and came around the digits buried inside of her slit.

The stench of sex filled the air; both of the lovers were sweaty, and it was extraordinarily hot beneath the covers.

And to think he’d been able to summon all of that extra energy just from her making a remark that had unintentionally been sort of emasculating.

To think about how aroused he would get if she went all out; if she told him exactly what he wanted to hear.


What was wrong with him? It was strange, wasn’t it, to want nothing more than to see another man to climb in between your wife’s legs? He wanted it more than anything else.

This time, he did indeed feel himself get hard again.

But Hinata was already asleep--and besides, it wasn’t as if Naruto wanted to do the fucking in this case.

He took a few deep breaths, and thought of icky things to get his hardon to go away. Soon the tent in the sheets deflated, and he could let out a sigh of relief.

Naruto’s fingers twitched.

Slowly, he managed to ease himself into slumber. But when he did fall asleep… it was to spend the night encased in dreams: thoughts of Hinata moaning like a bitch in heat as a faceless figure pounded her, thoughts of her bucking her hips and jiggling her ass for this man in a way she never had for him.

He was glad that nowadays he woke up before Hinata; otherwise, she would have lifted up the covers to see the evidence of his dreams on the underside of them. Fuck. He hadn’t had wet dreams since he was a kid but this… this was a new thing.

What was wrong with him?

Nothing--nothing was wrong with him; this was just how he was: a man who wanted nothing more than to be cuckolded, even if he had no actual problems in the bedroom to begin with.

Even as he swapped out the sheets, and put a fresh blanket over his wife to keep the chill away, Naruto couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The desire had boiled over--and now, Naruto feared he would be unable to go out; not without a bull to step in and help him to live out his fantasies…


He paused, looking at the man in front of him curiously.

“Are you okay?” Naruto asked.

“Ho- Hokage-sama!” the man said, and he snapped up at attention--for the past minute or so, he had been looking at Naruto’s destination, eyes a blank stare. “My apologies, I was just… umm… thinking about heading over there and giving those two a piece of my mind…”

Naruto blinked. “What did Sakura-chan and Sasuke do?”

The man’s face turned red over the course of about five seconds. “I don’t think they would… erm… appreciate me telling you, Hokage-sama…”

Naruto’s brows knitted together. “I think it would be a good idea if you told me,” he said lightly. It wasn’t an order--and Naruto certainly didn’t mean for it to be a threat, but when you were faced with the fucking Nanadaime Hokage requesting that you did something, you did it right then and there.

He swallowed. “Well,” the man began. “They always keep the entire neighborhood up at night with their… moaning. And banging. And screaming. Whenever that daughter of theirs is out on a mission, there’s no getting to sleep when all you hear is that woman screeching at the top of her lungs.”

Naruko blinked… and blushed. “We’re talking about that house, right?” Naruto said, pointing at Sasuke and Sakura’s house.

The man nodded. “And they always have other people over too; sometimes, it’s another girl screaming. It used to be a once-in-a-year occurrence with that Uchiha was still out of the village, but ever since he came back… well, I’m having to consider moving out of the neighborhood.”

“I see…” So, Sakura and Sasuke were… managing to keep the whole neighborhood up for nights on end?

It didn’t take much time to figure out what they were doing.

“Wait,” Naruto murmured. “You said they have other people over too?”

The man nodded. “Couples most of the time; a man and a woman. Don’t ask me what they do in there, because I’ve never been tempted to peep into their windows and find out.”

“Well, I guess-” Naruto paused, swallowing. “I’ll talk to them about it, don’t you worry.”

“Thank you, Hokage-sama.” The man bowed low, before he turned and went back into his house.

Of course, he didn’t talk to Sasuke and Sakura about it; actually, he’d forgotten why he had wanted to go over to their house in the first place. He was curious… so very curious. His two teammates… had an active sex life? Not only that, but it was so active that everytime Sarada was out of the house, they’d drive down the property value of the entire neighborhood? And what was that about bringing other people over to their house?

Naruto was a curious person by nature, and he would be damned if he didn’t do some investigating. Because really--he couldn’t deny that he was the least bit jealous of the fact that Sasuke of all people had a better sex life then him…

He had to work that night, unfortunately. There was a useful jutsu that Naruto had that let him be in two places at once though; that night, he sent a clone over to Sasuke and Sakura’s house.

It was dark as the clone approached the home. A few of the lights were on--and suddenly, Naruto realized what the man had meant by moans.

They were loud, piercing through the night. Had they really left the window open? Fuck. And they just kept ramping up too; Naruto could have gone his entire life without realizing Sakura was a screamer. He really could have.

He crept up into a tree, one that had a branch perfectly poised to face their bedroom window. There was a booby trap there--one of Sasuke’s, Naruto realized--but he disarmed it with mild difficulty.

Once he got up there, Naruto came to the realization that it wasn’t just Sakura who was a screamer… but Ino too.

He could see right into the room.

The first thing he saw was Sakura: or to be more accurate, a Sakura that was riding on top of Sai. She looked rather into it, bouncing up and down on top of him, hands on his chest, a grin on her face as Sai gazed up at her almost dumbfounded.

Then, Naruto looked to the left, and saw Sasuke going to work on Ino.

It was a sight that seemed transcendent. Sasuke seemed less as if he was fucking Ino, and more as if he was devouring her. Every inch of her, from the soles of her feet to her plump lips. He traced her with his hands, he fondled and he groped her, he swallowed her breasts,   suckled her rosy nipples, and left hickies up and down her neck and chest; he kissed her in a way that seemed almost romantic though Naruto knew that the opposite was true. He pumped in and out of Ino at a pace that was hard to follow with the naked eye--faster, faster; Ino was screaming, Sakura was screaming, Sai and Sasuke were groaning. It was a room that had no shortage of pleasure.


Well, fuck.

What was Naruto supposed to say?

He got aroused--horny, hard, however you want to call it; because for at least a minute, Naruto merely stared through the window, and imagined Hinata in place of Ino. He imagined her large breasts cupped in Sasuke’s hands, her tight little pussy squeezing around his cock, her moans (“Sasuke-kun! Sasuke-kun!”) echoing off the walls.

But it was different, wasn’t it?

This wasn’t some situation where Sasuke was stealing Ino away from Sai, or where Sai was stealing Sakura away from Sasuke. It was a situation where the four of them got together and fucked and had fun--they all looked so into it, so casual, so free.

It wasn’t like Naruto, where all he wanted to do was watch his wife get taken with no recriporaction. Sasuke and Sakura--and Hinata especially--would find him… weird.


If he wanted to watch Sasuke and Hinata sleep together, the best thing to do would be to play along.

Somehow, he would have to convince Hinata to sleep with Sasuke, and to let him sleep with Sakura. Somehow, he would have to convince Sasuke and Sakura to include him and his wife into their little swingers party. Somehow, he would have to bring himself to sleep with Sakura when all he would want to do is crouch beneath Hinata’s legs and watch Sasuke pound her.

His fantasy was so close--it was palpable, it was real. And all he’d have to do is convince his wife, his friends, and himself to go through with it.

The clone closed its eyes, and grinned.

With a soft pop, it disappeared--and across town, in the Hokage’s office, the original Naruto looked up from his paperwork.

And he grinned.

The only obstacle he had… was convincing people to do what he wanted; and who in all of the Elemental Nations had mastered the art of Talk no Jutsu better than him? This was going to be a piece of cake.

He pulled his gloves off as he entered the house, a soft smile on his face. “I swear,” Naruto said, “this place gets cleaner and cleaner every time I come in here.”

Sakura giggled. “I try,” she said. “Sasuke~! Naruto decided to come and pay us a visit!”

“Hm.” Sasuke’s grunt came from the kitchen.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to the both of you,” Naruto said, voice loud and booming as he stepped into the kitchen, where Sasuke was seated at the table and lunch was slowly cooking on the stove--Sakura was wearing an apron. “About your neighbors, to be more precise.”

“Our neighbors?” Sakura asked.

“Are you talking about us leaving the windows open?” Sasuke murmured.

Naruto blinked.

“If so,” Sasuke continued, “then that idiot to the left of us deserves it. Sakura caught him peeping in our window once… I would have put a stop to it, permanently, but-”

“He has a family,” Sakura huffed. “And it was only one time; I wasn’t going to have Sasuke-kun go over there and tear up the place because he got a little… curious.”

“So we compromised,” Sasuke said. “I threw open the window that night, and made sure that freak could hear exactly how Sakura sounded; he came out, and tried to peep through the window again… that idiot, thinking I hadn’t booby trapped the tree.”

“And you kept the window open?” Naruto said.

Sakura folded her arms across her chest. Sasuke smirked. “Sakura’s told me about how much that moron’s wife has started to hate him--about how little they sleep together and how frigid he acts towards her. So, I keep the window open just to remind her of what a real marriage is like.”

Naruto sighed. “All of this over him peeping in your window once?”

Sasuke shrugged.

“And you let this go on?” Naruto asked Sakura.

She pursed her lips together. “It is pretty hot…” she admitted. “... knowing that everyone out there can hear me. And besides, it’s not as if anyone has brought it up until now…”

“Well, he did bring it up with me.” Naruto coughed, and he realized his ears had turned rather pink. “And… he also said that you two bring people over to have… umm… ‘parties’.”

Sakura flushed, and Sasuke’s smirk grew wider.

“Why do you bring that up?” Sakura asked.

“Well, I wanted to know if I could join in.” Naruto grinned cheekily. “Doing something like that sounds kind of fun.”

Sasuke’s smirk slipped off of his face; Sakura stared at him in mild shock.

“Really?” Sakura said. “You and… Hinata?”

“You haven’t told her that you want to do it yet, have you?” Sasuke murmured.

Naruto continued to grin. “Nope!” he said. “But I was going to talk to her about it. If I can convince her, would you guys be up to do something like that? I bet it would be a lot of fun!”

Sasuke and Sakura exchanged a glance. It seemed as if they traded a thousand words in the span of a few seconds--Sakura pursed her lips together, Sasuke tilted his head, she frowned… eventually, they looked back at him.

“Well, if you can make sure Hinata’s okay with it, I don’t see why not.” Sakura said. “You’d better bring your A game though, Naruto; I’ve heard a lot of stories from Hinata about your stamina and I don’t want to be disappointed.”

“You heard what?”

Sasuke smirked, and Sakura grinned. “Just talk to her,” Sakura said. “Text me whether she agrees or not, and we can set a time. Alright?”

Naruto frowned; had Hinata really told Sakura about their sex life?

“Sure,” he said, after a moment. “This should be fun! And try to tone it down at least a little--I think that idiot’s gotten the message, yeah?”

“We’ll think about it,” Sasuke said.

Naruto gave them a wave, and headed out of the kitchen. He could hear them conversing behind him as he left--though he couldn’t make out any of the words.

That was Sasuke and Sakura done, and it had been a lot easier than he’d thought.

Now, it was just up to him managing to convince Hinata.


He opened up that night with a sensual back massage.

Hinata had always been fraught with back problems throughout their marriage--she’d never admitted it, but he attributed to the rather large breasts she had on such a slim frame. They were fun to play with, sure, but he didn’t like the fact they put so much strain on her.

They laid in bed, the moonlight lighting up their faces. He was nude--she was still clad in her bra in panties, though he had slid down the straps of her bra to allow him to caress her back.

“Ah…” she moaned. “That feels wonderful, Naruto-kun,” Hinata said.

“I’m glad.”

He deepened his tempo, and she let out another moan--her head tilted back, and her hair nearly fell out of the bun she had haphazardly thrown it into.

Naruto allowed his thoughts to drift. He pondered what Sasuke and Sakura were up to right now--he wondered if they had another couple over. Maybe it was Ino and Sai again? Naruto liked to pretend they would be able to hear Ino and Sakura’s screams of ecstasy from the Uzumaki house, even if he and Sasuke lived across town from each other.

Great, he was getting hard again.

“Hinata,” Naruto murmured, as he continued to gently massage her. “There’s something I wanted to ask you.”

“What is it, sweetie?”

“Well, I was talking to Sasuke and Sakura-chan,” Naruto said. “And we started talking about… things. Like… um… doing a sort of ‘swingers’ party.”

“A-a what?”

“You know.” Naruto swallowed. “We’d head over to their house, and just… have fun. I could pair up with Sakura-chan, you could pair up with Sasuke. Maybe Sasuke and I would pair up with you or Sakura-chan one after the other, both of us at the same time. You know, it could be like… an experimental thing.”

Hinata paused. “W-where d-did this come from?” He could almost feel the heat emanating from her face--the skin of her shoulders was crimson and burning beneath his fingers.

Naruto swallowed once more--he had to choose his next words carefully. “Well, you know, I think it could be fun to spice up our sex life a little,” he said. “Maybe I could learn a thing or two from Sakura-chan. And you could learn a thing or two from Sasuke.”

She gulped. “W-wouldn’t it be like… c-cheating? W-we did say in our v-vows…”

“That we would never commit infidelity.” Naruto said. “I don’t see how a little casual sex could be ‘cheating’. Besides, Sasuke and Sakura have done it plenty of times and they’re still rock solid. Not to mention they’ve done it with Ino and Sai too…”

“I-Ino-san and S-Sai-kun?” Hinata whispered.

“Yup!” Naruto said. “And those two are as thick as thieves--if anything, I bet doing this kind of stuff strengthened them.”

“Hmm…” Hinata hummed. The fact that he was still massaging her back, like the sweet husband he was, probably contributed to the fact that she was actually considering it. “S-so i-if we do g-go through with it…” she mumbled, “and I get uncomfortable, can we stop at any time?”

“Of course,” Naruto said. “Whether you get uncomfortable about being with Sasuke, or me being with Sakura-chan.” He just prayed to whatever kami there was that it was the latter.

“U-um…” Her face was red once more. “I guess… I-I guess we could give it a shot…”

“Really?” Naruto said.

“F-for you,” Hinata said, and he knew she was smiling. “I’ll at least give it a chance.”

“Awesome!” he said. Naruto wrapped his arms around her, and gave her a big smooch on the lips. “You’re awesome!”

Hinata giggled. “I know,” she said.

“Hold on,” Naruto murmured. “I just need to tell Sakura-chan that everything’s on.” He grasped his phone off of the night stand, and quickly sent his pink haired friend a text.

She replied back a few minutes later. ‘Cool. We’ll set everything up… we should be able to do it tomorrow or the day after. Okay?’

‘Okay.’ he sent back. ‘Just tell us a time and we’ll be there.’

Once that was done, he wrapped his arm around Hinata again and kissed her. “I love you,” he said.

Hinata grinned. “I-I love y-you too, Naruto-kun…” she said. “S-still… both of us have to get up early tomorrow, so we’d better get to bed...”

“Sure,” he said.

She turned the lamp off on her side of the bed, and they snuggled beneath the blankets. Hinata laid her head down on his chest, and was asleep within moments. Naruto couldn’t sleep though, not for a while--not when thoughts of what would happen later filled his mind.

‘Soon…’ he thought. ‘Soon.’

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