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Sakura sat on chair as she was waiting for hinata to appear.Her experiment failures were always minimum but not as big as now.She just hoped that hinata will help her.

Hinata opened the door closing it behind as she approached sakura.She smiled at her as they two suddenly kissed eachother on lips.

If anyone saw them,they will have a hardest boner ever.The top two Milfs of konoha kissing eachother like crazy.After 10 minutes the seperated as sakura said"Ahh i missed this soo much hinata.You have not been coming after your marriage".

Hinata said sorry as she sat opposite to sakura at the table.She has no feeling if guilt kissing a person other than her husband because Naruto know their affair.

It started when naruto accidently walked into mixed bath when their lesbain relation started.She was depressed that naruto never gave her answer for her confession so she drank and their relation was the result.

But naruto accepted hinata saying that as long as it is not another male he is okay with it.Hinata is bisexual which was proved when she literally fucked his aspect naruko using a strapon.So even though after marriage sakura and hinata remained their relation.


Sakura nervously looked at her saying "Hinata its that type of request".Hinata sighed as she created a clone to inform naruto that she wll be late tonight.Because the request was sexual.Sakura always messes things up as she remembered one time when she purchased a lingerie without knowing that it was cursed.

The result,it became a double end strapon which cannot be removed unless the owner slept with atleast 10 people.Hinata managed to henge into various people to help sakura relieve herself.


Hinata cleared her throat saying as she began to undress saying" So what happened sakura?".

Sakura also began to strip as hinata noticed a seal completly covering her vaginal area.She nervously said"well i was trying a new jutsu to increasemy boobs but i picked a wrong scrool.Here look at this".

Sakura released the seal as a veiny appendage burst forth inplace of her pussy.Hinata gasped as she became wet seeing at the cock before her.It was a 15 inch dick dangling between sakuras legs.

Sakura tried to cover it saying"The scroll said that i have to cum inside a pussy once to remove it.But sorry the size of this thing is inhumane".Hell her husband was less than half her own size at a 6 inch dick.The biggest cock in elemenatal nations belonged to previous raikage with a 13 inch cock which tsunade loves so much but her cock us more than insane.

Hinata smiled at her as she kneeled saying"if thats your worry then dont worry i can handle it".Sakura was shocked as hinata began to lick the cock but she stopped her saying"Stop hinata seriously this thing can seriously strech your pussy such that you cant enjoy normal sex".

Hinata just chuckled as she spread her legs saying"Dont worry sakura my pussy is already stretched.My husband is a beast in bed including his legendary stamina".Sakura looked as hinata vagina walls are bigger than normal woman but still smaller than her cock.She was shocked as hinata said that both she and naruto have similar dicks.

Hinata laid on floor as she said"come on sakura put it inside.I have to go home to make dinner".Sakura grabbed a medical lotion as she poured it on her dick just in case as she pointed her tip at her pussy.

Hinata nodded as sakura pushed forward as hinata only gasped in pleasure lke she was doing it daily.Strapon was one thing but having a penis full of blood inside a womens pussy made sakura go crazy that she forgot about the rules of the jutsu.

Hinata smiled as she moaned feeing the cock in her pussy.I was sakuras cock but she was hit by a feeling of love when it entered her similar to naruto.

Sakura kissed hinata as both didnt notice a deal spreading all over hinatas body.Sakura noticed it but hinata didnt.As the seals disspeared hinata was hit with a wave of orgasm as she cummed on sakuras cock.

It was her first time doing it with a real cock so sakura jst indulged in pleasure and kissing rather than talking.She now understood why majority of men are perverts.Her mind was only filled with fucking the bitch below her and mark her as a breeding bitch for her entire life.

Sakura grew crazy as she jack hammered hinatas pussy with more force.

"YESS.Thats it sakura fuck me.This is not eough.Fuck me more.Use that cock to fuck me.Pour your cum in my womb" hinata said as she hugged sakura moaning in pleasure.

Sakura got close as she said"Iam cumming hinata".Hinata just laid there as cum hit her womb.She didnt need to worry about pregnancy because a female cant impregnante a female.The relief was replaced with concern as she said"Sakura there is something wrong".

Sakura came back to earth as she noticed what was happening.Her cock enlarged twice her thickness as it was fixed inside hinatas pussy.Hinata put her hands on sakura as she tried to move but to no avail.Hinata screamed as a torrent of cum hit her womb again.

Sakura quickly grabbed the scroll as she read what was happening"When cumming inside a pussy.The cock became animal in nature as it forms a gainy knot untill the female is impregnated".

The word impregnate made hinata scared as she tried to move but sakuras cock held her pussy tightly as it blasted another blast into her pussy.

Hinatas eyes were filled with tears as an abnormal amount of cum was flowing inside her womb.It was true that naruto cum more than normal but sakura cumming is borderline insane and abnormal.She was hit with a wave if pleasure as she fell unconsious feeling guliy that she will be impregnated and cheated on her beloved husband.

Seeing hinata falling asleep made sakura concerned but the jutsu controlled her as she increased her own vitality to make sure she can cum more.After 2 hours of continuous cumming the seal returned on hinatas body as it formed a symbol on her womb signaling the impossible.

Hinata uzumaki was pregnant and naruto is not the father.Sakura was feeling guilty but a dark corner of her mind made her more prideful as she knocked up the most innocent and loyal wife in konoha just like a breeding bitch.

She felt her dick limping as she drew back and sprayed some cum inside hinatas mouth.She fell back as her cock grew small untill it vanshed into thin air.She quickly popped a soldier pill as she started to heal hinata while reading the remaing rules of the taboo jutsu.

After an hour hinata woke up feeling week but full.It was a new feeling for her.Her body ached in pain but her pussy and womb feel full.Tears began to gather around her eyes as she remembered what happened.

She felt a hand on her and saw sakura fully dressed.She began to cry saying"What will i do sakura.Iam pregnant.I cheated on naruto.I feel sick just remebering that iam pregnant with child that is not naruto.I will not kill the child but at the same time iam betraying naruto.Pleasw tell me what to do sakura".

Sakura felt bad but she made hinata sit on chair as she showed her the jutsu scroll saying"dont worry hinata.There is stil a way.Just read it".

The scroll said that it was created during the hashiramas time.A group of women raped who were raped by men formed a village called nadeshiko village on their as they decided to live in secret away from males.

But there was a slight problem , children.Seeing that there is no way to reproduce they approached mito uzumaki for solution as she created a new jutsu just for females.It was tested as mito was able to make the head of the village pregnant.

It will take in form of a cock similar to a male as the women can use it to impregnate eachother.The probability of child was 99% female.

It transforms the users semen and impregnates the others womb.But there was a twist,the cum after entering the womb take the female DNA and mold the child in that dna only.

For example if a uzumaki is impregnated then the child will also be 100% uzumaki with no other dna.But the scroll was gifted to tsunade after 3rd ninja war by the nadeshiko village as they saw no use for it but instead they seached for males that can defeat them in battle.


After reading that sakura turned to hinata saying"so according to the scrool.The child growing inside you will be a dont worry hinata,naruto will think that the child is his own.If the childnis not completly hyuga then i will comvince naruto even if it kills me".

Hinata kissed sakura saying"dont worry sakura.My worries have been gone after reading the scroll.I will be leaving then.Goodnigh sakura".

Sakura saw hinata leaving the premises as she sadly whispered saying"Sorry hinata but i have already done an irreversible damage to you.I hope you and naruto can forgive me".

She released the genjutsu on the scroll as there was a final rule along with another scroll.

The final rule states as :


"As the cum of the user enters the female.It will act as a drug.The females will become cum addicts to the user until there were given cum after the childbirth.No matter the relation,age or the loyalites.Everything will be crumbled as the female will remain unconsiously mindcontrolled as useres slave and breeding bitch for the rest of the life".


Sakura sighed sadly seeing the line as she went to bed hoping for better days.



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