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The sound of two people trading blows filled the air around the clearing that help two figures, one with long flowing hair, colored crimson her tight body hugged by a black body suit, busty chest hidden by a jonin vest. The second had a much more lithe figure, a small chest underneath a bright orange tank top, tight black spandex shorts holding back a doughy ass that flared out into wide hips, making up for what she lacked, two blonde pigtails trailing behind her as she moved. The two ran at each other, the older grabbing the younger by the arm, flipping her over her shoulder and pinning her to the ground, their eyes meeting, purple on blue, before the redhead broke out into a grin.

"Hehe, i told you Naruko, no matter how good you get you still can't take down your mother." Kushina Namikaze said with a smirk, pushing her body off of her daughter who pouted beneath her. She had to say she had been improving faster than expected, and in a few years Kushina was sure they'd be in each others spots. She turned back to the girl, who sat with her arms crossed over her chest, legs beneath her as she turned away.

"Whatever, i did better than the last time." It was true, but still being the tease Kushina was she couldnt admit it. She sat next to the young blonde, wrapping her arm around her giving her a light hug. The girl leaned into it slightly her pout turning into a smile in her mothers warm embrace. The two sat together unaware of the eyes that stalked them, a deep gray raking over there forms, as its long tongue licked its snout. It could feel the cock hidden in its sheath stir at the sight of Kushina's H-cup tits, pressed tightly together under her vest, looking back to the younger one, wide hips perfect for holding a litter. It slowly began to walk forward, rustling the leaves of the bush it hid in drawing their attention. 

Kushina turned as she heard the sound of something moving behind her, catching sight of the massive beast that stepped into the clearing she and her daughter had used for training. A large black wolf, probably tall enough to come to the bottom of her breasts with the top of its head, almost the same height as Naruko. It's muscles rippled beneath the fur with each step, flexing as it crouched slightly, baring its teeth as a low growl came from its throat. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at it, typically these types of animals knew to stay away from large chakra signatures, their natural ability to sense it keeping them away. When the wolf didnt back down she decided to flare her chakra, the aura pushing away from her, expecting the wolf to back down, only for it to stalk slightly closer.

"What do you want you mangy mutt, get out of her before i skin you." Kushina yelled, keeping her daughter behind her, the young girl quivering slightly at the sight of the large beast. She didnt know wolves could get that big, and the thought of it attacking had her worried she may not be able to take it herself. She looked at her mom he drew a kunai the metal embeded into the dirt next to the the wolf, her instincts kicking in as the wolf kept approaching, looking like it was ready to attack. Just as she was about to lunge she looked into its eyes, the gray orbs flashing for a second causing her to stiffen, a warm feeling washing over her body. She felt the effects instantly, the panties she had worn today becoming soaked as her body flushed. She slowly walked forward, leaving her confused daughter behind as she stood just in front of the massive wolf, dropping to her knees.

"Mom?" Naruko asked worried, her mother was getting awfully close to the wolf, and she had completly dropped her guard. Naruko felt a lump form in her throat as her mom just sat there, slightly dissapating as the dog licked her face. It seemed the dog was somewhat friendly, maybe an Inuzaka's that they hadn't recognized. The young girl began to walk forward only to stop in shock at what happened next. The wolf continued licking, its slimy tongue sliding across her mothers lips as the womans mouth suddenly opened, causing the rough tongue to slip inside. Naruko nearly gagged as her mother moaned into it, allowing him to plunge the muscle down her throat, dominating the woman as she made out with him. The two suddenly stopped, the woman lowering down, before slipping beneath the beast, her daughter watched with wide eyes, wondering what was going on, when she head a faint sound. The sound was similar to when her and her mother slurped there ramen from Ichiraku's her curiosity getting the best of her as she walked to the side to see what her mother was doing. Her mothers ass wagged back and forth in the air, obviously pleased with whatever it was she was doing. 

Kushina couldnt stop the shudder of pleasure that ran through her, unsure of what was happening around her only focused on the task at hand. The musky taste in her mouth, as well as the hair pressed agaisnt her nose adding to the effect as she tried her best, the thick, veiny, and bright red rod lodged between her lips throbbing lightly as she slid her tongue across the slimy surface. Her tongue would shoot out everytime her plump cock-pillows his his knot, rubbing over the buldge as she worshipped it. She didn/t notice her daughter approaching from the side, nor did she see the shocked face of the girl as she watched her mother. She moaned as she felt the cock bottom out in her throat guessing it had to be near a foot long, much larger than she was used to. She had never been one for blowjobs in the first place, but as soon as she looked into the beast's eyes she just couldnt help it, nearly running to him and submitting. The wolf panted as she worked him, only barely catching movement in the corner of his eye through the haze of lust. His head snapped to the young blonde, watching as she froze, staring him directly in the face. Again the wolf pushed chakra to its eyes, causing them to flash, the girl suddenly walking towards him as she dropped to her knees. The wolf towered over her, her mom's ass bobbing just inches from her face. Without needing instructions she knew what to do, grabbing the black skintight black pants her mom wore, pulling them along with her panties to her knees exposing her fire crotch to the world. The young girl looked back up at the wolf which nodded in approval, growling as it bucked its hips prompting Kushina to stop her work down below. 

Kushina slowly slid her mouth off the cock, making sure to savor every inch as she did. As it popped out of her mouth she gave the pointed tip a lingering kiss, watching the red cock twitch angrily, the large sack just behind it clenching in need of release. She finally emerged from under the beast, finding her daughter stripping her self, the 12 year olds fat ass coming out of the tiny shorts, wobbling with every movement. The two turned their backs to him before dropping their chests to the dirt, pressing them selves down. Their asses stood high, presented to the wolf like bitches in heat, ready to be bred by the alpha behind them. His nose pressed to each pussy, eliciting lewd moans from each girl, their juices running down their thighs pooling beneath them. The wolf smelled the slightly sweeter smell of Naruko's virgin slit, taking its place above the girl, her prone position easily able to fit underneath. The throbbing length nestled itself between her silky cheeks, prompting her to rock her hips, jerking him with the mounds of her ass. The wolf licked the girls neck, moving back and crouching down, his tip pressed against her tiny entrance. Its jaws opened up, holding her neck in place to keep her from moving as his leg muscles flexed suddenly, driving all 12 inches straight in destroying her barrier. 

"F-fuck!" The young girl cried, the pain causing her body to jerk, feeling his teeth dig into her soft skin as he held her down. His hips began to pump, each time his knot slapped against her lips rubbing her clit causing a mini orgasm with each thrust. Her juices pumped out of her cunt each time he entered, soaking them both, slowly the pain dissapated leaving only pleasure cute moans erupting from her throat. Her hands clawed at the ground as he plunged into her, her mother still in the same position dutifully awaiting her alpha to use her. The blondes hips bucked against him, eager to get the knot inside and to feel him empty his seed within her. Her pussy clamped down on him each time she came, trying its best to milk him, the wolf however showed no signs of stopping. Its pace increased, pushing her deeper into the forest floor as he kept going, his heavy sack hanging down far enough to swing between her thighs, giving her a view of the hair covered sack moving with his hips. His drool ran down onto her neck as he held on.

The wolf, pleased with the now borken bitches he had claimed for himself, flared his chakra the pulse like a beacon to his pack. The clearing suddenly filled with close to a hundred of the beasts, all watching the furious mating session as it unfolded. Their sheaths peeled back, revealing knotted cocks of all sizes, now aching for their own women to claim and release into. The one that was currently buried balls deep withing Naruko pointed its nose in the direction of the village, causing the beasts to suddenly run off, all on their way to invade and conquer the leaf, turning the woman into the breeding bitches of the pack. The events all occured without the two women present knowing, too focused on the wolf that was plowing one of them to care. Naruko straightened as the wolf produced one last mighty push, its knot splitting her open making her lips form a wide "O" around it. She cried out as the seed shot deep inside of her, two spurts filling the childs womb, the rest only expanding her stomach, the buldge leaving her looking as if she was already two months pregnant. The two were locked for several minutes, before the swollen ball was small enough to slip out of the vice like grip, the cock slowly extracting while a glob of semen followed. The girl fell to her side, her hips still bucking in pleasure as the cum swam inside of her, eliciting continued moans from her. 

Kushina nearly squealed in delight as she felt the hair of his stomach rub across the top of her ass, the massive cock sliding across her lips, her juices covering it as each vein scraped across her clit. She shivered as it too moved its head to the nape of her neck, slowly closing its mouth around the soft muscles before clamping down. She felt his hips back up, his pointed head rubbing up and down her lips teasingly before being roughly shoved inside. It pushed deep within, reaching places Minato had no hope of hitting, causing her eyes to roll up as her tongue flopped out crying in pure bliss. Drool ran from both sets of lips on the red head, her lightly furred pussy spasaming visibly as he fucked her.The woman rocked back with each of his thrusts, seemingly twerking on the dog dick as it slid inside, the veins scraping her walls and engraving themselves into her memory. She moaned like a whore as she was taken, the feeling of his cock the only thing on her mind, thoughts of betraying the man she loved left to the side as she hoped for a stomach full of the wolf's cum. 

The wolf panted harshly, already sensitive from the climax from before, the woman's experienced cunt adding more to the sensations around his tool. He planned on ending this session fast, hoping to claim more whores before the others did, kicking his pace up and preparing to breed the last of his new slaves. His cock bumped her cervix with each rooting, causing the woman to lose her breath each time. Her silken walls clamped down one final time, sending him over the edge as he knotted the milf bitch eagerly, his cum firing deep inside. The cum filled her much like Naruko, the young blonde still barely conscious beside them, mewling in pleasure. The woman felt him slowly rock against her as he kept releasing inside making sure to impregnate the redhead, feeling her work her hips back against him still. Finally he felt himself slip from the woman's grasping slit, watcing as she too slumped down next to her daughter, the wolf standing above. His tongue licked out at a cheek of each of their asses, chakra pulsing through the pink muscle, leaving a seal on each in the shape of a black paw print. Deciding to leave his final mark he lifted a leg above the two, a yellow streaming arching from the tip of his dick, covering them in his scent as they laid there, basking in the afterglow of sex with their new master. 

The two laid there groaning, a deep voice rumbling in their heads 'I'll be back my little cocksleeves' it said, before the wolf leaped off through the woods, leaving them. The two huddled together, writhing in pleasure together awaiting their next meeting with the alpha.

All across the Leaf village hundreds of figures appeared on on the rooftops of houses, other in the streets all with a slight glint in their eyes as the stalked towards their prey. A chorus of howls echoing across the city, awakening the occupants to the start of a new era in the shinobi world.

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