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Kushina Namikaze looked at herself in the long mirror and smirked. She started at the bottom looking at her cute dainty feet, nailes painted black going up her smooth perfect legs. Her full thighs and wide childbearing hips were next in her line of sight, Kushina then turned to the left to get a view of her perfect round butt clad in a pair of sexy tight black panties and gave a cheek a hearty smack that jiggled her flesh. She cutley giggled before straightening her posture and moving her beautiful violet eyes up her thin waist, past her smooth flat belly and finaly landing on her chest. Her breasts were a full D, they were clad firmly in a lacy black bra. She cupped them with her small hands, her fingernails too painted black and gave them a small squeeze to feel the firmness of her flesh.

Her eyes settled on her face. She looked at her full plump lips painted red that complimented her long lush red hair that frammed her face and went down her back which was held with a simple black hairclip that kept her lush hair from covering her left eye."Thank Kami for Uzumkaki genetics." Kushina thought to herself. Anybody who didn't know her wouldn't believe her if she told them she was married for almost 20 years and had an 18 year old son.

 She then turned away from the mirror moving toward her and her husbands bed ,she then picked up a simple black knee length dress and slipped it on ,smoothening it over her curves. She then walked out the bedroom and quickly made her way downstairs to the kitchen ,grabbing an ice cold bottle of water out of the fridge before taking a healthy swig and placed it back in.

Kushina turned and looked up at a clock hanging on the wall. " 22:45 ... Its almost 11pm , he should be home soon ,he never stays at the office later than 22:45 unless he has to go out to overlook a mission or something personaly so he should be home soon." She also knew he most likely already had dinner since it long passed 7pm. She hopped that he would be in the mood today ,as much as she loved him it made her frown when she thought of her sex life. Its been almost a year since her and Minato had intercourse.

Which bothered her greatly because she knew he loved her and was attracted to her and of course would never go behind her back and cheat on her. She had battled with thoughts like these for years ,until she figured it was probably her Uzumaki genes that kept her active in all aspects and that Minato just wasn't into sex like she was and she was okay with that , she loved him.

But still she couldn't help but feel unfulfilled. Kushina quickly shook her head ,banishing negative thoughts and smiled. She was going to show him how much she loved him when he got home. Kushina then heard the front door open and shut confirming her husbands arival. "He's finally home ..." She then strode out of the kitchen to meet him near the stairway before he went up without her. A bright smile washed over Minato's face as he saw his gorgeous wife approach him ,he quickly closed the distance and wrapped his arms around her then placed a tender kiss on her red lips.

"Your looking good today ,whats the ocassion ?" Minato asked looking down at her. "Does a woman need a reason or occasion to look good for her hubby ?" Kushina cheekily questioned back. "No ,I guees i should take advantage of this then ?" She smiled. "Now you get it."

Minato then swiftly scooped her up in his arms earning a squeel of excitement from his wife before quickly making his way upstairs toward their bedroom. "So whats gotten you so excited ?" She questioned still in his arms. She was happy that she didn't have to put all the effort into getting him in the mood ,something good must have happened.

"Well we have just signed a peace treaty with the Hidden Stone Village today ,the old man has finally let bygones be bygones." He replied smiing.

"That means all 5 great nations are now at peace with each other ,thats incredible." She said looking up at him. "Yes it is , this is only the begining we have still got a ways to go but we'll get there. "Your doing so much for the people and the Land of Fire honey ,I'm so happy for your successes." She said looking up.

Minato blushed "Stop it honey...Lets forget about Hokage stuff for now."

Kushina grinned after he said that. It was finally happening , after almost a year. Minato then gently placed her back on her feet when he reached the foot of their bed. He quickly shed his clothes leaving himself in his blue boxer shorts before slowly peeling Kushina's dress off her leaving her in her lacy black bra and panties. "You look so delicious honey." He said placing his hands on her waist.

Kushina gentley pushed Minato's hands away earning her a look of confusion before scooting up to the middle of the bed ,she then sensualy slid her panties down her creamy white thighs and legs and dropped them to the side of the bed. "I need you now Minato ..." Kushina spoke in a low voice while slowly spreading her legs showing him her womanhood. Her vagina was shaved save for a small perfect triangular patch of red hair above her clitoris.

Minato couldn't wait any longer , he crawled up the bed laying flat on his belly he placed his hands on her thighs and his face between them. He then began kissing ,licking and prodding at her womanly folds with excitement. Kushina let out a satisfied sigh. " Yes Minato ,this is what i want ..." She said closing her eyes and letting her husband work his magic.

5 minutes later Minato stopped and let out a few groans. Kushina opened her eyes and looked at her husband. "No ! not again ,at this rate it will be over before it starts." She thought sadley before questioning him openly. "DId you come already honey ?"

Minato quickly pulled himself together and looked up at her sheepishly before answering. "Yes I did , sorry honey I got a little too excited you know ?" She smiled at him using her phrase. "Its all good we've got a long way to go so don't stop now."

Hearing her words of encouragment was all Minato needed to get going again. His hands and fingers soon joined his mouth as he fumbled away trying to bring his wife to climax. After about 30 minutes Kushina looked down with a bored expression at her husband whose tongue and right hand was prodding away at her sex.

"I can't believe it ,he's just slobbering away. I'm getting nowhere slowly ,i guess its time to end this ,I could have one when we get to intercourse probably." She then proceeded to shamefully fake a few groans and gyrate her hips , successfully faking her orgasm.

Minato then looked up with a bright wide smile. "You liked that baby ?" He asked with a smug expression. "Yes honey ,you were great ..." She lied smoothley before slowly crawling to the foot of the bed next to Minato. "Now scoot up baby ,its your turn." She requested.

Her husband quickly moved up the middle of the bed and layed down flat on his back with his hands behind head and his eyes closed ,waiting for his wife to pleasure him. Kushina smiled , all she needed to do was return the oral favor for a minute or two then they would have sex and she would get her orgasm.

"Keep your eyes closed baby ,I dont want you to get too excited seeing me and cumming early." She truthfully joked with a small laugh.

"O-okay honey ..." Minato anwered sheepishly with a flushed face. Kushina then looked to his blue boxers which had semen stains at the front from his recent accident ,she grabbed his boxers at the waistband at both sides and proceeded to pull them down his crotch ,past his legs and feet then tossed them to the side onto the floor. She then sat on her knees between his legs ,her eyes scanning his body.

Minato kept in shape as busy has he was , he had a very good muscular body and she loved that. His face did show a bit of age but still retained a youthfull glow. Then her beautiful violet eyes landed on his crotch.

"Still so small ,like a little baby ..." She thought shamefully. His balls were of an okay size ,not big by any means but not small either. His 2.7 inch penis stood tall and proud with a tiny little pearl of precum at its cute tip.

She looked up to see her husbands eyes still close then moved her right hand toward his penis and compared her pinky finger to her husbands penis. "I love him but who am i kidding ? Our sex life has never been all that great on my part." She thought sadly before enclosing her hand around his penis practically swallowing it whole ,she tugged and jerked him for about 30 seconds before replacing her hand with her mouth.

Minato had taken her by surprise when he almost immedietly rose his hips slightly and came with a low moan shooting four small thin ropes of watery semen in her mouth. Kushina let him ride out his orgasm before she grabbed a tissue from the box at the side of the bed and spat out her husbands semen ,wiped her red lips and threw the tissue into a small trash bin in the corner that she would take care of at another time. She then looked to her husband ,his eyes were still closed with sweat on his forehead and he was panting slighty from his intense orgasm. "Looks like i wont get one from him today ..."

Minato looked up at his wife and smiled. "I'm sorry honey you wore me out ,that will have to be it for today. You good ?" He asked sweetly. She returned his smile before answering him. "Yes honey ... lets get some sleep." She got up and brushed her teeth then put out the lights before returning to his side ,Minato was out like a light in 5 minutes while his wife layed awake at his side unable to submit to sleep ...

30 minutes passed and Kushina decided she wouldn't find sleep in a hurry so she gentley shook her husband till he was coherant and told him she couldn't sleep and was going out out for an hour or two for some ramen and sake ,Minato knew his wife was sometimes a night owl ,she wasn't a boring person she went out with friends for drinks to catch up socially. So he told her to have fun and not to over do it.

Kushina slipped the same dress she had worn earlier back on and put on black heels before heading out toward a well known 24 hour grill and bar that often housed shinobi coming back from missions. When she arrived she orderd and polished off a bowel of ramen , it wasn't Ichiraku's but it was good. Then she had started with her sake ,two cups down and on her third she her mind went back to the events that transpired earlier and made a impulsive decision.


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