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Naruto sighed. This was supposed to be a fun holiday but he had gotten separated from his teammate and knew nothing about the world or the town they were in. After Sasuke dropped him and Sakura in a town called Magnolia, he and Sakura had been exploring but they were separated in a crowd and he failed to find her afterward. He even tried sensing but nothing worked until he picked up a little rise of chakra.
Naruto sped out of the town and into the mountains and full speed. He came to a halt in front of an abandoned building from which he could sense Sakura's chakra before it went dark again. He tried focusing but it was strange, it was like this building didn't exist at all. It was invisible.
Naruto frowned and cautiously entered the building, his senses at full alert but as soon as he stepped foot into the strange place, all of his power just left him. His chakra just disappeared, he fell to his knees gasping for breath and felt weak. How? He thought in panic but before he could even think of something, he was hit on the back of his head and all went black.

: Line Break:

The young blonde felt dizzy as he opened his eyes and tried to adjust to what was happening. It took a moment for it to come back to him, he shook his head and looked around and found himself to be in a bedroom of some kind, with a giant queen size bed and
bedroom of some kind, with a giant queen size bed and a couple of sofas.

He shivered when a felt a little chill and realized he didn't feel his chakra and that he was naked?

"What the hell?" Naruto mumbled when he heard strange moaning noises in the room as he realized he wasn't alone.
Naruto looked up and saw Sakura sitting naked on one of the sofas and had a face full of bliss. She was sweating heavily and covered in white liquid?.....

"What?" The most intelligent though Naruto could muster when he realized that Sakura was covered in cum.

"Oh, you are awake," A smooth voice commented and attracted Naruto's attention.

He turned his head and immediately blushed at the sight of one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

She was a young woman with long, scarlet hair and brown eyes and a slender, voluptuous figure. She was wearing a silk bathrobe revealing all the nice curves of her body. Even through her "clothes", Naruto could see her D cup boobs. It took all Naruto had not to grow a boner right there.

"Wh-who are you?" Naruto cursed himself for stuttering at the moment.

"Aw look at that, he stutters how cute," The red cooed making Naruto blush even harder.

"I don't like to beat around the bush so I am gonna get to the point," The redhead began, "My name is Erza Scarlet and you are here to be my sex toy,"

"What?" Naruto muttered unintelligently

"Are you deaf?" Erza asked a little harshly, "You are here to be my sex toy, just like that pink-haired slut over there,"

"But-but," Naruto tried to protest but the beauty of the woman, no, Goddess in front of her took all of his protests away, honestly, being the sex toy of a woman like her didn't seem to bad to him.

"No buts," Erza interrupted with a slap to his face, "First rule, you do what I say and when I say, understand?" She asked menacingly hovering over him.

"I-I understand," Naruto replied hesitantly trying to gather his chakra which Erza seemed to take notice of.

She put a hand under his chin and raised his head and looked him in the eye.

"I bet you are wondering what happened to your power, huh?" She asked with a cocky smirk, "See, there are enough runes in this building to turn 10 grown dragons into little powerless babies,"

"We are just regular humans in here and you are nothing but my fuck toy," Erza exclaimed harshly to make sure he got her point, "The sooner you accept it, the better. Depending on you, this could be very pleasurable or very painful for you,"

"I understand," Naruto replied submissively growing a semi-hard on which Erza seemed to take notice of. She smirked haughtily and put a hand on his neck.

"Good boy, here let me reward you," Erza said as she leaned into a kiss. Naruto's eyes widened as her tongue invaded his mouth, he closed his eyes in pleasure and moaned making her smirk inwardly. The redhead completely dominated Naruto, her tongue stroking his, making odd, pleasant feelings spring up in his chest and in his stomach.
Erza let go of Naruto and judging by his expression he had already almost submitted to her. Just a little more she thought.

"My, you are on the small side," Erza commented looking at his fully grown erect penis which she estimated to him about 4 inches.

"It's not a problem is it?" Naruto asked embarrassingly making her laugh in delight.

"Oh my dear future cumslut," Erza mocked, "It's actually all the better and besides, you won't be using it at all," She commented making him confused before she let go of the robe she had been wearing. Naruto's eyes widened at her naked body, he was right, she was a Goddess. Beautiful curves, smooth skin, perfect hips and a beautiful 7-inch soft dick between her legs with a pink head and giant balls full of seed. It looked perfect with veins around it, Naruto's mouth almost watered at the thought of....wait, what?

"You are a boy??" Naruto almost shouted making Erza slap him her dick. After a long explanation of her extra genitals and her kind, he looked a little confused.

"You don't have think so much," Erza commented leaning and whispering in his ear, her hot breath made him shiver and moan in his fantasy.

"You want it, don't you," She asked rhetorically "I know you do, it's not strange at all that you want to worship a cock superior to yours. I mean you were born to take a dick, look at that pathetic whiner you have," Erza mocked him and strangely it seemed to turn him even more, his own dick was rock hard and yet, it looked like it was bowing to Erza's superior monster which had grown to a full length of over 9 inches. It was over double his size, bigger than what he imagined himself to be even in his most generous dreams.

"You won't be the first boy to take it you know?" Erza continued breaking his will slowly, "They all act disgusted at first but in the end, they can't seem to get enough of it. I can show you a world of pleasure, like that pink haired bimbo over there, all you have to do is submit," Erza spoke seductively.

"I-I," Naruto didn't know what to say, his will was crumbling like a pile of cards.

"Very well, since you don't want this, I will let you go on one condition," Erza raised her fingure making Naruto look like a lost puppy who didn't know what he wanted, "I have turned your teammate into a cumslut over the night," She motioned towards Sakura who still had the fucked stupid expression on her face, "All you have to do is drink up all the cum I shot in her without spilling it and you can go," Naruto looked over to his naked teammate and realized she had a plug in her vagina and her stomach looked like it was bloated.

Naruto hesitantly nodded and moved or more like
Naruto hesitantly nodded and moved or more like crawled towards his teammate who was simply out of the world at the moment.

He leaned between Sakura's legs aa Erza stood beside him, one of her hands was behind his head and the second one was holding the plug in her pussy, Naruto smelled the hormones and sex they had, he could smell Erza's scent on Sakura and it made him all the hornier.

"Ready?" Erza asked and Naruto nodded his head.

Erza pulled the plug and pushed Naruto's head harshly between her legs, his mouth was forced into her open pussy. For a moment, it seemed there was nothing but suddenly it came like a flood, Naruto latched on and started drinking and was barely keeping up with it. He started gulping Erza's cum and actually moaned making Erza smirk, it tasted like strawberry, Naruto shook his head and told himself that he was only doing it for Sakura's sake, they had to get out and this was the only option. He started drinking faster and it seemed there was no end to it, the smell, the taste, and the feeling all got better with every passing second.

Naruto never realized but Erza had let go of his head while he was busy gulping on her seed. She smirked, she won again.

Naruto sighed in disappointment as he realized with horror that he wanted more of her delicious seed.  No matter how degrading it was to drink her cum out of Sakura's used and abused pussy, Naruto wanted more.

"Oh well, you drank it all and a deal is a deal," Erza sighed in mock disappointment, "Looks like I am gonna have to let you go now," She commented ignoring Naruto's pleading looks.

"We could have had so much fun," Erza continued completely ignoring his murmurs of protest.

"Fine," Naruto said slowly.

"What?" Erza perked up.

"I said I agree," Naruto pleaded.

"I can't hear you Naruto-kun~," Erza sang in a teasing voice.

"Please, I agree to be your fuck toy Erza-sama," Naruto shouted, he didn't know what came over him but lust took over him at the moment, little did he know that Erza's cum had a little addictive magic in it.

'Of course, you do Bitch, you never had any choice, to begin with,' Erza thought in her mind. She was never let him gonna go, it was all an illusion, she liked to break her victim's will first through words first. Naruto never had any choice, if he hadn't agreed then she would have just fucked him into submission just like she did with pink-haired cum dumpster.

"Very well, worship a real cock like you were always meant to," Erza commanded huskily.

Naruto wrapped his hand around Erza's monster and he felt so small, it was so majestic, it looked beautiful, smelled beautiful and even felt beautiful. Naruto started moving his hands up and down slowly drawing a small grunt of pleasure from the Redhead.

"Enough teasing, move already," The knight said with authority and annoyance in her voice.

Naruto looked like a kid who had gotten his brand new toy, he kissed Erza's tip before he wrapped his lips around her cock. It tasted like strawberry he thought, even better than he had imagined, he slowly started pumping her hard monster into his mouth with the assist of his hands.

Naruto's tongue lapped eagerly at Erza's shaft, tickling her balls in the process. Without warning, the blonde boy's head began to bob up and down on the redhead's swelling shaft.

"You are good at this," Erza commented with pleasure present in her voice, "I was right, you are a sissy bitch created to pleasure real dicks,"

Naruto blushed at her dirty talk before she grabbed his head and pushed her cock all the way down to his throat, he gagged and tried to get away but she was too strong, Erza started to move like a whirlwind of fury, grunting and moaning in pleasure as she face fucked him into submission.

Erza screamed in pleasure as she shot a load of cum down his throat and into his stomach, he chocked on the amount she was cumming but wasn't complaining, in reality, he was enjoying every drop of it.

Gulping down cum for about a minute Naruto took Erza's cock out with a 'POP', the stray semen splattered on his chest. Naruto was in a daze, feeling of Erza's spunk inside of his stomach was in his opinion, 'awesome'.

"Turn around," Erza commanded

"huh?" Naruto muttered making Erza slap him again.

"When I ask you to do something, you better do it real quick, do you understand be bitch?" Erza asked harshly, Naruto quickly nodded in fear of her wrath.

"Good, now turn around and show me your ass," Erza ordered casuing Naruto's eyes widen at the prospect but the fear of his new mistress made him obey without question, "Head down and ass up, if you pick your head up before I say or touch yourself without my permission, let's just say things would turn very painful for you,"

Erza's finger popped his rosebud while she stroked herself and got rock hard again. Naruto's face was of pure bliss as the Redhead kept fingering him at an increasing pace before stopping abruptly.

"Ready or not, here I come," Erza exclaimed before he felt her massive head at his entrance.

She then clamped a hand onto his left ass cheek and pried him apart, while her other hand placed the pointed tip of her bull's cock against his entrance. Naruto gritted his teeth in pain as his asshole was stretched apart, with an audible she finally managed to get her head into him.

Naruto cried out in pain causing Erza to chuckle a bit, "Get used to it, this is your life from now on slut,"

Pulling his ass cheeks apart and ignoring his cries in pain and pleasure, she kept pushing her monster into his tight little hole, she grunted in pleasure as she made it halfway in.

"Too tight," Erza commented, "But we will take care of that soon enought,"

Erza pulled out and pushed in slowly and started doing this again and agains causing Naruto to moan in pleasure, a couple of mintues later, she realized that she had been going about it the wrong way, she pulled back as far as she could so that only her tip was in and pushed in with all of her strength. Naruto's ass stretched apart with an aduible 'POP' as her monster cock invaded its next victim. Erza grunted in pleasure at the cry of pain and pleasure from the blonde bitch beneath her as her big ball bashed into the his much smaller ones.

"E-Erza," Naruto cried out making her smack his ass.

"You are my bitch, talk to m with respect," Erza commanded before smacking his so hard that it turned completely red.

"Erza-sama," Naruto moaned in pleasure unknowingly.

"I knew you were a slut but this takes to a whole another level," Erza commented as she started to move.

Erza grabbed Naruto's hips and got faster and harder with each thrust. Naruto felt his own manhood getting hard from the fucking he was getting, his eyes rolled back in his head as his tongue rolled out, he completely mirrored Sakura's fucked stupid expression.

Erza was pulling back to her pointed tip, before surging back into him with all her force, slamming the boy into the bed and the bed into the wall, she was really surprised before he cried out and let out an orgasmic cry before shooting up a small load of cum from his tiny dick. Erza laughed cruelly but Naruto was far too gone to be embarrased anymore.

"See, I told you it would be fun," Erza replied huskily as she continued pounding Naruto's poor ass into next week.

"E-E-Erza-s-sama," Naruto gasped for breath as she started spanking him as well, "f-fuck me h-harder," he begged.

Erza pulled out making Naruto whimper in disappointment before she quickly turned him over and raised his legs over his head in a way that his tine dick was over his face.

"Beg me for more bitch," Erza commanded hungrily, "Tell me you want my cock up your slutty ass,"

"I want you dick Erza-sama, I wan it up my slutty ass," Naruto begged sincerly, Erza smirked arrogantly before she slammed into him full force, his eyes rolled up once more, it felt like he had actually passed out for a moment before Erza smacked his balls, making him cry out in pain.

She didn't give him any time to relax to the viscous intrusion, instead opting to pull back and slam back into him, repeating the process immediately, her actions drawing a cascade of moans and whimpers from thebelow her. Her hands wrapped around his ankles as she held him aloft while also fascinating her motions as she set up a pleasant rhythm of constantly pumping and pushing deep into the boy with a desperation that caught the boy by surprise.

Erza was moving like a jackhammer of rage, lust and fury. Naruto wasn't even sure where he was anymore. Erza's jackhammer began working furoisly, destroying his ass completely as she looked him in the eye and realized that he was her bitch to with as she pleased now. Her massive dick worked over his anus as his soft cock started getting hard and fattening up again for the impending orgasm once again. She hearted whole heartdly and doubted he would be able to get hard again without something up in his ass anymore.

"Open up your mouth," Erza commanded and Naruto obeyed without question and second later his own dick shot out another load to cum which he greedily drank. He had no control over his actions any longer.

Satisfied, Erza closed her eyes, "Take it you sissy bitch, its coming," Erza screamed.

A brutal shiver, and a shout tore itself from her mouth. The redhead held herself to the Naruto, spreading him wide as she held his legs out and pushed her chicken as profound as it could go into his anus. At that point she was dumping her repressed load somewhere inside him, her balls trying to shoot up everything that they could. Rapidly, the hurrying warmth inside him topped Naruto off effectively. At that point it was spilling and making room and stuffing him such a great amount with cream that he felt as though he had turned into a fucking cake rather than a kid.

Naruto's stomach bloated up, as he finally lost any sense of himself in pleasure, how could he have not done this before? It was better than anything he had ever felt.

Erza removed her dick from his wrecked anus with 'POP' as cum started to leak out like a damn. She released a sigh and sat back to take a break.

Naruto finally understood why Sakura had that expression on her face, before he could even think of something, a whip slapped across his chest making him cry out in pain. He slowly turned his head around and saw 5-6 more Goddesses like Erza standing there, each of them had a majestic dick of their own. Even the smallest one was over 6-inches while the biggest one was even bigger than Erza's.

"Erza, you began without us?" The one with whis asked

"What can I saym I was impatient, Lucy" Erza replied contently

"Oh well, no worries, there is plenty of time, right girls," Lucy replied as she and the rest of the girls hovered over Naruto with their monster cocks in hands.

"Am I in heaven?" Naruto asked before he lost himself in pleasure.

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