Innocence Forgotten

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Innocence Forgotten

Chapter 1

"Sasuke, it's time to come home." A blonde haired boy whined as he gasped for air. He'd been running after Sasuke for the last week or so and had finally caught up to him. Naruto had been ordered to find Sasuke and bring him back to the Konoha village, the only thing was it hadn't been ordered by the Hokage, but by the village council instead.

"That village hasn't been my home since Itachi killed Mother and Father and the rest of our family." Sasuke, the dark haired teen said, a scowl marring his handsome features.

"Sakura made me promise that I would bring you home." Naruto said as he finally caught his breath. "You wouldn't want to make a liar out of me now would you?" Naruto asked and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"I don't care what it makes you, I'm not going back." Sasuke replied in that moment hating Naruto for all the memories that the blonde boy had brought with him.

"Come on Sasuke, Sakura and I can help you get your revenge. There's no need to carry that burden alone, not when you have people who want to help you. You don't have to do everything alone you know." Naruto pleaded. He had doubted that talking to the stubborn Uchiha would do any good, but the council had made it clear that Sasuke wasn't to be harmed in anyway, not even so much as a bruise, which left only talking to be done. Sasuke was the most stubborn person that Naruto knew, but still Naruto was determined that things would go back to the way that they used to be, even if he had to drag Sasuke back home to do it.

"Why is it so important that I come back?" Sasuke asked, frowning at the blonde.

"Because I don't want you to carry this burden alone." Naruto answered honestly. "I know exactly how that feels and I wouldn't want my worst enemy to go through that." Sasuke's eyes narrowed into slits as he remembered how badly the village had treated Naruto.

"You have more of a reason to hate the village then I do." Sasuke commented. "Why haven't you left?"

"Because I would be hunted down and killed." Naruto said darkly, which made Sasuke think that Naruto had at least considered the idea.

"Unlike you I won't get a second chance. Actually I think the plan was to have you kill me anyways but the council is too stupid to think I would figure it out." Naruto muttered, a darkness in his eyes that Sasuke could recognize because he carried the same darkness.

"How do you know that they want to kill you?" Sasuke asked.

"Why do you think I was sent after you alone?" Naruto asked. "They don't really believe that I can convince you to come home. In fact they expect me to die at your hands, that way they won't have to explain their murdering intentions to the Hokage."

"You're okay with that?" Sasuke asked and Naruto shrugged.

"I was hoping to be able to convince you to go back, that way I could make a laughing stock out of them and remind them who they are dealing with." Naruto said. Sasuke stared at Naruto, why did the council want him back so bad, surely getting rid of Naruto wasn't their only reason for contacting Sasuke.

"Why do they want me back so bad?" Sasuke wondered. "if they think they can control me they have another thing coming. I can't be controlled."

"I'm sure they only want you for breeding purposes." Naruto joked. "They wouldn't want to take your freedom from you."

"And they want you to take yours from you?" Sasuke guessed. Why Sasuke wanted to return to a place like that, he didn't know. But the idea of Naruto losing his freedom because Naruto didn't bring Sasuke back with him, bothered Sasuke more than he liked to admit.

"They aren't going to throw me in prison?" Sasuke asked.

"Granny wants too." Naruto admitted. "but I don't think the council wants her too. As long as you don't attack the village, I think you should be good."

"Fine." Sasuke said, smirking when Naruto's mouth dropped open.

"You mean I don't have to beat any sense into you?" Naruto asked.

"I have the feeling that that wouldn't go over well for you." Sasuke replied. He wanted to see what they would do to Naruto while he was around. Would the council really imprison Naruto? And would they really expect Sasuke to kill him?

"It's no worse than any other plans they are making." Naruto said. "if they don't arrest me for hurting you, then they will find another excuse. They just want to be rid of me, it doesn't matter what I do. They won't like it." Naruto didn't mention that he had plans for dealing with them on his own, well with Tsunade's help anyhow. He wasn't going to give up his freedom without a fight.

"Sounds like the council needs to be replaced. They appear to have more power than they should." Sasuke said and Naruto shrugged.

"Granny and I have a plan." Naruto replied. "In the end they will be replaced."

"What have you and Sakura been doing since I left the village?" Sasuke asked once they had started in the direction of the village.

"Training and trying to bring you back home." Naruto replied. "Sakura's become one hell of a medic, she's become a whole lot stronger."

"I never would have thought that was possible." Sasuke said.

"All she needed was to be able to focus." Naruto said. "When you left she had no choice but to focus on her training." Naruto explained. Sasuke snorted he would believe it when he saw it, she had been completely useless three years ago, it would take a major miracle for Sakura to have improved that much.

"Do you always doubt everything people tell you?" Naruto asked and Sasuke shrugged. "You have some serious trust issues. Not everyone is out to get you you know." Naruto muttered.

"You should be the one with the trust issues, if everything that you have told me is true." Sasuke said and it was Naruto's turn to shrug.

"It is what it is. I've done everything in my power to change their opinions, but I don't think that anything less than my death will change the hate in their hearts." Naruto muttered. Sasuke's eyes narrowed on Naruto's form, he could see the exhaustion in the way that Naruto carried himself. It was almost like Naruto was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, or more like the weight of the village. Knowing Naruto like he did he probably did, Naruto probably did carry more weight than anyone else did.

"Maybe it's time the village takes some of your burden off of you. Surely, by now they now that they are destroying you slowly." Sasuke said.

"They know and they don't care. After all I'm only a demonic tool to them." Naruto reminded Sasuke, who scowled at Naruto's back. Sasuke wondered why he thought it was a good idea to return to that pathetic village, if they couldn't even respect Naruto after all of these years. What hope did Sasuke have of getting respect especially since he was the one that had abandoned the village so that he could get stronger.

After that the two boys walked in silence, Sasuke following a little behind Naruto. His thoughts were racing with anxiety over when he would be back within Konoha's gates again. Sasuke wondered how Naruto could allow people to treat him so badly, Sasuke would have killed them all by now. Sasuke would think that Naruto would put his own happiness before anyone else's but then again Naruto wasn't that selfish, not even when he was deeply hurting over how badly he'd been treated.

"Why do I get the feeling that Konoha isn't to be trusted?" Sasuke asked. "I'm sure those old bats have a plan for you even if you not return with me." Naruto shrugged.

"I don't care what they think as long as you are home." Naruto said not mentioning the Hokage had a plan for them. Sasuke snorted. He didn't plan on staying in Konoha long, only long enough to to get the council off of Naruto's back. He would do whatever was necessary to make them leave Naruto alone. After all that Naruto had already endured, he deserved to finally be able to have some peace without constantly fighting for it. Sasuke heaved a heavy sigh when Konoha's gates were in the distance. He had never thought that he would be returning here, not after what had happened to his family.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Sasuke glanced at Naruto.

"Sometimes you just have to let the bad memories go." Naruto said. "if you ever want to have peace that is."

"Peace doesn't exactly fit in a sentence with my name." Sasuke said dryly. "actually it doesn't really with any ninja."

"Maybe not but its what we all strive for." Naruto said. "And as long as there are ninja there will always be conflict, but it doesn't hurt to strive for peace."

"It's an impossible dream, so it letting go of what happened to my family." Sasuke said as he and Naruto passed through Konoha's gates.

"Sasuke Uchiha, the Council would like to meet with you." An Anbu man said, as he grabbed Sasuke's arms and wrenched them behind his back before placing chakra draining handcuffs around his wrists.

"Hey," Naruto cried out protesting Sasuke's rough treatment. "he's not going to hurt anyone."

"One can never be too sure." The Anbu replied before shoving Sasuke forward, leaving Naruto scowling at his back. Naruto wondered what the council could possibly want with Sasuke. Naruto had done what they asked, he had brought Sasuke back unharmed, although Naruto suspected that the council had wanted it to be a suicide mission for him. Naruto couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces and Naruto wanted to be there to see it. However, he needed to check in with Sakura and Kakashi-Sensei. Naruto hadn't been allowed to give them any of his mission details, but Sakura had made him promise to come and check in with her when he got back.

Heading towards the hospital, Naruto ignored the glares sent his way. Naruto sighed, he was slowly growing tired of trying to change their opinions. Maybe the council was right in saying that Naruto was better off dead. If he was dead he couldn't potentially destroy Konoha. Naruto snorted at the thought, he didn't actually believe that the council had Konoha's best interests at heart. No, there was a reason that they wanted Naruto out of the way because they knew that Naruto would defend Konoha until his last breath or so they thought. Naruto had plans that no one would ever know about although Naruto wasn't even sure he was going to follow through with said plans because the price of getting caught wouldn't be good. In fact it really could mean the end of Naruto's life. He supposed he would have to wait and see what the old bats tried to do before Naruto made any decisions.

"Sakura-Chan!" Naruto called out cheerfully as he entered the hospital to find Sakura at the nurses station.

"You're back." Sakura said looking up at him, before walking over and proceeding to look him over. "And unhurt."

"It was an easy mission." Naruto said offering Sakura a small smile.

"And you still can't tell me about it can you?" Sakura asked, eyeing her blonde teammate.

"You'll find out here shortly." Naruto replied. "I don't think you will have to wait for long."

"Mysterious." Sakura commented noting that Naruto seemed to be a bit off. He was quieter than usual and his blue eyes weren't filled with the normal cheer and joy that was to be expected of the knucklehead.

"Are you okay?" Sakura asked and Naruto frowned at her.

"I'm fine, just have a lot on my mind and I'm a little tired from the mission." Naruto admitted.

"Go home and get some rest then." Sakura said, "You deserve it." Naruto nodded and turned and headed to the door, he did want to get home but at the same time he wanted to know what the council planning on doing with Sasuke. Were they going to have him executed? Even though technically the only thing that Sasuke had done wrong so far had been leaving the village. As far as Naruto knew Sasuke hadn't yet made any plans for Konoha, of course that could change at any given time. Sasuke was hard to read at the best of times, who knew what he had planned when he agreed to come back with Naruto.

Naruto sighed and started towards his apartment he was sure the council would come and get him if he was needed. Naruto wondered if the Hokage even realized that the council was sending him on missions for their own private use, surely she had noticed when he showed up at team meetings looking more than a little exhausted. Naruto wondered what excuses that the council would give the Hokage.

"Old bats are over stepping their bounds." Naruto muttered as he reached his apartment. He was beyond exhausted and all he wanted to do was rest, the council had been sending him on several missions a week, most of which he did not get paid for. Naruto knew they had something planned which is why Naruto was going along with them, he needed to know what they were planning.

Entering his apartment, Naruto ignored the spray painted words on his door. He was used to the hurt that the careless words often brought. No matter how hard he worked for the village he would never be accepted as anything but a demon.

Naruto had just sat his pack on the floor, when he heard someone pounding on his door. Groaning, Naruto made his way over pulled the door open. An Anbu member stood glaring at him.

"What do you want?" Naruto asked rudely.

"The Council wants to see you." the man replied.

"Why?" Naruto asked. "I've barely gotten back from my last mission. I deserve to rest."

"It has something to do with the condition that the Uchiha was returned in." The Anbu said and Naruto frowned.

"He was just fine when we walked through the village gates." Naruto said. "If something happened to him it wasn't because of me."

"Are you accusing the council of attacking the ninja that they had you bring back? That could be considered treason and you could executed for making such a comment." The Anbu asked. Shit Naruto thought he had better watch his mouth because the council could try to have him killed.

"Of course not." Naruto said. "But considering that Sasuke isn't exactly well liked because he left anyone could have done it." Naruto pointed out.

"You are the only person aside from the council that knows that he is here." The Anbu replied and Naruto sighed. It looked like he would be taking the fall for whatever the council had planned. Something told Naruto that this wasn't going to end well for him.

"Fine. Take me to them." Naruto muttered. He was quickly growing tired of their plotting, there would be hell to pay for whatever they were cooking up.

As Naruto followed the Anbu through the streets towards the council's office, Naruto caught sight of Iruka who wave him.

"You're finally home." Iruka said approaching his former student, noticing how tired the younger man looked. "You look like you could get some rest."

"You have no idea." Naruto told his former Sensei. "I feel like I could sleep for a month."

"You need to take care of yourself." Iruka said softly. "Its not good for you to be running yourself ragged."

"I know and I promise I will, but I'm late for a meeting right now." Naruto said, saying goodbye and continuing to follow the Anbu down the street, all the while feeling Iruka's eyes on his back the entire time.

Upon arriving at the council's office, Naruto was shocked to see that Sasuke had been severely beaten, both of his eyes were swollen shut, his jaw bruised and so swollen that Naruto doubted that Sasuke would be able to talk for a while, which meant that Sasuke wouldn't be able to talk about who had done this to him, which was no doubt a part of the council's plan.

"We told you to bring him back unharmed." Homura said. "And you dare bring him to us in this condition."

"He was perfectly fine when we came through the gates." Naruto stated. "Why you want to place the blame for this on me I don't know. But Granny Tsunade isn't going to continue letting you manipulate me like this."

"Treason is what you are talking about." Homura said. "You have beaten the last Uchiha so badly that he can never be a ninja again, actually he probably won't ever be able to walk again considering the damage to his spine."

"I bet if you let Granny see him she could fix it." Naruto stated. "But something tells me that you don't want her to see him. Which is why he has a private nurse." just seeing what the council had done to his friend angered him beyond words. Naruto would make sure to tell Tsunade everything that the council was doing behind her back. They could be the ones charged with treason and he said so.

"Are you sure about that?" Koharu asked smugly, as the door burst open a few minutes later, an Anbu rushing into the room sounding panicked.

"Lady Tsunade and Shizune were both found unconscious in the Hokage's office. They were both taken to the hospital where blood work was taken and poison was found in both of their systems. At this point the doctors aren't sure if either will make it through the night." The Anbu informed them and Naruto's blood ran cold, this had been apart of their plan all along.

When the Anbu left the room, both Homura and Koharu turned to face Naruto.

"I'm betting the poison will be found in your apartment. Mr. Uzumaki." Homura stated coldly. "And when it is you will be sentenced to death."

"That's why you sent me after Sasuke." Naruto said. "Because you wanted to plant the evidence in my apartment so that I can take the fall for your little plan."

"You are a smart one." Koharu said, nodding towards the Anbu waiting by the door.

"Arrest, Mr. Uzumaki and take him to prison. We have special arrangements made for him since he has injured the last Uchiha beyond repair and has tried to assassinate our Hokage." Koharu ordered.

"You won't get by with this." Naruto said. "Someone will figure out what you are up too."

"Not until it's too late for you and you lose your head." Homura said watching as chakra draining handcuffs were fastened around Naruto's wrists.

"The only ones I planned on killing were you two!" Naruto shouted as he was dragged from the room.

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